U.N. Secretary calls for higher taxes on oil, coal, natural gas to help with climate and ‘rising food and energy prices’


United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday called for governments around the world to increase taxes on coal, oil, and natural gas companies to offset the cost of climate change and inflation.

“Today, I am calling on all developed economies to tax the windfall profits of fossil fuel companies,” Guterres said. “Those funds should be redirected in two ways: to countries suffering loss and damage caused by the climate crisis, and to people struggling with rising food and energy prices.”

His remarks came at the U.N.’s General Assembly in New York City. He blamed fossil fuel companies for “feasting on hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies and windfall profits” and called on first-world countries to tax more and use those taxes to help vulnerable and poor nations facing the effects of climate change.

“Today, I am calling on all developed economies to tax the windfall profits of fossil fuel companies,” he told diplomats gathered for the annual meeting. “Those funds should be redirected in two ways: to countries suffering loss and damage caused by the climate crisis, and to people struggling with rising food and energy prices.”

At a separate event on Sept. 19, he laid the foundation for his call for higher taxes on fossil fuels:

“We need to save our planet — which is quite literally on fire. This means addressing the triple planetary crisis of climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and pollution. It means supporting the Global Biodiversity Framework to transform how we use and preserve our natural gifts for the future. And it means moving away from our suicidal dependence on fossil fuels and jump-starting the renewable energy transition in every country — and supporting developing countries as they make this shift and adapt to the changes around them.”

Read more about his remarks at the United Nations website at this link.


  1. Just after Joe Biden is trying to stab US taxpayers, now the world government wannabe leader is going to try and bleed US dry. These idiots are going to use climate change as the vehicle to govern the entire world. Meanwhile, the climate hasn’t changed at all. No different that it was in the past 5000 years. Total effing idiocy, and the idiot believers in climate change.

    • Tim, this is what school teachers have been brainwashed to teach our youngsters. The 60’s radicals have used every trick imaginable to preach communism and the destruction of the US. They’ve settled on climate change. Every time there is a forest fire, a flood, or a windstorm, it’s all blamed on the use of carbon fuels. Front page news. These events have been going on for thousands of years, but the 21st Century is now the worst? Cut the bullsh*t. This is about control. This is Democrat fear mongering.

    • Don’t worry, that won’t happen. The Russian stock market has a interesting history. Current crash apparently. And who said that there’s no such thing as a coincidence? Coming full circle now.
      That might bite globally, but just for a minute.

    • You live and breathe venom and rage.

      Let me make you rage and spew forth even more:

      The Secretary-General is clearly two bricks shy of a full load. ?

      • Sophie, as usual, your comment is a confused non-sequitur, and cannot be replied to intelligently.
        PS: Regarding living and breathing venom and rage, you are once again projecting your own radical leftist extremist sins and faults onto others. Do you radical leftist extremists EVER do anything else?

  2. I have to agree that the oil companies – in Alaska, at least – are gorging on the windfall profits of this summer’s oil price scam. Gasoline in Columbia, South Carolina was at $2.96 this past weekend, while it is $4.34 this morning in Soldotna. How do they justify the $1.38 difference? Somebody is making a lot of dough.

    But we all know that any new tax would immediately get passed along to the consumer.

    • Alaska gets most of its refined fuels from the West Coast after the crude is shipped down there from here. South Carolina doesn’t have to deal with those transportation costs. In addition, they most likely get their fuels from states that are not as onerous on refiners than California and Washington. With less income tax and regulatory burdens, the wholesale price would be less than that coming from the states where we get ours.

      • Does a gasoline refinery not pencil out here in Alaska? Too small of a market? I’d by “locally sourced” hydro carbons from some fair trade refinery set up here.

    • Because refined gasoline is barged up from the lower 48. There is no refining capacity in the State of Alaska capable of meeting demand.
      On the other hand, SC has refineries just up the road.

      • And yet, back in the 1990s at least, Alaska DID refine and supply the large majority of its own gasoline and other fuels. One has to wonder, and to ask, why that situation is different today. Purposeful dependency?

  3. I just can’t think of the right words to say.. “stupendous jackass”? may come to mind, but doesn’t exactly say what I’d wish to say. For better, I’ll let you imagine any better words.

  4. I call on the Secretary General to disband that useless organization, and the US to use the UN building in New York to process illegal immigrants prior to deportation.

    • He is a leftist, which means he has no ability to foresee any adverse consequences of his actions. You know, just like a child.

  5. Yes tax the snot out of all rich politicians. The rate should be 90% and that’s inline with their lips moving with lies.

  6. The UN is a Satan worshipping international organization sponging off America. They need to move to China. It would be nice if the west coast could possibly educate patriots for a change instead of globalist pillaging wef creepolas.

  7. YeAah, that will help lower food prices.. Make transportation cost more. They just want the skim from that tax money that is supposedly to offset cost and ncreases! Follow the money, always

  8. Why tax when you are printing from thin air? Our dollar and economy will fail and it may sooner than later. Lisa M has been on our dole for to many years and we are worse off since frank passed the position to her.

  9. Folks need to stop being nice to clowns like this fella. People that want to ruin our economy do not deserve our courtesy or the protection of our laws. It is time to stop pretending that humanity is all just one big happy family. Despite the nice suit, this dude wants to do us harm. Resist. Reject.

  10. Stolen from a Sept. 16th John Hawkins column:
    “The entire structure of modern liberalism is built on a framework of liberals trying to make themselves look kind, compassionate, and giving at other’s people expense. They want to give away other people’s money and get credit for being generous. They want you to give up burgers, cheap heating bills, and driving a car so they can say they care about the environment. They live in gated communities with armed guards, then declare that no one needs a gun. If you took the virtue that liberals are always trying to acquire on the cheap away, liberalism would collapse like a house of cards because that’s the core appeal for so many people. It allows them to have the good feelings and public shine that come with real sacrifice, charity, and service without actually having to do anything. Sure, you may have given 10% of your income to charity, bought groceries for a struggling family, or spent your summer coaching your son’s baseball team for free, but they supported a bill, so they’re a good person who cares about others and you aren’t.”

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