Two-time failed congressional candidate Alyse Galvin will run for Legislature


Alyse Galvin, a Rogers Park-College Village resident of Anchorage, is one of the latest to throw her hat in the ring for legislative office in 2022.

She failed to win as a congressional candidate in 2018 and 2020, running against Congressman Don Young.

This time, she has not indicated if she’ll run for House or for Senate.

Galvin has strong name recognition statewide due to her two congressional runs, which involved millions of dollars in name-building advertising.

She is in a House district with no incumbents, due to the newly drawn political boundaries that came out of the Alaska Redistricting Board final maps. Galvin is located in an area that was represented by Rep. Harriet Drummond, who is now representing the same district as Rep. Zack Fields.

A hard leftist, if Galvin chooses to run for Senate, it will almost certainly be because the incumbent, Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson, has been persuaded by the Alaska Democratic Party to run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The effort to line up appropriate candidates is often coordinated by the Alaska Democratic Party.

Galvin is a nonpartisan but has run with the blessing, endorsement, and funds of the Alaska Democratic Party in the past, as the party continues to shape-shift in order to deceive voters into thinking its candidates are independents.


  1. How about the US Constitution? Is she one that wants to “neutralize” an already tepid “version” in Alaska. We would like to see Alaska become reacquainted with rights: all of them;,
    natural, civil, ecclesiastical, political perfect Constitutional rights.

      • Our country at creation was declared a Christian nation. This was agreed to by delegates from all the states of sound mind. The faith of our forefathers is referred to in Declaration of this nation. Regardless of feelings today it is an historic fact. No amount of wizardry erases declared creation documents of this nation.

      • Too bad that’s not exactly how it works. People like you are why the Nazis were so successful in the initial stages.

      • Would you Suzie prefer Sharia Law to our Judeo-Christian Constitutional Law?
        Before you mention that social bastion known as Europe, they’re more Sharia than what you complain of in the US.

  2. She should wait two years, take the testosterone, get the operation ( addadictomy ), and run as a man. It’s her only chance.

  3. How far will self-righteous narcissism and out of control virtue signaling go is the question.
    You’ve come a long way babe, on the road to nowhere.
    My Lord, these people!

  4. She is a real glutton for punishment. She doesn’t realize she is half a bubble off, but the smart people do!

    • sadly she’ll win a state rep seat on name recognition alone
      she’s also owned and operated by the teachers’ unions

      • The teachers union maybe but not all the teachers. Teachers that I knew out in the bush didn’t belong to the union at all. Couldn’t or didn’t want to afford it.

  5. OMG … Gray Jackson running for the US Senate. Can you imagine seeing Senator Murkowski, Kelly Tshibaka, and Elvira Gray Jackson standing on a debate stage together. Please somebody “hold my beer” …

  6. OK, so put aside Galvin’s complete lack of competence and integrity for a minute. What constituent could possibly want this phony to be their legislator? Galvin has clearly demonstrated that she’s not in this because of compassion for Alaska or Anchorage. She’s in it for power. The legislature would just be a stepping stone for her to run for some higher office. Vote for Alyse Galvin if you want a dishonest social climber who will ignore your concerns and do whatever her out of state funders want!

    • “What constituent could possibly want this”? Jeff, we live in a state that elected Begich, Murky, and a host of other liberal meatheads. Democrat planners have her in a race without an incumbent. She actually has a chance.

  7. Give it up!! haven’t you learned from your past failures? Of course not- your a DemoRat!
    You might as well go hang out with Gross!

  8. I am sure Ms. Downing has her facts right; that Galvin has run twice. But it sure seems like she has been running for a decade, four election cycles at a minimum. Mostly that is because she is such an outright nut-job and embarrassment for all Alaskans. But it’s also the press, the Anchorage Daily News in particular. In trying to make sure she beat Don Young the press has been loudly touting Galvin for what has seemed like a decade. I have seen Galvin very emotionally proclaim weird and strange statements, with known press people in the audience, that had everyone looking at their own shoes – avoiding looking at one another or at Galvin. Yet the subsequent press coverage was entirely laudatory, omitting mention of any strangeness. Galvin is Palin without any common sense, but with an extremely positive spin from the press. I expect the Daily News, and really the entire press corps except MRAK, will pull out all the stops to make sure Galvin is elected to the Legislature. She would make any legislative session seem much longer.

  9. Well you have to admire her persistence. And this time she will show up on the ballot as an “independent” rather than a democrat, and it will be a more leftist district than Alaska as a whole

  10. Giessel, Galvin, Walker, Et al………My fear is that these long time losers ‘know’ the vote is rigged or else why would they run?? PLEEZ get rid of voting machines asap. Write your legislators and put the pressure on to move to paper ballots. We are a small state (population wise) and there is no reason for electronic (easily tampered) machines.

  11. She is incompetent, unqualified and a democrat, so no thanks we have seen the country run by leftist socialist anti-American democrats.

  12. Her again?!! This is the woman who boasted in her ads about the number of jobs she had applied over her short life, some quite degrading, like dog poo removal. Her LONG list of former jobs spoke volumes about her inability to commit to anything for long. Why do failures like that always wind up in politics? What does that say about some, but certainly not all, politicians?

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