Two candidates for Congress hold dueling fundraisers


Congressman Don Young and his Republican challenger Nick Begich are holding fundraisers at the same time on March 23.

The Don Young fundraiser will be held at the Petroleum Club in Anchorage, while the fundraiser for Begich, dubbed “The People’s Fundraiser,” is taking place in the New Horizon aircraft hangar in Palmer.

Both fundraisers boast lists of dozens of co-hosts, with the Anchorage fundraiser having more names from Anchorage and Washington, D.C., and the Valley fundraiser more oriented toward the Mat-Su supporters of Begich.


  1. For nearly 50 years now I would have supported Don Young but this year has changed that and I will be all in for Nick Begich III this time around and I hope for a long time now….I am greatfull for all the years Don has served as our Congressman but That is over this year and time for new younger and more principled candidate to step up and serve us. And with the Republican’s being back in control of the House I expect to see Nick in a leadership position in his first year…

  2. Voted for Don every two years since 1991. Not this time, I’ll vote for Nick. Time for a change, I’m retired and so should Don. No more Murkowski either, no more using Vicks or pinching my nose again on Election Day.

  3. Carl, like you I am a recovering Don Young supporter having voted Don in every election since 1976, not anymore though! I’m supporting young Nick this go around. Nick brings much to the table and it’s time for a change, not only for Alaska but for the country as a whole. I encourage every eligible voter to join us in voting and SUPPORTING Nick.

  4. Don said last year he was retiring. Now he’s changed his mind! How political of him. Yes, he needs to retire. He lives most of the time in Arizona anyway missing critical votes for Alaska. Vote Begich!

  5. Don Young campaign fundraisers are nothing more than kick-back sessions, with a bunch of huffing and puffing by an old, worn-out geezer.

  6. Whelp, looks like we are all voting for Nick.

    RIP Don. And thank you for your years of service.

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