Tweet: Staff for Rep. Geran Tarr thanks Maria Cantwell


The legislative director for Rep. Geran Tarr, who is co-chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, tweeted her displeasure with the tax bill that passed the Senate because it opens up drilling potential in the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Diana Rhoades tweeted to Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Maria Cantwell:

Earlier this year, Rep. Tarr voted against a House resolution to open ANWR’s coastal plain for oil and gas.

In February, the Alaska House of Representatives voted 31-4 in favor of House Joint Resolution 5, sending a message to  Congress to open ANWR’s coastal plain. HJR 5 was opposed by four Democrats: Rep. Justin Parish of Juneau, Rep. Zach Fansler of Bethel Rep. Geran Tarr of Anchorage, and Rep. David Guttenberg of Fairbanks.

The lawmakers voting “yes” included Republicans, Democrats, and all of the House’s independents.

HJR 5 was authored by Rep. Dean Westlake, a Kotzebue Democrat whose district includes ANWR.