Tuesday’s Anchorage Assembly meeting will feature a vote on shortcut to remove the mayor without the voters


After Friday’s work session concluded, the Anchorage Assembly majority is set for Tuesday’s regular meeting, when it will likely vote to create a pathway for itself to override the will of voters and impeach the mayor of the city.

The leftist-dominated Assembly will consider the ordinance offered by Assemblyman Chris Constant, who has made it clear that this Assembly needs a way to get rid of its nemesis Dave Bronson in the Mayor’s Office, or at least hold him in line. Constant and his allies, with the aide of former city attorney Bill Falsey, are angry that conservative Mayor Dave Bronson has not followed their approved budget to their satisfaction. For example, some of the departments are not fully staffed, even though funding is appropriated for positions. The mayor’s office has explained that hiring is difficult in the current economic environment, but that it is ongoing. The Assembly is also focused on the mobile crisis team and a dispute over clinical care workers being under the purview of certain departments.

The new ordinance lays out a path that seems directed at Bronson, which would allow the group to pick and choose what actions Bronson takes that the group thinks violates the oath of office.

“It’s often better to have questions in a less formal setting than try to do it at an Assembly meeting when all the lights are on and all the people are there.” Constant told at KTUU reporter last week.

Ordinance No. AO 2022-60, an ordinance of the Anchorage Assembly amending Anchorage Municipal Code Chapters 3.10, General Provisions, and 27.20, Supervisory Boards, and Sections 2.70.030 and 29.10.060 to fulfill the requirement of Anchorage Municipal Charter Section 7.01(b) that the assembly by ordinance must establish specific procedures for removal of an elected official for breach of the public trust, Assembly Vice-Chair Constant.

The Assembly is working from an assumption that it must establish a specific procedure for removing the mayor, but the history of the Municipal Charter shows no such intent by the founders of the charter to have the Assembly in a position to usurp the rights of voters. The matter will likely end up in court.

The Assembly will also see an ordinance requested by the mayor that continues to waive the fees at the Centennial Campground, which is now being used by several individuals who do not have homes. That will only be introduced, with no action expected.

Ordinance No. AO 2022-74, an ordinance of the Anchorage Assembly amending Anchorage Municipal Code of Regulations 25.10.007 to allow Parks and Recreation Director to waive permit restrictions at municipally owned campsites, Department of Law. P.H. 7-26-2022. (Addendum.)

Anchorage Assembly meetings begin at 5 pm with a brief period of public testimony allowed at the beginning of the meeting and during specific times on the agenda, pertaining to ordinances and resolutions.

More information on how to get involved at this link.


  1. Legal group activity is US Constitutional group activity. The process that is due with subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction present or it is a usurpation. THEY cannot legally override the people. We aren’t paying for city dictators.

  2. Can you say “Radical Leftist Insurrection”?
    Because that is EXACTLY what this illegal, unethical, power-grasping and arrogant measure amounts to.

  3. Falsey and Dunbar are still butthurt they lost the election, so everything they can do to stonewall the mayor will be done. Chris Constant wants to be king and is just insane he can’t be. He wants to be the puppeteer like he is with LaFrance on the assembly. These guys are tyrants and should be run out of town.

  4. I love that the Assembly meeting will allow a “brief” period to hear from the ‘little people’ AKA the public. Don’t want to mess with the buzz of self importance that the leftists on the Assembly have. The plain truth is that these fools keep getting re-elected due to voter apathy. Nobody seems to care. So when Mayor Bronson dared to run AND win against their sainted hero Forrest Dunbar, they went full lunatic. So now we have this pathetic specter of the assembly majority trying to vote an elected official out of office because they don’t like him. Wake up Anchorage! Why do you continue to allow such below average fools control your lives?

  5. The people of Anchorage who are to busy too vote and get involved are the cause of this communist democrat assembly.

  6. They should have the assembly members take a trip to downtown Seattle. They are following in the footsteps of Seattle’s crooked assembly so I hope they like what they see. They might want to stay in the car as it’s not safe to walk the streets and if you call 911 you get a busy signal.

  7. To Anchorage’s Assembly members, one might respectfully ask:
    If inciting actual insurrection, open rebellion is -not- your desired outcome, should your plan to remove the mayor be reconsidered?
    Is it the considered opinion of Anchorage’s Assembly members and Boy Falsey that citizens will hide in fear, do nothing, while the Assembly depose their duly elected mayor?
    No threat is intended or implied, but one might do well to remember why we don’t light cigarettes amid gas fumes. It never ends well.
    Citizens can’t allow this to end well, because by doing so they give up their last legitimate claim to what was their thriving democracy.
    We sincerely request our esteemed Assembly members reconsider the unintended, unplanned consequences of going ahead with their plan to depose our duly elected Mayor Bronson.

  8. Public testimony will be ignored by this assembly. They are arrogant, and hold the public in contempt.

    The communist left thinks its okay to show up at the homes of members of the Supreme Court.

    If that is okay, they why would it not be okay to show up and protest at assembly member’s homes?

  9. The Anchorage Assembly is completely out of control. The homeless crisis today is because we did not take action last summer. The Administration was ready but the Assembly supported by the leftist Homeless Coalition are to blame for the crisis we are in today. I like the Centennial Park idea. If you make life too easy homeless will stay homeless. The past Municipal Manager that is helping the Anchorage Assembly seems to be playing “want to be Mayor”. He has no more standing than any other citizen. I have quit going to meetings. I have been sick of this B.S. since the liberals took control during the Wuerch Administration. It has been going downhill since.

    • You are absolutely correct, the tyranny that the Falsey, Constant, Dunbar, et al are attempting to impose will not stand. It violates the charter and the State and Federal constitution with regards to election of government representation. The assembly has come the the brink of taxation without representation. They steal from the public and feather their nests at the non profits that pay them within the non profit corp. payrolls. Zaletel is a glaring example of the largesse passed through from the assembly to a non profit that resulted in her installation as Executive Director of that non profit, due to the millions funneled to the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness. She is paid in excess of $120,000.00 a year in that postion.

  10. You knew they were gonna do this. They will get slapped down in court and do it anyway.

    You elected and re-elected this Politburo, Anchorage. This is what a steady voting turnout of less the 20% gets you.

    Reason # 721 I’m glad I bailed for the sanity of Juneau.

  11. Hope it passes because most liberal progressives never look farther than right in front of them. Someday, the assembly will have a conservative majority and then they too can play this game.

  12. Anchorage Assembly should ALL be tossed out on their ear and thrown in jail. Where are the GOOD CITIZENS of Anchorage? Are they all intimidated?

  13. Not all that much different from Trump trying to stay in office without the will of the voters.

    What goes around comes around…

      • Sadly he had neither.

        Suburbanites bailed on him over mean tweets. Stupid but true. White women vote emotion over sense in the burbs. Remember Bill Clinton?

        In all the cases of voter irregularities, only one has been found to have any merit. Many have been tossed by Trump appointed judges.

        Trump ran a bad campaign. It’s as simple as that.

        • Masked…
          You are absolutely correct. I know of several people, mostly suburban women, who voted against Trump for stupid reasons like; he is arrogant, he’s a bully, he sounds stupid when he talks/tweets, he’s a womanizer. The last one is particularly humorous because the very same people voted for Clinton, and would have voted for JFK.
          When the voters consider the Presidency, and most other elected offices, as a position for the ‘nice guy’ and not a job for the person capable of making the tough decisions, we will end up with losers. it is the voter equivalent of hiring someone for what they are, not what they do.

  14. I am beginning to understand why the Bronson Team posted lookouts outside the Election Center to make sure the ballots were secure.
    It’s amazing that people here have to act just like those in the lower 48.
    I had always presumed we were Alaskans first.

  15. They, we, are blessed God maintains the air in their lungs to get another chance when we choose to turn to God when they make their daily business doing God’s will God intended how they should be living their lives. Rebelling against God and they are prodigals living for self. Thank God! 4 city councils are ‘conservative’ controlled.

  16. This isn’t public service we asked for. What we want is the assembly to understand they are operating without support. The people don’t have representation. The assembly represents only itself.

    • That, right there, is the MAJOR problem with this ordinance.
      If an Assembly member is accused of wrongdoing, the Assembly gets to decide of the accusation has merit. This is in the existing code. Yep, the Assembly gets to judge whether a member of the assembly is guilty.
      And, the Assembly gets first shot at determining if the Mayor has committed a crimes as well.
      In what bizzaro world does the same body get 1.) the right to determine if accusation against them are credible, and 2.) if actions against another are credible.

  17. Just a bunch of criminals forcing people to believe their lies and manipulative tactics. They make narcissist look like angels.

    • They do struggle with narcissism disorders, Any person without christ. If someone is living without God, they live for themselves as narcissism shows.

  18. Anchorage should demand an audit of their last assembly vote. The only way communists like this win is through voter fraud. Don’t let these want to be dictators take away the power of the people. They are no longer acting as representatives of the people, they are acting like petty dictators and should be treated as such.

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