Tshibaka opens campaign office in Anchorage, formally files with Division of Elections


With a group of supporters surrounding her, Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka opened her campaign office at 607 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Earlier in the day, the Alaska-raised Republican filed formally with the Division of Elections, which puts her on the Aug. 16 open primary ballot. She is running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is under water with Republican voters in Alaska but who has the support of the national Republican establishment, including Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Tshibaka said she first decided to enter the race after Murkowski cast the deciding vote to advance Deb Haaland’s nomination to the Department of Interior. Haaland leads President Joe Biden’s assault on Alaska’s energy industries. 

“I’m running for the Senate because it’s time for a change, and I want to fight for the Alaskans who fought for me,” Tshibaka said. “I owe everything to this state. My parents came to Alaska before I was born, were homeless for a while, but then pulled themselves into the working class after my mother got an oil job. I had the opportunities I’ve had because of the Alaskans who came around to help our family when we needed it, and I know that’s the same story countless other Alaskans can tell. When I’m the next U.S. senator from Alaska, I will always remember the Alaskans who elected me and what they’ve done for me.”

Tshibaka initially launched her campaign on March 29, 2021, and she was endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump three months later.

Tshibaka says Murkowski’s overall record proves she has stopped listening to the people of Alaska.   

“Everywhere I have been in Alaska over the past year, people have told me the same thing: It’s time for a change,” Tshibaka said. “Whether it’s in rural Alaska or a city, no matter a person’s race, age, or gender, no matter if they’re retired, working, unemployed, or a stay-at-home mom or dad, people all feel the same way. Lisa Murkowski has forgotten all about them because she cares more about her popularity among the Washington, D.C. elites.”

Tshibaka’s top priority is to revive the Alaskan economy by protecting the jobs provided by resource industries and to stand against those who want to block access to the state’s natural resources.

“Lisa Murkowski had her Senate seat literally handed to her by her father, so she’s never had to feel the sting of the bad decisions she’s made,” Tshibaka said. “Every time she votes with her Washington, D.C. friends against the interests of Alaskans, she harms the people of this state, but she doesn’t feel it. We, the people, pay the price for her popularity.”

Tshibaka said Murkowski has cast too many votes against the views and values of Alaskans.

“Just last week, Murkowski voted to confirm leftist Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who thinks the rules don’t apply her, has a record of leniency on child sex offenders, and can’t differentiate between the genders,” Tshibaka said. “Lisa Murkowski also opposed constitutionalist Justice Brett Kavanaugh and joined Democrats in an attempted filibuster of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. She also voted to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country even after they committed multiple crimes against U.S. citizens. These are not the votes a senator from Alaska should be casting, but Murkowski has made poor decisions like this over and over.”


    • How you can possibly supplort KT when she is against freedom loving Americans. She wants legislation to stop people American’s freedom of choice. You probably opposed government enforcing mask mandates. Why would support a person like KT who has supported legislation that would prohibit birth control being sent through the US postal system. People like her must not be allowed to rule over our choice,

      • “People like her must not be allowed to rule over our choice,”

        Calm down there Thomas. She’s running for Legislative Office, where there are 534 other members she has to contend with.

        Your fears/anxiety are 100% unfounded.

  1. Justice Brett Kavanaugh & Justice Amy Coney Barrett are hardly constitutionalists in my opinion. Both of them are the same as Justice John Robert. Big let down so far for the fight against Covid tyranny. But this article is about Kelly Tshibaka so good for her. Still have my doubt about her but hey I’m only one vote. Can’t do any worst than the current senators.

  2. Kinda curious why she did not lead with her endorsement from the immediate past President. That was really important just a few weeks ago.

    • J-Mark, I had the opportunity to meet Kelly T last week at the start of the Kobuk 440. While I was predisposed to supporting her, ( hint, I’m not LISA), I came away fairly impressed. Kelly appears to be quite comfortable with any crowd, she seems to be confident and secure and very intelligent and is curious.

      I get the impression that while she might be grateful for Trumps endorsement she would be equally grateful for yours or mine. She is not a respector of persons as it were.
      I would encourage you to meet with her.
      I am happy that I did.

    • Autonomous Zone,
      Your response above is what one can expect from a mind numbed Democrat. No curiosity, no logical thought process, no sense of probity but up to the minute on whatever the Hollywood A listers think about a given topic.

  3. Lisa has lived such a charmed, privileged life growing up in Alaska. Private schools, K-12. New cars. A large outdoor swimming pool for Fairbanks summers. College paid for by the Old Man. Law school paid for by the Old Man. Easy summer job at Prudhoe Bay courtesy of the big oil companies, with the connection through my US Senate seat. A playboy husband who never had any real job. Many, many bar exams paid for by the Old Man. A pathway into Republican politics courtesy of her mom and I. An appointment to the US Senate that she didn’t deserve. All this, and a sudden shift in philosophy. Now she is an unreliable and traitorous senator without any Republican support in Alaska. This is why I’m throwing all of my backing and campaign money to Kelly Tshibaka.

    • We tried to get House Husband a job as “pool boy” for our beautiful outdoor pool. He refused.
      We tried to teach him how to swim on his own. He refused. He may be the true Socialist in our family. Sponging off everyone. Never had a real job. Loves government handouts. And influenced our daughter to become a good little Commie. He’s the culprit. Quit blaming Lisa.

  4. She needs money! If Kelly is to have any chance donate to her campaign! Murky has millions at her call, help Kelly! I did after Murkowski voted for Jackson!

  5. Lets give Kelly a chance. The fact that McConnell isn’t endorsing her is a good sign. Maybe she’ll stick to what she promised Trump, to put Americans 1st.

  6. “after Murkowski cast the deciding vote to advance Deb Haaland’s nomination to the Department of Interior. Haaland leads President Joe Biden’s assault on Alaska’s energy industries.”

    Wait, wasn’t the deciding vote done by Ohio Dan?

    The Alaska GOP is hitching itself to a losing wagon. There had to be a better candidate out there that we could have gotten to run that would actually have a chance.

  7. Murkowski has always put alaska first as with her father. I cannot say the same for Chewy. I’m a dem and I’ve always voted for Murkowski, hopefully she’ll run as independent.

    • I’m firmly ensconced on the opposite side of the aisle but in this I agree… no Chewy. She’s demonstrated herself to be nothing more than a swamp rat and the way in which she morphs chameleon-like to appear Alaskan is a clear indication that you’re looking at a person who is quite comfortable being at least as disingenuous as The Murk. Chewy’s definitely not an upgrade… but one will rise to the top of the dung heap before this election is called.

      • Trouser Bark, I do not disagree with you concerning Kelly T being from the swamp. However, please remember that old 1975 Jessie Colter song. ” I’m not Lisa”.
        I think Kelly T is a vast improvement over our “Daddies Little Princess”.
        I’ve always admired your wit and logic Trouser, kindly tell me how retention of the nepotism spawn called Lisa is better then a blind date with Kelly?
        BTW Kelly is about 30 IQ points above Lisa, plus she has better hair.
        So there Trouser, chew on that!

  8. I moved here in 1985 and have always voted for a Murkowski. Time and again I have been disappointed with their votes in the Senate. After the last four years I will NEVER vote for a Murkowski. She is a total disappointment for Alaska. Kelly has this families votes.

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