Tshibaka keynotes Fairbanks Republican luncheon, newspaper takes note


U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka was the keynote speaker at the Interior Republicans luncheon Friday, expanding on her theme that incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski has not done enough to defend Alaska and has become “more like the D.C. insiders than us.”

In a break with its liberal tradition, the Fairbanks News-Miner reported on the speech in fair terms and ran its story across the top of the front page, shown above. The newspaper rarely, if ever, reports on speakers of the Republican luncheon unless it’s the governor.

Sixty-six people attended the luncheon at the Westmark Hotel’s Gold Room, including a dozen who had not attended the luncheon before.

In the audience was an Alaska Native woman who said Democrats recruit Native communities but don’t actually represent them. She was a supporter of all that Tshibaka was speaking about and was going to reach out to her Native friends and associates. The Filipino community was also represented. Two borough assembly members attended the luncheon, which is the same as the old Denny’s luncheon group, but in a new location.

Tshibaka met with over 200 people in Fairbanks, speaking with the Interior Patriots, the Association of Mature American Citizens Fairbanks chapter, and four smaller meet-and-greets hosted by supporters. On Saturday morning, she met with faith leaders at the Cookie Jar restaurant. On Saturday evening, she will be at the Friends of the NRA banquet.


  1. Do you Kelly Tshibaka solemnly swear to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic?

  2. Kelly has shown herself to be a good and steady campaigner in several different setting and so far came off well with growing support…..I would like to contribute to her campaign but do not like the electronic method offered and would be happy to send her a check but that address and method go unsuggested,

  3. I’m like Mulder from the X-Files…I want to believe…but as I read through the fair and balanced reporting from the News-Minus I see the same tired script that every single politician uses to get elected.
    The same bland nearly meaningless high level concerns…”pro-life”, “Second Amendment”, “turning Alaska into a park”, “education”, “public safety”, blah, blah, blah.
    What politician hasn’t repeated exactly the same things?
    It’s genius, actually, because we, the gullible voters, interpret these high level concepts the way we want them to be.
    The details of her plan to “turn the state around” …yet another standard line… are what’s actually important.
    Her specific platform is what we need to have written down and publicized.
    I don’t want to hear that she shares my “Alaskan values” …that means absolutely nothing. All Alaskans don’t share the exact same set of values.
    I want to see her set of Alaskan values written down so we can hold her to them.
    If I were a liberal strategist who understood that Murkowski was on the way out I’d bring some career government bureaucrat who had Alaskan ties back up here a few years before the election and then I’d have her run around the state giving high level meaningless and bland assurances that she’s one of us and she shares our concerns and pain (even though she certainly hasn’t for the past, what, 20 years or more?) and I’d hold her up as the savior and answer to all our problems.
    To really put the cherry on top I’d have some liberal rag give her some coverage.
    It’s all just a bit too pat for my liking.
    Is she “The One”?
    She could just as easily be a liberal in conservative’s clothing…you know, just like Lisa Murkowski.

  4. Hoping that she will still be able to make an appearance on Sunday at the Palmer Lions club gun show at the MTASports arena ( not the State Fairgrounds Raven Hall as has been the past site) . Going on this weekend!!

  5. ANYBODY but Lisa. Even that moose over there, is better then that lying swamp creature.
    Kelly has my vote.

  6. Suzanne “Association for Mature American Conservatives Fairbanks chapter” is that suppose to be Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), Fairbanks chapter?

  7. Charlie, if you signed in at the meeting, I am sure a letter for financial support will be coming with an return envelope for your check. Here is her mailing address if you don’t want to wait.
    Kelly For Alaska
    645 G St, Ste 100-561 Anchorage, AK 99501

  8. PJ Olson, I sent your comment to Kelly. I suggested a “policy” section to her website. Stay tuned.
    I have talked to her and I like her policy positions. I will let her speak to those since if I try I may not be fully accurate.

  9. With people like you, who needs democrats? Trust me, I am as angry as everyone else about Lisa, but PJ is right: are we just trading one rat for another?

  10. ME, then stay home. Don’t vote. Don’t be involved. Don’t go to Meet and Greets or rallies. All you will get is what you don’t believe. So tired of this kind of attitude!

  11. Frankie,
    I’ll match you dollar for dollar on contributions to Kelly’s campaign. I’m really looking forward to the day we can end this miserable dynasty. I want to go cruising again. Maybe even to Alaska.

  12. All I want to know is what she stands for beside platitudes. I don’t know why you are so hostile about trying to make sure we aren’t being served another RINO. Go out to The American Conservative site and search on her name….read a little history.

    I’m sure she has impressed you with her interpersonal skills but we need to start asking real questions about what she stands for…We’ve posted the below questions to her site with no response. That’s all I am asking for and I would think all informed voters would want the same.

    What is your position on a literal reading of the Constitution versus the interpretive view favored by most politicians and our own SCOTUS.

    Do you support or oppose HR1? Why or why not?

    Do you support a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in all states?

    What’s your stance on foreign aid?

    Do you support the welfare state?

    Is hate crime legislation constitutional?

    What’s your position on voter ID?

    Should illegal immigrants be escorted back over the border to the country they came from?

    Is the Americans With Disabilities Act an unconstitutional expansion of federal power that progressives justified under their preferred interpretation of vague terms found in the Constitution?

    Are Presidential Executive Orders that apply beyond the Executive Branch constitutional?

  13. I agree with PJ OLSON, above. I do not want to hear sweet talk and the same lame political cliché style answers. I already receive those from Murkowski and Sullivan. We as a people want substance and where she stands on each and every issue. Do you solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic? Do you swear to bring back Trump’s 1776 commission so our children can learn about our great country again and not be brainwashed by the Marxist “Critical Race Theory” racist crap they want to institute in our schools to teach our children to hate America and divide us further? And the list goes on and on. Does anyone know if Trump has endorsed her?

  14. Michael,
    While you’re getting answers to the above, I also have a few more questions to address:
    *. How does she feel about the DOJ’s actions against conservatives? What would she do if in office about this?
    *. Does she support the actions being taken in the military to eradicate racism?
    *. What is her stance on systemic racism? What does she plan to do about it?
    *. What does she support doing about illegal immigration?
    *. Does she support school choice?
    *. Does she support DACA?
    *. What is her position on H1 visas?
    *. What is her stance on stack ranked voting?
    *. What is her position on China? On Russia? On Iran?

    I want to see a candidate’s positions on issues like this in writing. I want to know who I am voting for. Everyone needs to be asking hard questions – we can’t afford to keep electing people who don’t put in writing what they stand for so we can hold them accountable.

  15. A poll I saw, and some Twitter postings seem to indicate that Democrats now see a path made by these two Republicans for Al Gross to try again. I suspect that Alaskans have longer memories than that. Gross would today be enabling the Biden gun confiscation efforts had he been elected.

  16. I would suggest attending one of her rallies and asking her the questions. I know she does, seen her talk for many minutes with folks after the event.
    I do know she is working on a policy link to her website. Stay tuned.

  17. ME You said “With people like you, who needs democrats? Trust me, I am as angry as everyone else about Lisa, but PJ is right: are we just trading one rat for another?” Then you don’t understand “I don’t know why you are so hostile about trying to make sure we aren’t being served another RINO. ” Of course I will comment back to your original statement.
    As to the questions you have, see my response to that.

  18. She’s a lot cuter than Lisa … there, parse that!
    Sorry. I’m enamored of my new word for the year “parse”.
    Just working it into my daily vocabulary.

  19. Lisa Murkowski should just move to Iceland, where she can truly reign as an annointed Princess by the President of Iceland. Nancy and Frankie would be so proud…….and have another itinerary on their world travels.

  20. The only reason the news minor put this in the paper is so they can have their antifa minions in northstar dox, harass and even shoot at the people named in the article.

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