Tshibaka fundraiser in Anchorage draws 150 supporters


A Thursday evening at Bell’s Nursery was just the ticket for 150 Anchorage residents who came out to hear from Kelly Tshibaka, a Republican running for U.S. Senate. It was not an event for high-rollers or influence peddlers from inside the Beltway in D.C.. Instead, the people who attended the fundraiser were some of the same people who got Mayor Dave Bronson elected in Anchorage — the grassroots.

A Tshibaka campaign insider told Must Read Alaska it was the biggest grassroots fundraiser Tshibaka has had in Alaska, all contributions coming from small donations.

Tshibaka is running with far fewer funds than the incumbent, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has millions of dollars not only in her own campaign but in parallel political action committees working on her behalf. Tshibaka has the support of the Alaska Republican Party, which has endorsed her.

Tshibaka announced her campaign in late March of 2021 and takes on a powerful political machine that has held that seat for a Murkowski for over 40 years.


  1. Closer to 42 years, Suzanne. Frankie and I have discussed this extensively. Now that we are both in our 90’s and have had a charmed life of senatorial and gubernatorial privilege, along with international travel, state dinners, a private jet, hobnobbing with dignitaries and oil executives, we miss our dear Alaskan friends who originally supported us over the decades. Lisa has turned into a radical Marxist and supports Biden’s Green New Deal. Lisa is terribly mixed-up and has cost many old friendships of ours. We want Kelly to hurry up and win the election this fall. This is no longer fun for us. Frankie and I want to be remembered as good honest people, not the parents of a traitorous, vindictive woman who lies to everybody and tries to blame her parents for teaching her the ways of Communism. We are NOT Democrats. In fact, Frankie and I hate Democrats.

    • It seems Lisa doesn’t care anymore. She thinks she’s a big shot being interviewed by the NYT and telling her old faithful Alaska supporters in the early days to “F-off.” When she gets beat this fall she will come back to her daddy for consoling and advise. I think it’s time for me to tell to “F-off.”

      • Got news for you Skippy. No one is falling for your fake identity nonsense… just in case you thought you were fooling anyone.
        We must admit, however, you make some good points. Sadly, appointing his daughter has turned out to be the biggest mistake of Frank Murkowski’s political career. Even more sadly, this biggest mistake will be his biggest legacy. What a sad commentary.

        • We pray about it every night, Coogan. And at Mass on Sundays. Lisa moved over to the Dark Side. Thank you for your concern. Please pray with us.

          • I can’t take it anymore! Pleeeeeze Kelly……just win this damn Senate seat so I can go back to the simple life and open another noodle stand for all of my cheapskate Democrat friends.

  2. She will not get the moderate or center left votes that Lisa has gotten for the past few terms. She may pave the way for a Democrat to take office though.

    • Without prop 2 she would already be toast. She’s lost a lot of that moderate support. She’s one of the most hated politicians in the country and over the last 4 years she’s consistently been the polled most hated in Alaska. With the Walkers, Giessels, Von Imhoffs, and Revaks, out there, that’s saying something.

      It will be a difficult climb, because of prop 2, the media, and the wealthy elites in DC for whom Murkowski really works, will be pulling out all the stops, but Kelly has a good shot. Whether she ends up voting the way she says? Who knows? Always a risk with the GOP that they get there and turn on us, like Murkowski, but her values are closer to the majority of Alaskans than any of the other candidates.

  3. How does the Alaska GOP square its position with being in conflict with the National GOP? Murkowski has the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell–or are these considered “RINO” organizations to the Alaska Republican Party? At one point is the GOP not even the GOP any longer? Is the GOP now the party of Trump with a parallel competing wing of Republicans? From an outside perspective, it seems like this intraparty opposition (i.e., purity test) will present a real test for where America’s conservative party will stand in the coming years.

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