Tshibaka draws huge crowd in Anchorage


Kelly Tshibaka drew a large crowd for her first Anchorage fundraiser, held in a hangar along Lake Hood on Wednesday. Over 100 people attended the traditional meet-and-greet to learn more about the Alaska-born-and-raised mom and hockey player who is running for U.S. Senate.

Tshibaka said “Forty years is enough,” for the Murkowskis to own the seat in Congress. She was referring to the fact that Frank Murkowski was elected to the seat in 1980, and appointed his daughter Lisa to the seat in 2002.

This was Tshibaka’s first Anchorage fundraiser for her run for Senate. On Friday she heads to Fairbanks for two days, and then it’s back to the Mat-Su Valley for the Palmer Gun Show over the weekend.

The open primary is over a year away and it’s evident that three-term Republican Lisa Murkowski is seeking a fourth term. On March 16, the Alaska Republican Party voted to censure Murkowski, and formally announced that they would recruit a primary challenge to her, and also to prevent her from as running as a Republican “to the extent legally permissible.”

Ballot Measure 2 has created an open primary, and so Tshibaka, Murkowski, and others will all appear together on the August ballot, and the top-four vote getters will appear on the Nov. 8 General Election ballot in 2022.


  1. Hah, her crowd is about the size of the Biden crowd during his inauguration.

    Go get ’em Kelly! We believe in you.

  2. I had intended to be there, but… circumstances. Forty years of Murkowskis in the Senate is about 20 years too long. One hopes the Senator will choose to retire, so that we Alaskans can simply choose her replacement, but like too many old politicians she will need to be defeated at the polls. So, Mrs. Tshibaka, there’s another contribution coming your way in the snail mail.

  3. Murkowski was never great, but until President Trump was elected, her inner leftist, and anti-American attitude took over. As a general rule, I was not upset by her voting record, or the things she supported. No, I was not 100% on board with her performance either. It is unlikely I would be for any elected official.
    Then Trump got elected, and the swamp creatures needed to repel this attack on their cushy jobs. She moved in lockstep with the Never Trump democrats, adding a final cherry on top with her assertion that nothing that happened on Nov. 3rd even warranted questions.
    I will never vote for Murkowski again. If it boiled down to a race between Murkowski and Forrest Dunbar for the US Senate seat, Dunbar would get my vote. If my Senator is going to act like a leftist, I want them to actually be a leftist.

  4. 100+ people, on a Wednesday (school) night, at a Lake Hood hanger, a year and a half before the election, is a fairly good attendance for purplish Anchortown!

  5. No thanks. Let’s hope someone better runs. We already have a RINO in that Senate seat. Kelly will never get my vote.

  6. Harborguy, aren’t you still hiding under your bed, in the fetal position and with the curtains drawn, wrapped in bubblewrap and wearing five masks, to avoid the wildly deadly Covidian scourge? Don’t you know that merely going onto your computer puts you at mortal risk from the Fauci Plague?

  7. Murk hasn’t changed; she’s as corrupt as the act that put her into office. We knew she was corrupt in 2010. We knew she was corrupt in 16. We have always known. It’s just the GOP voting base has finally gotten its backbone. We will see if it can last another year and a half..

  8. For 40 years the Murkowski’s promised Alaskans that they were doing everything in their power to open ANWR and then when President Trump actually did it they did everything in their power to thwart his agenda. Low intelligence grifters and slackers!

  9. While I didn’t vote for Ballot Measure 2. It does seem to allow for the possibility of the more left-wing Murkowski to go against a more Conservative candidate. The Dems would endorse her thus painting the contrast needed for her defeat.

  10. Tshibaka is beginning to look like one that can be voted for, and not just voting against Murkowski.

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  12. Vote this Loser, back stabbing, swamp creature (Lisa) OUT
    Kelly has my vote, anybody, but not Lisa

  13. Kelly can send Murkowski packing in the primary. That’s how bad Lisa is polling right now. But Kelly needs to be ready for bear slayer Al Gross who is scheming a comeback with his extreme Left handlers. Yes, the opiod pill doctor is going to try again……..
    and Alaskans will once more have to suffer through his obnoxious tv ads and gross campaign signs. GO KELLY!!!

  14. Lisa is backed by the NEA, have you seen what they’re doing to kids in schools, when they have school. I think for the idea that she sells out to critical race theory and global warming, she needs to be put out. Plain and simple. Goodbye traitor.

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