TSA extends flight mask mandate to April 18


The Transportation Security Administration has extended its mask mandate on buses, trains, planes, in airports and other public transportation areas until April 18.

But that’s not the end of the mandate. The extension is to give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention time to revise a policy for when the mask rule can be lifted.

The masking requirement on public transportation has been extended twice before, with the first expiration date in May of 2021. The most recent extension was due to end next Friday.

Last week, the Biden Administration said that wearing masks indoors is no longer recommended for most areas and for most people, after the number of Covid-19 cases has dropped after a surge of cases in January.


  1. This is communism! First was the so called Patriot Act, than Real ID, now these stupid useless mask and jab card.

  2. Are you a puppet in need of puppet master? Oh if you listen to these idiots you already are one. I know where they can put those masks and vaccines, where the sun does not shine. Ther are no strings on me.

  3. WE need to end the TSA as well..!!!…If I thought the did one bit of good or made flying safer in any way I could perhaps accept them as a good thing but their negative presents far out weights any positive ….

  4. This is confirmation of a government that no longer serves people – it exists only for the purpose of serving itself. Prediction: Even with Panda Joe Biden screaming from the White House to end masking, the bureaucracy will keep it in place for air travel for many more months.

    • I agree. One thing most of America fails to realize is that the current government leading America is not the American government, it is a corporation not based in America.
      Any law, mandate, agency, debt or authority over us is not America. Ever since 1871 we have been under the global controlling cabal.

    • Roger that. Would have loved to be able to go somewhere warm this winter while my business was closed. Flying was bad enough before this crap. Now we have empowered prior cheerleaders making sure we are safe.

    • Same here. We and lots of other folks are boycotting the airline travel as long as they keep up this insistence that everyone go along in lockstep with their stupidity. I’d love to see my family outside, but no way am I going along with the mask nonsense (and I use that term literally, as in having no sense – even the inept CDC now admits masks are useless). Just looking in the windows of the airport is like watching a real-life dystopian movie as everyone glides around, muzzled. —retch—

  5. Liberals love COVID, the vaccines, and masks. It empowers them. I like how they always push the dates out for 30 days or more. In Juneau masking in schools supposedly will be lifted April 4th. Why not today? We’ll have a big testing push again later this month and it will be deemed too dangerous by teachers. The masking will stay until school is out.

  6. That’s fine. I have no intentions of flying as long as the slave mask edict is in effect. Want my money? Get rid of the slave masks and slurry zero tolerance “flight attendants” (communist political officers).

  7. The continual removal of personal rights and personal responsibility by a “government” that was formed to allow for better cooperation between the states needs to end. The TSA is a useless make work project, the masking policy is a useless control measure, and the federal government has become a tool of the liberals to enslave the individual. It is way past time for the return to individual rights, states rights, and the US Constitution.

    • We might pray that it comes to a halt in November.
      Pray NOW!
      VOTE then. In person – if nobody has found a way to vote for you before you get to the polls.
      There will be punishment for them but, alas, in the hereafter.

  8. And on April 10th, the TSA will extend the face diaper mandate to May 18 …. and on May 10th, the TSA will extend the face diaper mandate to June 18th … and on June 10th, the TSA will extend the mask mandate to July 18th …
    And why? Because SCIENCE!!

  9. F those F-ing F-ers!!!! F them all.
    I have to travel international, which means a 10+ hour flight from SEA, and those F-ing F-ers extended the mandate!!! For what? Seriously, the air on a plane is about the cleanest air the average person will ever breathe. If you catch anything on the plane, 99.999999999999999999999% of the time it is from touching a contaminated surface, and transferring the bug to a mucus membrane. It is not from breathing. And, the TSA knows it.
    Leave it in place for mass transit, trains, whatever where the air can get stale, but drop the flights.

  10. We’re no longer a nation of laws. We’ve become a nation of mandates where every technocrat, social media censor or unelected bureaucrat can mandate whatever dictatorial ‘rule’ that suits their “I’m in charge ego”.

  11. Recently at the Fairbanks International Airport people walking around without MASK. No one from TSA Alaska Airlines or Airport Police said a word to anyone.
    The Clown policies are crumbling

  12. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this! This is just an excuse for Biden to continue to use his Presidency to punish his peasants

  13. Show me in the US Constitution where CDC at least in pertinent part a foreign royalty owned corporation was expressly gifted by anyone having subject matter and personal authority over my medical care to use public conveyances. SHOW WHERE THIS IS EXPRESSED RIGHT NOW IN THE US CONSTITUTION. It is not there. Popular current custom does not “grant” that authority right now or any other day.

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