Trump Save America rally in Anchorage details revealed


Former President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally on July 9 at the Alaska Airlines Center on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage. He will deliver remarks in support of Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin for U.S. House, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

The event starts at 4 pm, but the line for parking opens at 6 am for the event. More details are expected soon.

Tshibaka today issued the following statement regarding the announcement:

“It will be a great honor to welcome President Trump to Alaska for what will be the greatest attended political event in our state’s history. When President Trump endorsed me last summer, we planned this incredible rally, and now it’s just weeks away. With the backing of President Trump and the Republican Party of Alaska, our campaign is reaching new heights as we work toward victory in November.

“Alaskans know that President Trump’s policies were the best for us, from promoting our energy jobs, to opening up our resource industries, to securing our nation’s southern border, to keeping inflation and fuel prices low. With the disastrous Biden administration attacking Alaska seemingly daily, Alaskans miss President Trump all the more and can’t wait for the rally!

“Incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, on the other hand, cast an inexplicable vote to remove President Trump from office after he was already gone. Murkowski has proven that she can’t be trusted by anyone, since she’s the 21-year D.C. insider who has enabled the Biden policies that are crushing Alaskans while simultaneously complaining about them. Democrat Pat Chesbro, meanwhile, is at least transparent in supporting the leftist policies Alaska rejected when it voted for President Trump by double digit majorities in both 2016 and 2020. 

“When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I will always put Alaska first and stand for America First values.”


  1. President Trump: you were great for Alaska. The best way you can be great for America is to throw your support behind Ron DeSantis.

    You can only serve 4 more years. Then back to the soup. DeSantis can serve 8.

    Prove you were right by throwing your considerable influence behind DeSantis.

    • Avenger, you are a bit short sighted here. I’m with you on Desantis but first we need Trump for 4 years because doing that would give us 12 years of America First leadership. Frankly, the country is going to be so messed up from the communist regime in Washington, I believe Trump is the only one with the IQ to unravel the mess and make it work again. But, bottom line is 12 years is better than 8!

      • Trump running in 2024 will just get Biden elected for 4 more years. Trump is a damaged candidate, and a polarizing figure. wish he would simply go away and let Desantis win.

          • You’re absolutely correct. Biden is nothing more than the thief that stole the election from the American people. President Trump is our rightful President.

        • Ryan, you are wrong. Trump will get elected in 2024, and then 8 years of Desantis. Trump has the guts and personality to clean up the mess that Biden created. We must support him in 2024.

        • Ryan: What you fail to understand is that the left will also make Ron DeSantis a polarizing figure! That is the kind of politics the Democrats perform. It doesn’t matter who our candidate is as that person will always be a demon to Democrats including DeSantis, so don’t be fooled by all the MSM trying to get you to shift away from Trump as it is all a rouse!

      • Actually no. Read the Constitution. POTUS is limited to 8 years total.

        A break in terms does not reset the clock

    • Nope! Trump will prove he was right only by running and winning again in 2024. Anything short of that will prove nothing. And I guarantee you ……he will run. Actually, he already is.

    • Can’t agree with you more! The is the opinion of majority conservatives. Be a kingmaker Trump, and make ways for the younger generation.

      • @Jean Bo,
        Same applies to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and all of the other Left-wing fossils dug into the ground.

    • Trump is the only one who can straighten out this mess, He can probably get us up and running in four years like he did before. He has a track record, stick with Trump. I’m not sure DeSantis could get us out of this. We need DeSantis continue to show America what a good governor looks like. Perhaps some States will wake up and elect good governors, maybe even Alaska. Desantis can be President after that.

  2. Suzanne is there any info about an entry charge?

    The Alaska Airlines Center only has 5,000 seats

    Secret Service and event planners will hold a number of seats for their own needs as well as press, politicians, and VIP.

    Presumably that means less that 4,000-4,500 people will be let in the door.

    They should have held this out at the Palmer Fair Grounds, but secret service probably did not want an open venue which is difficult to control all aspects of security. With over 350,000 in the Anchorage + Matsu areas the line at the Alaska Airlines Center will probably reach capacity by 6:00-8:00am and people will be outside waiting all day in hot weather or rain. Arrive later than that and you won’t get in the door.

    • Not to mention all of the patriots who will order tickets and not show up just to piss off the feeble and insecure future felon trump.

      • The only felons are the thieves that stole our election. That would be the current administration….Biden and his minions.

  3. Trump has a record of supporting RINOs and backstabbers (Sarah Palin comes to mind), but his rallies are great

    • Agree, Kelly is the only endorsement he’s got right, Trump is continuing to shoot himself in the foot.

  4. Kelly, so you say that “It will be a great honor to welcome President Trump to Alaska….” Given what keeps coming out of the House January 6th Select Committee hearings, this comment reveals how ugly you are willing to become to try unseat Murkowski! I told you in a previous posting that I would vote for you, were you simply to disassociate from Trump! Your political desperateness is both telling and troubling! I will never vote for anybody who so willingly embraces Trump!

    • The Jan 6th Committee Hearings are a carnival sideshow run by equally ridiculous carnies like pencil neck Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney.

      It aims to be a drama blockbuster event without competent actors and screenwriters or a Hollywood budget.

      If you believe Trump was pushing his Secret Service aside while trying to grab the wheel of “the beast” then I have some beach front property to sell you in Fairbanks.

    • Kelly’s not going to disassociate herself from President Trump, your vote isn’t worth it. Alaska is MAGA country!! Love it or leave it.

      • Uh, no. You’re MAGA country. Alaska is a land of free thinkers that don’t suck up to one man that demands allegiance before he does anything to help. That’s lower 48 crap. We’re better than that.

        • “…suck up to one man that demands allegiance before he does anything to help.”
          Not sure I ever got that vibe from Trump. From some other politicians absolutely, but Trump? Now, if you are talking about his inner circle, that is something different. No one should tolerate friends and coworkers who are not loyal. Backstabbers are not acceptable.
          Curious if you can provide a few examples?

    • Murkowski is unseating herself. I have never seen anyone talk out of both sides of her mouth the way she does. Her actions speak volumes!!!

    • @ I will never vote……
      You are an abject idiot if you believe “anything” coming out of the J6 hearings. The Trump haters on the Committee (a requirement to be on the Committee by Pelosi), are ginning up ANYTHING that will make the news. 3/4 of Americans already know that this Committee is set up as the final impeachment of an ex-president to find guilt where none exists. Their only mission is to keep Trump out of the 2024 race. And that ain’t gonna happen. Trust me. Trump is coming back.

    • Hey, boys, it’s a waste of time to try reasoning with you! There is no need to ask why it is that you’re the ones who fall all over yourselves as “step-and-fetch-it” lackeys for the genteel class. I give Trump credit where credit is due: he never wants for “domestics” at his beck and call! Apprentice? Hell no, Trump’s a genius!

    • Bad decision. Trump has a somewhat abrasive personality, but his policies are correct. Also, these new hearings on January 6 are just Democrat propaganda. That crap from Ms. Huthchinson (?) about how he grabbed teh steering wheel to get them to drive him back to the Capitol was never more than hearsy, and has been confirmed to be lies by the Secret Service. But the lies were a headline above the fold on the front page of the Anchorage Daily News (liberal rag), but the trusth of the situation was never publiched with as much publicity. By the way, who will you vote for – Lisa the RINO??

    • › events › save-america

      First come first serve, but I got 2

      • Unless you paid for your tickets, Warren, you are not guaranteed entry to the event. The free ones are just so they can do a head count and scrape your phone number and email address. – sd

  5. No matter who runs, we need election reform and closer monitoring. We need to start now, with mail in voting and the Dominion computer system we’re ripe for fraud. Glad to see Trump come to Alaska. It would be nice to have him visit Juneau but…too many Liberals who would become violent and destroy things.

  6. Donald Trump,
    Sir, Your endorsement of Sarah is her biggest draw, please withdraw that support so that we can elect a much better candidate named Nick Begich III. Your failure to withdraw said endorsement likely will lead to a leftist winning the seat. Do the MATH President Trump.
    Thank you for reading this comment. Make Alaska Great Again!

    • Begich?
      RINO, much?
      Let’s see, he supported Ethan Berkowitz over Amy Dembowski in the Anchorage mayoral race – pause – think about that…
      Begich comes from the most liberal Alaska political family.
      He would not commit to the Pebble mine at the event the other night – Sarah did commit, of course, and Peralta said no.
      Please name one conservative bona fides of Begich – I’m waiting, still waiting.
      Oh yeah, he shoots a gun in his political ads – so he must be conservative?
      At best, he is a RINO, at best.
      Please do your research.

      • I agree with you! Sadly, you can’t make people research candidates. Begich is just another Democrat pretending to conservative to do as much damage as possible. Sarah Palin is a true conservative, loves her country and Alaska.

  7. Yahoo Trump is good for our state and nation
    I DaveMaxwell implore Donald Trump to please come and change the venue to the fairgrounds in Palmer, and more importantly, remove your endorsement of Dunleavy!!! He is not worthy of your endorsement!!! I used to support dunleavy but I and Alaskans at large have choked on his inexcusable sit on the sidelines attitude!!! He has become putrid in the nostrils of Alaskans!!
    The welcome mat is already being polished up for you President Trump
    God Bless you and our Country

  8. Suzanne:
    Any chance you could get Nancy and I front row tickets to this Trump Rally?
    Your loyal readers,
    Frankie and Nancy

    • Get me one too, Suzanne. Lisa will be out of state on her own that day. I wouldn’t miss this event for the last noodle stand in Alaska.

  9. Glad to have a rally here in Alaska.
    Trump for 2024. DeSantis for 2028 and 2032. We get 12 years of good White House government.

    • This thought literally scares the left to death. We need DeSantis in Florida setting an example for governors across the US. Save him for 2028.

      Democrats will be voting for Murkowski and Begich this coming election. At best these are 2nd tier votes in our new and corrupt voting system here in Alaska.

  10. “He will deliver remarks in support of Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin for U.S. House, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy.”

    He’s only getting one out of three correct…….

  11. Nothing better come between me and those beautiful Treasury Checks! I got a little 10 acre horse ranch outside of Fairfax I gotta finish paying for.

  12. I would maybe consider coming if Palin weren’t going to be there. I hope Desantis destroys Trump in 2024 over his crap endorsements.

  13. Seriously, I cannot understand how otherwise rational conservatives continue to support a treasonous degenerate like Trump. I will skip the rally thanks.

    • So you buy into to the Made For TV drama of the J6 hearings? This is a taxpayer funded propaganda show orchestrated by the despicable DNC who realize that the great majority of center left and center right Americans don’t buy into the Woke and Communist agenda.

      I mean they went out and hired a former TV executive to be the Producer of their big prime time event watched only by the far left cheerleaders.

      Get your news from more than CNN and MSNBC.

      • Sure thing, I mean other than the attempted coup on 1/6, the fact that nearly every single Trump ally is confessing there was no election fraud (Fox News as the source btw), as well as Trump’s unhinged responses, the massive amounts of damning evidence of recorded phone calls, text messages, depositions, etc. The complete lack of anything close to resembling evidence regarding the rigging of voting machines or mail-in ballot stuffing, all of which can be sourced from any reputable media source, or directly from the Govnernment agencies themselves.

        Its funny reading you are suggesting someone has been influenced by propaganda.

        I get it, you are so deep into this lie, and it would embarrass your fragile, fictional world beyond belief (after just so recently resolving yourself to belief such fiction) that you cannot possibly change your mind now.

        Get your news from… anything factual.

        No, the bible doesn’t count.

        • Can’t believe you buy in to that. The “gun-toting” right shows up for an insurrection without any guns? Who in their right mind would believe that?

        • It’s easy to not see the mountain of evidence pointing to massive and coordinated voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election when you willingly chose to be blind to it and refuse to see or acknowledge it.
          Now, go back to watching CNN and PMSNBC, and unthinkingly swallowing their wild propaganda, fearmongering and pro-establishment lies.

        • “…all of which can be sourced from any reputable media source…”
          Ahhh… there it is.
          What do you consider a reputable media source?
          I have a feeling you are going to cite a lot of media sources that spent 2000-2008 trashing Bush, 2009-2016 praising Obama, and 2017-2020 vilifying Trump. If that is the case, you have nothing.

        • Matt, there is nothing like “oblique” honesty! First, you kicked Ernie in the groin and then expected him to smile and admit that you’re right! I’m sure that he’d rather die a brown shirt before doing that. Try your hand at gentle persuasion; not everybody can take blunt honesty, especially when it’s delivered like a kick to ribs! Better luck next time!

          • Edit and clarification: In the next to last sentence, the word ribs is to be set in double quotations and meant to be read as “testicles.” The phrase “especially when it’s delivered like a kick to the balls” would have been preferable, but like the word “gay” to DeSantis, “balls” might have been too crude for “discriminating” readers; so, ribs is “ribs,” as we now know!

    • Great, thanks for not wasting space!!! Make room for MAGA people that are changing this country for the good!!!!

  14. The smaller the venue the easier to fill, like his ego. How much are we paying as a city for this con-man. Maybe he will be arrested by then.

    • Trump is likely renting the AK Airlines Center, so the city wouldn’t pay anything. That’s usually how it works.

    • Got one that is measurably bigger there Free? What the Sullivan? Full of homeless, and even if they cleared out, it would take WAY too long to get rid of the smell and disease.
      Maybe… what the Palmer Fairgrounds? The venues there seat… no where near as many as the Sullivan, but the facility can fit more people, so… I guess that would be better. Than again, why have a political rally 45 minutes from the largest population center in the State?
      Honestly, the Alaska Airlines center is the best choice.

  15. Keep that Orange Cheeto out of Alaska and the crazies like him.. wish people would stop moving to Alaska from the Crazy Red States, they are destroying this great state and sucking up more of our divident money that Rual Alaska Depends on every year for heating/gas fuel, kids clothes for school etc…

    • @Alaska_Born
      You sound like another cowardly whiner who’s been living off of free money from the government all of your life. Do you have a JOB? Have you ever worked for a living? Or do you just sit out in RURAL Alaska praying that some Cheechako politician will give in to your belly aching? I was born in this state too, as were many, who are NOT from rural Alaska. If you want to be taken care of, go pay for a babysitter.

    • “…and sucking up more of our dividend money that Rural Alaska depends on every year for heating/gas fuel, kids clothes for school…”
      Hey! I have a nifty idea. Get a job. Do something someone wants to pay for. Be a productive member of society as a whole.
      Stop sitting around expecting handouts. You will have a much more fulfilling life.

    • Wish you tyrannical leftist loonies would move out of Alaska to Commiefornia and stop destroying the free world! Most of us ex democrats fled those commie hell holes, and we refuse to bow to you leftist crazies anymore! If you don’t like America, then please leave. I refuse to tolerate you people anymore, you have destroyed enough of this beautiful nation with your disgusting politics. All the left does is pave the way to hell with so called good intentions. You people are insane and the majority of the world knows it!

    • With all due respect, it’s the leftists in the Alaska Legislature refusing to follow the law that is shrinking your PFD check. Even this years record payout is a slap in the face compared to what Alaskas are owed after year of post Walker PFD ripoffs.

      The Permanent Fund is as flush with cash as it’s ever been in history and will still be so after this years PFD payout.

    • …and I bet you voted for Bill Walker. Thank him some time for those measly dividend checks you depend on. Clearly when he cut it in half, he didn’t care one bit about Alaskans like you. Your next “Thank you” card needs to go the AK supreme court, as they can’t read the PFD statues and let Bill Walker get away with it.

    • Dear Alaska_Born,
      You sound like a person who can’t take care of themself. Go call your momma and tell her that you need to be wiped. You sound like an inept rural person who never learned how to be self-sufficient. We are rural too, and we know how to live on our own without crying to the government for assistance. Grow up!!

  16. KTUU had a link to sign up for 2 tickets and i did that. Have not gotten a text or e-mail back though. Why are they talking about opening 5 hrs before the event, if it is a ticketed event? General seating, 1st come 1st seated for the good seats I suppose. I’m expecting an email asking for $, but nothing yet.

  17. Is Chump stopping by on his way to a play date with his good friend Kim Jong Ill? Will he be making one last grasp for cash before flying to Moscow where he can live in exile with his buddy Putin, avoiding prison time for his actions as Traitor in Chief?

    • I mean your little fun word games are cute but it looks like you are still under the delusion that President Trump is somehow in cahoots with Putin? Seriously? I mean I know CNN and MSNBC were tripping over themselves for two plus years trying to sell that story but the dems own investigation which was hell bent on proving that the President did something wrong said no.

      But hey still a great way to distract from the unbelievably horribly job that the current administraton is doing. I’m hard pressed to find one thing they are doing well.

  18. Ah great, The Clown is coming to our state. Good grief! Can’t he just go away?! America doesn’t need him, Alaska doesn’t need him and our party doesn’t need him!

    It’s time for an honest, God-fearing Christian to lead this great nation. Trump is neither of those things.

  19. One, I can’t get to ANC 7/09. Two, princess Sarah is going to be there. The Donald should have listened to the Alaska Republicans, who endorsed NB3, not Sarah. NOT going.

  20. Trump Palin and Dunleavy can all take a flying leap! Trump is a traitor to this country and needs to be jailed!

  21. While I am thrilled that a major national political figure is finally acknowledging that Alaska exists (and isn’t just a refueling stop to somewhere else), I think I will pass. That said, say what you will but Donald Trump promised to come and campaign against Lisa and he is keeping that promise.

    • You mean like a small fraction of the extent to which the traitorous China Joe PotatoHead, and his nation and economy-destroying maladministration, has been and is to the USA?

  22. I have seen some commentary that suggests that Trump requires the candidates he endorses to embrace his “stolen election” theory. There are circumstances – not established by actual evidence – that cause me to be concerned about election integrity in several states. Some smoke can be smelled but actual fire has not been found. My question for each of the three endorsed candidates is: “Do you subscribe to and adopt the Trump “stolen election” theory? If so, why?”

    I have also seen reports – spoiler alert – that pretty much all the former President talks about in his appearances is the “stolen election” package.

    I will be out of town for the event.

    • Commentary? Like the story about Trump trying to grab the steering wheel of the Presidential limo? Or maybe the story about Trump demanding a gorilla channel in the oval office?
      Commentary is meaningless. Everyone posting on MRAK is making comments, and you would not take that seriously, why take it seriously from editorials?
      As to what he is going to talk about, try watching or listening to some of his speeches from previous rallies. There is a lot more than election.
      You have seen reports? Well, that is good enough for us. Waste of a day attending.
      On the other hand, I have watched Trump’s appearances in other venues, and there is a LOT more content than the election. Perhaps, instead of writing unsubstantiated comments, you can spend a few minutes doing research?

    • It’s because it’s a political ‘witch hunt.’ The Nazi Germans did that too. Read some history how the Nazis gained power. If you don’t spot similarities to the Democrats, take some reading comprehension courses.

  23. Very nice of President Trump & Sarah Loser to step up, split the conservative vote & hand Congressman Young’s seat to Ms. Peltola.
    Way to go team ignorant!

  24. Sarah Palin will be an welcomed addition to Capitol Hill liberals. She will dovetail nicely w/ our liberal Senator Murkowski.

  25. DJT is one of the most deceptive, unethical, morally bankrupt individuals to walk on this planet. If you would stop and just set aside your personal dogma and honestly investigate his life, his father Fred’s life and their family history, you might learn about how much of a liar, fraud, racist, grifter and what a phony this man has always been and continues to be. He’s not by any means a conservative, nor is he Christian or a man of any faith whatsoever. He values only his self and feeding his narcissistic demented ego. Wake up people.

    • “Former President Donald Trump is the most popular politician in the United States, according to a poll released Friday by Harvard CAPS Harris”.

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