Trump rally to roll to Wasilla from Anchorage on Saturday


Supporters of President Donald Trump plan another rolling rally on Saturday from Anchorage to Wasilla, Alaska.

The Trump enthusiasts will muster their decorated trucks and cars at the Loussac Library parking lot off of 36th Avenue in Anchorage at 12:45 pm.

“Let’s ride for 45,” the group wrote, encouraging people to decorate their cars and trucks for the occasion, 11 days before the end of the election.

The route will take them through Eagle River, Palmer, and Wasilla. The event is hosted by Johanna Potter and Taking Back Anchorage, a Facebook group. Those who cannot get into Anchorage are encouraged to join the convoy along the way.


  1. Today’s Trump rally was about a hundred mile drive, out and back. Not a huge rally, probably because it wasn’t widely advertised, but still a good one. I found out about it only because I checked the social on MRAK.
    Lots of Trump supporters waved and honked as we went by. 4 more years!

  2. Suzanne,
    Please be sure to promote the Fairbanks Trump Rally this coming Saturday. It’ll be a HUGE Halloween treat!

  3. We would love it if Suzanne came to Fairbanks this weekend, Saturday, to help us with our huge Republican Rally. Noon until 2pm. The Governor, and all Interior candidates will be there, along with hundreds of MRAK readers

    • Does it start at noon? I was told 10:30 am was when they would gather. I can’t make it but I’m sending a photographer! -sd

      • Yes, it starts at noon at the Center. But the truck parade begins at 10:30am. Hundreds of trucks. Thanks, Suzanne.

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