Trump put his trust in Jerry Ward, and Alaska GOP can too



President Donald Trump’s trust in Former State Sen. Jerry Ward to oversee his campaigns in both 2016 and 2020 underscores Ward’s extensive experience and unwavering dedication to public service.

Jerry is asking for your vote to become chairman of the Alaskan Republican Party. Ward’s journey from his service in the Seabees in combat in Vietnam to his successful ventures in the real estate sector showcases his profound commitment to leadership and conservative values.

Ward’s common-sense approach supports Republican principles. Elected to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1982, he diligently represented the party’s interests, eventually securing victories in elections to the Alaska State Senate in 1996 and 2000. Throughout his tenure, Ward has strived to represent all Alaskans in his governance and policy making, demonstrating his prowess in both areas.

Ward’s involvement in community organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion underscores his commitment to veterans and their families.

Ward intends to implement rules within the Republican Party that enhance the transparency and communication to rank-and-file Republicans within the Alaska Republican Party. Communication will engage younger voters and underrepresented communities to embrace the values of the Republican party. Additionally, Jerry Ward highlights the need to address concerns about party leadership and its alignment with the values of its members.

Looking ahead, Ward sets four main objectives for his tenure as chairman of the Alaska Republican Party:

1.  He aims to continue supporting President Trump’s reelection efforts in Alaska.

2.  He pledges to repeal Ranked Choice Voting, ensuring its defeat in 2024.

3.  Ward intends to strengthen the party’s fundraising and networking capabilities by collaborating with national partners, laying the foundation for future generations of Alaskan Republicans.

4.  He is committed to putting a Republican in our Congressional seat on November 5th.

Jerry Ward’s leadership embodies a promise of a brighter tomorrow for Alaska. With his wealth of experience, resolute determination, and commitment to conservative values, Ward stands ready to steer the Republican Party towards a future where freedom and representation flourish once more.


    • Me neither. Jerry ran with John Lindauer in 1998.
      Gov/ Lt. Gov. Not that Lindauer was worse than Tony Knowles, but Robin Taylor was better than both of them.

  1. Just speaking as someone who has been working on local campaigns the last few years, the only thing I have seen Jerry Ward do is preside over the disaster that was the 2022 Palin race, which got us Mary Peltola. I would not be upset with him, if her campaign actually tried to win instead of spending 90% of the time attending NHL games in the lower 48.

    Just as bad as Nikki Rose, who turned a girls sports bill in the State Senate into a bill establishing autogynephilic males as legally female in state law. Rose basically resurrected Cathy Geissel, awful.

    Lets not elect people that have decimated everything they touch.

    • Jay you comments on Ranked Choice Voting on X mean you probably don’t know as much as you think you do about politics.

      Especially Rank Choice Voting, I tried to educate you and help you, but you stopped engaging.

      • Or, it could me he sees this just fine. Especially your “educating” him.

        When trying to pump (it is the appropriate word) your position, all you manage to accomplish is insult people you are allegedly trying to reach.

        One can only assume you are not a good communicator or are a typical AKGOP. A Democrat in training.

        You really need to get better at this or better, quit while you’re just behind.

  2. Jerry Ward has big idea’s about how to align Alaska with the NRP. Those ideas don’t include Alaska at the Region, District or Precinct level. What will he do if he is elected? All he says is Trump, repeal ranked voting and elect republicans. He doesn’t mention any followup or follow through.
    We already have a bunch of RINO’s in our legislation.

    Alaska needs Carmela Warfield’s grassroots energy, and vision.

  3. Never thought of Ward as particularly bright, and was in error for not supporting NBIII for congress, but instead choose Palin who was not qualified.

    • So all must kneel before the Almighty Nick!! No dissent will be tolerated!! Typical Nick supporter

  4. With the AK GOP I’m from Missouri. Show me.

    I’ve seen these sorts of promises before and been Giesseled.

    • Jerry Ward is the only candidate for GOP Chair that helped on the campaign to Repeal Ranked Choice Voting.

      Why not take it from the people who actually did the work, Carmela, Nikki, Mike did not help me with the Repeal. That simple

      • I’ve seen the AKGOP in action. I wouldn’t trust you lot if Jesus vouched for you.

        Ladies of the Night on C Street have more integrity.

    • Jerry is LAZY. Nothing will get done. Terrible pick. Trump’s money would be better spent if he hired Art Hackney………who will work for anyone who has money to pay him.

  5. There seems to be a love – hate response here. Kinda like Sarah Palin. People either loved and supported her, or hated her. Pretty interesting. Jerry, this is going to be a hard sell for you. We need to hear YOU out there in the public more.

    • The Palin Derangement Syndrome is being brought to bear on Ward by the usual Begich worshippers

  6. Jerry Ward never got the 2016 Alaska Trump Headquarters open. Ward failed to raise enough money for the campaign’s Dimond Center lease and tenant improvements.

    I walked by the closed aborted improvements on 6th floor of Dimond Center frequently during the fall of 2016.

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