Trump endorses Dahlstrom for Congress


Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress for Alaska.

On Truth Social, he wrote his endorsement today:

“Nancy Dahlstrom will be a tremendous Congresswoman for the Great People of Alaska, just as she was as your Lieutenant Governor. Nancy is a proven fighter! In Congress, she will work to Secure the Border, Create Jobs, Lower Taxes, Promote American Energy Independence, Support our Incredible Military and Police Officers, and Defend our always under siege Second Amendment.

“Her opponent, Nick Begich, has Democrat tendencies but, most importantly, he refused to get out of this Race last time, which caused the Republicans to lose this important seat to Mary Peltola, someone who is very unpopular, allowed the Democrats to terminate ANWR (something which every Republican President since Ronald Reagan wanted, but only I got!), and is doing a terrible job for Alaska.

“Nancy Dahlstrom is a WINNER, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. SHE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!”

Begich was the first to file in the race in 2022 and the first to file for this year’s race, having filed nearly one year ago. Dahlstrom filed in November. Begich, a Republican who has the support of numerous Republican clubs around the state, faces the uphill battle with some voters due to having the “Begich” name.

Must Read Alaska’s Monday newsletter ran a poll on the congressional race, which we have now closed, considering the endorsement of Trump, which is considered pivotal for Republicans.

The poll shows these results:



    • trump doesn’t know anything about alaska or alaskan politics. his endorsement of dahlstrom is because the gov dunleavy endorsed dahlstrom and the governor’s office encouraged the endorsement. if mary wins this is gov dunleavy fault

    • Good point Richard. Moreover, Palin’s persona was so tarnished by her trainwrecked personal life, and by her humiliating attempts to become a media personality, and by her incessant narscissism, that she could never have beaten Peltola anyway. In the face of such facts, Trump’s loyalty to Palin was misguided; just like his current loyalty to whoever promoted Dahlstrom to him. Every politician’s primary political loyalty should always be to what is best for our republic.

  1. There goes Trump again making terrible endorsements. I do think he on the whole would make a much much much better executive then whomever “Joe Biden” is behind the throne. But then again we need root and branch change and for that to happen the people need a revolutionary sentiment among them. This will only happen if they suffer under more democrat/communist rule.

  2. Welcome to the Peltola dy-nasty. Thank you, National Republican Congressional Committee.

    When will we as Republicans figure out these token examples of political prowess are nothing more than the control of power they keep and we give with a smile on our faces.

    Nick Begich is a far superior candidate to Nancy Dahlstrom.

    • Dahlstrom is a POS for even running. I will rank her #3, behind Peltola. Just as I did with Sarah Palin in 2022. Never Dahlstrom.

      • Yup.
        Another Begich voter that cost us the seat.
        MORE Republicans voted for Palin than Begich – not once, but twice.
        And the Begich voters couldn’t rank the red – because they are small minded people.
        C’mon man – I think both of these posers are RINO’s, but I d— for sure will rank the red.
        Wake up!

      • Vote Nick and no one else. Don’t give your second (or third) vote to anyone. That’s how they get you. The con artists working the polls convince every gullible person that you have to “order all the candidates.” Let the Dems do that, but let’s only pick one, or just the non-Dems. Your second or third vote for Peltola is how she won the fake RCV election. Let’s be smarter than that. Never Peltola.

    • Thx Michael – this is a shamefully unresearched endorsement. I’m very disappointed in DJT for this one. Nancy Dahlstrom is a failure at everything she has done and could not beat contrary Mary in any event. STAND DOWN NANCY!

      • The smartest way to learn is from observing other people’s mistakes. Hint, Nancy Dahlstrom:
        don’t be another hate magnet like Sarah Palin. Get out of the race now so Nick Begich has a clear shot at Peltola. Otherwise, YOU are the next hate magnet in Alaska. I promise you.

    • Agree with Mike T. NB3 is a better candidate, regardless of an endorsement from President Trump.

      However, Rank the Red. Begich #1, Dahlstrom #2. It’s RCV, and regardless if you like it or not, that’s the way you play this game if you don’t want Rep. Peltola going back to DC.

      • Exactly. if you only rank Begich #1 and don’t rank Dahlstrom #2, Peltola will be back in DC. I don’t like this ranked voting, but it is what you got to do now to play the game.

  3. He picked Nancy only because Nick ran against Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was his preferred choice then. Nick is a far superior candidate. I do not agree with Trump on this one.

  4. So, Freedom Caucus supports Nick, Vivek Ramaswamy supports Nick, Byron Donalds supports Nick, but someone got to Trump. Sad day. We’re gonna lose to Mary now.

  5. Nancy who? Trump really blew it with this one. Who’s he listening to? The same ones who told him to throw Mike Flynn under the bus?

  6. So he is endorsing Nancy because Nick would not step down from running against Palin? That is what it sounds like. Shouldn’t Nancy have done something to clean up our voter rolls? What exactly did she do as lieutenant governor? Did I miss something?

    • She had an opportunity, and primary responsibility, to see to it that the election system be protected and possibly get sorted out to some degree. Whatever degree possible. She did nothing in that regard.

      • Nancy Dahlstrom hadn’t done squat for Alaska since she became Lt. Governor.
        She’s a blow hard who promises things to people then forgets about you immediately. She is alone responsible for clearing the path for Mary Peltola.

      • Kamala Harris did more to secure our borders as “border Czar” than Nancy did to secure our election system.
        So now she ranks lower than whale dung.

  7. We must redouble our efforts in support of the only truly viable candidate–Nick Begich III. The disparaging comment that Begich has “Democrat tendencies, etc” reveals that elitist, establishment republicans in Alaska have the ear of the Trump campaign. Trump would have never dreamed up such nonsense. This only reveals the Trump campaign is disconnected from the grassroots majority of Alaska Republican voters. Once again, the Alaska Republican establishment is setting us up for failure (ie, to re-elect Peltola). Inveterate losers.

    • Trump did the same thing with Sarah Palin and all it did was put Peltola into a congressional seat. Trump doesn’t know the politics here in Alaska. He’s being given lousy advice, unfortunately. Nancy Dahlstrom is as much of a hate magnet as Sarah Palin was (is), and Dahlstrom will be treated accordingly. Dahlstrom will never be elected to Congress. And if she thinks she’s viable, she’s truly a stupid woman.

    • I agree with you, and I think that this endorsement is another clue as to what deal the state administration has made to keep Peltola in the US Congress. Possibly Alaskans obtain a White House cabinet position out of this – Interior is what the story most often mentions – but the rest of the deal is a complete mystery to me. I am pretty certain that Lisa wants Peltola to stay, but why the current state elite want that is beyond me. Well known lobbyists here and in DC are part of the circle, and clearly I am not.

      Begich is a true conservative and an Alaska conservative in every respect. He is the best debater I have ever heard. He is the real deal. He would improve on any Don Young legacy that may remain. All that anyone I know, and most of the people I know are Alaska Republicans, about Nancy Dahlstrom is that she is lazy. She will show up at a photo opportunity upon a moment’s notice but ask her to actually do some work and she is nowhere to be found.

      • I am awake. I agree with what you said about both candidates. I just think that I’d be embarrassed if I was NB III for having made that trip to Mar-a-logo. I got to thinking, though, WHAT IF Trump and NB III did have a talk and this is all part of a plan to expose Dahlstom if she gets in? It is weird that NB III went to FL and right after he returns, Trump makes that endorsement.

    • Begich endorsed Trump prior to the Iowa Caucus, when it was not nearly so “safe” to do so as it is now and has supported him since 2016. NB III is a class act! We need to boo Nancy off the stage any chance we get.

  8. What a terrible choice and reason. Nobody even knows what Nancy does, including her staff! She has refused to pledge that she will drop out if Nick has more votes, which makes her just as selfish as Sarah was. Nick is completely honest as to who he is and what his core values are, and can articulate them easily. Any one heard Nancy give anything other than a canned, simple Ted talk?

  9. Flat out top shelf awesome she is so helpful & good president Trump is amazing. IMAGINE if it was Nancy & not Lisa our state would shine every body would come to the party. WOW just when I think we are cooked never give up never ever ever surrender to evil fake ever.

  10. Trump like the rest of us isn’t immune to saying stoopid things, but this endorsement of a tremendously unqualified, under achievement, low energy candidate is breathtaking.

    This decision reeks of Country Club , Camber of Commerce , old school GOP, Uniparty politics. You know, everything Trump claims not to be.

    I’m beginning to understand how some can suffer from TDS!

    • I must admit you are completely right Robert. However, we still have hope. Conservative voters in Alaska must show Trump, Dunleavy and Dahlstrom who the boss truly is. We need to double-down on our efforts support Nick Begich full bore to steam-roll him across the finish line. Then, we must implore him to forgive Trump and work with him for the glory of Alaska and our nation. Remember, hope is a good thing.

    • I must admit you are completely right Robert. However, we still have hope. Conservative voters in Alaska must show Trump, Dunleavy and Dahlstrom who the boss truly is. We need to double-down on our efforts to support Nick Begich full bore to steam-roll him across the finish line. Then, we must implore him to forgive Trump and work with him for the glory of Alaska and our nation. Remember, hope is a good thing.

  11. Hmmm maybe will have to consider Nick, anyone that isn’t endorsed by Trump gets a second look. I just don’t take the word of a Convicted Felon.

  12. Will Palin reboot and throw her hat in again? Too bad Republicans don’t know how to back a single candidate

    • So we choose between Nancy or Nick the chamber of commerce uniparty guy? I’ll take mychances on nancy, she’s not related to democrats as far as I know, nick is.

      • Denali, look you have this thing BACKWARDS, Nancy is the under achiever, the low energy, Chamber of Commerce Uniparty candidate, not Nick.
        You really should educate yourself, after all it’s just the future of Alaska at risk…
        BTW, I’ll forgive you for the cultural appropriation, The Great One, really?

      • who cares who he is related to! he’s never been a democrat! nancy has said she would vote for lisa murkowski and that it made sense to vote for peltola in the last election. do your homework.
        nancy is a RINO

  13. You don’t mess with the chosen one. Everything he touches turns to gold so we have to follow his command here. Somewhat surprising since he has most conservatives convinced that Biden has all the voting machines rigged. You would think that would be hard to reconcile with the fake videos of Biden staggering around in a daze. So is Brandon the mastermind here or the confused dottard?

  14. Thanks for nothing. Alaska Republicans rather cut their nose off to spite their face in the same way they will rank Peltola over Begich or Dahlstrom. Someone needs to inform the next POTUS that he did not help Alaska win back the US House seat from the Dems.

  15. I smell revenge for Palin not winning the last time since Trump had endorsed her. Makes no matter to me— I’m with Nick. Byron Donald’s shld have a talk with Trump — and all the rest of Congress. And BTW— Nick has NO Dem tendencies.

  16. “Her opponent, Nick Begich, has Democrat tendencies but,”
    What are those tendencies? Name them or shut up….

    “he refused to get out of this Race last time”
    Liar. Nick was in the race first, both last time and this time.
    It was the lying grifter PALIN who jumped in literally on the last day, because she felt people weren’t paying attention to her, split the vote and handed the seat to Peltola.

    Whoever write this missive for Trump needs to be fired immediately….

    • He came in third place, 2 times.
      It NEVER matters who got in the race first – it’s who the voters like the most.
      Out three candidates, Begich was liked the least.

      • The only reason why he came in third, people had so much hatred/dislike for Palen, they voted Mary in second place instead of keeping it Nick, Palen. RCV Did that…”VOTE ALL Red…but no, they voted red, blue instead and with RCV We lost.

    • you are on point with this!
      trump’s statement is full of lies. republicans in alaska can thank governor dunleavy and nancy dahlstrom for this. they told trump lies about nick.
      dahlstrom is RINO and dunleavy is on his way to being one by supporting dahlstrom

  17. How is it that there are so many crybabies around here? All Begich has to do is drop out of the race and throw what support he has to Dahlstrom and the House seat is back in our hands! Is that so hard to do?

    • Does every story on this site exist in a vacuum in your eyes? There was a story published only two months ago which explains the problem. Looking at former representatives at the time they took office, Howard Pollock was 46, Nick Begich Sr. was 38 and Don Young was 39. How will Alaska be served in the long run by electing someone who will be 67 by that time?

    • that’s not how it works. just because he gets out of the race doesn’t mean people vote for nancy. nick put in the work to get to know alaskans, he has told alaskans his stances on important issues. nancy has no opinion on anything and is a puppet for all her black money donors. that is why voters are upset.

    • I really hope and pray you are suffering from a sarcasm attack… Nancy couldn’t win a race for dog catcher… and she is far to the left of Nick.

  18. Dahlstrom sucks! Most Alaskans don’t even know who she is. She a wannabe. But Dunleavy likes her because she does whatever Dunleavy tells her to do.

  19. We are stuck with rank voting for this election cycle and hopefully we vote it out because of how stupidnit is.

    The only way Peltola wins is if people who vote for anyone but Peltola don’t rank the other options on the ballot. I don’t care what Trump says or what Begich says or what Dahlstrom says, I will rank my preferences and not rank Peltola. If every person who votes for Begich or Dahlstrom do the same thing then Peltola will not win.

  20. From a longtime registered Republican Family in AK907, none of us have any idea who Dahlstrom is, what she’s accomplished, what specifically she stands for (and not for), and/or what her aspirations are … As well as, how she plans to bring meaningful benefits to Alaska and Alaskans!?!?
    If she has a PR Firm, maybe they should effectively communicate on these clear deficiencies or, maybe she can speak for herself. In any event, there’s a “HUGE” and “MAGNIFICENT” abyss of critical information.
    Seems to me like NB3 is the best choice for AK907!

  21. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I support Donald Trump in his reelection bid. However, I will be voting only Nick Begich. No other vote from me.

      • donewithit ranking red is the dumbest thing. not going to rank someone who doesn’t share my point of view. dems are smart, they don’t have two candidates in the race. nancy is a career politician and we must stop sending swamp politicians like her to DC.

      • No. The GOP is why Peltola is in office. The same GOP that supports traitors like Romney, McConnell, and Murkowski. Allowing Dahlstrom to run was a poison pill. Wake up.

        The most important accomplishment we can have this election is to repeal RCV. Once that is done everything can be cleaned up in 2026.

  22. Reminder that we have 106-113% of eligible voters on the rolls in Alaska, and tge state has been signing aliens up to vote when they apply for welfare.

    Nancy has one job…

    • Correct, an over abundance of ballots and names on voter rolls are the key for manipulating elections in morbidly corrupt states like ours. We have the highest percentage of non existent “voters” registered in the country. The state workers will decide which ballots count as votes, and do the shell game math on the ranked choice voting scam. We will end up with the government we deserve, with which everyone pretending Biden is an actual, lawful president, isn’t going to be much to count on.

  23. I hope Alaskans flood his Truth Social site with the “truth” about Dalstrom and Palin. Someone needs to set him straight on a few things.

  24. Singlehandedly, Nancy Dahlstrom is going to cause HUGE problems for the Republican Party this fall. We are virtually guaranteed Mary Peltola with Dahlstrom running for Congress. Nancy doesn’t seem to mind being the wrecking ball, now that she has Dunleavy and Trump behind her. However, Ms. Dahlstrom should be given an “F” for creating a major rift in the GOP. Nick Begich III has been in the running twice, which includes entering first each time. Sarah Palin, in an attempt to make a political comeback, ruined Mr. Begich’s chances. Today, Palin is one of the most disliked people in Alaska. Even her own family despises her. Nancy Dahlstrom is heading in the same direction and will split the party in half. Dahlstrom can save Alaska, and herself, by simply doing the honorable thing and withdrawing from this congressional race. She has nothing to gain by staying in the race because Mary Peltola will win again. And Nancy Dahlstrom will end up being the new, most hated woman in Alaska.

    • you are right! it’s seems donald trump forgot sarah palin got in the race AFTER Nick Begich and only after don young passed. she did it for money and state of alaska lost. she has done nothing for alaska since.
      nancy can not win the race it’s a shame she will be viewed in the same way as sarah palin-a selfish, entitled, egotistical politician

  25. I’m having another BIG fundraiser for NB3 this summer. We got Sarah out of the state in 2022. We’ll do the same to Dahlstrom in 2024. It’s a lonely place to be, Nancy. Think about it.

    • I’m on board with Todd. As soon as he and his parents supported NB3, I knew Palin would never win another Alaska race. She just disappeared. As will Nancy Dahlstrom. Both very selfish and dishonorable women. And both headed for the scrap pile.

    • Palin, I think that you are a disrepectful twit. You sound so proud for running Sarah out of the state. You are sickening. A mafia-like boss man. Every time you open your big mouth, it makes me question NB III even more. This is so much like what the democrats do. Whatever Palin. No one escapes God Almighty’s judgement.

          • Ginny,
            Whatever. Sarah ran off on her own. New boyfriend(s). Multiple homes in the states. Big bank accounts. Unfortunately, the wrinkles and sags caught up with her. Dahlstrom has the same. Sarah was all about herself. Apparently, Dahlstrom is too.
            Anyway, I’m inviting you to my barbecue to meet NB3 this summer.
            You will like him, as the rest of the Palin family certainly does.

            • Palin, you said this: “We got Sarah out of the state in 2022. We’ll do the same to Dahlstrom in 2024.” Which is it? You got her out of the state or she ran off on her own? Mafia boss man.

  26. Nick is a great candidate for Alaska and finally someone I can support without reservation. He’s a hard worker and is still committed to representing Alaska and serving our nation in DC even after all the crap so-called GOP conservatives have thrown at him. And now these LIES!!! It’s so clear that WE NEED NICK. Maybe the Democrats are supporting Nancy because they know NANCY CANNOT WIN!
    Wake up Alaska and SUPPORT NICK – the ONLY candidate who actually wants to represent all Alaskans and rescue our fallen country.

  27. The only job she had as lieutenant governor was to oversee our elections and clean them up. The fact that she did NOTHING is more than enough reason to boot her from the Republican Party….not endorse her for another office. Trump’s endorsements are terrible and appear to be meant to limit any opportunity to clean up DC.

  28. What has Dahlstrom done in her oversight of the Division of Elections to solidify and secure our election process? If the Div. of Elections was under my administrative responsibility, and my state ranked 50th in Election Integrity, the first thing I would do is join the other states that withdrew from the corrupt Soro’s funded left wing ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center). Dahlstom’s inaction is abhorrent. She is another tool. No need for another Lisa. Nick Withdraw? Hell No! NBIII for congress.

  29. Wow.
    Marxist much?
    So if a politician doesn’t “tow your line” you want to “run” them from the state.
    You do know Sarah received MORE votes than Begich – not once, but twice.
    Begich STAYING in the race gave the office to Peltola.
    Were you one of the sycophants that didn’t rank the red?
    Probs so.
    I’m not a fan of either candidate – I think they are both RINO’s – but I will vote for one of them AND rank the red.
    You threatening to run a candidate out of the State – harkens to Fidel Castro.
    Please reflect on what you are saying.
    Begich is a 100% unknown entity.
    He talks a good game, but so did the Bushes, McConnel, Graham, Romney and the rest of the RINOtards.

    • donewithit sarah palin and the establishment republican party gave the seat to mary. nick was in the race before sarah and alaska gop did not do anything to help him or kelly last election. and this election the governor endorsed nancy because he sold his soul to DC for his next job.
      vote to remove rank choice voting in november

    • you do not know my son have a conversation with him someday…he is the reflection of conservative politics and represents the values of our founding fathers and modern patriots. I supported Trump but this is the wrong decision. Alaskan’s let Donald know…on Truth Social what you really think..

      • Thanks, NB2. I’ve been on board with NB3 for several years now. Why do these crappy women like Sarah Palin and Nancy Dahlstrom want to ruin his chances of giving Alaskans a real choice in the fall? These women are stupid and self-
        Hope to see you in 3’s campaign this summer

      • I really wish that you would have kept your title as long as there are those of us who remember your father. In this world where democrats are changing everything to change history, you appear to be doing the same also.

        • I will be doing the same….Nick III first….Nancy second. My father would have had a problem with modern democrats.

          • Gotcha. Nick Begich Sr would be the proper name/suffix for Nick Begich III’s grandfather; the earlier US representative lost in an aircraft. Nick Begich III’s father would properly go by the name/suffix Nick Begich Jr (or Nick Begich II).

            It is disrespectful (and illegal) to impersonate someone else.

            • Wayne, turns out that the former NG Jr, can in fact change his name to Senior at his discretion. Look it up pal.
              I thought that y roughing you up back in ’68 knocked the stupid out of you. I guess I missed some of it!

            • Wayne,
              You dumb Irishman, you should know better than to cross intellectual swords with someone from Montenegro! If their name ends in ich or vice you should do do your home work before entering the arena!

              I forgive you.

      • Btw, just for the record, I will be voting for your son and ranking dahlstrom second. Please consider what I said though.

      • Suzanne, please post my comments to Nick’s dad. Why do you censor what I said? It was not hateful. I can have a differing point of you and it not be wrong. Please don’t censor my comments like this. Thank you.

        • Suzanne is fair. Thank you, NB Sr. for supporting your son at MRAK. I’ve heard you many times on C2C. Why Nancy Dahlstrom has made a conscious decision to be a spoiler is beyond me. Most of us Alaskans don’t have any knowledge about her except that she follows Dunleavy orders. She won’t get any of my support, even as #2, because she is trying to ruin the chances to take out Peltola. I view that as a party traitor.

          • I know that Suzanne tries to be fair, but there have been times when I expressed what I knew or my opinion and it was not posted. I was not swearing either.

  30. Trump endorsed Tshibaka, Palin and Kari Lake, among other losers.
    He ought to stick to national politics. He doesn’t seem to understand Alaska or Alaskan politics

    • Joe, Trump is trying build support by supporting others. His problem is the battlefield is complex with thousands of variables and millions of permutations. He must rely on staff. His staff must rely on local Republican apparatuses. Its clear this problem originated within our state; the comments in Trump’s endorsement speech were obviously scripted grand leaps made by someone other than Trump.

  31. “democratic tendencies” what a crock of crap! nancy dahlstrom said she would vote for lisa murkowski if lisa were to run again. she also said it made sense to vote for mary peltola in the last election!
    the national republican establishment aka speaker mike johnson has made it public they want a “lisa murkowski-like candidate.”
    trump doesn’t know who he’s getting in bed with he should listen to alaskans not th establishment.
    very disappointed in trump. won’t be voting for nancy

  32. Yes there were quite a few posts on truth social telling Mr. Trump that Dalstrom is a rino and Nick is the MAGA conservative, I added my input as well. Very disappointed in Mr. Trump’s endorsement of Dalstrom!!!!!

  33. Dahlstrom is a complete scumbag. She will never get our families vote. If that means we have Peltola for 2 more years then so be it. I’d rather have a soft Democrat for 2 more years that we can get rid of than a RINO for 20 years.

  34. We lost our congressional seat to Peltola because Sarah Palin tried to hog the limelight, and had the gall to tell Nick Begich to get out of the race, when he was in it far longer than she was. Her pettiness and sense of entitlement, as well as HER Democrat leanings, made me regret any support I ever showed for her. Apparently the Republican establishment has anointed Nancy Dahlstrom, but I plan to vote for Nick.

    P.S. Don’t ever rank a Democrat, if you want a Republican to have a chance of winning.

    • Also, don’t forget that Nick campaigned relentlessly, traveling to nearly every town, city, village, and wide spot in the road in our state, meeting people and answering any and all their questions.
      Palin? Frolicked with her celebrity boyfriend while basically expecting the seat to be handed to her because……well, just because.
      Her sense of entitlement is off the charts.

  35. the governor and his people will be the reason mary peltola wins. will never understand why he endorsed nancy and then proceeded to lie to trump about nick begich.
    disappointed that trump believed all the lies.

  36. August 20th – Primary Election is NOT RCV. Only vote for 1.

    August 20th – Vote only for Nick Begich III.

    Election integrity? What happened to that campaign promise?

  37. The reason Peltola is our congressional representative is because of ignorant voters.

    Ignorant voters voted in rank voting.

    Ignorant voters think how long a person was in the race should decide who stays in a race.

    Ignorant voters do not understand the stupid simplicity of ranking the candidates and gave Peltola the seat and will do so again. All because they’d rather remain ignorant than become informed.

    I don’t necessarily care for Begich or for Dahlstrom, but I don’t want a hard-core leftist like Peltola representing me. So I will rank the candidates per our current election laws and Peltola won’t be ranked on my ballot.

    It’s really not that hard to figure out who is to blame for the politicians we elect, it’s ignorant voters.

    • Steve-O I think it’s presumptuous of you to label those that didn’t rank the red as being ignorant.
      I held my nose and ranked Sarah as my #2 in ’22 but there were others , well informed, well educated long time Alaskans that could not in good conscience rank Sarah Palin.

      It’s fairly obvious that Alaska has more independent voters than Republicans and party loyalty means little to the Independents.

  38. Mary laughs her way back into office because the AKGOP is beyond useless and the voters are acting like kindergartners fighting over crayons.

  39. He only endorsed Dahlstrom because of Mike Johnson, I’m voting for Trump but Dahlstrom is not getting our vote, no more RINO’s.

  40. It’s not very reassuring to see how quickly and completely Trump has forgotten his own “democrat tendencies,” but also to say that Begich cost us the congressional seat because he would not quit the race is a shallow and misinformed statement. Palin, her ego and her band of groupies cost Begich the race and the People of Alaska a productive seat in the House of Representatives. Peltola has been a yes vote to every abhorrent policy the administration has floated, and given a new face to a “Do nothing Congresswoman.”

    • in addition to palin, alaskans can now add dunleavy and dahlstrom to the list of politicians that cost alaska the seat.
      dunleavy and dahlstrom are bought and paid for by DC, she will only do what the swamp asks her to do and nothing more. alaska is in trouble if voters pick dahlstrom.

  41. Top signs you are in a Cult. Yes this is you Trump supporters.
    1.Absolute authoritarianism without accountability
    2. Zero tolerance for criticism or questions
    Lack of meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget
    2. Unreasonable fears about the outside world that often involve evil conspiracies and persecutions
    3.A belief that former followers are always wrong for leaving and there is never a legitimate reason for anyone else to leave
    Abuse of members
    4. Records, books, articles, or programs documenting the abuses of the leader or group
    5. Followers feeling they are never able to be “good enough”
    6. A belief that the leader is right at all times
    7. A belief that the leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or giving validation

    • Nancy won’t make ANY voting changes that would cause her to lose votes and an election. Department of Corrections personnel need to elaborate on her many, numerous deficiencies on the job,

  42. The still unrepentant, hateful, reverse-Christian, “Christian”, neocon warmongering, Sarah Palin lust driven worship cult hate the truth and shamelessly spread lies as they rampage Alaska as a horde, like the Orcs in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ — turning Alaska into Mordor.

    Sadly, the avengful “Save Anchorage,” now-private group has apparently become “destroy Alaska.”

    Their god is the Devil; his deeds they are doing in Jesus’ name — “God bless America.”

    Fake Christianity is destroying Alaska and the USA — worshiping the creature (Sarah) instead of the Creator (Romans 1).

    I rearranged the order in Ephesians 4:12-16 to make this point: when the “trickery of men,” their “craftiness,” their twisting God’s words is exposed, their teaching of “wiles of error” and “winds of doctrine,” then we’ll attain “unity of the faith,” become spiritually” full grown,” walking in the “fullness of Christ” — God’s clearly stated words here:

    [When the] “TRICKERY of men in CRAFTINESS after the WILES OF ERROR” [stops producing] “children, tossed back and forth and carried about with every WIND OF DOCTRINE” [we’ll have] “the PERFECTING of the saints, to the work of serving, to the building up of the body of Christ; UNTIL WE *ALL* ATTAIN to the UNITY of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a FULL GROWN man, to THE MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST … but speaking TRUTH in love, we may GROW UP IN ALL THINGS INTO HIM, who is the head, Christ; from whom all the body, being fitted and knit together through that which every joint supplies, according to the working in measure of each individual part, makes the body increase to the building up of itself in LOVE.”

    May real Christianity finally happen “that the world will know” and we’ll be filled with Jesus’ love and joy (John 17), when people are led by the Holy Spirit, not demons.

    Save Anchorage.

    Save Alaska.

    Save America.

    Save All Mankind — should be our goal — walking in TRUTH and LOVE together!

    NO HATE!

    To be FREE!

    • “ Save All Mankind — should be our goal — walking in TRUTH and LOVE together!

      NO HATE!”

      Nice! I hope you include LGBT in your good thoughts.

  43. Alaskans don’t like quitters! Just ask Sarah Palin.

    Nancy Dahlstrom needs to finish the job she was elected to before quitting to try to run for something else. We need a younger, intelligent, respectable candidate rather than the two others who are completely unacceptable to most Alaskans. VOTE FOR NICK BEGICH!

  44. Why, because she asked nicely? Trump may claim that 97% of his endorsed candidates get elected but most of those were gimmies; in the close races that matter he has a terrible record.

  45. Dahlstrom is a bunch of garbage. Dunleavy is behind this in order get a cabinet appointment with Trump. Dahlstrom is about to take Sarah Palin’s old position as…….
    “Most Hated Woman in Alaska.”
    Enjoy yourself Nancy. We are going to work very hard to smear your reputation. And I’m a Republican.

  46. We need to flood Truth Social with our contempt for Dahlstrom!

    Who the he– is giving President Trump advice about Dahlstrom?!?!
    Dahlstrom entire staff is warmonger Nikki Haley people. Sarah Palin was the ‘spoiler’ who put Peltola into office. Nick Begich has supported Trump from the very start. Dahlstrom was huge donor to mitt Romney. This kind of endorsement makes MAGA voters go WTF!

  47. President Trump seems to be making the same mistakes all over again.
    Think he’ll bring Fauci back too? He sure let “The science” creep dictate national health policy during his tenure. He also allowed the ATF under the Chevron Doctrine to create a new class of mass felons with the unconstitutional bump stock “law”. Which was totally unconstitutional. Fact. The Donald needs better advisors. Hence this stupid endorsement.

  48. Have no idea why people are so over the moon with Begich. I didn’t vote for him last time and won’t be voting for him in August. But I see the Palin haters are voicing their old opinions.
    Everyone is whining about “What has Nancy Dahlstrom done for the state of Alaska?” Well what has Nick Begich done for the state? A couple years ago you could find out how many of his “companies” were in other countries but you sure can’t find info like that this time around.
    Guess I’m just tired of HATERS, they never have a solution just an opinion.

    • Paula, aside from Nick’s personality, his openess, his intelligence and his knowledge of the issues I will answer your question ” what has he done”.
      Apparently Nick has built a fairly sizeable fortune, all on his own. I like a young energetic candidate that has brains and t isn’t running because he needs a job.
      Nick has drive and asking set for working with people. He has his moral compass finely adjusted as well.
      He reminds me if his Grandfather, Nick Begich who was a great Congressman.
      Let’s elect Nick and get him to work for us in Congress!

  49. Maybe the liberals are right and Trump is “dumb as a rock”
    1st he’s w/ Pain-lin and now this?
    Didn’t all his endorsed candidates bomb last midterms?

  50. George, don’t you remember Trump’s Doctor Ronny Johnson said he was the smartest, best physical specimen he ever examined. Hard to go against that powerful presence. Spotless business history, so kind with women and minorities. Let’s get behind the former president before we lose this state to the radical left!

  51. Hey Nancy Dahlstrom, can you hear us?
    Quit now, before we reveal. Most Alaskans, aren’t going to like you when we do.

  52. there is a master plan, way to complicated for just one state to control. let Trump sit at the top and pull the strings he needs to get his second term, that is the main point this many months out. he’s tamed the judiciary to do his bidding, closing down the indictments in three states.

    the state court cases won’t count, since those states will get Trumps “blessings” after the election, he can shut down the federal special prosecutor stepping into the tunnel after the inauguration, executive order 1. we have to trust Donald at this point, lets follow him blindly. he assures us there is a plan, the local politician, we must trust the one true leader with his impeccable wisdom. the second term will be even better, surprise after surprise.

    lets not forget we have to shut down Obamacare, medicare, medicaid and social security to avoid the debt crisis. lets keep the tax cuts since that helps me out, have excellent health and enough money I could care less about social security monthly payments. I can hire help with monies for keeping the lower classes cutting my lawn, doing my maid services.

    trust Donald, he got the plans.

  53. Congratulations, Sarah Palin. You are no longer the most hated Republican woman aspiring for political office. That honor now goes to Nancy Dahlstrom.
    (Lisa Murkowski still holds the honor for most hated currently IN office).
    “Alaska RINO Women Get Their A—- Kicked.”

  54. We are launching a letter writing campaign to Donald Trump, to get him to withdraw his support for Nancy Dahlstrom. We are a private group, but already coordinating with the Republican Women. This is going to be a major effort to get rid of spoiler Nancy Dahlstrom.


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