Trump coming to Alaska, possibly July 9, for campaign rally for Palin, Tshibaka


Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to be in Anchorage on July 9 for a rally for Sarah Palin for Congress and Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate. The date has shifted a couple of times and is still not 100% firm, Must Read Alaska has learned, but the preferred venue is the Alaska Airlines Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

Trump has endorsed both Tshibaka and Palin for their respective races, and has also endorsed Gov. Mike Dunleavy. It’s uncertain if Dunleavy will be part of the rally, which will include the sale of tickets and tables.

Trump endorsed Tshibaka one year ago, after she announced her run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. He jumped in with an endorsement for Palin within days of her April 1 announcement of her run for Congress after the death of Congressman Don Young.


      • Palmer is a great venue, the mountains would also be a great backdrop for a televised or livestreamed event.

        The main concern is probably security. Secret service presumably doesn’t like open venues because they can’t control every part of a perimeter.

  1. Suzanne WOW ma’am WOW. Please let us know immediately when and where to get tickets I only use must read for my Alaska news. Mr oath integrity to fire us up in person team trump team Trump. Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne. Trump rally eve soon.

  2. Palmer Fairgrounds are too small. He should delver his speech from the summit of Mt. McKinley! It’s gonna be huge, the best he’s ever done. That I can tell you.

  3. The UAA / Alaska Airlines Arena seats 5,000 people, and is far from Sarah Palin”s base of Support in Meadow Lakes. Wouldn’t the Fair grounds in Palmer be a better venue?

    • Clark, yes electing Palin will hurt Alaska because she will quickly leverage any and ALL t.v. time to promote Sarah. Sorry dude, we need an intelligent, thoughtful and coherent Representative like Jim Jordan, not a media glamor queen.
      Vote Nick.

        • NB3 is not like his uncles – having had a lengthy conversation with the man and at another venue watching him soundly defeat Sarah on conservative principles at a candidate forum (the Republican Convention) – I have to insist that Nick Begich is far more conservative than the diva, and a much better candidate for Congress. Something happened to Sarah after the McCain/Palin defeat – she’s just not the same person I worked with a little when she was governor

      • Ditto!
        I remember Mrs. Palin as governor and found it to be a chaotic time punctuated by idiocies like ACES.

        Do we really need a republican AOC????

        As for President Trump, I am pleased that a national politician finally acknowledges that Alaska exists, but I think I will pass and stay home.

      • NB3……baby. No drama. No Enquirer headlines. No fake glamour engineering. And no squeaky little girly voice. Just plain, Conservative leadership. And he’ll finish the job.

        • Sarah is not a finisher. She steps into the spotlight quickly, but doesn’t know how to get to work and finish the job. You people don’t know her like I do. Her intentions are not pure.

  4. The Trump Organization will grift for their own money and will report double the number of people who actually show up.

  5. Trump is on a roll for sure! 128 wins in the primaries for candidates he endorsed and only 8 losses! I don’t believe ANY former President has had that much political clout before.

  6. Has anybody told him that Palin is a bigger RINO than Murkowski? May the Good Lord be with us if Palin wins the election.

  7. The evidence is overwhelming that Trump tried to stage an insurrection to overturn his loss to Joe Biden. He should be charged with sedition and imprisoned for the rest of his life. I will not be voting for Tsibaka or Palin as they are willing and eager to cozy up to Trump to gain his endorsement.

    • The only real insurrection was the fraudulent and stolen presidential election of 11/3/20 that installed the usurper, China Joe, to carry out the globalists’ plans to destroy this country. At which Usurper PotatoHead is succeeding admirably.

      • Trump lost by over 7 million votes. No one who has half a brain believes his ridiculous claims of voter fraud. Trump is just claiming fraud to dupe his followers into sending him more money, By telling the big lie, he’s convinced those dumb enough to believe him to send him $250 million to restore him to the Presidency. Of course, he’s not spending any money to do that. He just pocketed the money and then laughed all the fools dumb enough to believe him. As they say, “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

        Trump isn’t the only one riling up the lunatic fringe to raise money, Trump partner in crime Steve Bannon defrauded the MAGA-heads by convincing them send money to a group he led called “We Build The Wall” purportedly to help build the border wall. Bannon and others then paid themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars from the money raised, After he was indicted for fraud, Trump pardoned him. I guess Trump was more concerned about protecting his buddy than his followers that Bannon defrauded.

        • Your specious claims here are merely the rehashed talking points of pro-establishment leftist authoritarians and pro-globalist elites intent on destroying this country, and western civilization itself. ANYONE with any integrity, honesty or lack of bias could and can clearly see the massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, most particularly in the key swing states, that pushed Usurper China Joe into the lead. Voting precincts with over 100% turnout? Piles of identical ballots submitted with ONLY the selection of Biden, and no other candidate, on them in massive dumps? one could go on and on with such evidence. But that doesn’t matter to evil, unprincipled actors such as yourself, for whom the acquisition and exercise of power, by any means possible, is the ONLY thing that matters.

          • Sport Jefferson. None of what you say is true. As just shown in the Jan 6 Committee hearings, Trump’s campaign manager, his campaign pollster, his attorney general, and his senior advisor all concluded these claims were false and told him so. He decided to listen to drunk Rudy Giuliani and a bunch of clowns instead. All of these claims have been examined and rejected by courts, auditors and election officials (including Republicans) numerous times. I realize that you have heard this pile of rubbish on Tucker Carlson or whatever right wing news source you get your news from. But they are lying to you and you are just regurgitating their lies here.

          • Nothing but projection from you, LockYourselfUp — the classic tactic of insidious, malicious, malevolent radical leftists, accusing others of their own sins and their own crimes. Lies and disingenuousness are your stock in trade.
            Just to address one of your lies, no court has honestly ruled on the innumerable cases of election fraud surrounding the 2020 presidential election — they all refused to hear the cases, because had they been willing to hear and examine ANY of the evidence, the incontrovertible nature of it would have been impossible for even them to deny. So they stuck their fingers in their collective ears, shouted “LA LA LA LA I Can’t Hear You!”, and tried to sweep it all under the rug. But that mountain of evidence cannot be swept under any rug, and it continues to fester, stink and poison the political atmosphere, and degrade the remaining legitimacy of our elections and the federal government (which has NO legitimacy left in my eyes, at all).
            Face it: You have nothing on “your side” but lies, evil, and the insatiable pursuit and exercise of power. Power is the end-all and the be-all of radical leftists like yourself, marking you as classic sociopaths. But there is a reckoning coming, and the evil that you and your radical leftist extremist brethren espouse and defend will be overturned and annihilated. Count on it.

      • She’s not my idol, but she is the best candidate on the ballot. She earned my. One when she voted to impeach Donald a trump for inciting the attack on our government,

        • You people who hate Trump long after he is gone, need psychotherapy. Your Derangement is in the way of your ability to live life in a reality based environment. Seeking counsel and recognizing your Derangement and addiction to hatred is the first step to better living. I am taking appointments for first timers, as well as for those experienced in the dark art of hate.

    • What overwhelming evedince? There is literally none, just like the Russian collusion or the Ukraine impeachment scam. The criminal politicians are covering thier criminal activities by going after Trump, and coming up with nothing everytime.
      Can’t believe there are still Dumb Dumb Biden supporters left out there, he’s a disgrace to.our County with zero accomplishments for the past 50 years. He’s coming after your AR14 though … lol.

  8. SP raised taxes on our only real industry (to be popular w/ libs)
    She signed a bill giving State benefits to peoples “live-in” partners; you had to be married (like a Christian person would be) prior to her signing that bill. (to be popular w/ gay people & people living in sin?)
    And she passed out more cash to Alaskans then anyone ever (how very socialist of her)

    President Trump is doing this to get back at LM & all his other political enemies
    There is no thought put into the SP endorsement, just vengeance politics
    She is a closeted liberal raised by unionized gov workers

    PS: for the record, I was in favor of the governors “PFD/+ Sarah cash” give away.

  9. That’s so wonderful to have best President ever in the state he cares so much about! Wise up Debbie Downers!

  10. Frankie and I want to purchase tickets to the Alaska Trump Rally. Does anyone know where we can buy them? Scalped tickets are so expensive.

    • Actually, Lisa and I have prepaid tickets that we can give to Nancy and Frankie. It will be so much fun listening to the Donald speak without notes, without teleprompter, and in plain, clear English without having to have an interpreter tell us what he said or meant. Lisa thinks that her attendance at the rally will demonstrate to voters that she is open-minded. Not me. I’m voting for Kelly T so we can get the hell out of DC and move to our luxury digs in Mexico.

  11. Todd knows. Scroll way down to see his comment. He is CORRECT, based on SP’s record in politics and beyond. Please listen to Todd.

  12. Todd who? Todd Palin?

    I imagined Trump at the Palmer Fairgrounds. Please post when and where we can get tickets. Anchorage doesn’t sound like a good idea, especially at UAA.


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