Tremor in the party: Biden’s doctor explains why a Parkinson’s specialist visited White House so often


The pressure was mounting this week, after explosive revelations about the president’s possibly compromised health. Finally, the president’s physician released a letter on Monday night with his first public comments about why he brought a Parkinson’s disease specialist into the White House repeatedly.

On Monday, President Joe Biden’s press secretary had dodged questions over and over again about the neurological specialist and told reporters that asking about Biden’s health was disrespectful. Karine Jean-Pierre read the same sentence repeatedly to reporters rather than answer the questions about why a Parkinson’s specialist from Walter Reed Hospital was such a regular White House visitor over such a short duration.

In his letter, the president’s physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor explained why Dr. Kevin Cannard visited the White House eight times.

The letter from O’Connor spends most of the two pages going over Cannard’s credentials, but adds: “Dr. Cannard was the neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals. His findings have been made public each time I have released the results of the President’s annual physical. President Biden has not seen a neurologist outside of his annual physical.” O’Connor implied Cannard was treating other patients in the White House.

A Parkinson’s disease expert on NBC said that Biden has all the hallmarks of Parkinson’s and he could diagnose him from across the mall. Those symptoms include slow movement seen with Bradykinesia, a slowness of movement and speed (or progressive hesitations/halts) as movements are continued.

“It is one of the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD). You must have bradykinesia plus at least either tremor or rigidity for a Parkinson’s diagnosis to be considered,” says the Parkinson’s Foundation.

President Biden on Tuesday firmly rebuked the calls from Democrats and major donors to step aside from the campaign, saying, “I am not going anywhere.”

House Democrats huddled in Washington Tuesday to discuss the president’s future, as a seventh Democrat has called for Biden dropping out, but Rep. Mary Peltola, who said on the record that her opinion “is irrelevant,” is laying low and saying she needs to go fishing in Alaska this week. Peltola is avoiding difficult conversations and decisions in Washington.


  1. I’l take an ethical and truthful Biden in a bed surrounded by capable staff a million times over before I’ll take Trump the Mendacious Felon and his band of corrupt sycophants anywhere near the Oval. Eisenhower, Wilson, and FDR all seem to have been pretty good at operating that way.

  2. I can guarantee NOBODY in their right mind would dispute this diagnosis!!! That is indeed a sad state of affairs to keep this man in office BUT…that DOES NOT in any way justify this man’s criminal behavior. He’s lied for years and years and his handlers have continued to enable him. I do not feel sorry for him. You get what you give!

    • See above.

      And by the way, sometimes, judging from your tone, style, and attitude, I don’t think you’re much of a spring chicken yourself. Pretty sure, based on the amount of time you spend commenting on MRAK stories, you’re a retired old f*rt with too much time on your hands, and too much FOX on your TV. If not, you’re sure cheating your boss out of a lot of time while at work. Without a doubt, you’ve wrested the award for volubility away from old Jefferson, which is quite an achievement in itself. By the way, whatever happened to old Jeffy? He was always so fun, but he’s now gone poof!

  3. If people took offense (rightly) when the media trotted out any number of physicians who’d never examined Trump, the same should hold true with Grandpa Bloodstains.

    But the healthcare industry has shown itself to be ladies of the evening, so I guess it should be expected.

  4. Despite my very negative feelings about the Biden as president disaster and the leftist destruction of our republic, I still find the whole scenario sickening and heart wrenching as it truly is elder abuse. Biden was ‘put in place’. I do not believe for a second he was legitimately elected, and those that ‘placed’ him are essentially running the executive office, and likely running more than that. We need to take back our elections and return them to paper ballots, required identification, voting in person except for specific reasons such as health or travel, and regular purging of our voter rolls. Add also no one who did not enter our country legally should be allowed to vote. I find it fascinating, given a Marxist globalist cabal intent on ruining our nation has taken over the Democrat party, that any thinking, logical and honest person would vote Democrat. It is almost a cultic type blindness.

  5. It’s not a tremor- it’s two party politicians playing chicken.

    Will Biden step down versus who will be Trumps VP pick.

    This is a historic election about the Vice President not the President.

    Stay tuned.

  6. This is America. The nation needs a man with vigor, intellect and integrity to make America great and wealthy again while securing and defending the people’s Constitutional rights. President Trump will fulfill these executive duties with distinction.

  7. Why do they only mention that he doesn’t have Parkinson’s ? Why no mention of just plain dementia? Or Alzheimer’s? There are plenty of categories to put Biden in because he is in at least one of them. But they only mention Parkinson’s. Misdirection.

  8. As far as Democrats are concerned, Biden is fine. He’s a puppet president and as long as he can fog a mirror he’s a viable candidate. Dr Jill will keep the puppet upright.

  9. Comments on this brought out the expected trolls. Laughable. The MSNBC Morning Joe talking points are as scripted as could be. This gives me faith that the Dems are still in lockstep. Be careful folks, you don’t want to jump just because all the others are. – Cheers

  10. My legs felt like they each weigh 200 lbs. Moving was very hard for me. I figured it was the PD progression. I started a PD-5 programme about 4 months ago. I can now walk down the street and back daily. It doesn’t make the Parkinson’s go away but it did give me better quality of life. I got the treatment from natural herbs centre com

  11. In case the Biden family convinces the President to resign have you commenters prepared your notes to shift to Harris is worst vp in history of United States. Or maybe Whitmer is worst Governor in history of Michigan. Extra points for including globalist, cabal, and Marxism. Any of you watch Trump at Doral in it’s entirety? Do you think that guy has his best game yet? The orange makeup industry is teetering on the results of this election.

    • I would like to say that the orange man has changed his shade and it has reverted back to a more natural color of blondie grey. If you own stock in that sun-in product, you should sell now.


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