Toxic tour: Haaland, who encourages decimation of U.S. energy security, visiting Bethel with Peltola, Jill Biden

Deb Haaland

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and First Lady Jill Biden are preparing for a Wednesday visit to Bethel with Democratic U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola, part of a publicity and campaign tour to highlight the Biden Administration’s broadband investments in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, one outcome of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Haaland is poorly regarded among many Alaskans, although Alaska Natives may hold a different opinion.

The trip marks Haaland’s second official visit to the energy-producing state as Interior Secretary, yet her track record on Alaska interests remains spotty at best.

In April 2022, Haaland visited King Cove in the company of Alaska’s Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

During that visit, local residents beseeched that Haaland move forward on a vital one-lane road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, which would dramatically enhance access to emergency medical flights.

Despite this, in an about-face, Haaland revoked a Trump-era land exchange agreement between the Interior Department and King Cove Corp. The reversal came just a day after the Interior Department was forced by the White House to give the green light to Willow, a significant ConocoPhillips oil project on the North Slope. Although Haaland offered vague assurances of future support for the road, her action was seen by advocates as a significant setback in a decades-long battle for local development and safety.

The official party is expected in Bethel on Wednesday evening, where they will extol the virtues of the ongoing broadband expansions in the region and throughout the state as part of the administration’s “Investing in America” tour. Neither Sen. Lisa Murkowski nor Sen. Dan Sullivan will attend and Gov. Mike Dunleavy will also stay away from what is a politically toxic tour. The Dunleavy Administration has filed lawsuits against Haaland and the Department of Interior over land access, hunting and fishing rights of Alaskans, and more.

Sen. Dan Sullivan has criticized Haaland as hypocritical, since New Mexico, her home state, has been awarded multiple oil and gas leases, while Alaska has fought to get just one in many years.


  1. Mary was instrumental in the approval process for the Willow Oil Exploration Field. She also in her past worked for Donlin Creek Mine. Having a working relationship with Secretary Haaland is in Alaska’s interest. Each of our leading politicians (Murkowski, Sullivan, Peltola, and Dunleavy) bring something to table. Those on the extremes bring nothing but hot air.

    • John, are you saying that Mary is supportive of the Donlin project? I ask this because I’ve not seen her demonstrate that support. I hope you are correct.

      • Despite drawing a salary from Donlin for years she is not supportive. She said as much in at least 2 candidate forums during the campaign.

    • Those that are handmaidens to the state and leftist democrat politics bring nothing but ruin to our country.

      I can think of few minor circles of hell that are as adequate as a trip with this particular Jill, Deb, and Mary.

  2. The Three Stooges visit Bethel. Sounds like a sitcom. Hairy, Hoe, and Mary Jo. Getting around on jet planes, outboard motors, four-wheel drives and an assortment of other gas-powered vehicles. A little time at the local pot dispensaries included. How did Alaska end up with these three skalliwags?

    • Too bad Lance Mackey isn’t around. Hairy, Hoe and Mary Jo could have called him for a good time like their commie sisters Ghislaine Maxwell and Alice Rogoff. Hope you can find yourselves a replacement, Gurls!

      • Anyone check the linings and pockets of Hoe (Jill) to see if her new, handcrafted qaspuq was loaded with influence cash from the Bethel Native corporation? Hairy and Mary Jo love to gild the walrus (big guy) for his p o l I c I e s.

  3. It reads “ Haaland is poorly regarded among many Alaskans, although Alaska Natives may hold a different opinion.” I guess the Alaska Natives all hold just one opinion. The Alaska Native people must be in sync with each other at a whole different level incapable of different opinions.

  4. Haaland is bought and paid for, just like Dr. Jill. Haaland is 100% clueless when it comes to energy, she has no idea what a battery is made from. Typical Liberal groupthink…batteries grow on trees, electricity comes from the wall, and food comes from the grocery store.

  5. That infrastructure bill is almost meaningless for rural Alaska internet. The bill did not fund satellite and yet the problems of internet in the bush will be solved by Starlink before the first fiber line is completed to unserved communities. Big government fails again.

  6. What good could possibly come from this? It’s like Hanoi Hannah getting back on the radio in Bethel!

  7. The Biden administration’s ilk, including Haaland, Peltola, Murkowski, et al is once again saying “Hey Alaska, bow down to me, I am here” and you will obey me. Up yours, BHPM, et al, we know who and what you are. At least I hope that the rest of the state is aware of that.

  8. The entire bunch deserves at least a month in Bethel to really appreciate the “village life”. Instead of jetsetting around the country making whistle stops and tooting their horns about passing out free money to the entitled homesteaders and squatters.

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