Tom Boutin: Murkowski is the best we can do in 2022



I grew up at a time and place in which the Catholic Church seemed to have a larger footprint and more power than local, state and federal government combined – mostly because the part of New Hampshire that touches Maine, Vermont and Quebec had lots of Catholic schools and hospitals, and not much governmental presence.   

A pulp/paper mill was bisected by the line between the two towns, a mostly French-speaking town of 13,000, and a town of 3,000, where the mill executives and the few Protestants lived. One radio station was French and the other English, and all the road signs were bilingual.    

The mill employed 2,500, plus another 1,000 in the woods. Catholic priests had full run of the mill, and I wasn’t the only one noting that no one but priests wore a hard hat in the mill. I never saw a priest in the woods. The only hospital for 50 miles around was entirely French, and managed by Catholic priests. Most of the nurses were nuns.

For a time the mill was owned by a man the media called God’s Banker, a Sicilian. He visited the school accompanied by a priest who wore a tall red hat. He bankrupted a U.S. bank, Franklin National, then fled the country to soon be garroted in an Italian prison.

Until I left for college, at age 17, I may have hardly ever gone more than four waking hours without hearing someone ask for help from or seek forgiveness from the Virgin Mary. I cannot recall ever feeling left out, but when I was one year old, at an incident that I’ve always been led to believe I was present, my grandfather, a man who lived almost 4 years in the 19th century and almost 4 years in this century, not to mention the full measure he found in the 20th, forbid all of us to set foot in a Catholic church for two generations.   

I logged and farmed with the old fellow but we were not a family that allowed younger people to request explanations from elders. However by the time I threw my saws in my truck and drove to Alaska, 49 years ago, I had logged throughout New Hampshire, and many people had volunteered bits and pieces.  

Growing up in an era of an all-powerful church that I had a license to ignore, while at the same time not seeing much evidence of government, seemed entirely in concert with New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die motto. When I met the one state trooper on the highway and watched him disappear in my mirror I could take my F100 up to 105, its top indicated speed. Then, in 1968, the year I registered for the military draft, the Gun Control Act showed me I could not ignore government. Five years and three or four new pickups later I drove to Alaska, possibly hoping for less government. 

As commanded, I didn’t set foot in Catholic churches, or their offshoots for that matter. So while always a fiscal and political conservative I have never made the connection between politics and abortion, or politics and religion for that matter; can find no mention of abortion in the Constitution. I’ve never worried about what someone running for office thinks about it. After all these years, when something isn’t specifically mentioned in the Constitution, the New Hampshire motto remains a good guide for me.

Driving off the Alaska ferry Taku and directly to the pulp mill at Ward Cove, I was hired and sent to what happened to be a Seventh Day Adventist logging camp. Saturday was the day off.  I spent the better part of 10 years around Alaska Seventh Day Adventist logging camps, but I never heard mention of abortion, or politics for that matter.   They did debate whether anyone can eat halibut – whether halibut is a scavenger- and I never heard if that was finally decided.  

Starting the work week on Sunday morning seemed to suit me so well that I took it as a good lesson in perspective.   Since the Seventh Day Adventists didn’t have anything in camp called a church, I didn’t fear I might violate the family edict, and in any event Granser Napoleon was thousands of miles away. I sent him a case of canned salmon every year.

So it certainly didn’t matter to me that President Donald Trump didn’t appear to be a strict observer of Catholic Church dicta and doctrine. 

I was happiest with Trump when he was defending the Second Amendment. He was never more effective at that than in nominating judges for the US Supreme Court. However I don’t know that he was particularly interested in the right to keep and bear arms until he sought the NRA endorsement of his candidacy six or seven years ago.   

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, on the other hand, has long understood the issue. When President Obama set out to confiscate many guns commonly owned by Alaskans, she worked more closely than anyone else did with Senator Joe Manchin, President Obama’s chosen gun-control champion, defeating the dangerous hegemony Obama had at that time. Manchin once had a campaign ad in which he shot a hunting rifle, and in Obama’s warped mind that gave Manchin the credibility to sell gun registration to American gun owners.  

When the Bill of Rights drafters wrote the Second Amendment they had not recently returned from a hunting trip. No, they had just then founded a nation through rebellion.

Sen. Murkowski has long known that gun registration is called universal background checks by Democrats, and that in concert with Stalin, Hitler, Mao and other figures in history, and lesser lights like the Clintons, the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democrats have worked toward preponderant gun confiscation.  

It’s well and good to rail against politicians who have no respect for the Bill of Rights but stopping them at a critical moment requires having built long-term credibility and a relationship with the likes of Senators Manchin, Collins, and McConnell, and that is the kind of amity Sen. Murkowski builds to then employ for Alaskans when necessary. The record shows me that Alaska could not do better.

President Trump was not only good for the Bill of Rights, he was good for Alaska, arguably better than any other president. I was grateful for that; a White House that tried to help Alaska was overdue. But his continual and entirely unnecessary outbursts and social media derision of the U.S. Armed Forces, Sen. John McCain, many world leaders, entertainers, and so many others wasted time and credibility to an unprecedented extent. So I cannot imagine how anyone would trade for his endorsement a license to tell Alaskans how to vote in an Alaska election. I suppose that President Trump can be an above average president while not being someone you would take fishing.

During the 2018 election season there was a period of about one week during which Republicans I engaged as I went door to door for the Mike Dunleavy campaign wanted to discuss Sen. Murkowski rather than the gubernatorial election. Had Senator Murkowski not lined up in the end to allow each of the three Trump Supreme Court nominees to be seated, I might feel differently about the 2022 Senate race.  But Sen. Murkowski wanted only to be heard, and I think she knew that the best way to deal with the Kavanaugh accusers was to let them be heard. She neither intended nor tried to stop the nomination, but at the same time President Trump’s decades of misogyny and mistreatment of women, and possibly his incessant bragging about it, seemed to be in Murkowski’s sights. I know of no woman in Alaska who unambiguously argues with that today. I wonder if Murkowski had one or more daughters, rather than only having sons, what she might have done.

Each generation of Americans has expectations of the coming generations. It’s for historians to later argue how well those expectations were met. The generation that won World War II did not expect the U.S. to lose the manufacturing leadership that it had coming out of the war, but of course that happened.  

Also, I saw the shock and shame they felt upon the ignominious loss and exit from Vietnam. Those fellows never again saw the world in the same light. Now we find ourselves with a president who focuses on climate change and a race-based idea of equality as he undoes the advantages Alaska derived from the Trump years. His results reveal that he chooses his advisors and minions based upon optics, rather than records and competence.   

President Joe Biden replicated our Vietnam exit with his Afghanistan decisions of last year. Biden has a majority in Congress but not one that automatically does his bidding.  As always, the future of the US is in play and now I cannot imagine a better 2022 U.S. Senator than Murkowski is for Alaska.   

President Trump has given Americans who believe in the Bill of Rights, rights not granted but instead recognized by the Constitution, the best possible chance for judicial affirmation of the Second Amendment. I voted for him at every opportunity and of course wish every day he had won in 2020. But Alaskans will evaluate Murkowski by her record instead of some slight perceived by President Trump. 

Most Republicans I know in other states would happily trade one or both of their U.S. Senators for Murkowski, and they often say so. She is not a back-bencher. She is much more than just a vote. When she eventually does pull the pin, Alaskans will need to make sure her successor is someone who has been thoroughly vetted through winning elections to effectively and reliably meet the commitments of elected office, as Murkowski has. 

In a state of small population and attenuated economy our two seats in the U.S. Senate amount to just about all the stroke we have in Washington. We have usually made the most of it. Murkowski is by far the best we can possibly do in 2022. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tom Boutin spent more than 17 years in state government, but also had a career spanning 30 years in the private sector, much of it in timber. He retired as president of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority.


  1. What a load of hogwash regarding born-of-nepotism Murky Murkowski. She’s voted soooooo many times as a democrat and leftist, she has sincerely communicated her leanings.

    Kelly Tshibaka all the way.

    • Bob- Murkowski is simply infuriating to communicate with and needs to be replaced. That being said Kelly is literally from the DC area. She has veritably spent her last 19 years there. Working as a faceless bureaucrat clawing her way up to attain a higher GS position. Her last job was with the Postal Service Inspector General Office. This is the one office that should have properly identified that domestic spying or conduct surveillance on Americans is not the job of the Postal Service nor does it have the authority to do so. That office, the Postal Inspector General, failed Americans and she, Kelly T, was a significant player in that. Her resume spells it out clearly and is it accessible on
      Frankly I question whether we would be even discussing her if the Alaskan State Gov had not spent 80K moving her here.
      Sean Thorne however is a regular Alaskan whose service was not that of a bureaucrat turning a blind eye to domestic spying but actually served in the United States Army. He lives here in AK and has for several years prior to the state paying to move Kelly here. It’s Time Alaska. Be brave. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils.

  2. The main change in gun regulations under Mr. Obama was that you could begin to open carry in National Parks. No, I don’t think he pushed that through.
    The main change in regulations under Mr. Trump was a change in interpretation of what might be an automatic weapon, that could now encompass a lot of what we consider semi-automatics.
    It’s never been put to test but it sits as ATF policy now. Mr. Trump DID push this, as his response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Both Mr. Trump’s supporters and the NRA never talk about this….they just let it happen, so anyone that likes Mr. Trump’s efforts on gun control needs to explain how they’re happy with the outcome.

  3. You indicate the 2nd Amendment is your biggest concern and that Trump helped us by appointing three conservative Supreme Court Justices–not “because of” but “in spite of” Murkowski. But that’s a reason to support her?

  4. Disagree. An inert carbon rod would be an improvement over Murkowski.
    There was a time when what you wrote was mostly true, but over the last four years, Murkowski has consistently and repeatedly worked against the best interests of Alaska.
    Her abhorrence of President Trump turned her into a dedicated leftist. Yes… she tosses AK a bone every once in a while. Defends the 2nd, and “opened” ANWR (like this administration would ever permit any development… Meaningless move, and anyone fooled by it is an idiot.) But, the rest of her actions clearly demonstrate she is the DC swamp creature we all despise.
    I would rather vote for the Democrat than Murkowski, any Democrat. At least I know I am going to get screwed over, instead of pretending I might get the representation I am hoping for.

  5. Thank you for featuring this S.D.. I have been under the impression that your blog is slanted towards right wing extremism, but at least in this case it ain’t so. And I agree with the author- as far as Trump’s endorsement- we don’t give a damn how they dio it outside.

  6. This article is a joke a presume….. Lisa has to go in 2022! ANYONE who is standing with Lisa stands against Alaska!

  7. Well, well, well…nice yarn but no one with half a brain should buy this spin! Birds of a feather flock together and actions speak for themselves. Lisa (traitor) Murkowski should save us all the trouble and announce her retirement from politics. She is a traitor to We the People, Republicans and all Alaskans. She has proven time after time she is a member of the corrupt elite!

    July 2, 2020/by News Editor

    Curiously, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is connected to Alaska and its troubled Senator, Lisa Murkowski. Alice Rogoff, perhaps Murkowski’s biggest political supporter second only to VECO’s convicted felon, CEO Bill Allen, was a close friend of Maxwell’s. The former publisher of the Anchorage Dispatch News and ex-wife of the Carlyle Group’s billionaire David Rubenstein attended many Alaskan events with Maxwell including the Iditarod. They were involved with Artic Circle events, and Maxwell was reportedly hiding out with one of Murkowski’s close associates just a few months ago.

    Why Maxwell was so involved with Alaska and close associates of Alaska’s senior senator is anyone’s guess. And isn’t it strange that the former VECO CEO, Lisa Murkowski’s biggest donor source for years, was also apparently involved in child sex trafficking in Alaska? Many suspect that federal-informant Allen was using the underage girls to compromise Alaska legislators. Multiple state legislators, most (if not all) colleagues and friends of Lisa Murkowski, were ultimately convicted of bribery connected with the Bill Allen corruption scandal.

  8. There is a large part of Old Time Alaskans who would gladly Give murky to any of them. Murkowskis are one of the best examples of why we need Term Limits.

  9. Tom, where the hell were you when I was running for re-election in 2006?
    You do recognize my last name, don’t you?

    • Any writer that ends with, “thank you for reading this,” knows he wrote a pile of garbage. Even Frankie knows better than to do this. GO KELLY T!

    • My son married into the Royals but it didn’t do me a damn bit of good in 1990. Frankly, voters just have a hard time with the “skis.”

  10. How terribly international. We need a blunt person without a ton of big league sensitivities to represent AK. Somebody like…Dustin Dardin. He would be a nice surprise message to Georgia aka “DC” tea party circuses.
    Congress hasn’t met for a long time. The foreigners in empty WA DC are getting restless in their empty enclave. Wart’s really going on; Juno?

  11. A baby has its own unique DNA. That’s why “my body, my choice” is a terrible argument for abortion. It’s not your body when it has its own unique DNA signature. The author indicates Trump is immoral, but he is indifferent to killing a baby with its own unique DNA.Trump was pro-life – possibly because it suited him politically, but he was correct on that issue. Maybe Trump wouldn’t want to take the author or murkowski fishing given their immoral stances on abortion?!

  12. How terribly international. We need a blunt person without a ton of big league sensitivities to represent AK. Somebody like…Dustin Dardin. He would be a nice surprise message to Georgia aka “DC” tea party circuses.
    Congress hasn’t met for a long time. The foreigners in empty WA DC are getting restless in their empty enclave. What’s really going on; do you have any 💡?

  13. 😂😂😂 what? I haven’t voted for her since she went for her second term. I strongly disagree she’s “the best’. Thanks for the laugh bro

  14. Boutin – pull your head out.
    Jeez – this is why our body politik is infested with corrupt swamp creatures.
    Settling isn’t good enough Boutin – anymore.
    This mindset is why, “We the People” are in the position we are – being governed by corrupt, feckless, tyrants who derive satisfaction in taxing, regulating, and now controlling our body.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  15. Ethics are defined as a set of moral principles : a system of moral values. Your ethics then are the foundation of who you are at the core. This creates a predictable behavior especially true in a public official.
    Situational ethics are used when one is foundationless, rudderless, or when one panders for personal rewards. Most people do not and cannot trust ones that utilize situational ethics in their lives as they change direction as the wind does, looking for acceptance and recognition by assuming formlessness.
    Lisa Murkowski has proven herself to be fully entrenched in her mastery of situational ethics. She pondered to Trump, now panders to Biden.
    She exemplifies why term limits are sorely needed. In the absence of such, we the people need to remove her and others like her from office with our voices and our votes.
    Thank you for your article though, it was a good read.

    • Totally concur on your assessment of ethics. Controlled by the cabal is totally what Murky represents. Term limits can’t fix anything if the elections are corrupted like 2020 and probably before. Why does America continue to use voting machines that are controlled by foreign entities? America must return to 100% in person paper ballots with voter IDs and utilized card readers that have no programming that can flip votes, cancel votes, etc. etc.. Mail in voting allows ballot harvesting, ghost votes, double voting, illegal voting, voting in multiple states, precincts, etc. etc. The liberal push for voting reform only shows how they want to codify their illegal voting system at the federal level. Any Senator that votes for this has committed treason and should be charged and immediately removed from office. Murky’s endorsement only proves she is beholden to the cabal!

  16. Wow, I don’t want any of what you are smoking. That horrible woman needs to go. She couldn’t care less about Alaskans except when it comes to election time, and then she lies and distorts to sound like she is all in for us. How much did she pay you to write this article? And was she wearing a kuspuk at the time?

  17. This is why Lisa will win. The rank vote will combine Democrats with Country Club Rs to form a majority. If it’s close, Dominion will fortify the result. Our state is long gone

  18. Is This The Best We Can Do, Lisa Murkowski? Anyone, but Lisa! Time for a change in representation (both locally and in D.C.) and just get out the vote in this election cycle. No more arm-chair quarterbacking and letting other interest groups decide who will represent you.

  19. Convince me that Lisa is as good as it gets and I’ll start taking Chinese Language lessons.

    If we Alaskans send her anywhere other than on a slow ship to China we’re gonna need them.

    • Chinese Immersion is available at Scenic Park -Bartlett. Learning a second language is very valuable in the real world.

  20. Tom, you close by saying, “thank you for taking the time to read this.” Your welcome. After all, the brevity and economy of words made it a quick read. Your conservative values are apparent in your writing and are worthy of full respect. However, when stripped of its non-essential baggage, your message is that Alaska could do no better than Trump as president…. and it could do no better than Murkowski as senator. Really? They both hold themselves out as Republicans. However, Murkowski is reasonably described as a repetitive traitor to the party?
    It seems, Tom, that if she was only half as loyal to her party as you are to her family name then she may actually be credible. Without dissertation I respectfully contend she is not.

  21. I lost interest quickly after a pointless discussion of the Church and bi lingual whatever.
    If the point was to confuse the reader by not being able to make a cogent point, mission accomplished.
    I will vote for a pile of bear droppings before voting for Princess.

    • Nobody with any ethics would or could support Princess Lisa from the get-go, simply for the corrupt and nepotistic way in which she gained her senate seat from her equally corrupt father, much less as the laughably “most qualified” candidate in Alaska.

  22. Tom. C- MON my man. The Catholics have tried to brainwash so so many they wanted the Bible in Latin so no one would know. Read the Bible on your own it will build you some integrity ALL. Lisa murkowski is the biggest oath breaker of all time research it. Alaskans no no way the wicked witch of the north must be ousted. Oath integrity is absolutely needed and Lisa booooooooooooo to you. Please call Kelly you will find a lot of act right and integrity in that lady Alaskans we can do much better.

    • The Bible was in Latin because that was the language in use at the time. Nobody was ever forced to be Catholic, least of all you. This incipient Catholic-bashing is the only proper bigotry left to folks, I guess. And Lisa is hardly a Catholic. She’s about as Catholic as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Louis Farrakhan.

  23. Lisa Murkowski is a democrat in Republican colors.
    Hiding in her getaway office the night of Jan.6, as she said, she struggled to understand how such a thing could happen.
    Claiming to still feel shaken when she hears noises in the hallway, She explains her FEAR.
    She is a wimp. She has no backbone to stand up for herself, let alone OUR STATE
    My vote goes to Kelly Tshibaka, where at least she KNOWS what side she representing.

    • If the choice is lisa or Kelly I’ll not vote for the current Senator, not a chance.
      We Alaskan could do better than Kelly but with Lisa’s history, I’ll roll the dice. I’m disappointed that we haven’t had a better vetting process at this point and other conservative options.

    • There were more protesters in the Capitol building in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings. Lisa was so concerned she refused to vote for the nomination, demonstrating that leftist protesters could roll her. Which they did. So did DiFi. If she now lives in a world of fear, time to retire from public life to a more bucolic existence. Cheers –

  24. Tom Boutin’s rambling embrace of Lisa Murkowski as “The Best We Can Do” is best relegated to tomorrow’s waste pickup for the landfill. Murkowski raises only 4.3% of her campaign money inside of Alaska, the balance being “outside” money.

    She has a vested interest in pouring Federal money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood, which returns that support in like kind. She has repeatedly gone strongly against Trump as well as most Alaskans.

    She will stay on the right side of the 2nd Amendment only because it is politically savvy to do so. Murkowski’s former campaign manager, Scott Kendall, in concert with Murkowski, guided the Ranked Voting referendum through, which is a travesty, not to mention of questionable legality. Nope, Tom, I’m afraid you screwed the pooch on this one….and here I thought you knew better!

  25. Some kids get mad when they don’t get their way on everything. It seems like a lot of that sentiment here. Get over it. I am not happy with all of Murkowski’s votes but all politicians regularly disappoint me. She has respect and long standing relationships with folks on both sides of the aisle that are valuable and will not be readily replaced. I would be happy to see more of Tshibaka in the future but I don’t know enough about her to be comfortable with her yet. However let me remind everyone that Murkowski has a lot of support all over that I doubt Tshibaka can duplicate. Murkowski won a write in campaign before and can likely do it again if she wants to.

  26. Frankly, Mr. Boutin, I couldn’t care any more about your thoughts on abortion than you care about mine. The problem is that Senator Murkowski’s position on abortion is 180 degrees opposed to the plank in the Republican Party platform on abortion. And your bizarre discourse on Catholicism and your license to disregard it aside, Senator Murkowski is a Catholic, and like you, she appears to disregard its tenets as well. She is simply a baseball player playing linebacker on two different hockey teams. You can love on that all you wish, but I’ve had my fill. Her antics over the past 12 years (including her “independent” general election trick after losing the Republican nomination, and her reappearance within the party) is nauseating, to say the least. She is, quite frankly, Hillary Clinton Lite. If she won’t retire voluntarily and with grace (which is really no surprise), I look forward to participating in voting her out of office. Just think and drool of the potential of Murky and Hillary in power simultaneously……the Wicked Witches of the East and the North flying their brooms together to save abortion slaughterhouses everywhere. My bet is that both monsters are soon to be horrid historical footnotes.

  27. You gotta be kidding me? Suzanne, you must have ran this for the traffic! The article says “The generation that won World War II did not expect the U.S. to lose the manufacturing leadership that it had coming out of the war, but of course that happened.” That happened…? Lose manufacturing leadership? It was intentionally removed from America and handed to China by elitist Globalists like the kind Lisa Murkowski dines with. I’m actually kinda shocked by this article to be honest.

    • I’m glad it was published. It’s important to me to know the individuals in the various camps who hold the reins of power. I was not familiar with Mr. Boutin before this article. Now I have a better grasp of who he is and what he advocates.

  28. The campaign theme song for any candidate opposing Murkowski should be the one written and sung by country star Jessi Colter in 1975 entitled: “I’m Not Lisa.”

    • Wayne Douglas Coogan, excellent suggestion regarding the Jessie Colter song, another song might be Cat Stevens “Sad Lisa”. Selected lyrics from that tune include , “I’ll do what I can to show her the way, and maybe one day I will free her” this is applicable to the electorate giving Sad Lisa her walking papers.

    • Valley Deplorable, perhaps a free and open exchange of ideas is why Suzanne published the article above? Would you prefer that Must Read only carry David Eastman bits exclusively? David is after all a far better writer then he is a legislator, pity than other V.D.’s have not figured that out.

  29. By the way: I’m Catholic and have zero clue why sharing an alleged religious affiliation with Princess is any reason to vote for her.
    The last time I attempted to read anything so disjointed and literally pointless my college roommate wrote a paper while stoned.

  30. This message brought to you by the Democrat party.

    Please, Lisa has given us Elena Kagan and Sonja Sotomayor. She is a critic of the Jan 6 protest but is virtually silent about the real insurrection in this country led by BLM/ATIFA.

  31. Tom is right. The US Senate is a seniority based entity, Because she has been there for a generation, she has it. All of her challengers have….you guessed it – zero. Seniority provides her the power to get things done. Anyone else we elect will get nothing done other than vote more sensibly for against confirmations of nominees. The choice is pretty clear, she not the best for the country but she is best for Alaska. I’m voting as an Alaskan.

    Her father would now be tied for the most seniority in the Senate! A small population state like Alaska needs seniority. He should not have gifted the seat to his daughter. Get over it.

    • “………Seniority provides her the power to get things done. Anyone else we elect will get nothing done other than vote more sensibly for against confirmations of nominees. The choice is pretty clear, she not the best for the country but she is best for Alaska. I’m voting as an Alaskan………”
      Seniority is the word used to poorly describe elitism. Seniority accomplished absolutely nothing for Alaska with regards to ANWR or federal oil production in Alaska. President Trump opened ANWR to leasing with a signature. Biden closed it on his first day in office with a signature. Senators Murkowski(s), Sullivan, Stevens, Begich, et al were perfectly feckless with the issue. If my U.S. Senator is a Republican, I expect him/her to toe the party platform, or he/she is simply an unpredictable salesman for monied/ideological interests. And never before has the Deep State been exposed for what it is. We need tight confirmations, and we need them now. The leftists, socialists, communists, racists, globalists, and every other special interest groups own us via The Long March through our bureaucracies. Lisa Murkowski has been key in this garbage. It’s long past time for her to retire with Daddy and begin drafting her memoirs.

    • ERAK, “Seniority provides her the power to get things done.” Precisely, like turning our nation into a totalitarian/communist s**thole.

    • Before you go and suggest that Lisa’s longevity is good for Alaska, please consider how many in congress and senate are retiring this round. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We all know Murky is NOT good for Alaska or America. She isn’t the only one that needs to go! All the RINOs and liberals need to go. We don’t need their socialist/communist agenda. All Constitutional Rights must be restored and the corrupt politicians/gun grabbers/socialists need to be kicked to the curb by voters!

  32. If the author believes John McCain was an honorable man , he has no credibility.

    Do some reading about McCain and you will find the truth

    Lisa ?? Never !

  33. Tom has his opinion, I believe strongly that it is incorrect in so many ways, but….
    As to the Supreme Court picks. Lisa told our AMAC group right after that vote that she made her decision to not vote for Kavanaugh based on her poll of 47 to 47 percent. I pointed out that in Alaska, the poll was 60% in support. Not the polling she has that shows all the calls and e-mails from the far left and RINO’s of the Lower 48!
    I fully support Kelly Tshibaka, he will support Lisa. His right. Lisa in the end will be gone.
    BTW the comment about other states wishing they had a person like Lisa? Wonder if all them were Democrat/socialist states?

  34. There are not enough Karen’s to keep the Dem’s in office even with the votes of the druggies, illegals and the dead.

  35. I’m sick of people saying we have to keep these people because…power. Power corrupts, PP buying Lisa’s voting for Obama care is telling.I still stand, #kellyforalaska

  36. This is one of the funniest articles I have ever read and the biggest load of crap! The author only refers to the 2nd Amendment and doesn’t even mention the plethora of fantastic things President Trump did in his 4 years in office with a hostile congress not willing to work with him. On top of this, he doesn’t mention the copious amounts of election fraud that has already been uncovered that proves Trump is still our President and the election was stolen from the American people. He also doesn’t mention how Murkowski continues to work with Democrats to kill the Alaska energy industry and gives little resistance to their unconstitutional measures. She approved of the not infrastructure bill and continues to negotiate on harsh gun control measures that will infringe on the 2nd Amendment. She is absolutely the worst candidate for Alaska and continues to drift further left everyday. Kelly 2022!

  37. You should fire Tom Boutin. He does not belong on the MRAK staff. More articles like this and I will unsubscribe and stop donating.

  38. Suzanne, I like that you are now running Babylon Bee articles. I didn’t know they had an Alaska bureau.
    Re: “ Alaskans will need to make sure her successor is someone who has been thoroughly vetted through winning elections ”
    Princess was not elected to her position; the author ignores the sad reality that Daddy gave her the Senate seat. She would have lost an initial election.

  39. Murkowski is a total waist of skin, she must not be reelected, we just cannot afford that
    I just cannot believe the stupidity of some people.

  40. Yo Tom. Do your research buddy. You’ll find that Ms 2dn Amendment and her committee passed UNANIMOUSLY to abandon the Americans gun rights, and turn them over to the UN. Oh did I mention UNANIMOUSLY….that means she voted in favor of it.
    Fortunately it didn’t pass on the floor.
    And claiming ignorance of abortion is a feking lie, unless you are deaf, illiterate, and blind…or you’re hiding your immoral support if it.

  41. Thank you Suzanne for this article. Everyone should remember we have the 1st and 2nd Amendments for a reason. Everyone in America should be able to voice their opinions without threat of censorship or persecution.

    Why are doctors who speak out against the COVID narrative being persecuted? Why are whistleblowers on election fraud being silenced? Why are parents that attend school board meetings being treated like domestic terrorists?

    We have the 2nd Amendment to ensure rights we have under the 1st Amendment. The agenda by liberals to squash all discussions that don’t fit their narrative is a communist tactic and no American should allow it.

    We are on the precipice of losing our Freedom. Everyone must start demanding actual science and stop listening to political science.

    We all deserve better! All the bought and paid for corrupt politicians must be removed from office!

    Murkowski has proven she is beholden to “their” agenda and not America’s agenda!

    • Alaskan Truth Seeker: doctors, whistleblowers and parents have not lost their first amendment rights at all. They are just being challenged by those with different views. It’s called social discourse and it should be encouraged, not feared.
      I’m a liberal and not at all interested in squashing discussion. Downing provides a venue here, so good on her.

      • I guess you are not paying attention to how mainstream media and social media are censoring ALL dissenting views and only pounding chests with their lies and fear porn! Parents that try to oppose Critical Race theory and other indoctrination teaching are being targeted.

      • Evan, censorship and attacks on free speech by government officials does not in any way constitute “free speech”.
        And need I point out that ALL the attacks that we are seeing on freedom of speech in recent years are coming from the authoritarian (so-called) left?

  42. Lisa is NOT the best we can do.
    Kelly Tshibaka is a remarkable candidate and the absolute best we can do.

    Lisa is Catholic in name only as she goes against Church teachings. She is a fake Catholic and a fake republican.

    This Catholic is enthusiastically voting for Kelly !!!

  43. If Murkowski is the best we can do, we are in sadder shape than I thought. Kelly Tshibaka is a lot better and has been endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party and by President Trump.

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