Tim Murtaugh, who went from jail to Air Force One with Trump, makes his ’24 prediction on the Must Read Alaska Show



In this episode of the Must Read Alaska Show, host John Quick sits down with Tim Murtaugh, the former communications director for the 2020 Trump reelection campaign.

Tim shares his incredible journey from waking up in a jail cell in Fairfax County, Virg., to flying on Air Force One with President Donald J. Trump.

His story of overcoming desperate alcoholism and reviving his career to reach the top of the political world is detailed in his new book, “Swing Hard in Case You Hit It: My Escape from Addiction and Shot at Redemption on the Trump Campaign.”

Tim’s candid recounting of his personal battles and professional triumphs offers a unique perspective on resilience and redemption.

Beyond the campaign trail, Tim delves into his career after the 2020 election, including his role as a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation and his contributions to The Daily Signal, where he writes about current events, public policy, and the news media.

As a lifelong conservative, Tim has dedicated over two decades to advancing and promoting conservative causes, candidates, and principles. He has held senior roles at the Republican National Committee, Republican Governors Association, and numerous political campaigns, making a significant impact on the political landscape. His experience also includes serving as director of communications for Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., and the Republican Party of Virginia during former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s successful race for governor in 2009.

Tune in for a compelling conversation as Tim shares his favorite stories from the 2020 campaign trail, his prediction for the 2024 presidential election, and his enduring commitment to conservative principles.

As the founder of Line Drive Public Affairs, Tim continues to influence political strategy and communications. This episode is filled with behind-the-scenes revelations from one of the most-watched political campaigns in history, offering listeners an inside look at the highs and lows of political life, as well as the personal journey of a man who has seen it all and come out stronger.

Don’t miss this inspiring and insightful discussion and check out Tim’s new book at Amazon:



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