Three names for District 3: Prax, Studler, Villa


 Michael Prax, Tom Studler, and Fred Villa are the three Republicans whose names are being forwarded to Gov. Mike Dunleavy for filling the District 3 vacancy that occurred when Rep. Tammie Wilson resigned.

The North Pole area District met and interviewed applicants on Friday, Alaska Republican Party District 3 met to consider applications to fill the State House District 3 vacancy created as a result of the resignation of House Representative Tammie Wilson. 

Michael Prax: Former member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly, founder of Interior Alaska Conservative Coalition, and longtime political activist since high school, who has worked to elect numerous candidates. Lifelong Interior resident, he comes from the more Libertarian viewpoint.

Thomas Studler: Currently legislative aide to Rep. Dave Talerico. He’s been involved in local party politics and attends many State Central Committee meetings, and been a delegate to state convention.

Fred Villa: Former associate vice president for Workforce Programs at UAF, where he worked for many years.

The names have been forwarded to the governor. Gov. Dunleavy has 30 days from the time Rep. Wilson resigned.

On Jan. 24, Wilson left her House seat to become a policy adviser at the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services. She has been interested in improving operations at the department’s Office of Children’s Services.


  1. After reading the short Bio’s of these three Gentlemen I feel compelled to offer my ignorant and uneducated opinion’ I freely admit that I know next to nothing about Fairbanks politics since John Butrovich retired and even less about North Pole. That said, my hope is that others more knowledgeable will comment and enlighten me and that whoever is picked will opt out of joining the House Majority .

    Studler is a name you won’t forget, especially in the voting booth, however appointing and or electing a Legislative staffer is seldom a good idea. I’ve worked with staffers who went on to be Legislators, I think the lines between service and occupation get blurred…

    Villa is a name easy to remember for anyone who watched “This Old House” back in the early 80’s! It would be nice to renovate the current House of Representatives, the question I would ask Mr. Villa is, what experience do you have with demolition!

    Prax actually has experience working as an elected official, however “activist” and Libertarian seem some what at odds?

  2. Mike Prax is my choice. He faced down about 600 public union employees while holding a six foot tall giant RED PEN sign. Even walked through the crowd with it.

  3. Mike Prax is well known throughout the Interior. He is his own man and unafraid to voice his opinion on any issue. Governor Dunleavy would be wise to pick Prax. He is electable in the following years, which will be beneficial to Dunleavy.

  4. I bet they choose the guy with the tie on in his photo since they are mostly “tie guys” these days down in Juneau.

  5. If Mike Prax is selected, we will make an excellent representative for the North Pole area and the people of Alaska in general.

  6. I am surprised by an earlier comment that Libertarians do not make good activists. Not true at all. Mike Prax is a very good friend of Dick Randolph. For this reason and others, I believe he will be the next representative out of North Pole.

    • I really don’t think that being a friend of Dick Randolph is the reason Dunleavy would select Mike Prax. Prax can think for himself without being under the tutelage of Dick Randolph. Randolph hadn’t won an election in nearly 45 years and Prax won a seat on the FNSB Assembly more recently. Let the past and Randolph go. Prax will be a great choice, all on his own.

  7. I’m endorsing Mike Prax! He’ll serve the North Pole community well and will help to ensure that the “people of the interior” are represented with integrity! He’s a great replacement to Representative Wilson who worked tirelessly for the interior!

    • Agree with Cheryl. Mike Prax will be a superb choice to replace Tammie Wilson. Mike was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska and knows that District well. He will help tow the line for a disciplined budget.

  8. Prax-that’s who I would pick-knowledgeable and somewhat on the frustrating side when you don’t agree -his ability to bring his idea to the forefront makes him a great choice.

    • But will the House vote to confirm Prax? The House isn’t exactly pro-Dunleavy. This might get interesting. Still, I would go with Prax getting the nod.

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