Three committees for crime reform cut quickly to two


On April 7, when the House Democrats received Senate Bill 54 crime legislation after it passed the Senate, they assigned it to three committees — a death sentence.

No committee hearings were ever held, and criminals were free to roam, rob, and wreak havoc all summer in Alaska and well into the fall. And they have.

Today, on the first day of the fourth special session of the year, Democrats waived the legislation through the House State Affairs Committee, which was its first committee of referral. It is on to Judiciary, where Chairman Matt Claman has promised plenty of public input.

Hearings today will go three hours, and beginning at 6 pm on Tuesday, House Judiciary will hear another three hours of public testimony on criminal justice reform and its impact on their lives.

The public can listen and watch the committee proceedings here.

Related documents for SB 54 are linked here.


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