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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Thoughts & considerations: Many Alaskans still on board with Donald Trump

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On Feb. 12, Must Read Alaska asked readers of the MRAK newsletter (subscribe here) how they are doing with the Trump presidency after Donald Trump’s remarks at the 68th National Prayer Breakfast, which rubbed some Christians the wrong way.

Subscribers to the newsletter are largely conservative, but readers run the gamut from Libertarian to Democrat-Socialist.

Here are the answers that came into the MRAK mailbox through Friday, lightly edited. Feel free to offer your own thoughts in the comment section below:

As a pro-life Christian, what choice is there?

Trump is his own worst enemy. His supporters detest much of his behavior, but they support most of his policies and accomplishments. If it wasn’t for his personality problems, his poll numbers would be 20-30 points higher. Fortunately for Trump, the Democrats offer clowns for opposition. The Democrats are doing all the right things to re-elect Trump. Let’s cheer them on.

Having grown up in New Jersey I experienced many people from New York. Donald Trump is a New Yorker, and his comments do not offend or bother me in any way. People that are offensive should be offended.

I am glad he speaks his mind. It’s about time we had a president thatdoes it. I voted for him, will do so again, and have no regrets.  The only mistake he has made is underestimating the depth of the D.C. swamp. Thanks. Read your site daily, make a sweatshirt without a hoodie and I will buy 5..

His message was amazing and fantastic! 

Trump 2020!

Keep America Great!!!

I love our president and stand behind him 100%.

Regarding Donald Trump’s comments at the Prayer Breakfast. I see this as Donald Trump being Donald Trump, but for many I know, his persona rubs them the wrong way, even though his policies are appreciated.

I see that as a tendency of many to try to represent themselves as above the fray—all while secretly cheering him on.

He is the first president to dare to be real. Personally, I like that, but for those who like to walk around pretending to be righteous and good and pure people no matter what is in their heart, it is disturbing and they dare not be caught acknowledging that he is really saying what they themselves wish they could.

Our MAGA-POTUS Trump has no peer in recent history if honestly measured in terms of striving against all odds to actually deliver upon campaign promises that benefit the average American. 

To find an equal, one would have to look back to our founding, or perhaps, the great war of Slave-Owning Democrats VS the United States of America. I think about Lincoln in the context of Trump sometimes, because the last time the Democrats were this pissed off at Republicans, was when we tried to end slavery.

When your opposition is (partial list below)

All that, and our President keeps showing up, keeps fighting and winning every damned day….?  So, yeah, you can say that I support him, my only question is: How does he do it? 

You really want to know?

Not a fan here.  I think we can/should do better.

God sent us a president who is imperfect and sometimes profane, but he is protecting my First Amendment right to religious freedom, he is protecting my Second Amendment right to own firearms, and he’s fighting for the rights of all Americans to live, including unborn Americans. Onboard? Heck yes. No-brainer.

Congressman Don Young recently sent around a question asking for input for Trump’s State of the Union address.  I encouraged him to encourage Trump to publicly repent of his sins and lead the nation in repentance before the Lord our God.  Our nation, from the family to the schools can’t run away from the Lord any faster with our sin.  We are heading for the Lord dealing with us and, if we paid attention; He probably is!

Trump is not worthy of being president in in any sense of the word; my vote for him will be voting for the least of the evils in the candidate bucket of the stuff we had lots of in the barnyard of the dairy farm I grew up at.

He’s still getting the boost from the impeachment.  He’ll drop off a little, but still blast the Dems enough to have long coattails. Speaker McCarthy it will be, and Senate majority will grow.  Dems will have to shift right or die off. All this could change if the Donald really truly blows it – but I don’t think that will happen.

I parted with the Republican Party National and in State when both became more concerned about their own re-elections and making money for themselves. Trump is the only politician that I believe is still trying to do what is best for this Country and fighting to keep his promises to his voters. I support him because he is the only honest patriot in the political system.

One thing I think of is how the media treated Sarah Palin when she ran for VP.  She had been outrageously popular as governor but she rose above the sight line (to borrow a line from Stephen King) and got national attention.  Suddenly she was being mocked for participating in a beauty pageant, for taking longer than four years to finish college, for saying ‘you betcha’ basically for being us.  Who Hillary Clinton later called “a basket of deplorables” and who CNN’s Don Lemon famously mocked recently.  I cannot find it anymore but there was an opinion piece written when she ran called “The importance of Sarah Palin” containing reference to “the cold blank stares of those nice people we invite into our houses and even our bedrooms” Meaning news commentators.  I just picture us staring at them in shocked realization that they don’t like us at all.

Back to Trump, our betters have been trying to get rid of him since before day 1.  The impeachment was obviously a farce.  I can see people voting for Trump because our betters don’t want him.  Kind of a middle finger to the Deep State.

I should say I voted for Trump because I was voting against Hillary who I believe sat across the table from a certain power and sold her soul long ago.  Almost literally I believe that. 

I expected Trump to abandon every principle he espoused once elected.  I have been pleasantly surprised. 

I am reminded of people complaining about Ulysses Grant and Lincoln replying “Yes but he fights.” 

He fights.  I intend to support him this go-round.  We shall see.

I feel like a woman without a country.  I am a Republican “never-trumper.”  Last time round I voted Libertarian.  This time round I want him gone! 

 So do I vote for a moderate Democrat?  I don’t want to, but the party leaders are leaving me no choice.  I don’t  want a Democratic Administration.  I simply cannot vote for Trump, I cannot support him and I want desperately to have him gone!  He lies like a rug, flat out, all the time.  He treats people with such discourtesy.  Yuk!

 Most any other Republican president could have done the good things Trump has done …and without doing all the lying and atrocious stuff he does. 

I am unhappy.  I work out my frustration on the woodpile.  Maybe Trump needs a woodpile.  

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to unload.  It’s been building.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Two choices at this point. Democrats went hard over to port, rolled over and capsized. Vote republican and remaim free or vote for a Socialist and get everything for free with exception of your freedom. Freedom isn’t free nor is all the free stuff being promised. If you believe otherwise, you’re at the event horizon in a democratic black hole.

  • I voted for him once and will do so again! He is getting a lot done that all politicians are scared to death to tackle. He speaks his mind and how he does it is fine. The world view of the US has changed dramatically since he came into office and we have security of borders and foreign policy and threats that have been dealt with and not shoved under the rug. The economic issues of international and national scale are being worked with and no country has been able to push our country or citizens into a trash heap such as Obama tried to do. Obama is a Marxist Lenin committed person and Trump is for this Republic and our nation under the US Constitution. I vote for Trump….any day of the week. He honors our Flag of Freedom and puts our military in good standing as well as each and every citizen in this country.

    • Agree 100%.

  • I didn’t vote for Trump the first time around. Now, wondering if I can vote for him twice to make up for it. Sure, he drives me crazy with how he lives out loud. But he’s also exposing the Democrats for who they really are or have become — people who want to take my guns, kill unborn babies, and destroy the “gender construct.” Not to mention they want to take my hard-earned money and give it to their constituent base of takers. Sign me a happy Trump voter.

  • God told Abraham “Whomsoever blesses you, I will bless. Whomsoever curses you, I will curse.”
    Trump has blessed Israel as no other president ever has. Trump is bringing blessing upon blessing to America. God is going to MAGA! God save Trump! God save America!

  • He is the only President in recent times that has had the courage to do what very much needed doing. He has shown everyone just how deep the Swamp really is and then began draining it. I very much respect him and what he had the courage to do. He still has a very long way to go though. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  • This President has shown that previous administrations were treating American citizens as sheep to be sheared. Donald Trump actually is putting the welfare of Americans first! He has my unwavering support for 2020.

  • Trump was not my first choice at the start of the campaign in 2015-2016. But there was a distinct point where I changed my mind, and that was at one of the debates. He stood up and said we need to start putting OUR country first. No apologies, no letting other countries run over the top of us, and yes, he said there was a swamp that needed draining. He was the only candidate to have the guts to say that.
    I still support him. I believe his heart is in the right place to do what this country needs. That said, I do wish he would just stop talking sometimes; as was noted, he is his own worst enemy. BTW, I am not a Republican, I’m an independent, and have been since I first registered to vote back in the early 80s.

  • Sure, President Trump lies. Have you ever seen/heard a politician never lied? Nope. Difference is, he’s not good at it. Does he speak his mind? Yes. Is it over the top like many tweets? Yep. Is he instilling pride in our country, saying we should be proud and making us a priority? Yep.

    Have you ever really listened to Bernie Sanders? If not, go watch an interview he had with Joe Rogan not too long ago. Listen. Really listen. If you truly believe that democratic socialism is best for our republic, then feel the Bern. Just keep in mind that when it comes to paying for all of his programs the 1% doesn’t have near enough money and we will all be paying the price in one form or another.

  • Jeff, I will agree with your claim that many politicians tell an occasional lie, if
    you admit that President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims, as
    the Washington Post has catalogued, in just his first three years in office.
    Only the most rabid and dishonest of his supporters can find some way
    to play down or deny Donald John Trump’s phenomenal dishonesty and deceit!
    Rev. R D.

    • WAPO is the kettle calling the pot black!

    • The Washington Post is nothing but a gossip rag. Nothing they do has any substance and their dislike of Trump and anyone associated with him is the basis for their so-called “reporting”. They are not reporters, newspapers, or news agencies – they are people who do nothing more than spout their own personal beliefs and misconceptions with no regard for what journalism used to be – the reporting of all sides of a story. The only dishonesty and deceit has come from the Democrats/Liberals who will stop at nothing to try and discredit the President that we the people elected.

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