This time, Sen. Lisa Murkowski goes too far



Rep. Deb Haaland, Democrat Congresswoman from New Mexico, is a staunch opponent of oil and gas drilling and an enthusiastic backer of the Green New Deal. 

Naturally, Joe Biden nominated her to head the Department of Interior. Appointing Haaland is devastating for Alaska’s economy which is heavily dependent on oil and gas development. 

Appointing Haaland is the equivalent of placing an environmentalist zealot similar to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to head the Department of Interior. 

There are few people in Congress with a more consistent anti oil and gas drilling record than Haaland. 

Because Haaland has such a radical anti-resource development bent, her nomination was thought to be anything but a sure thing. 

That is until Lisa Murkowski rescued her. 

Haaland cleared a major hurdle earlier this month when her nomination made it out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. 

All Republicans on the committee voted against Haaland’s nomination with the exception of Murkowski.

If Haaland is confirmed by the full Senate, the damage she’ll end up doing to Alaska’s resource development economy will be catastrophic.    

Murkowski defended her betrayal of the state she represents by playing the race card. Haaland is a Native American and would be the first one ever appointed to head the Department of Interior. 

“So, I really struggled with this one,” said Murkowski. “How to reconcile a historic nomination with my concern about an individual’s and administration’s conception of what Alaska’s future should be.” 

We’d all like to see racial barriers torn down, but not if the nominee in question would decimate Alaska’s economy, as Haaland’s would. Her Murkowski-backed confirmation will cost Alaska thousands of jobs, many of them held by Alaska Natives. 

The full Senate will vote on Haaland this month with Murkowski and Susan Collins of Maine expected to be the only two Republicans supporting her. 

Since Murkowski is a disciple of the ideology of Leftism, in her world, identity politics trumps all. 

In previous campaigns Murkowski sold voters on how beneficial it is for Alaska to keep in her in office since she sits on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

But this month she used that powerful position to betray Alaskans. Can you imagine what Sen. Ted Stevens would have thought about Murkowski voting for such an anti-resource development nominee?  

Republican establishment defenders of Murkowski in Alaska justify their support for her by arguing at least she’s pro-resource development. But with her unwillingness to confirm U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, it ended all doubt she is nothing more than a full-blown Leftist. 

So many challenges to developing resources end up in court. When Murkowski refused to support Kavanaugh, she signaled resource development was not a priority for her.  

Voting to advance the nomination of Haaland removes all doubt. 

Murkowski also recently voted against an amendment in the stimulus bill that would have prohibited men who think they’re women from competing against females in school athletics. 

Murkowski voted against a ban on ending the life of a baby after 20 weeks of pregnancy. No surprise there. If Murkowski has been about anything, it’s been about enabling and supporting the death culture. 

Murkowski singlehandedly saved Obamacare, and she voted to impeach President Donald Trump, even though the trial was a clear mockery of justice. 

Murkowski’s game plan all along has been vote as a Leftist and campaign as a conservative and hope no one notices. 

But that dog won’t hunt in 2022 when she’s up for reelection. She’s just gone too far. 

Sunday evening, Suzanne Downing, publisher of this extremely popular website, posted a story headlined: “Sen. Barrasso says he’ll back Murkowski in 2022, even if Trump opposes her.”  

Within a couple of hours of the Facebook posting, more than 100 followers commented, not a single one of them supporting Alaska’s senior senator.

“I don’t care who is backing her or who is opposing her. She doesn’t get my vote. She votes in favor of her career and not what the people ask,” posted Michelle. 

“All RINO’s are lining up behind her. Good reason to dump her and those who are supporting her better listen up. They are next,” wrote Charles. 

Jody posted: “Hope Trump will find time to drain the Alaska swamp she (Murkowski) and her progressives have created. Whoever would have dreamed the last great frontier would become so contaminated.”  

“The RINO wagon train is circling the wagons,” posted Paul.

“Murkowski is a political puppet. For sale to the highest bidder,” wrote Sam. 

The anger among conservatives for Murkowski is similar to the resentment former Alaska Senate President Cathy Giessel received from Facebookers before her election last year. 

You’ll remember Giessel was overwhelmingly beaten by relative unknown and novice politician Roger Holland. Holland almost doubled Giessel’s votes despite the senate president having much greater name recognition and a ton more campaign cash.  

Up until the last election, Giessel, like Murkowski, was a formidable political player and power broker. She ruled the State Senate as president with an unforgiving, unbending and iron fist.

Legislators who crossed Giessel or refused to comply with her demands found themselves working out of a broom closet. 

Giessel’s accession to Senate president was no surprise after she had easily won three previous elections, even beating former union boss and kingmaker, Vince “Vinnie” Beltrami. 

Giessel ran as a conservative but was anything but. She opposed Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s attempt to cut the budget back when Big Mike was still inclined to do so. 

And before she knew it, her saying one thing and being another caught up with her. Her political dynasty was over.

Not since Giessel have we seen conservatives hold so much animosity toward a politician like they have toward Murkowski. 

If outside big money swamp creatures had not poured tens of millions into the state to end our primary system and give us rank choice voting, Murkowski would have been done for sure. 

But even with the insanity that is rank choice voting, Murkowski is so disliked among Alaska conservatives, her swamp creature days are sure to come to an end. 

Alaska is still a mostly conservative state when it comes to statewide races. Remember Trump easily beat Biden in Alaska. 

Murkowski has clearly overplayed her hand and betrayed Alaskans one too many times. She can’t be gone soon enough. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. He splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans. 


  1. We’ve had 3 chances. Forgive me if I’m not too optimistic we will do the right thing on this, when the establishment treated us all like serfs and Frank bequeathed it to his daughter…and we did nothing. When the establishment right And the media tried to destroy a decorated war veteran to keep the pork flowing. On and on. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. If the current party has anything to say about she’ll get as many terms as she wants.

  2. Haaland only got Murkowski vote because she is an identified Native American. The yes vote may score another Girl Scout badge for Murkowski with the Alaska Federation of Natives and her Native voting constituents. Murkowski hoping it will help in Rural Alaska and the urban Native vote.
    There is racism in the Native community that was always been there and revealed agian a lot of young Natives under 50 admire The Sqaud in Congress only because of the members are ALL Brown skinned like themselves, but that’s the only thing worth admiring about the four women they were all born brown.

  3. If you are in Alaska as a Resident and suport Murkowski pack and leave. There is no reason for you to stay.

  4. This time? This time?

    She passed the “gone too far bar” years ago.

    You wanted this Alaska. You’ve had two chances to toss her out and didn’t. Then you doubled down by approving Prop 2.

    You got what you wanted Alaska. And it’s probably gonna coat you or someone you know their job, their home, ect

    Choke on it

  5. I am worried that we will be losing our longtime seat with Young and that will be filled by some nitwit like a Galvin or Gross. Then we are in a world of hurt. Unless we can get a clean sweep and get a solid conservative base for Alaska, We are in for dark times. Murk-out-ski needs to go!

  6. There is about a 10 year backlog in developing issued oil leases in Alaska. The lack of bids on ANWR leasing indicates that the oil companies currently have much more than they can chew. Anything Biden bashing is needed to keep the far right engaged.

  7. We all agree that Lisa must go, but I don’t hear anyone offering a viable option to put up against her in 2022.
    I am genuinely curious who Dan and Suzanne think we should get behind and push into running with a grassroots effort.
    When I mentioned John Sturgeon, someone replied and said that has already indicated that he has no interest at all in running.
    So I am sincerely asking Suzanne and Dan, because they are in the mix and well informed……who do you think that we should be looking at, and urging to run against Lisa?
    I look forward to hearing from both of you. Thanks in advance.
    Oh, and anyone who mentions Palin instantly loses all credibility. Hers is the absolute last name I want to hear in response to this open question I am putting out there.

    • What has happened with the ex-Wasilla mayor Vern Rupright? He sure looked like a hard working, fiscally responsive person.

      • I do not know what has become of Verne, or what he is up to these days.
        It’s a good question, and I thank you for responding and putting forth a name to at least consider as a replacement.
        Note that nobody else responded to my open question, which is why Lisa continues to get re-elected over and over.
        Everyone (myself included) wants to rail against Lisa, but when I ask who would be a suitable replacement, everyone vanishes, although occasionally a Palinbot will emerge from under their rock and put her name out there again… which my response is always: “not only no, but HELL NO”.
        And so, I will leave the question out there: who in our great state should we get behind and urge to run against Lisa?
        Dan Cuddy? Joe Beedle? Former Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan? (I live in the Valley but have met and admire Dan, and wish it were he who run against her)
        C’mon people…..let’s find someone and use a grassroots effort to talk them into running for and taking Lisa’s seat.

  8. Haaland will only make Alaska Natives the hated class, even more so than we are already.
    The few Gwitch’in tribal members who oppose drilling in ANWR … The few Bristol Bay Natives who opposed the Pebble mine … The few Natives who oppose the Ambler road … they paint all Alaskan Natives with the same anti development, anti prosperity broad brush.
    The great majority of us want jobs close to our ancestral homes. We understand that trade-offs may be necessary, that the environment can be affected … but also that modern methods, and permitting processes can minimize the undesirable effects.
    Fish and mining can coexist. Forests and logging can coexist. Industry and clean air can coexist. It’s the either/or choices that the Environazis push on us which is the problem. False binary choices are used to support agendas, to solicit DONATIONS, not to give the public an informed choice.
    I can’t speak for any other Natives, but Murkowski will never get my support, ever again. Not only will I never support her, but I will actively oppose her. I will spend money to help keep her out of office … forever.

  9. I thought our own Don Young introduced Haaland to the Senate Resource Committee?
    So to be accurate 2 out of 3 of our Federal Representation sold Alaska down the river.
    Let us not forget the Alaska Natives that have been fired by China Joe, where is the outrage?
    So for Murkowski to play the race card is total BS.

  10. Unfortunately ballot measure 2 will allow her Democratic Communist Party to vote enough to keep her in place.

    • I don’t think so. Most of the natives in Alaska I think have seen what she really thinks of them. I feel all she wants is their vote and not really what’s best for them. She’s throwing them under the bus on a couple of issues.

      • During her write-in campaign, the Native vote tipped the scales in her favor. Ever since then, the Native support for her has been slowly eroding. Currently, our vote probably tips the scales against her.
        Maybe that’s why she threw us under the bus?

  11. Murkowski is a political puppet. For sale to the highest bidder,

    Clary and Meyer Show some leadership and get out and fix prop 2 and crooked voting or resign.

  12. I do wish someone would bring up the “energy needed to fuel our businesses and our vehicles in the middle of winter” issue … someone please! How do we keep airliners in the air? Cargo ships plowing through the ocean waves … truckers hauling loads through the dead of night in Alaska? Do you think the O’Biden administration has an answer? I’m sure they’re right on it, just like they’re on the southern border calamity. My goodness, what a screwed up mess we have on our hands … sheeeesh!

  13. The answer to fossil fuels could just be Soylent Green, or peat and poop, which AK has much of!

  14. Murkowski has gone full woke.
    “Haaland is a Native American and would be the first one ever appointed to head the Department of Interior. ”
    So what? Is the candidate qualified? Will they carry out the duties of the position without undue bias?
    Does not matter any more. Appointing someone with the right heritage is more important.
    Expect Murkowski to support HR 1 (For the Liberal Politicians Act), and the two gun control bills currently working through Congress.

  15. Title of article: “This Time Sen Lisa Murkowski Goes Too Far.” I got news for you Mr. Fagan, she has been “going too far” for 20-yrs. If you’re just now figuring that out then you are an example of our real problem… of which Murkowski is merely a symptom.

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