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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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This once-assistant attorney general now says she was fired by an anti-Semite

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Libby Bakalar has made a lot of claims since she lost her job a year ago as an assistant attorney general for Alaska. She labeled members of the Dunleavy Administration “amateur hour shitgoblins,” “trifling hos,” and “cockamamie ineptitude.”

And, of course, filed a lawsuit against the State of Alaska for wrongful termination in January.

Now, she is claiming that Tuckerman Babcock, former Chief of Staff to the governor, fired her because she is Jewish. She also claims her kids are being coached by white supremacists. And she worries to the Twitter Universe that she and her kids will be killed in a holocaust.

The case that Bakalar has against the Dunleavy Administration is due to a snarky letter she wrote to the transition team last December, which led the new administration to believe she wasn’t a great fit. He’s was the first of many lawsuits against this governor, and possibly the most ludicrous.

She’s been playing the Jewish card for nearly the entire year, but now is calling Babcock an anti-Semite. A year since her departure from State service, her conspiracy theories grow and she is now bringing her children into a “holocaust” fantasy on social media. Some have questioned whether she is able to care for them properly. Is it time for a welfare check or is it OK for moms to use their children in this way?

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • It is not at all clear what aspect of Ms. Bakalar’s Jewish faith is implicated here. Perhaps if she could be somewhat specific, she could advance her cause. Similarly, it is not manifest whether those involved had any knowledge of her faith. All of that aside, if she is a decent lawyer, she will rebound. We will see.

  • Sounds as if she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut while believing everything is about her. If she’s really Jewish, perhaps she ought to read her claimed God’s Word, e.g., Proverbs 31.

  • Ms. Bakalar is clearly troubled and appears from anything publicly known about her indicate there should be no place in any administration for her…..she needs to spend a lot more time in the great public classroom and learn to live better with those around her again…

  • Careful, there. Next thing you know she’s gonna claim she is in a protected class for mental health issues. Seriously, are the kids ok?

  • nutcase

  • Poor Baby! Trashy-mouthed Princess wanna-be with a grudge. Incompetent and witchy. Her past references should keep her from any success for the remainder of her life. Sad, but this is what happens……

  • Trash talk doesn’t help. Tough standards simply need to be in place and scrupulously followed for all people aspiring to positions that impact the general public.

  • Why is it that the wingnut left cannot voice an opinion, have a discussion, or advance an argument, without resorting to profanity. Frankly it detracts from any point they actually might have. I find it just childish and disgusting, and shows a distinct lack of character.

    • It’s what’s done when they don’t have an argument. Cus and transfer.

  • Ms Bakalar needs to listen to Ben Shapiro’s latest podcast. Her reference to Jewish nationality and a Holocaust has to do with an executive order of the president. The order offers the same protections against discrimination to Jews as other minorities. The left is flipping out a lot this.

  • She is a wack job and needs to get her life together and stop blaming everyone for her mistakes!!!

  • Seems ironic that you’re threatening to take away someone’s children while at the same time accusing them of being a conspiracy theorist about just that.

  • How dare you. This is slanderous. Who do you think are? This isn’t about politics, it’s about basic human decency. You clearly have none.

  • Ms Downing, you are pure trash.

  • Pathetic smear job by a useless grifter. Get a life, Suzanne.

    • What part?
      Where libby herself pointed out that she was enthused that ACLU Paid 100 people from Alaska to protest Kavanaugh and she took off 3 days to go join in the fun?
      Knowing damn well Alaska is at 75% poverty level and ALL that money could have actually helped the more unfortunate people in her chosen State of Alaska, (because she’s from NY).
      Informing your own self would be helpful before tripping on your own upper lip.

    • A smear job would be to take Ms Bakalar’s very public tirades on Twitter and either distort them or outright lie about them. Similar to what Adam Schiff did with the Ukraine phone call.

      Apparently, the tolerant left is now following MRAK. We can only hope that a small amount of the truth found there will lead to civility and working together toward making Alaska strong and prosperous.

  • Libby Bakalar was a top AAG and was fired for expressing her political opinions on the Internet, which is unconstitutional. How dare you suggest she is an unfit mother. Have you ever met or worked with Libby? She is an amazing attorney, beautiful person and mother and her expressions of fear of anti-semitism are valid given history and current events. It is absolutely abhorrent that you attack her for no reason.

    • I hope Libby’s child grows up well and healthy and becomes a stalwart in the Republican Party.

    • As an Assistant attorney general, you must know that she was an at-will employee and as such can be let go at anytime. I’m not sure how wise it is to express one’s opinion about one’s boss. That’s not really how the cookie crumbles in government business.

      • The woman is missing a few screws and needs to GROW UP.

      • “There is a misperception that because Alaska is an ‘at will’ state and these are ‘exempt’ or partially ‘exempt’ positions that the government can fire our clients for any reason,” said ACLU of Alaska Legal Director Stephen Koteff. He continued, “In fact, no employee can be fired or retaliated against for an illegal reason and no one loses their constitutional rights just by working in Alaska or serving the public. It’s been more than seventy-five years since the United States Supreme Court said the government can’t force a person to say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance,’ and this is no different.”

    • UnConstitutional? She worked in the Executive Branch, she can be fired for pretty much any reason, particularly for espousing politics that publicly state she will not follow the policies promulgated by the governor. If she had honor, she could have quit in protest.

    • Log off, Mom. You’ve had a little too much Monarch again.

      If you want to bite the hand that feeds you you should also learn to say things like ‘supersize for an extra buck’? ‘How about some whipped cream on that shake’? ‘Mmmm… an extra spurt of our special sauce today’?

      And don’t forget, terms like “amateur hour shitgoblins,” “trifling hos,” and “cockamamie ineptitude.” aren’t actually opinions as you refer to them; they’re mean spirited epithets. Nobody like’s ’em. Use them on those around you a few times and the distinction will become clear.

  • Cannabis induced psychosis?

  • She looks Presbyterian to me …

    • Trump is a Presbyterian, so probably not. She actually looks atheist.

      • Touche!

  • Since so many of you commenting appear to be experts on the issues of both psychological health and fitness for employment, and since you aren’t shy about presenting your opinions, even in the case of a private citizen, I’d expect that you all have been even more forthcoming in your expression and of similar mind regarding the laundry list of unprecedentedly venal, manipulative, paranoid, toxic, detrimental, and illegal behavior by the current Commander-in Chief. If not, then with all due respect, all I’m reading is a bunch of hypocritical partisan yawping…

    • Rob, I’ll challenge you to a push-up contest……anytime you want. Your idiotic Democrat candidates are going to fail miserably against the Trumpster. Get used to it all the way to January 2025. Oh, and kiss the House goodbye in 2020. Democrats are abject fools and overplay their hands of pairs and one-eyed Jack’s everytime.

    • Very well Rob. Then you are the expert on issues of both psychological health and fitness for employment? You have diagnosed the POTUS, also a citizen. I could care less about what Ms. Bakalar’s party is. It matters not to me. All I see is a woman who is angry and confused and doesn’t understand that she didn’t make the cut.

    • Why is she so distraught? Did Mallott hit on that hot mess?

  • Obviously, Tis, Stephanie and Libby are all one and the same. Libby doesn’t have Suzanne’s intellect and doesn’t have a loyal following like Suzanne. Jealousy….envy…..the original sins. Libby doesn’t have any friends either. So, the resulting amateur trash talk by Libby.

  • Thank you Suzanne!
    I have been following this New York RESIST Lawyer for a moment. Her cohort Kevin Clinesmith had already been caught falsifying FISA docs. When this is all over and said and done, it will be interesting to go back through all of these “RESIST” lawyers in this domestic extremist group and look through their case work and find out which cases they had built off of for their exploitation and perversion of the law for their groups agenda.
    She also tweeted out that ACLU in Alaska paid 100 people to fly to DC to scream like losers at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. How embarrassing, I wonder if they are the same ones who chained themselves to the Wasilla high school doors this past summer and in general acted like they were left in the barn to fend for themselves.
    The BEST (and by best, I mean she is ruined) is when the gave a BIG middle finger to Alaskans (and ALL Americans) and embarrassed us from all the way up here : YOU can’t fire me! I’m Libby Bakalar!

  • Every single time Libby pops off like this she demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt why she is no longer an Assistant Attorney General.

    For a fun discussion, ask her what part she had in the rewrite of the Stand For Salmon ballot initiative before it hit the ballot. Honest broker indeed (/sarc). Cheers –

    • That exactly is her case-as a citizen-she was not afforded free speech. Isn’t that a first amendment concern? Cheers –

      • Free speech or insubordination? That is the question here.

    • Libby is a pure, unadulterated Democrat ….without meaningful employment. A law degree does you no good when you act like a 7th grader waiting for the first period. Suzanne has her beat in so many ways……starting with class and dignity.

      • What exactly is classy and dignified about suggesting a woman is an unfit mother?

        • Telling the truth! THAT is something Suzanne does for us at MRAK. Libby couldn’t espouse or advance the truth if her victimhood complex depended on it.

          • “victimhood complex!” That’s a term that describes all of these left-wing wackos.

        • Danielle,

  • Reaching out Suzanne across a divide I’m determined to reduce. I understand you have concerns about the government. Libby has concerns about the government, too. I see that in this regard you are both the same.

    We’re all in this together.

  • She reminds me of what they are doing to POTUS . “Russian collusion!”, “no…Ukranian QPQ!”, “No, wait a minute, abuse of power! He blocks congress too much! Ya, that’s it!”. The leftists are trying the same strategy on recalling our Governor. What did he do besides try to cut the budget? He didn’t appoint a judge fast enough?
    They try and try and try to find something…anything that will “stick”. All of them are so pathetically outraged that they didn’t get their way. And now Libby claims she was fired because she’s a Jew? It was truly a LOL moment for me. Sad…
    If she is such a fabulous lawyer and has survived a couple of administrations before the current one, why doesn’t she pick up her legos and find another place to build her life and employment? Even one of the API headshrinkers is now working for the contracted company and even using his voice in their commercials! It happens every day in this country. Move on! Her reputation here is destroyed, and all by her own doing. I feel sorry for her children. You can’t pick your parents.
    Everything that happens to the left is someone else’s fault. Perpetually “wronged” by the “system”. Yet, it is the government that these socialists want to rule our lives. Isn’t it ironic?
    Plastic bag anyone?

    • She was wrongfully disemployed by the State of Alaska for a job she has experience of doing well for the state at. Or at least her complaint is strong enough given our laws, to have its day in court.

      Why would “she pick up her legos and work someplace else?” She’s clearly committed to the law and the state.

      • Here is why Maureen: This Governor, like all the Governor’s before him, has the right to build his/her team. She didn’t make the cut. Pretty simple. That is what happens in administration changes. She wasn’t picked and has thrown a tantrum. Most people who work in these environments (I was one of them for 9 administrations by the way), take their skills and experience and enrich another organization, department, division, etc.
        She opted not to. You are correct that she has a “right” to do what she wants and exercise her free speech which you, in a previous post, indicated was denied. As far as I can see and read, Ms. Bakalar has never been denied to flip off the world and curse, and rant and now blame those that didn’t pick her for the team as being anti-Semites. And furthermore, her kids’ coaches are white supremacists now. But, she has the right to think whatever she wants, whether it is true or not.
        That is what I am talking about: Why? Really? The Governor is now an anti-Semite? What is it going to be next? She should show some grace, take her skills and experience, and find another job. All of her energy is focused on this anger of not keeping a job in an administration – one that also has the right to pick and choose their team. This anger is passed towards her kids now and appears to be stressing them out. Maybe a lesson in how you don’t always get your way, and the appropriate way to handle it would be more beneficial for her children. Accusing people of anti-Semitism and white supremacy while being unemployable doesn’t seem to be working too well, now does it. Her technique has probably made a lot of potential employers run the other direction, rather than offer her gainful employment.
        Interesting that this is the hill she is willing to die on.

        • Excellent comment. Perhaps AFN will offer her a job.Seems like a good fit.
          “Fit!!” What Ms. Bakalar is in a constant state of having! Occurred to me just as I wrote that…no pun was intended…initially!!

      • Wrong, Maureen. Libby is a hater of Republicans, Trump, Dunleavy, the electorate (which is the majority, Supra), etc. Hate rules Libby’s life and career……which has been destroyed. She needs to check-in with her soul and get herself right, before she succeeds in destroying her own family and friends with her hatred.

      • If she was a good attorney she would know that the State of Alaska is an at-will employer, and as such, they can hire and fire anyone they want, at any time. Rather than move on with her life, she does the typical liberal thing and starts the blame game using religion and any other thing she can come up with to try and further her case.

  • Where are the netmen in the white coats when Alaska needs them most?

  • Blaming others for your stupid actions has become the norm. Very sad.

  • Goodness gracious me!

    The poor dear is clearly suffering and from what I don’t know but I’ll say a prayer for her in Jesus’ name and hope that she’s able to clean up that nasty mess in her head before she infects her kids with it.

    How very tragic for everyone.

    • Agree with Auntie Sally. Libby’s kids should have a welfare check by the Dunleavy CPS.

  • Libby writes that there are white supremacists openly coaching in her children’s Little League in Juneau. That’s a head-scratcher.

    We know she is accusing Tuckerman Babcock of being an anti-Semite. That’s evident in her phrasing. But does she have the courage to name the “KKK coaches?” Because this is serious. Why, pray tell, does she allow her children to be coached by such monsters?

    There really is no excuse for race supremacy anywhere in civil society, nor is there an excuse for Juneau to allow Little League to continue operating its alleged white supremacy program in the Capital City.

    Y’all who are defending Libby-the-Lyin-hearted, are you in agreement about these coaches? What are you doing about it? You still have time before opening day to fix this mess, else we’ll have to send Suzanne Downing down to Adair Field to check out the white-robed coaches. Send word when you have it figured out.

    • I agree AK-49! The children! The children! The Capital City should be outraged to have such monsters near the children! If this were true, you would think the 30,000 leftists of JUNEAU would have swarmed the fields by now and replaced these horrible white supremest coaches by now. How could this be?

  • Let’s hear hear it for the never-ending “blah blah–blah-kalar!” Yeah!
    Cheers for Dems! Well done ya all!

    • ……and Libby……ya’ll come back to MRAK now…..ya hear? Bring your several Democrat friends too. Suzanne and the gang just love hearing from you.

  • Her story is plain and simple. She was fired by a idiot for no good reason.

    • No good reason needed, Witch. He has the power and the authority to fire. So……grab your broomstick, dust it off, and let me put my NRA bumper sticker on it.

  • Life is hard when you are used to being a nonproductive appartchik living on the public coffers… she has to produce something useful to get a paycheck.

    • She can’t. She only knows how to squack like a Lefty wacko.

  • Step back a second and think about what you guys are saying. You’re actually saying that a woman’s children are in danger and that she should have somebody investigate whether or not she’s an unfit mother because you disagree with her politics. It boggles my mind that more people don’t understand how wrong this is.

    • She is teaching her kids to hate, Danielle. And you think that’s a good thing? The mom is sick in the head with blind hatred. Her kids are being subject to severe brainwashing. I fear for her children’s mental state and their emotional welfare.

  • I think she’s being sarcastic, Suzanne.

  • Who on Earth would ever hire this woman?? Call CPS!

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