Third time a charm? Giessel and Edgmon ask governor to call Special Session III


Senate President Cathy Giessel and House Speaker Bryce Edgmon asked Gov. Michael Dunleavy to call a third Special Session in order to hammer out a formula for the Permanent Fund dividend going forward.

The two made the request in a letter to the governor on Wednesday. The current special session runs through Aug. 7, and both the House and Senate are currently adjourned until Aug. 6.

“Among our discussions in the legislature is the future use of the earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund and the need to consider policy issues relevant to the long-term sustainability of the Fund and the PFD. There is also broad recognition that given the complexity involved that attempting to find a solution during a regular legislative session is difficult if not virtually impractical,” they wrote.

“We are proposing that a special session take place before the end of the 2019 calendar year to consider the issue. Furthermore, it is our wish to work collaboratively with your administration on the timing of the special session, the location, and the need to ensure the broadest possible debate be facilitated relative to the critical nature of the issue under discussion.

“To that end, the co-chairs of the bicameral legislative Permanent Fund Working Group have been directed to schedule meetings as soon as practically possible. Their purpose is to do the advance work necessary for the Legislature to meet its objective during the special session.

“We thank your administration for being available to work with the PFWG and hope the atmosphere of mutual collaboration can continue in upcoming months. We also extend our gratitude to you for making yourself and your team available to meet and discuss the many important issues that came with passing operating and capital budgets during this second special legislative session,” Giessel and Edgmon wrote.

The Legislature can call itself into a special session, but needs 40 votes, which it may find difficult to muster under the current political climate. Meanwhile, the spending bill and Permanent Fund dividend bill has not yet been transmitted to Dunleavy’s desk, where it will face a series of line item vetoes.


  1. It’s a lot more honest to put the current formula into the form of a constitutional amendment and let the citizens vote on it. These two thieves could of done that,or a multitude of other things since the beginning of this long overdrawn legislative session. 2020 elections can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. Call the special session 3 in Giessel’s Senate district so her constituents can see what a miserable president she has been.

    • Agreed. Senator Giessel would benefit from spending a couple of weeks at home. Juneau and Juneauoids have taken hold of her mind. She needs to spend some time with people that aren’t inclined to kiss up to her because of her august position.

      • Giessel is out of Anchorage. She is a nurse by training. Her mom is in the Pioneer Home, getting subsidies for care. Dunleavy’s original proposal cut the PH’s budget significantly. Now you know why Giessel is at war with Dunleavy. It gets personal for the Democrats and RINOs.

    • Agreed. She needs to be voted out. I for one will help work to vote out any Legislator chooses to slash the PFD and steal money that doesn’t belong to them. Tired of them thinking they can do what they want, when the people have said time and time again that we support the $3,000 PFD and we support the cuts that the Governor has made. The PFD is fully funded through a separate account and the funds don’t come out of the funding used to pay for other services. The Legislators just want to get their hands on that money to continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. Well newsflash, tomorrow is here and we are tired of it. Get with the program Legislators or we will push hard to vote you out.

  3. we need a law stating anymore than one special session by the legislature will be paid for be the individual legislators. perhaps that will help spurr the along to get the peoples buisness finish in a timely fashion.

    • While that seem like a good idea, such a rule would tilt the field against legislators that are not supported by big institutions – labor unions and Native corporations come to mind – or in favor of the wealthy – Senator von Imhof comes to mind.

  4. Here are the solutions to use of the earnings of the Permanent Fund: 1. Pass the governor’s constitutional amendment to put the PFD into the Constitution (Let the people vote); 2. Put a spending cap (that’s viable) into the AK Constitution; and 3. Put a Taxpayer Bill Of Rights amendment into the AK Constitution. Three problems solved–PFD, budget and taxes. Let the People Vote.

    • I agree with David Boyle, however, if they agree to a special session no per Diem for the legislators who refused to attend the special meeting in Wasilla.

    • Agreed David.
      I’m a bit worried whenever a politician says they hope “the atmosphere of mutual collaboration can continue in upcoming months”. These are weasel words for telling Governor Mike that he’d better bend and join them in stealing from the people. Why does “compromise” or “cooperation” or “collaboration” always mean move left? Senator Giessel, I’m disappointed in you – your support and encouragement of the POMV strategy of stealing the PFD is just smoke and mirrors trying to hide what is obvious – theft.
      Stand Tall Mike – we’ve got your back.
      There is a statutory formula – that means the LAW for determining the PFD – follow it cowards.

  5. Sure, hack the formula before the citizens could vote on protecting the PFD in the constitution..
    No thanks…
    If the Democrats really wanted:
    “…to work collaboratively with your administration on the timing of the special session, the location, and the need to ensure the broadest possible debate be facilitated…”
    They would have shown up in Wasilla this summer and not wasted a whole week in this current “session”.
    Hopefully Dunleavy keeps his word and does not change the PFD formula without a vote of the people.

  6. This is BS! Put a referendum on the ballot for next year and see what Alaskans want to do! These clowns will find out that Alaskans DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE CURRENT FORMULA. It is already a statute, Legislators just need to follow it!

  7. If this happens I would put money on the fact that a bunch of them will not make it thru the next election because of the way they have been behaving ?

    • Big question, of course, Morris is which bunch has a problem. I see that a group is formed to cause problems for the bunch that voted to support the vetoes. Next is for a group to form in the opposite. Heheh!

        • I think we should start a GoFundMe for knuckle-dragger BillY, send its sorry, knuckle-dragging arse back to wherever the ‘ell it came from.

  8. A third special session should not happen. Discussions about the future of the dividend should now take place during an election year.

  9. Look at those big smiles!

    Thought of another 60 days of per diems and raiding the people’s permanent fund has clearly put them both over the top.

  10. The “not so dynamic” duo are looking to legitimatize the further theft of the PFD. The ‘formula’ for PFD payout is already established, since 1976. All those two are wanting is any excuse to keep overspending and they think they have Governor Dunleavy where they want him. Got news for them and their scheme. The Governor isn’t their ‘patsy’, like they seem to think. Their patronizing of the Governor will backfire on them. If our Governor falls for their BS, there will be extended repercussions because of it. I have more faith in him than that. The idiots are very friendly when they think they have the upper hand. We’ll see. If there is another ‘special session’, it should be with no pay, benefits or per-diem for them. They refused to do their jobs the entire regular session and two ‘specials’. Why would anyone think they will do them now with a third?

  11. When I saw the headlines, the very first thought was: It’s a trap.

    They have numerous ways to foul up the PFD, most of which will not be “legal” or within existing statute. I would not call one, because they have proven, over and over and over, that they cannot be trusted to be truthful about anything.

    ? LOL ?

  13. I think this is a way for the legislature to get out of paying a PFD altogether this year. I wonder what they would do if a lynch mob showed up in Juneau to take care of the problem or maybe we should just tar and feather them?? This has dragged out long enough. The people have spoken. Loudly. It’s too bad Giessel and Edgemon have stuffed their ears with cotton.

  14. The Simple Solution is to hold an advisory vote on a new PFD formula.

    A total PFD payout of between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 % of the POMV of the PF in future years with a larger supersized Dividend the first year paid out of savings.

    Ask the Governor to expand the call to include an advisory vote by the people.

    If the legislatures wants the advisory vote to pass then a $6,700 first year super PFD should do the trick.

    • POMV in any form can and will be manipulated to steal from the people. The statutory formula is LAW – follow it. Better, enshrine it in the Constitution so the lame cowards can’t steal it. (Bit of snark: the State Supreme Court will find a Constitutional Amendment “unconstitutional”…)

      • What you’ve left out Rich is that POMV is also LAW and more recent law, at that. A problem in years like this when earnings are high, it’s next to impossible to follow both laws.
        What to do? Good thing you aren’t in charge. Heheh!

  15. Some people should never serve in government, some people should never be in a leadership position. How did we get so lucky to get two people who should never serve in government or in a leadership position to be in both at the same time in both houses of the legislature?

    • Talk about luck Four-flusher, did you see that those two leaders got that Reverse Sweep through their Houses and this Gov. is signing it.
      Yessir they sure “should never be in a leadership position.” Heheh!

      • Bill,

        The reason they had to do a reverse sweep was because these two failed to do their job, pay attention. Dunleavy said “Programs like the Alaska Performance Scholarship and PCE — all items I included in my original budget but were not properly funded by the Legislature” Weren’t you just arguing a day or so ago that the governor couldn’t veto the reverse sweep? It turns out he could have, but why would he veto something he approves of and included in his original budget? You should read more and type less, you might learn something that way and then you can type about it…inform yourself Bill.

        • Four-flusher, I wasn’t arguing the Gov. couldn’t veto that reverse sweep it was the Juneau Empire saying that he couldn’t veto it. Notice that he signed the bill and I still suspect that he couldn’t have vetoed it. And of course that’s why so many of the Wasilla crowd was trying to get those reverse sweeps removed from the bill! Heheh!
          Anyway, here are the things that make a good leader: 1) Communication (most important)
          2) Honesty/integrity
          3) Relationship building
          4) Innovation
          5) Awareness

          Yessir, talk about luck, indeed.

          • It must have been a different Bill Yankee who posted this…

            BILL YANKEE / JULY 29, 2019
            As I understand it the Governor can veto specific budget items in here but cannot undo the Reverse Sweep. And this is precisely having to do with Power Cost Equalization and other specific funds that were swept earlier.

            You write so much you forget what you write and you don’t even take the time to go back and look at what you wrote.

          • Yessir Four-flusher, and if you read further I posted the link to Juneau Empire article that gave that message.
            Also, “as I understand it” is hardly arguing for something but you clearly need something to “reach” for here. Heheh!
            I suggest you look into the term “argue” to familiarize yourself with your own BS.

          • It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong, Bill.

            It’s ok to admit you forgot what you wrote, Bill.

            It’s not ok to simply lie about what you wrote and what you forgot you wrote. You can keep doing it though if it makes you feel good, just like the name calling, it only serves to make you look bad.

          • Four-flusher, it has nothing to do with what I wrote-what is important is that I did not “argue for” that opinion but just stated it and gave the link, as well.
            What is important though is that the Leadership of both Houses is right on top of things, where they belong.

          • You’re absolutely right Bill, what you wrote has nothing to do with what you wrote…what? Seriously man, what?

            It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong, Bill.

            It’s ok to admit you forgot what you wrote, Bill.

          • You are starting to babble now Four-flusher. What I wrote did not show that I was arguing for that position-it was merely stating the Empire article’s position on whether/not Gov. could veto Reverse Sweep.
            We may never know the answer since Gov. decided to not veto (most likely because he couldn’t).
            You are wigging out again because you have been caught bullchitting again.


  16. Kenai-Mike, I would remind you that there are a number of Republicans involved in this legislative cabal. In fact one from your Area! Don’t blame the evil part for the actions of the stupid party!

    • You’ve hit on it here, Older. This is political, of course, but it’s much more than partisan party politics. This is a pissing match between Governor (and his cabal) and Legislature, plain and simple.
      You’ve got some pro Legislators who have completely different ideas about how Alaska should look and they are not going to knuckle down to this Governor IMO. Walker didn’t get his way with a Republican Legislature (that didn’t owe him anything) and this Gov. is finding out how tough it is to poke the Legislature’s eyes with his ideas that don’t agree with theirs (or Alaskans). And the crux here is that Dunleavy is out of step with Alaskans IMO.

  17. All Cathy and Bryce want is a means to over-ride the coming vetoes, and if they can’t do that, anther groundhog day of SB2001 and 2002 putting the funds back in and most likely even less of a PFD!

    Naw, line item veto the hell our of the spending, accept the PFD and fight next year with elections looming on the Socialist and RINO’s. That way, Governor has fulfilled a good 75% of what he wanted to do while making the Socialist and RINO’s out as the enemy of all Alaskans.

    Don’t like it, one bit, but got to play the long game to win in the end!

  18. Simple, put it to the vote of the public and if the duo would like to not receive their pfd they do not have to apply. Real pieces of work.

  19. I would like to make two comments in regard to our competence problem with the legislature. First we do a petition to require that the state pay legislators one lump sum per year. No per diem, no travel costs, no office costs etc. just one lump sum if the session lasts 90 days or 200 days they get paid the same. I would bet we would have much shorter sessions. Second, when they stay in session for more than 90 days a person who has a job or owns a business can’t serve because of the negative financial consequences of being away from that job. Therefore we get people who are retired, rich or who don’t have the skills to get a real job. Not a real good labor pool to draw from to represent us working folks. You talk about voting them out, but in order to do that you have to have someone competent to run against them. where do we find them?

    • Great idea Bob. Where to find competent, honest, citizen legislators? The Millennial Kingdom is not yet… but we can start by looking for recently retired business folks in conservative churches – get the wisdom of age before the senility. Lawyers? – vet them carefully just as you would the business folk.

    • Our legislators are pretty much representative of our population.. We have created a slovenly self-entitled state because of the extra oil money especially the Dividend.

      Our first order of business is to reform the dividend into a tax exempt/deferred individual trust fund account. Every year the legislature contributes to the fund so each annual resident receives an equal share. The Fund will be managed (co-managed) by he APFC and appreciate from investment returns and the annual contribution. It will be like getting a piece of the Permanent Fund!

        • If you leave the state, you still maintain your account and benefit but not the annual contribution.

      • I’m not dictating anything. My proposals are futuristic predictions. So far they are all coming true. Because they are based on LOGIC. Thanks Ed, good to talk to you.

  20. OTA,

    Kenai-Mike, I would remind you that there are a number of Republicans involved in this legislative cabal. In fact one from your Area! Don’t blame the evil part for the actions of the stupid party!

    You are correct, sort of. The so-called republicans are RINOs, aka democrats. That includes my poor excuse for a representative, Mr. Knoll. I told him that at the meeting he held here in Feb?

    Just because a legislator does not have a “D” after their name, doesn’t mean they don’t subscribe to the Democrat tenet of spending beyond means.

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