They, them, xe, ze, zi, zer, per, it: UAA launches gender-studies ‘Why Pronouns Matter’ class


A one-credit course titled “Why Pronouns Matter” is seeking students for spring semester in Anchorage. The flyer from University of Alaska Anchorage says that the class “Only meets 1 day per week!” and is for people who are “LGBTQIA2S+” or their allies, or for all “who want to know themselves better.”

According to the campus publication “Green and Gold News,” the cutoff for enrollment is Dec. 15, and the instructors need 10 students or they can’t offer the class.

“We need you, this class needs you, and this movement needs you,” the campus publication says. “A 1-credit course also sometimes helps students get over minimum credit requirements, such as needing 9-credits to live in on-campus housing or being full-time at 12-credits to receive full financial aid opportunities.”

In the “Why Pronouns Matter” class the focus “will be on exploring and deepening our understandings of why respectful language matters, which will indeed include discussions of pronoun use, but that is the mere surface level of where we endeavor to go. Through this focal point on identity exploration, we’ll come to better understand our own positionality in the cycle of oppression, and come away with tangible ways we all can be more present in the cultivation of collective liberation. While this course is only 1-credit, it will be a substantial contribution to your personal and professional development. You’ll gain knowledge and skills that employers need on their teams, but you’ll also feel better at connecting with others and more grounded in your own truths.”

Gendered pronouns include she and he, her and him, hers and his, and herself and himself. “Personal preference gender pronouns” (or PGPs) are words that people ask others to use in reference to themselves. Typically, they butcher the English language in the process, and may be plural gender-neutral pronouns such as they, them, their(s), referring to a single human.

Without 10 students in the course, the instructors can’t get paid for cultivating the “movement” of “collective liberation” and “positionality.”

University of Alaska is a publicly funded university with open-access enrollment, meaning that anyone may attend, regardless of academic ability. The university system often promotes a narrative that state budget cuts lead to reduction in essential academic programs.


    • I don’t think it can be stated any better.

      Accordingly, America’s enemies are celebrating their victories.

  1. “Zem” are idiots and mentally-defective snowflakes.

    Their insanity does not change the reality that there are only two sexes, unless one is a member of certain species of seaweeds. Are zem actually seaweeds? They ARE rather slimy, and they DO tend to stink when exposed to the light (of truth).

  2. Dear classmates and conductor of class: I have the God-given right to freedom of speech and freedom of association. You do not have any authority to tell me to do anything. I AM FREE. I do not need to accompany you on your explorations. I’m reflexively uncomfortable about hearing your preferences in my presence. Any birth defects in private areas of YOUR body is not a burden you can compell others to bear with you. I have a God-given and Scripturally trained conscience. It would impede my spiritual cleaness which is important to me to be safe within.

    If you want me to think about sexual defects with you you are being unconstitutional and violating my conscience and privacy. With ort without sexual birth defects you have no right to control my thoughts, my garments or anything else about me. For instance you have no right to tell me who can paint my fence and how much I will pay him. I have no right to tell another adult in this country what say. Neither do you, neighbor.

    • nor do they have greater privilege than I or to say “you must cover my face with fabric or inject mysterious substances my medical advisor is not ordering”, etc. This is America. The “greater good” of employees do not subjugate my US Constitution rights. There is some risk involved in getting out of bed each day even in America. Your paid public servants are only to secure your Constitutional rights, to speech, to carry a weapon, to worship, and to remove snow, facilitate extraction of fuel, to distribute electricity and goods. Everything else is your business. You can’t take my coins to distribute to prostitutes and drug addicts kids. Sorry. Love ya.

  3. Note sitting through a semester of listening to their opinion for one hour a week will cost you $234, or $800 for a nonresident. Save your money, kids.

  4. It appears to be a class for students to learn how to bully others into accepting and repeating their pronouns. I will not comply because it is a lie.

  5. Apparently, according to the campus publication, the main reason for the course to exist is to give students a course credit in order to get handouts or live on campus without actually having to earn that credit.
    Aside from that…
    My preferred pronouns are “take a guess”
    I am an adult, and if you guess wrong, I will not get angry or upset.

  6. I found “my truth” and got “to know myself better” a long time ago, so I won’t be attending this misappropriation of resources.

  7. And they want state funding for stupid stuff like this.
    Cut UAA Budget by 50%.
    College is now just a business to take your money and teach you what to say.

  8. Doesn’t matter in the world of money. Money don’t care about one’s race, gender, pronouns. Colleges and non profits should be privately funded not using public money.

  9. “Through this focal point on identity exploration, we’ll come to better understand our own positionality in the cycle of oppression, and come away with tangible ways we all can be more present in the cultivation of collective liberation.”

    Methinks that this sentence captures about eighty percent of the virulent malignancy in high education today.

    That such a “course” can be offered for credit is an embarrassment to UAA, the UAA Chancellor, the Board of Regents and the accreditation agency.

  10. A worthless program to further division and rouse animosity among the culture of victim hood. That is all this will do.

  11. And WE are paying for this trash. Put it where it belongs – in the landfill and start teaching REAL history in it’s place is an idea!

    • How about “Mother Sea’s toxically masculine imperial cisgendered colonists usurping the identity of our spirit wolf brothers and sisters for their toxically competitive and racially biased capitalist purposes”?
      It needs a little work but that’s a start towards a more inclusive and whatever else team name. Thank me later.

  12. Isn’t UAA a state run university? How is it that an “instructor” has been hired on to “teach” this nonsense? Who is responsible for hiring this person? How much are they being paid? What else are they “teaching” at public expense?

    It might be argued that students are paying however I believe most students are taking out ‘student loans’ which are unforgivable and backed ultimately by the public. So, yeah, I’m going to suggest everything and every employee tangled up in the D.E.I./social justice/neo-marxist c.r.t., need to be fired.

    • I was in a restroom in Anchorage recently, at the Hotel Captain Cook, and in a line of normal urinals there was this one stupidly long and protruding one. So I asked about it, and I was told that it was a LADY’S urinal! And right in the middle of a whole line of otherwise normal ones, in the Men’s restroom, with no dividers of any kind between them. Insanity!

      (I am still wondering if the person I asked was just pulling my {third} leg.)

  13. Great! Another minimum of ten students who will demand the American taxpayer pay off their student debt. No one will hire these dimwits and if they do, they’ll regret it.

    • As I understand it, once the state releases money to an institution they may do with it as they wish.

      Provided it’s legal and doesn’t violate established state regulations.

      Periodically all state agencies are “supposed” to be audited to check on how the monies are spent. That info is supposed to be public, but disappears into a bureaucratic black hole.

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