They messed with the wrong Marine: Sullivan blasts unsubstantiated claims of widespread extremism in military


US Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a Marine Corps Reserve colonel, criticized a suggestion made by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut that as much as 10 percent of America’s military service members may ascribe to “violent extremist” or “white supremacist” ideology—an unsubstantiated claim that would amount to over 200,000 military personnel.

Blumenthal is the senator who former President Donald Trump called “Da Nang Dick” for having misstated his military service. “I have now spent more time in Vietnam than Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, the third rate Senator from Connecticut (how is Connecticut is doing?). His war stories of his heroism in Vietnam were a total fraud — he was never even there,” tweeted Trump in 2019.

The hearing witnesses—General Stephen Lyons, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, and General Tod Wolters, commander of U.S. European Command—also rebutted the claim by Blumenthal.

“This notion of extremism in the military, which is thrown about as if we know the numbers…I think that’s irresponsible. I’ve asked the military for data, and I want data before we besmirch the entire military,” said Senator Sullivan.

“You have knuckleheads in every organization in the world, including in the Congress of the United States, by the way. But there’s this narrative now that we have all of these extremists in the military. I think it’s ridiculous and we need to see data before we start throwing out [numbers] like ten percent. How the hell does he know it’s ten percent?”

In his first line of questioning, Sen. Sullivan asked Generals Lyons and Wolters for their assessment of the extent of extremism in the military ranks. 

“This is getting ridiculous when a U.S. senator is saying ‘10 percent’…Is that your experience, general?” asked Sen. Sullivan.  

“Senator, let me be perfectly clear. I think we have the finest military our world has known,” said Gen. Lyons. “We have the best America has to offer. There is no question in my mind, after 38 years of service. I believe that in my heart and I know it to be true.”

“Do you think it’s ten percent?” asked Sen. Sullivan.

“I don’t think it’s ten percent,” replied Gen. Lyons. “As a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s been any data on the topic. I can just tell you from experience, it’s extremely small.”

Sen. Sullivan then posed the question to Gen. Wolters. 

“Do you think it’s ten percent, general?” asked Sen. Sullivan. “Is there anything in your experience, in your thirty to forty-plus years as a general officer in the military [to indicate that]?” 

“Senator, I certainly agree that number is too high,” replied Gen. Wolters. 

“Here’s what I think the secretary of defense needs to do,” said Sen. Sullivan. “Enough of this. We need data. [They’re] besmirching the whole damn force—reserve or active duty—whether it’s a U.S. Senator or the Washington Post that writes a story on this once a day, with no data.”

On March 5th, Sen. Sullivan pressed President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as undersecretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, regarding Kahl’s claim that there exists “systemic racism” within the ranks of the U.S. military. Kahl did not present evidence or data to support his assertion.  

In the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, Sen. Sullivan included an amendment requiring the Pentagon to produce a report on diversity and inclusion in the Armed Forces, including providing data to identify racial inequities that may exist in the military.


  1. Finally someone calling out the buffoons living in their little bubble in DC. Not that I expect it to do much good when they see extremism everywhere, including in the roads and trees, birds and bees.

  2. Like CRT (racism itself) the establishment woke world is crafting a manufactured narrative for the ignorant which there are plenty of.

  3. Too bad Danny wasn’t so fired up over election fraud. If he had been then this wouldn’t be going on. Sullivan is a traitor and none of his after the fact posturing and bloviating will change that. This carpetbagger is as genuine as a three dollar bill.

  4. Since his reelection I have many differences with Senator Sullivan but the point of extremists in the Military I would have to say in my 23 years as an active duty soldier I never saw extremism in my brothers and sisters. These arbitrary numbers they throw around are completely wrong and shows lack of leadership in the highest ranks in and out of the military.

  5. Sure extremists and criminals join the military. But they’re thrown out if they are discovered. And this was years before Obama became President.

  6. I meant this to Ms. Tshibaka. She hopes to be working with Senator Sullivan and yet attacks him. How brilliant.

  7. The word is that democrats want to purge the military of conservatives, because of, you know… racism. It’s more likely they want purge conservatives because they’re less likely to fire on civilians.

  8. Anyone who says he will support the unethical and hypocritical Lisa Murkowski is not someone I will support. Sorry Dan.

  9. I am glad he is finding a “hill to die on.” Granted, there were some previous hills he chose to give away, but at least he has found SOME hill to fight for. He’s got a ways to go in our eyes, but I’ll take it as a start.

  10. It would be much more interesting if Senator Sullivan would put these questions to Senator Murkowski. Then we could see if she was sufficiently “woke” or not. Or maybe undecided.

  11. This is the common practice of these left wing idiots. They pull a number out of their butt, throw some shade on someone or something , with ZERO factual information to support it, and just let the feces fly. And blatantly REFUSE to accept the fact they have broadcast total BS.

  12. Show of Logic from whom? Ae you a Tshibaka rep? If so, open ended, undetailed and unsupported comments like that are dangerous!

  13. I guess the military is his constituency. When it came to standing for Alaskans against election fraud he was MIA.

  14. What the woke left is never going understand is that you can’t force everyone to like everyone else and the more you force it, the bigger the divide becomes. I mean come on, yes, some people hate each other because of skin color, some whites hate blacks, some blacks hate whites and Asians, natives hate most everyone who isn’t native, it’s human nature. And what they’re calling extremists are probably the members who will properly defend the constitution and adhere to their oaths.

  15. Sadly true. Sullivan WAS a fine senator to us before not standing against illegal voting and publically standing WITH murkowski.

  16. But what’s all this nonsense about election fraud? How does that apply to this topic?
    Firstly, it’s not germane, and secondly, it’s not true?
    Time to crawl out of the weeds and join the real world before it passes you by and you find yourselves looking at a civilization that is reminiscent of lesser times.

  17. After serving for 23 years, and retiring in 08, I can honestly say that I did not witness one instance where there was race involved with any issue. So the idea that there is widespread racism within our ranks is complete horse sh*t.

    Divide and conquer! Oh, and put the Troops on notice, as another form of control.

    Time to WTFU!

  18. He disregarded his OATH during the election and allowed the USURPER BRAIN DEAD puppet to take office without any questions as to the validity of the election process so he definitively doesn’t live by his OATH as a “Marine” ! Sullivan is a sell out Just like Murkowski that’s why he backs her!!!!

  19. One thing I loved about my military service is that we were all the same color-CAMO! It didn’t matter what your skin was but the person who wore the uniform was my brother /sister!
    I call BS on those that think serving their country is extremism- Its an honor that these a-holes take for granted and are trying to divide pour country.
    If I were still in I would fight against these domestic enemies in office and the current clown in the oval office!

  20. I served in the US Army back in the mid-60’s. There was a lot of racism then. However, it was a draftee army … poorly motivated, hardly patriotic … and could be depended on only to get high, get laid, get drunk, and shirk duties. Officers and NCO’s acted like elitists, who disdained the troops by anything and everything.
    Then came the all volunteer Army. How things changed so completely. A total 180 turn-around. Suddenly, those two misfits, Riff and Raff, could be excluded. No more having to accept judge ordered enlistments of those with proven criminal behavior.
    The Left apparently has designs of replacing our good troops with illegal aliens who will get free citizenship, with a requirement to enlist in our military. The rational is simple. These 20 to 30 million brand new “citizens” will need jobs. There’s not even enough jobs in the private sector, for our regular citizens.
    Suddenly there will be a few million Jose’, who wouldn’t hesitate to follow orders to fire on uncooperative “gringos”.
    Sure, I’m being racist. Damn right I’m being racist. No way would This Yupik-German-Norwegan want the Dems to have an army of Jose’. A hostile army of armed, illegal immigrants, to back their play to turn America into another failed communist state.

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