The video Vince Beltrami doesn’t want you to see



It’s a brave new world in social media and politics. Vince Beltrami found that out when a video featuring some pictures of him from his Facebook newsfeed popped up on the newsfeeds of Alaskans who have Facebook accounts.

Word has it that the Beltrami camp lodged a complaint with Facebook, and all of a sudden the video was taken down — by Facebook managers. Something about how the photos were his intellectual property.

What was it about the video that was so offensive? We reviewed it and it seems pretty mild. There’s no nasty language or character assassination — just facts and speculation. You know, politics.

Beltrami is a chameleon — a Democrat running as an independent to attempt to fool voters. He’s the AFL-CIO president who is trying to unseat Sen. Cathy Giessel. Trying to take the video down is like chasing a rainbow. Besides, is he trying to abridge someone else’s political viewpoints?

The video still lives over at YouTube. While Beltrami evidently controls Facebook in his quest for world domination, he hasn’t caught up to the YouTube version yet.

Watch and download it here it before it, too, disappears under the thin skin of Beltrami.

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