The thankless generation


The poisonous ideology of Leftism is frying the brains of America’s youth. It’s a cult, and is filling a generation of young people with uncontrollable rage. We’re seeing the fruit of this with violent and harassing mobs terrorizing locals and destroying businesses by the thousands across America.  

The irony is this movement is made up mostly of a generation of clueless and thankless young people fortunate enough to live in the greatest and least racist nation in history. There’s never been a time when young people can enjoy more freedom and prosperity than those living in America today. 

Desmond David-Pitts is a perfect example of a young man believing the lie that America is a vile racist nation.

The 19-year old from Anchorage is in custody after traveling to Seattle to join the Black Lives Matter protests.

David-Pitts was caught on tape lighting trash bags on fire and then tossing them, trying to burn down Seattle’s East Precinct while cops were still inside.

David-Pitts’ rage was on full display back on July 23 when he testified before the Anchorage Assembly. During his profane-fueled rant loaded with F-bombs, he described himself as “a homeless youth, black and white, and bi-sexual as hell.”

“I am 19. Why am I standing up against y’all,” David-Pitts lectured Assembly members and Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. “Y’all should literally be leading me and mentoring me in to the point where I can use my aggression better in life. I should not be this f#$% angry.” 

David-Pitts’ rage comes in part from the death of his younger brother, 16-year old Daelyn Polu. Police say they shot and killed Polu acting in self-defense after someone in the car the teen was riding in shot at them. 

The Anchorage Black Lives Matter movement has used the justified shooting to stir up even more rage and hatred for the police in the community. 

David-Pitts seemed to threaten the assembly and especially the mayor during his testimony, especially considering that since his testimony, he was caught on tape trying to murder Seattle cops by burning down the building they were still in. 

“Y’all going to hear from me, especially you sir because you did not give an apology to my mother,” David-Pitts said looking directly at Berkowitz. 

It’s easy to look at David-Pitts with nothing but contempt. Same with his other ungrateful, like-minded, immature, and easily duped fools protesting across the nation. 

But the 19-year old David-Pitts was on to something when he told the mayor and Assembly: “Y’all should literally be leading me and mentoring me into the point where I can use my aggression better in life.” 

Where are the mentors? Where are the men? Why have so many abandoned their families and children? This is one of the reasons Leftists have been so successful in duping and recruiting so many young people into joining their rage-fueled anti-American, anti-capitalist cause. Men need to man up and be fathers to their kids.  

In 2018, 70 percent of black babies were born out of wedlock. The same is true for 69 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives. More than half of all Hispanic babies are born out of wedlock in the U.S. while 28 percent of white babies and 11 percent of Asian babies are born into a family without a father.   

Public schools and universities controlled by Leftists have produced over the years an army of young people believing America is a vile, nasty, racist nation. They’re taught to hate the cops or any authority for that matter. 

These leftist crusaders also control Hollywood and the music industry. And they currently are fully in control of Anchorage City Hall. 

The left’s power to brainwash America’s youth would be greatly diminished if dads would just be dads and stop having kids they refuse to father. 

Kids raised without a father are five times more likely to end up poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to end up in jail. I would venture a guess that fatherless kids are also more susceptible to lies of Leftist crusaders trying to transform America into a socialist utopia. 

Meanwhile, 19-year old Desmond David-Pitts of Anchorage sits in a federal prison cell tonight in Seattle. Becoming a disciple of the destructive ideology of Leftism has cost him dearly. 

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show weekday mornings between 5:30 and 8 am on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. Rampant numbers of fatherless children is in large part caused by state and fed assistance programs that become permanent and generational and replace the father as the primary breadwinner, or co-breadwinner for family units.
    Rural young men have largely become irrelevant to the economic necessity of the family due to cradle to grave assistance programs and leads to extremely high suicide rates. Economic development has been minimized by locking up so much of the mineral rich areas in “preserves and refuges”. The sea mammal protection act was devastating to the coastal rural economies, and coupled with state dependancy has transformed villages into isolated ghettos.
    Alaska public schools, particularly in rural areas no longer teach foundational education. They have become left wing ideological brainwashing institutions, with many high school graduates functionally illiterate. The UA system indulges in useless courses that are irrelevant to an education or productive careers.
    We were warned about the negative effects of outside Native influence which has permeated thinking and creates a false sense of victimhood. Hatred and division are learned behaviors and ironically in the decades since the oil taxes created a gigantic and all powerful state government, the character, competence, contentedeness of Alaska’s people has seriously deteriorated correspondingly.
    Our youth should be taught to thank God every day they wake up, that they are in the United States of America.

    • I don’t disagree with you, but I will point out that according to multiple reports there are at least two sitting legislators who have fathered children with legislative staffers (not their spouses), and if those reports are true then some additional thoughts – beyond your statement – may come to mind in some cases. Perhaps the most politically correct observation is to merely say that the problem crosses all strata and is not by any means isolated to rural areas. Interestingly, I have never heard of a legislative staffer fathering a child with a legislator, but it could have happened. I do not disregard the implications for children who come into this world with this particular disadvantage, and I think it’s a disadvantage some children can never overcome. I never thought that it’s merely a statistical anomaly that female legislative staffers can tend to have above average curb appeal, but it’s a common observation. One can wonder whether beginning the daily floor session with a prayer reduces the prevalence of this phenomenon, or is instead an attempt to gloss over it.

  2. The leftest crusaders are everywhere. In homes, schools and in the media. They are terrorizing good, devout and flag loving Americans, killing the police, and burning down or looting small businesses. When need to elect a law and order President to take back the streets. Wait, Trump has been in office for 40 months. Pardon me, said Roger Stone.

  3. Ephesians 6:4. Start at the top – you’ll find the King of provocation, and then work your way through society from there. No wonder our young people are so confused – the horrible example that they watch and are not willing to accept is constantly gaslighting them en masse. They may be wrong in action sometimes, but they certainly aren’t stupid. Leaders need to lead, parents need to parent, and morally bankrupt leaders need to stay in the golf course.

  4. I love the blind irony of this article, very much a hallmark of the generation that produced it.
    All you ‘boomers’ wanted your liberal democracy, you wanted to undue all critical standards that knit great civilizations together since time immemorial and now turn around and whine about the whiney kids. Western civilisation died on your watch, ‘be a man’ and own it.
    Most of the millenials, and half the zoomers, maybe progressive trash but those that aren’t will do what their progenitors should have done and fix the failings of their spoiled, entitled, arrogant, willfully ignorant, and childish sires.
    As Mosses never saw the promised land I doubt also the boomers will live to see a return from this societal desert.
    May your 401k carry you through your last days, may you never be forced to face the folly of your ideals, and may you opt for creamation lest you have a grave to be spat on.

    • AK49-too, I had to change your handle because there is already another AK49. So you are AK49-too. -sd

      • Rog
        Thx Suzanne, regardless of my ire with certain things I appreciate the work you do and the forum you allow.

        p.s. Might be time for a new moniker

        • The Left-wing media has been fueling the fires of this poison for decades. Now, there is fruit to bare for these radical 60’s ideologues. CNN, and all of the mainstream networks and major dailies have been chiseling away to produce a Marxist agenda in our country. Radical thinking has been forced down the throats of young people at the public schools since the Vietnam War. Today, the grandchildren are so confused with the untruths and outright lies advanced by the Left-wing media, THEY have become the instruments now employed to push our great country into turmoil and chaos. This is their design. Destroy America! Even if it takes three generations. They have arrived.

    • The “critical” standards that ultimately resulted in a sufficient number of people alive at one time, and with a united purpose to create the first society on earth recognizing that political power belongs to the people and the government’s only power is through the consent of the governed, and recognizing the Christian God as the grantor of natural “not the humanist/socialist counterfeit human rights” created the United States of America, is the product of western civilization.
      Subsequent to virtually universal governance by Kings, and the Republic form of government of the USA, Europeans commenced to experiment with socialist governments, as the French Revolution was humanist and not Christian, resulting in mass murder and eventual rule by the tyrant Napoleon. All the variants of socialist governance result in dictators (Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Xi, Putin, with dozens of lesser despots), or rule by corrupt and incompetent elites, as the EU, Canada, etc.
      Your disrespect of elders is indicative of a shallow “education”, what passes now for higher learning, as most K-12 and universities are infested with functionally illiterate “educators” steeped in Marxist theory or simply ignorant.
      Millenials and Zoomers are handicapped from not having faced hardship, not faced institutional racism, not faced imminent invasion, the smoothest ride in life in history. Instead of appreciation for the sacrifice of their forefathers, this generation is known for regressing to KKK type organizations like BLM and Antifa. Masses of largely white, privileged, arrogant, college educated punks indulging in group think,violence, arson, destruction, looting, and terrorizing largely minority neighborhoods in large cities. This is the ultimate irony.

      • I find no quarrel with your opening assessment, yet you do proceed to bang on against the rest of Western civilization as if the millennia prior to the founding of the U.S.A. was all despotism and corruption. As if the birth of this nation wasn’t inextricably tied to those peoples and their history.

        Again I will point to irony. That being… An American criticizing other nations of corruption and rule by elites is the epitome of a plank in thine own eye.
        As to the arguments of ‘freedom and democracy’ I will say I would take rule by a Christian king rather than that of a secular bureaucrat, but each to his own.

        I think your being a bit presumptive, but that is a trait of certain older generations and their sycophants…
        My shallow education consisted of home school, private Christian school, mixed with a healthy dose of self-directed learning. Never had a use for college so I went to the fishing boats and oilfields, and I despise marxists more than the greatest generation did… as I would never ally with them.

        Another trait of the boomers is the belief in an entitlement to ‘elder’ status merely because you continue to resperate long enough to claim the title. Will you posit ‘elder’ status to Joe Biden or will you demand evidence of claiming the honor? Should I give deference to the vagrant on 5th Ave. with a bottle in his hand?

        It should be a sadness to a father if his son never surpasses him, as then he will be a lesser man than his sire, this with time will lead to the undoing of all men.
        It is the sin of pride that would lead a man to desire continual superiority to his progeny.

        Assume what you will about two entire generations and their lack of hardship and struggle, as if it wasn’t millennial’s that have spent nearly two decades spilling their blood in M.E. hell holes for nothing, nor they who left school to find they are to be replaced by foreigners, they that are burdened by a national debt that will come due on their watch, they who must compete with the mega corps to “own a slice of the American dream”. I could go on…
        Perhaps they haven’t seen the ‘gas lines’ of the 70’s, or 20% mortgage rates, but greater hardship than these is coming.

        Feel free to continue in your belief that it is the ‘kids’ who ruined everything, it truly matters not as neither side of those who write history will reflect positively on the boomers. The epitaph on the tomb stone of that generation will most surely read “Here lie the apathetic, the cowards, and the seekers of self”.

        I try not to get into tit for tats in comments so I will limit it to this one rebuttal.
        Good luck mate, maybe we will be in agreement when we meet on the other side of the gate.

    • Here’s one for a particularly whiny kid…

      You imply that it is a prior generation responsible for whether or not you’re successful yet the following two statistics would indicate that it’s not a previous generation responsible for your success; it’s you.

      Credit Suisse’s latest global wealth report shows there are 46.8 million millionaires (measured in USD) worldwide, up 1.1 million over the last 12 months.

      Fidelity’s Millionaire Outlook Survey showed 86% of millionaires said they made their own wealth, they didn’t inherit it

      That would indicate that at least 86% of financially successful people would argue that you’re confused and that you complain a lot. Here’s a better idea, cupcake; shut up and get to work. Try living beneath your means and assume you’ll need to do more if you’d like more.

      • I think this comment here highlights the fundamental disconnect between boomers and parts of subsequent generations in the way that each view the world and the value of currency. There are many types of currency – social, moral, financial, etc. Boomers tend to discuss things in terms of dollars – success is pinned to socio-economic status, voting is done based on (in large part) economic policy, the strength of the country is measured according to GDP and unemployment. They’ve reached retirement, have their boat or their sports car and think their 401(k) will nurse them to the end of their days. That’s the good life, why can’t all these whiney kids just do the same thing and quit complaining?

        On the flip side, some millenials and many in gen Z are looking at the country that they have inherited as they reach adulthood and noticing that the only currency left in this country is dollars. Over the course of ~55 years, the country has morally bankrupted itself. Consumerism and worship of thy self is the religion of today. What used to be communities of people with shared history and interests are now loosely tied groups of transient workers that roam from job to job to get that new truck. The relevance of Christianity in the culture has been overshadowed by Pornhub and gay pride parades. What used to be a shared heritage and appreciation of American (or at least Western) values and history has been replaced by the multicultural nightmare and ensuing struggle for cultural primacy that we are witnessing in real-time. All of this happened while boomers were steering the ship, but they were too concerned with the stock market and a new flat screen to really care. Can you see why there is a bit of animus coming from the younger generations?

        P.S.: There’s a good argument to be made that the condition of our economy is nowhere near what most boomers seem to think it is. Purchasing power, wages and retirement options are all significantly diminished from 1970 onward. A simple look at the US real GDP relative to real wages from ~1965 to present should paint a pretty clear picture of what bulk of the workforce is up against these days.

        • Interesting perspective So, there are many benchmarks for success and the boomer generation is responsible for having focused on a primary benchmark.

          I’d say that’s not far off and I’d say that because none of the other aspects will insure the security of the nation. I’d also say that as a boomer I don’t think I’m responsible for the tears in the moral fabric of current society. Boomers aren’t responsible for the fact that the majority of black children are born out of wedlock. Boomers aren’t responsible for Pitts being “bisexual as hell” and boomers are not responsible for anyone’s delusional belief in a benevolent deity that somehow happily watched humans inflict cruelty upon one another for the last couple hundred thousand years and then one day @ 2050 years ago decided “ok, that’s enough! If you murder my kid though we’ll call it a straight up trade”.

          A 401k is a government joke. The stock market is an absolute hoax (why does no one stop to wonder where their losses actually went)?

          …and if you think purchasing power has diminished just wait for the 2% threshold you’ll soon notice. Inflation is absolutely necessary and it’s about to be artificially jump started after a long period of post-Greenspan doldrums. This is not a nonsensical voodoo projection; it’s a real thing.

          Regardless, every distribution system has a top and a bottom and the bottom always complains. A better solution would be to improve oneself. Everyone should to the best of their ability and many of those in the prior generations you reference did exactly that. To the future generation know that soft concepts like social currency are worthless and moral currency is inherent but can be overridden for fun. Ask yourself; what’s the likelihood that Moses started reading his stone tablets and the great unwashed listeners were thinking ‘oh man, adultery is no long cool? That’s bogus! Go back up the mountain you old boomer goat! And you say stealing’s out too?’

          That likelihood is zero. Future generations will all have to work to attain or they can blend in with the rich tapestry of social detritus that is currently being run over by cars on metropolitan streets.

          Initiative is key. Always has been. Always will be.

        • Again, you really just demonstrate the fundamental differences in the way that we see things. Paraphrasing here – ‘close-knit societies are worthless, moral standards are irrelevant, the only thing that matters is money. If you’re unhappy with the way things are, it must be because you’re poor and you lack initiative.’ You presume much. I’m 30, an engineer, I own my house and have zero debt – my complaints have nothing to do with the socio-economic hierarchy or my place within it. My complaint wrests with the predominant perspective that everything can, and should be, measured in dollars. You, and many other boomers, can’t seem to fathom that there are people that value faith, community and country more highly than money. People that would pay extra for American made products because they create useful jobs for their countrymen. People that would cancel their Netflix account because they object to the moral degeneracy being propagated. People that would prefer a modest home in their walled country over a walled mansion in their agape country. You and most other boomers simply have a different value system than I do. Unfortunately, yours has dominated this country for decades- the results should speak for themselves. A country that worships money will become a slave to it.

          • I presume much because your precepts aren’t in step with the effort you’ve put forth to this point.
            The concepts you mention aren’t mutually exclusive and idolizing a Kumbaya society is not a sustainable strategy.
            The gift you have been given is the structure itself; if you opt to work toward sustaining yourself and your family you’re free to emphasize other aspects you deem important to the degree you find satisfying. Remove work and initiative from the equation and all other aspects crumble.

    • “All you boomers?” Generalize much? My ‘boomer’ friends and family are among the most giving and compassionate people I know. And yes, most are hard working successful people who earned their way through life. Some became leftist educators, but you can’t win them all.

  5. I have said for years that the K12 education industry is growing socialists/Marxists. If you think things are bad now, just wait until more and more of these indoctrinated children hit the streets in the name of “social justice”. Unfortunately, the K12 education system may also pay the price and reap what it sows.

  6. Regretfully, have to agree with AK49-Too. We boomers blew it. Strived to provided our kids with more than what the Greatest Generation provided us . Spoiled them verses ensuring they understood the value of appreciation, respect and earning it, as we were raised. It started with free love, if it feels good do it and on to ensuring the now narcissistic snowflakes received a participation trophy. Yes, I’m riding my 401 into the sunset, wondering if they don’t wake up what will the snowflakes ride when they’re my age. Socialism will be an unrewarding bumpy ride, lacking any 401s.

    • It’s not true that “We boomers blew it”. Many of us have kids that are docs and engineers and we didn’t blow much. There have always been low investment parents and if you find that you have been one; own it.

      There have also always been parents that care and that invest heavily in their family to make sure their offspring are a better version of themselves.

      Along similar lines there have also been those that look for opportunity to improve. Anyone can complain that they had substandard mentors or crappy parents (insert whatever crutch you’d like, here). The reality is that for some life is simply the passing of time and young people will either learn to do what their betters have done and improve themselves… or they can compartmentalize and label issues they don’t understand and complain that they should have been given more and better. Anything else would require that ever so unattractive thing called initiative.

      Stop. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and build a plan. Nobody cares that young people may have a complaint about generations prior to their own. Complainers suck.

    • I’m an almost archetypal “Boomer,” b. 1949. I had and excellent high school education because I got it back before anyone gave a damn about my self-esteem. I walked away from the BS that was college even back then when I got a high draft number. Flash for you revisionists; the communists were there waiting for us in Humanities classes even in the late Sixties in rural Georgia.

      I learned when I began working in government in the mid-Eighties that the ‘Boomers broke down basically into two groups; if you went straight from HS or college to the government, education, the non-profits, and to some extent the professions, especially in the non-profits, you could keep the same stupid ideas you had sitting cross-legged on the floor, smoking dope in a college dorm in 1969 for the rest of your life and retire well.

      If you stumbled out of school and into the private sector in the early Seventies, you stumbled into the “national malaise” of wage and price controls, spiraling gasoline costs, double digit interest rates, and then you got to fight for a job against an affirmative action candidate. Those of us who took that path had pretty well gotten over the dumbass ideas inculcated by our education by late Seventies, early Eighties.

      Our kids were a paradox. In retrospect, my kids were no longer my kids the minute I turned or a TV, took them to a movie, and took them to school. I have four kids. The oldest, my bio-daughter, b. 1971 is a K – BA product of Alaska education. As is too often the case, she stayed in Alaska after hearing Pomp and Circumstance until the next ferry sailing and has only been back for brief visits. She has been very successful and is your basic coastal leftist who doesn’t like to talk to or about her conservative father. I can’t say much; I spent a lot of my life estranged from my parents.

      My youngest, b. 1986, is a veteran combat infantryman who spent time in vacation spots like Kandahar and Kosovo. The two middle ones are somewhere in between, but none of them are crazy leftists, live pretty well, and they’d have my back and show up for my funeral without looking around to see who might see them.

      I understand why the various revolutionary movements have closed the universities and put the professors out bringing in the harvests. The Ed Schools are the maw of the beast; they have done their best to steal our children and have been all too successful. I know a bit about public policy, but this is one that I don’t know how to solve short of a “fundamental transformation.”

  7. I am just curious if it is lack of fatherhood or mentors, which I do not doubt, then why are military children so successful? I feel like mine are because I have had them in church with built in mentors, but that is not always the case. I would love to hear ideas that we might be able to transfer over to young men like this. My heart just breaks for him. Somehow as a society, we have done him wrong.

    • Deployments aren’t forever, and the paycheck does come at a steady pace. Nowadays, spouses also work, so these military families are dual-income to make ends meet. Even with deployments, TDYs, exercises and being owned by the government during your career does suck, the families that make it through the thick and thin are rewarded. Now, my spouse’s body took a beating jumping out of planes and all the military threw at him, but he’s in his 40s in a second career and we have four incomes and provide support for our three kids. But we also see divorce and messy situations with couples we used to be stationed with here in Alaska and abroad, many don’t make it to a military retirement so the rewards for serving your country are different. Not all military kids are successful either, some rebel against their parents and make dumb choices, teenagers are almost designed to give you heartburn. The point is, there can be stability for some families, but those that don’t have the tools to make it through stressful situations (strong marriages) don’t last and military life can make raising children difficult if the parents are no longer married.

  8. Trouser Bark, agree some of us do have college grads doing well. There’s a difference between complaining and an opinion. Snowflakes could care less about any complaint other than their own.

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