The Left quickly attacks Board of Education decision to save girls sports



The Alaska State Board of Education voted unanimously to save girls’ sports for biological girls. The student advisor, Felix Myers, voted against the regulation, but his vote is advisory. The military advisor, Lt. Col. James Fowley, abstained.  His vote is also advisory.

Within two hours of the state board’s decision, Anchorage School Superintendent Dr. Jharrett Bryantt and Anchorage School Board president Margo Bellamy had their preplanned press release loaded into the cannon and ready to fire. 

They were ready for this decision, but when it comes to students’ test scores, parents in Anchorage still do not know their students’ test results, even though the test was administered last April.  

The superintendent and school board president wrote:

“With all of the current challenges facing Alaska’s public schools, it’s quite perplexing that this topic is a top priority for the Alaska State Board of Education (SBOE). Where is the data that indicates this is a widespread issue in Alaska which provides an unfair competitive advantage and/or risk to student safety? An urgent public school problem does not appear to exist. Why is this such a priority for the SBOE?
“The mission of the Anchorage School District (ASD) is to educate all students for success in life. We accept and support all students. Regardless of today’s decision, ASD will continue to provide a safe and welcoming school environment for all students. We will continue to ensure an inclusive, nurturing, and respectful school experience for our diverse community.  
“We would like to applaud SBOE student advisory member, Felix Myers, for his advocacy and support for all students. The voices of our youth give a special glimpse into the values that will shape Alaska’s future. 

Margo Bellamy
President, Anchorage School Board
Jharrett Bryantt, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Anchorage School District”

Bryantt and Bellamy ask why the issue of transgenders participating in girls’ sports is of a high priority for the state board. 

Interestingly, the Anchorage School District has published Administrative Guidelines for Gender Identity and Transgenders for its staff and students.  It’s a 10-page document that appear to be a high priority for the district.

Where was the high priority for these guidelines, which seem to have a higher priority than reading, writing, and math, the supposed core competencies of our educational system? The irony is overwhelming.

Perhaps, it was because the NEA-National spoon-fed the guidelines to all school districts across America.

Bryantt and Bellamy further say in their press release that they “applaud the SBOE student advisory member, Felix Myers” because he gives a “special glimpse into the values that will shape America’s future.”

Do these values of America’s future include the destruction of girls’ sports? 

Here’s just one instance where a transgender negatively impacts an entire girls’ athletic team.

Perhaps that is the goal of the Woke agenda: Destroy girls’ sports and allow men to compete as women so that women will once again be discriminated against.  

Not to be outdone, Anchorage Assembly members Chris Constant and Felix Rivera issued their own statement. They bemoan the fact that, “Today is a sad day for Alaskans.”

It’s an even sadder day for students when the school district cannot even teach our children how to read.

Constant and Rivera continue by attacking the “…small homogeneous group” of state board members.  The board is made up of 3 males and 4 females so it is not  “homogeneous” as Constant and Rivera say.  

Unbelievably, they call the board’s decision a “blatant act of discrimination” which will not go unnoticed.  

Bring on the ACLU, the NEA and a host of lawyers.

Then the Constant and Rivera duo threaten to remove the Anchorage School District from participating in any of the Alaska School Activities Association activities. They must believe they are on the Anchorage School Board.  

Apparently, this duo does not really care about students and would rather keep all students from participating in any sports if they cannot get their way.

The final blow from Constant and Rivera comes when they “condemn the decision by the Alaska Board of Education.”  It’s too bad these two Assembly members are not holding the school district accountable for students learning to read. And they do have a role, by approving the school district budget.

Assembly member Anna Brawley also put in her two cents on social media: “The #1 crisis facing our education system is our inability to sustainably pay for high-quality education people expect”.  Talk about deflection!

If member Brawley would check out the latest ASD ACFR audited report, she would see that the ASD per student spending is at a whopping $19,150.

How much more does she want to throw at the problem of K12 in Anchorage?

The State Board of Education voted to save girls’ sports for biological girls.  It also set aside a division for students who identify with either sex or gender.  These align with the current Title IX law and align with the Biden Administration’s proposed changes to the law.

So, what’s the problem?

David Boyle is the Must Read Alaska education writer.


    • I have to disagree.
      If you replace the word “left” with “child” you have accurately distilled it down to its essence.

      • Respectfully disagree.
        Children aren’t expected to behave like adults..
        Children can (usually) be trained to behave according to accepted cultural norms.
        Children (usually) respect adults, have an innate desire to please big people.
        Members of the radical Left, on the other hand, seem to have few, if any, redeeming childlike qualities, except for the ability to throw monstrous tantrums secure in their belief that big people won’t paddle their arses, send ’em upstairs without dinner.

        • Absolutely Correct! Thank you for putting it so perfunctorily! There is no other way for us to look at the left/Marxist/Communist Regime. They are acting like a bunch of two-year olds with one exception. They are not two years old, they are adults that have never grown up.

  1. The Left can pound sand!
    Women and girls are SICK of the grooming, and being told they just have to deal with having a confused idiot male on their female teams. Finally we are pushing back against this insanity!

  2. The high priority ASD document MRAK referenced was last revised in August, 2020. ASD priorities have not recently changed, the conservative culture wars on children has changed into overdrive

  3. At least the State has it figured out–let’s spend time and money focusing on keeping less than a half dozen transgender females from playing sports. Great use of resources! These trans people need to cover up and go away so the State can get back to working on oil and gas and the PFD. Just think about how much more business would have been conducted if we had just outlawed transgenderism and gay people knew to keep their mouths shut.

  4. Why are progressive liberals hell bent on decimating girls and women?
    Thank you for the sane votes to protect girls.
    Next thing to do is get rid of the insane people that would have you believe that boys are girls and girls are boys. People that don’t even know basic biological facts shouldn’t be teaching our children ANYTHING!

  5. “Where is the data that indicates this is a widespread issue in Alaska”
    It’s not a wide spread issue in Alaska. It’s a non-issue as of now. No need to wait for it to become a big problem when we can just nip it in the bud, so to speak.

  6. I don’t suppose the parents or guardians of these kids of minor age thought through the impact of enabling the kids who choose to transition that the stigma would grow not shrink. Or the thought that we don’t let them vote until they are 18. Or the idea that a little stress now is a taste of lifetime trauma in the future.

  7. Where does ASD find these clowns? And where are the parents of the girls who have been forced to share their locker rooms with the male species? But more importantly, where are the parents of the prissy males that aren’t talented enough to compete with their own gender?
    And… why do Bryantt and Bellamy still hold their jobs?

  8. “The mission of the Anchorage School District (ASD) is to educate all students for success in life. We accept and support all students. Regardless of today’s decision, ASD will continue to provide a safe and welcoming school environment for all students. We will continue to ensure an inclusive, nurturing, and respectful school experience for our diverse community.”

    Hmmm….”We will continue to ensure an inclusive, nurturing, and respectful school experience for our diverse community.”

    No mention of actual ‘education’ or ‘educational’ assurance. No mention of the tenets of education within their message. No mention of the abysmal test scores and level of ‘true’ educational attributes, such as reading ability, writing ability, mathematical ability, critical and independent thinking ability, or general civics studies ability.

    When the powers that be tell you, in no uncertain terms who, and what they are, listen to and believe them no matter how they parse their words.

    All this over a simple premise.

    Males, no matter what they call themselves, or how mentally ill they are that they believe themselves to be something they are not, no matter how much they believe, or try to be, will simply NEVER be a female, and thus, should NEVER be allowed to compete with females within a competitive setting that is set aside for female competition.

    Males are males and females are females.

    Within a nearly impossible MINISCULE percentage born with both genitalia, physically, everything else is a MENTAL condition, NOT a physical one.

    And yet, the supporters of this mental condition point to the ‘science’ of their belief system, when ‘science’, nor ‘biology’ has anything to do with it.

    Period. End of story.

  9. It isn’t as if the homosexuals on the Assembly have any kids, so what exactly is their opinion worth in this discussion? The same can be said for most of the school board, whose kids are grown or out of the line of their fire. If it were their girls who were maimed by boys playing sports against them, the story would be quite different.

  10. Anchorage could certainly choose how they want to operate. If so then it’s time they stop taking state money to fund ASD.

  11. Dr. Bryantt, please go back to Texas where you were ruining the Houston Independent School District, which by the way, had to be taken over by the state because it was performing so poorly. You only looked for an out after failing to get elected to their school board. As far as Bellamy goes, she has been a disaster from the get go with her emotional learning bs. How about actually teaching the kids to succeed in life and not all the bs that you try to push. ASD parents need to wake up and get these idiots off the board or the schools will never perform adequately again.

  12. Chuckle. Chuckle. Those leftist Assembly persons are all talk. I’d liked to see them with children especially Constant and Rivera. They’d be such clueless dads. They would be the kind of parents they’d not even regularly read aloud to their own babies nor even know what type of juvenile literature would better develop a baby’s brain for school, society, and culture. You know what’s funny! These leftist never read aloud to a child for five years at ten books a day with regularly daily field trips to places as museums, parks, buses, and libraries plus teaching your child to read waiting patiently even nervously waiting when your child ‘s brain clicks after helping and teaching them to read before you see them reading on their own.

    What did Constant, Rivera, Brawley, Bryantt and Bellamy ever do to teach a child how to read and be a better thinker than their own parent. Nothing.

    Anyway. Read aloud to your kids and make it a family tradition even if your child is a teenager then read aloud something as poetry to your teen whose not used to their parent or grandparent reading aloud to them but they will appreciate it one day if it became regular. Read aloud what you’re reading keeping in mind what is appropriate for a youth to hear.

  13. The entity that can “set aside a division for students who identify with either sex or gender” is the Alaska School Athletics Association, not the Alaska State Board of Education as David Boyle falsely claims. The resolution now goes to the Department of Law to determine whether the trans ban is legal under Alaska’s constitution. Since the 9th District Court has already decided that a similar trans ban in Idaho violates the law, and because Alaska’s constitution grants even more privacy rights to Alaskans than Idaho, it is very likely that a similar ruling will overturn the trans ban if it is enacted.

    • What a bunch of hoohah! There is no ban. Trans whatevers can still compete, just not against the girls. Boohoo! That means they may have to REALLY compete.

  14. They certainly have the balls to fight “discrimination”. But seem to have forgotten what Martin Luther King, Jr. Did for every one in this nation by exposing all the hatred southern whites had for blacks. Or they use that as their springing board…..

    • Actually, Frozen in time, MLK Jr. exposed the hatred of Democrat lawmakers in Washington DC had for blacks.

      And if you REALLY want to get real, it was NOT the general populace of southern states that fomented said hate of blacks, as they lived side by side with them, and suffered the same degradation of their way of life, but their Democrat politicians that did so, just as the Democrat politicians of the Northern States did so as well.

      The supposed ‘poor white trash’ had no negative opinion of their black neighbors as they were within the same scope of existence as a result of their Democrat representative actions and laws, even though the Democrat politician’s edicts attempted to convince the ‘poor whites’ that their situation was a result of the ‘poor black’ situation, just as the Nazi ‘poor German’ was a result of the ‘poor Jew’ situation.

      The bottom line, of course, is that the Leftist Governmental control, within both situations, through either the Democrat or Nazi control, chose their victims against what was reality, within what said victims did not actually experience victimization, but rather, a false sense of victimhood, all whilst they were victimizing those that they were accusing of victimizing them.

      • I’ve been unable to get secondary verification, but I recently heard a podcast discussing why the black community when from generally republican to democrat overnight.

        The premise was back when MLK was in jail once, “Daddy” King (his father) reached out to Eisenhower for help. Ike declined to help, but JFK was all over it. So “Daddy” said the Democrats care more about us than the Republicans do, and the rest is history.

        The GOP tried to recover by going hard for civil rights, but couldn’t offset LBJs massive social giveaway.

        Again, I’m still looking for secondary verification, so take it with a grain of salt.

  15. What is the problem?
    It is the leftists. They are children. Oh.. they have adult sized bodies, and an adult level vocabulary, but they are children… no, toddlers, nonetheless.
    In their world, they are in charge, end of story. If they do not get their way, they throw a temper tantrum, overturn the board, or take their ball and go home. Cheating is a necessary part of their winning.
    So, when a male swimmer who ranks in the 400s decides to “change gender” and is now the top ranked “female” in collegiate swimming, they cheer! It is their nature.
    Further, the leftists are not capable of building anything. They can produce nothing of value. in order for them to feel like they “accomplished” something, they must destroy. Demolition is not a bad thing, assuming you have something (hopefully and improved something) to put in its place. But, leftists cannot think that far ahead, they have all the planning skills of a five year old.
    And, that is the very basis of what is wrong with this outcome.
    They have a vision of this ideal world where declaring you are a female makes you a female, and as such, it is inappropriate to deny you access to what other females have access to. Because the system does not conform to their ideal, it must be destroyed.
    Which leads us to answering the question: “What is the problem?” If you are a rational adult, you see there is no problem. If you have the mental reasoning capacity of a five year old, you see the solution is not ideal, therefore, it must be destroyed.

  16. Okay! Women and men have their teams! Why can’t the trans have their own team! This is not difficult decision! Trans people get your own team! And battle it out in sports!

    • Not good enough for the toddlers… errr… I mean leftists.
      It is not the super double best ideal situation because someone placed into the transgender league might get upset because they are not being treated as the gender they want to be. So, feels are more important.
      And, because the current system is not ideal, it must be destroyed.

  17. ASD with Bryantt and Bellamy in charge are rapidly defunding themselves.
    Come on Mike let’s get school vouchers so the lower income families dont have to suffer the tyranny of communist style school leaders.

  18. Nothing changes until Anchorage gets motivated to dump the school board.

    It’s up to you, Anchorage.

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