The lecturing vagina defined the 2020 Women’s March


The theme this year for the protesting women seemed to be a do-over of the well-worn concept of “The Angry Vagina.”

The 2020 Women’s March took place Saturday, Jan. 18 in select cities across the nation, including Anchorage and Juneau, and it came with all manner of references to angry women, vengeful vaginas, and warnings that “You have not seen nasty yet! Grab ’em by the November Election!”

About 100 women, men, and children attended the Juneau rally at the Capitol, down from the over 900 people who marched in Juneau in 2017. A few dozen attended the Anchorage rally in the 3-degree temperature.

In addition to the sign in Juneau referring to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s vagina needing to vote like a vagina, scroll through some of the more colorful photos from social media that caught our eye from around the country:


  1. Well then… Sounds like it was fun for the whole family. A real wholesome event. I’m glad that I missed it.

  2. What happened to those pink hats? I remember seeing witches and hags all wearing pink hats at the last demonstration. Is pink out of fashion now?

  3. What a disgusting display for children to see! The parents of these kids should be ashamed of themselves. They want to stand and act silly that is their choice. Children have no place in something like this.. What is wrong with these mothers! As a fifty year Alaska resident I’m appalled that this crap is allowed on the streets… The content is not appropriate. Oh wait, that is what the left is ALL ABOUT being inappropriate! So gross!

    • You are so right. My wife and I work hard to make sure my daughters won’t know about their vaginas until they’re at least 21, that way they can grow up without knowing how disgusting and vile they really are. Save them the heartache, you know? I know you feel me. And the best thing about it — keeping them in the dark about their own biology, that is — is that when they hear recordings of our dear leader bragging that he “grabbed them by the pussy,” they won’t know that he’s talking about leveraging his power and fame to molest someone of their same gender — I’m pretty sure they think he saves young women from angry cats (which is probably what he meant in that recording, if it’s even real — fake news, amiright?!)

  4. Sort of funny, but after seeing these vagina signs, I instantly thought of something. These women want Lisa and other women to “think” with their vaginas and vote against President Trump and supposedly that is good. But, for decades men have been chastised and hated by women for “thinking” with their penises.

  5. As a woman I think this stuff is pretty offensive. I for one do not think of myself as a vagina, or boobs or any other body part. I am a rational thinking human being. I guess if I wanted to refer to myself as a body part I would prefer the brain. How about a “brain march” on Washington? There obviously are not enough of them there now.

  6. Another fine example of the coarsening of America. Seems like the left would finally realize that profanity and vulgarity are NOT the proper or dignified way to argue their points. But then again, they have nothing else to fall back on. They just disgust me.

  7. There’s a heavy mix of beards in that pile up. I wonder if their wives told them to get their vag’s out there and to bring a sign. Or maybe they’re in two pickle relationships and their bf’s told them to get their vag’s out there and spread that word.

    I’d bet a nickel none of these people needed to take time off of work to attend. I’d bet another nickel that angry vaginas are rarely treated w/the respect they see offered others. If it’s true though that for some it may be all they have, it’s also true that Alaska will always have a need.

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