The female ‘black-out’ day on Facebook is a sign…



If you’re a woman with Facebook friends from all sides of the political spectrum, then you likely received an invitation to turn your Facebook profile picture all black today, to show the world what it would be like without women in the world.

“Tomorrow, female blackout from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Its a movement to show what the world might be like without women. Your profile photo should just be a black square so that men wonder where the women are. Pass it only to women … It’s for a project against domestic abuse. It is no joke. Share it.”

That’s the note that has been making the rounds, and it’s coming from good-hearted women who want to make a point. But they may not be making the point they hope to make.


Is life really that bad in the USA, where unemployment is the lowest in generations, where women have more power and more voice than at any time in the history of the world?

May we suggest a flower, a kitten, or a photo of a gorgeous fall day instead of a black box of rage. These are things that people enjoy on Facebook. They don’t enjoy seeing people sulk because the world isn’t perfect.

Today’s black-out is simply fuel to the fire that is turning Facebook into a toxic neighborhood, filled with people who, like the governor of Alaska’s chief of staff, cannot resist going nuts against those who disagree with him.

Instead of black-out time, several Facebook users are taking a simple time-out until the Kavanaugh hearings are done. They have decided that Facebook is ruining their good opinions of people and the world at large. They are spending more time with their families, cooking, caring for others, and getting out and about.

If you’re spending more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook, and if all your friends’ posts are grievances, it’s definitely time for a mental health break from Facebook. You will not miss anything. The world will still be imperfect when you get back.


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