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The eco-extremists keep guessing, and keep getting it wrong


It’s almost become comical.

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Washington Post story this week bemoaned the end of permanent ice in the Arctic’s oceans, noting that the original estimate of 2050 was likely to be sped up to somewhere around 2035.

Anyone who has followed this guessing game knows it is nothing other than a fear-over-facts narrative by the climate cult; designed to sustain income streams for the various eco groups and clicks for mainstream media outlets who amplify every Chicken Little cry of pending disaster.

In 2013, an excellent article in Forbes outlined the numerous times climate ‘experts’ predicted the end of year-round Arctic ice. Guesses of ice-free periods starting in the mid-2010s didn’t come true, nor did the Guardian’s commentary from 2012, pinpointing 2015 as the year of final demise.

More recently, alarmists have been all over the map with their predictions: 2022 (which, obviously, was a big miss) from a 2018 study authored by a Harvard professor and his team; 2032 from a 2016 study, 2035 in the Post and plenty of other outlets, and 2050 from numerous climate doomsayers. 

If the doom-and-gloom crowd can’t get ice levels correct, how do they expect anyone to believe their larger arguments around the ‘climate crisis’, global warming, sea-level rise and global extinction?

Reminder: We said “almost comical.” Their misses would be comical if it wasn’t for the damage the climate cult does to America’s energy economy, our national security and our standing among the world’s power structure. 

That’s why Power The Future will continue to fight, and we appreciate you joining us.

Rick Whitbeck is the Alaska State Director for Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs and opportunities. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @PTFAlaska.



  1. We need more Hydro dams and everyone can drive electric vehicles. Maybe that’ll help their prediction better heheheheheh

  2. So this is all disinformation and the internet sensors should ban all of this as it’s scaring people so they are gluing themselves to the pavement. There should not be any lying about climate change. It changes every minute of every day. The liars should be put on trial.

  3. The only consistent thing in the environment panic porn is every claim they make gets proven wrong.

    Ozone going away.
    Acid rain deforestation.
    New ice age.
    New heat wave.
    350 mph hurricanes.
    Irreversible air pollution.
    Miami underwater 15 years ago.
    Global famine.
    Polar bear extinction.
    Melting polar ice.
    Run out of fossil fuels.

    And on and on and on.
    Always wrong, always moving the goalposts.

    • And, always imposing taxes every time they make a prediction. Either that or imposing more government control, take your pick.

    • I’ll stop after item one : legislation was enacted in response to the depleting ozone layer. Guess what: it worked.

  4. Dealing with these immature, radical, ill-informed, high anxiety, overly // highly emotional, hate filled, and literal mental cases is completely exhausting!!! But, the fight must go on with the facts on the side of logic, reason, and common sense. Sooner or later, the American people will tire of this non-sense as these eco-terrorist’s claims continue to fall short of fundamental truth!

  5. The only reason they get it wrong is because they are underfunded.
    “Hide the Decline using Mike’s Nature Trick.”

  6. The very fact that the democrats just let 6-9 million third world peasants into America who will all now have much larger carbon footprints and will be causing much wildlife habitat destruction just to build houses for them proves that they actually don’t give a damn about the environment.

    • I wonder if the large influx of unemployed, un-housed, undocumented, illegal aliens in the country has anything to do with the increasing number of homeless in America. Gee, ?

  7. Exactly George. The same people who want to ban gas stoves are now sitting in a thick forest fire fog that’s drifted down from Canada. The Global elite who sponsor all this still ride in Limos, fly all over the world, and eat flown in gourmet food cooked over natural gas or propane.

  8. That you would believe anything that this shill for the oil companies says reflects poorly on YOU! Unlike YOU, I have the intelligence and the education to read and understand the raw data. Human caused climate change IS real and the major oil companies have admitted this. Unfortunately, they then pay foul people like this guy to muddy the waters. Sure the climate does change, and there have even been times, long before man, that it has been warmer than now. However, the rate of change has NEVER been this extreme. We have complete and accurate temperature records for the entire world going back 100 years. We have accurate records for the world’s oceans (no Arctic) going back to 1600 AD. Here is a FACT…9 of the 10 hottest years on record happened in the last TEN years. If you don’t understand the significance of this then YOU are hopelessly brainwashed. I haven’t left Interior Alaska in 20 years and my personal observations are that it IS a LOT warmer…and because of that we’ve been having RECORD snowfalls and totals. If you can’t understand the science or do the math, then there’s one large piece of evidence proving this guy’s a liar…last summer a CRUISE SHIP went on a LEISURELY CRUISE to the North Pole! (YouTube) If you still don’t get it then YOUR own children/grandchildren WILL come to hate you for your gluttony. Take a good look at ol’ Greta Thornburg’s angry face, cuz it’s coming to a family near you. If that’s still not enough to convince you…the Bible states that God will “destroy the destroyers of the Earth”. Are you sure you want to be standing next to Rick when you face God???

    • Did you ever think how funny this line of yours sounds? “my personal observations are that it IS a LOT warmer…and because of that we’ve been having RECORD snowfalls and totals.” Huh? Is it getting warmer or cooler? Part of the fight you are having with people is because so many of us are “older”. We have been there, done that. In other words, the sky has been falling for most of our lives and we are flat out tired of chicken little running around. ( I hope you know what the chicken little story is about.)

      • Is it “funny” that you THINK you know what you’re talking about, but in reality you do not? I’ll use simpler words…I’ve never seen a snow storm at 50* below. You know why? Because air that cold cannot hold much moisture. In the 1980’s and 90’s, January was SURE to have days of 50, 60, 70, and a few times even 80 BELOW. I haven’t seen 60 below in about TWENTY YEARS! Even -40*F is pretty rare. Last two January’s EVERY day was ABOVE zero and all that WARM air carried RECORD amounts of moisture which produced record amounts of snow. At first I thought it was hilariously funny that you would think it snows more when it’s cold (do you think we live in igloos?!)…but then I realized how pathetic it was that you lived all those years you claim to have lived yet didn’t understand this very basic fact regarding the weather. I know somebody who ignored ‘chicken little’ when it told him smoking cigarettes would kill him. I remember him being sorrowful that he didn’t listen…and AFRAID! The purpose of my comment was to prevent some of you from repeating cigarette man’s mistake on a much grander scale. That you would find that funny is SAD.

        • Antonio
          Tell me what the temps and snowfall were 1 billion years ago. How much snow was there? You’re trying to convince yourself that your weather observations tell us the weather is changing. Nobody has the weather data for the last 4.6 billion years. This rock has changing weather and you can’t change it. You are just a guesser.

        • So, Antonio, smoking cigarettes has a detrimental effect upon the climate?

          Or does the climate have a detrimental effect upon smoking cigarettes?

          Chicken or the egg, I suppose.

          And you HAVE heard of cyclical weather, or cyclical climate conditions, correct?

          You know, those things that happen upon this planet every so often, say every 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 and more years, within cyclical episodes of energy from the Sun as well?

          But, well, you do you, Antonio. Panic as you deem fit to do so.

      • You latched onto one word of my reply–“funny”, which has more than one definition. A secondary definition is “Difficult to explain or understand; strange or odd.” Not all of us think everything is amusing or laughable.

    • “the rate of change has NEVER been this extreme.” That’s demonstrably incorrect, ever heard of Dansgaard–Oeschger events? Sudden and catastrophic climate events are known to happen throughout history. Maybe you should lookup the Indus civilization that simply disappeared likely due to climate, or the Anasazi, maybe you’ve heard of the Minnoans or the Hittiets? The ancient Egyptians recorded just how sudden climactic change can occur. Sudden and extreme climate change has in fact happened in the past, numerous times in recorded history.

      “We have complete and accurate temperature records for the entire world going back 100 years.” Wow, 100 whole years, does that seem like a lot to you? And we do not have complete and accurate temperature records for the entire world going back 20 years, let alone 100. We have a partial record, only some of which would be considered accurate for the last 100 years.

      “We have accurate records for the world’s oceans (no Arctic) going back to 1600 AD.” No, no we don’t.

  9. I tried to follow the science, and could not get anywhere with it.
    Then I decided to follow the money, and I found the science.

  10. Bit of trivia here.
    What do I have in common with Greta Thunberg, John Kerry, Leo DiCaprio, and Bill Gates?
    I have the same exact advanced degree in Climate Science from the same exact university as they do.

  11. What the radicals call ‘climate change’ (formerly ‘global warming’. Even more formerly ‘global cooling’) the rest of us call ‘the weather’. Some days are warmer/cooler than others. Some years are warmer/cooler than others. Same for decades and centuries. It just cycles along whether we humans are here or not. Some things to note:

    -evidence that oceans once covered North America.
    -jungles once covered part of the Sahara Desert.
    -Greenland once had so much grass that Vikings settled there and grazed cattle and sheep.
    -Alaska was once warm enough that cold blooded dinosaurs lived here.
    -Gasp! Dinosaurs once existed but do not exist now!
    -We know of at least four historical periods that we refer to as ‘Ice Ages’

    Shall we continue?

  12. Wackos on eco-patrol. This is the sum total of their college education. Their Marxist parents must be so proud.

  13. Why would any want a gas stove in Their home in the first place. So freaking hot. Your home is not a commercial kitchen and you’re not a chef even though you like to think of yourself as one. Leave the gas stoves to the guys cranking out 200 meals at a time. You don’t need gas burners to steam your crab legs and make a grilled cheese. Besides electric is way cheaper. Quit pretending you need commercial equipment. It’s like you don’t need to drive a crew cab dually diesel flatbed to your job at the office. You don’t need to wear carhearts to wait tables. And you don’t need extra tuffs at the airport posers

    • “Besides electric is way cheaper.” The only place this is true is where they don’t have gas.

      • Steve, Loren knows what you do and do not need, what is best for you. Just shut up and let him dress you.

    • It’s not about needs, it’s about wants. Stop looking at it from a “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” Marxist point of view. Most of us want more than a Soviet era flat with a communal bathroom. I like having a three bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage, one gas stove/oven house all to myself. Some people might say I don’t need such a house, but it’s none of their business. They need to get over it. That includes you.

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