The Capital Budget veto list

Capital budget signing
  • $10 million: Statewide Addiction Treatment Facilities Capital Matching Grants – a project of Rep. Ivy Spohnholz.
  • $200,000: Denali Commission Clean Water and Safe Sanitary Sewer
  • $50,000: Federation of Community Council’s Area Community Patrols
  • $5,000: Federal of Community Council’s Mountain View clean up.
  • $400,000: Marine Exchange of Alaska Alaska Vessel Tracking system upgrades and expansion
  • $42,800: Sterling Area Senior Citizens, hallway carpet and kitchen upgrades
  • $300,000: Yukon Flats School District potable water tank replacement
  • $15,000: Kenai earthquake proofing of library shelving in children’s reading room
  • $70,000: Soldotna patrol vehicle cameras
  • $900,000: Stratton building renovation
  • $500,000 Emergency Medical Services for Code Blue project
  • $150,000: National Historic Preservation Fund
  • $750,000: AHFC Cold Climate Housing Research Center
  • $5 million: AHFC weatherization programs
  • $1.75 million: AHFC teacher, health, and public safety professionals housing.
  • $1 million: Public and community transportation state match
  • $2.5 million: University of Alaska deferred maintenance, renovation and repoar
  • $2.5 million: USArray earthquake monitoring network
  • $3.6 million: AHFC Homeless assistance
  • $1 million: DOTPF Coordinated transportation and vehicles
  • $4 million: Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority Interior Gas Utility LNG facility in North Pole
  • The governor also reappropriated proceeds from the sale of Department of Education state-owned land in Sitka to Mt. Edgecumbe boarding school, and reappropriated $34,600 from the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Alaska Military Youth Academy deferred maintenance to Flattop Mountain Trail. He will appropriate proceeds from the sale of Alaska Marine Highway System assets to the Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Replacement Fund. And he will reappropriate Alaska Housing Capital Corporation funds back to the same account.




    • You’re free to leave any time.


      Go visit the wall Trump’s building and see how long you keep you 2nd Ammendment rights.

    • If i’m not mistaken, this was only for the Capital Budget… the other Veto’s are most likely going to be upheld.

  1. Totaling up that list, it’s less than $35MM in cuts(!!!), is that ‘all’ of it?
    Or, is that only from the first page of many pages of cuts yet to come?
    If that’s truly it for cuts to State Gov’t Budget, that’s significantly short of what’s really required to achieve sustainability, and quite a blow to the confidence of many of us reasonable constituents thinking that we can reasonably / effectively right-size SOA Gov’t.

  2. According to this document the Capital Budget was about $162,000,000 with cuts of around $35,000,000 that’s about 22%. I’ve seen reports where the Capital Budget was $173,000,000 but this document comes from the Legislature and they are well know not to lie about anything…

    • Dunleavy won’t waffle, he isn’t like that… And with a new pick in the Senate due to the recent passing of a very moderate Republican, Gov. Dunleavy is going to be able to retrench and solidify his position.

  3. I’d like to think that we all agree that the budget needs to get cut. Spending has been way too high for a long time. I can’t see that the sky is falling and I am sure not in favor of recalling this Governor. He is making the hard decisions that need to be made. It will surely affect Alaskans across the board and the gravy train is slowing ending. I know for certain that I wouldn’t choose to be the person who inherited this mess (Dunleavy) and who has to fight daily with a dysfunctional Legislature. I vote, again, to keep him in office and to finish this process. To those who want to recall him, before you submit any application to do that, please publicize your plan. What’s next? Oh, right…. you don’t have one. My point made.

  4. I can see it being tough tightening the belt when we have lived for so many years bejond our means. We just can’t keep spending more than we actually have.

  5. Full PFD don’t forward fund government with our half of the dividend. Full Statutory Historic PFDs. Keep the downsizing coming. With efficiency many programs will remain, they need to be dropped from time to time to bring out more private sector efficiencies. Like a tree when you cut it back it brings more fruit. The only way to keep the government fruitful is with full PFDs keeping and keeping them in check. The PFD will continue as long as we have half. The second our half is taken we won’t have the maximum benefit for the people. Furthermore if the public sector grows so will the leftist ideas that keep us from building our own roads and maximizing our own resources. We need to stop letting California decide what we do with our minerals. No more blocking productive projects that provide a maximum benefit for not only the people of Alaska but for the United States of America.

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