Tennessee couple found safe after hiking away from Chena Hot Springs


A Tennessee couple who were reported missing while hiking near Chena Hot Springs were found safe Friday evening.

Jonas Bare, 50 and Cynthia Hovsepian, 37, had left their possessions in their lodging in Fairbanks but failed to check out on Aug. 12. They also failed to make their return flight from Alaska and had not contacted family members. A search was launched by Alaska State Troopers and other rescue organizations, including PAWS rescue dogs.

On Friday evening, two hikers encountered Jonas Bare on a trail approximately 200 yards from Chena Hot Springs Resort.

The hikers brought Bare to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers search and rescue command post within the resort.

Bare was uninjured and told Troopers that he had left Hovesepian to seek help. Bare guided Troopers and rescuers to the general area where Hovesepian was located, which was approximately three miles from the resort.

Hovesepian was located by the search team after calling out for her.

Bare, Hovesepian, and the rescue teams returned to Chena Hot Springs Resort at 8:40 pm, and they were evaluated by medics.


  1. Visitors are so used to living where you can’t get lost on a simple hike. And possibly die. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

  2. This is why tourists need to be discouraged to going off trail anywhere in Alaska. They wasted the time of the authorities because they chose to be stupid! This place will hand your butt to you on a platter if you don’t watch where you are going.
    Personally, I think they need to be charged for the wasted time they caused!

  3. There are black bears in the Chena Hot Springs area. What dude walks away and leaves his girlfriend alone in bear country? Unless she was injured. Something weird about this story.

  4. Here Honey rub this Bacon Grease on you it will keep the Mosquitoes away while I go get help. There’s more to this Story

  5. There is either much more unto the story, or these are the two most obtuse individuals on earth.

    Or rather likely, both.

    Regardless, they should be made to pay financially for the efforts to locate and ‘rescue’ them.

  6. Tennessee is a Red state. And it’s more Red than Alaska. By the two’s more polished look I bet they are Red voters. Just as the leftists Democrats with their laidback unkempt appearance or outdoorsy look they unite behind one another complimenting how one another look despite Alaskans tend to look frumpy (me included but I am working toward improving), so if an Alaskan compliments me I think I probably look bad. But if this lady or Bernadette ever complimented me most likely I’d be looking sharp like them. Us Alaskan women should take a beauty care lesson by such ladies and take care of ourselves as our Republican and or conservative sisters tend to do from a red state.
    we probably shouldn’t be bashing people like these two if we want our state encourage an increase of more red and conservative voters relocating to Alaska by experiencing our genuine hospitality.

  7. I urge all hikers –whether local or out of state–to get the All Trails app ( for within coverage) or a GPS tracker. So easy to get lost in so many places.

  8. Some folks shouldn’t go past the mall. Over a week wqndering in circles with the bugs and bears ? Not buying it.

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