Tagish the Tug will head to a scrapyard out of state


The historic tugboat Tagish, which sank while tied to a dock in Juneau on Dec. 29, was raised and secured on the beach at the National Guard Dock in Gastineau Channel, Feb. 19, with the help of the U.S. Coast Guard and contractors.

Workers dewatered and defueled the 107-foot tugboat, prior to dismantling and placing on a barge, in pieces, for its final disposal out-of-state, the Coast Guard reported.

The Coast Guard’s mission during this recovery was to maximize maritime environmental protection where the tugboat was submerged. Melino’s Marine Services, the contracted salvage company, successfully removed the vessel with its barge and crane system, the Coast Guard reported.

“The cooperative efforts from federal, state, and local entities in mitigating the risks to the environment were key to the success of this event,” said Capt. Darwin Jensen, commanding officer, Sector Juneau. “Establishing these relationships not only ensures we build a safer community but also promotes marine environmental safety in our backyards.”

The tug has lineage back to World War II, where it was deployed as a fire boat at Pearl Harbor, Oahu. It has been owned by Juneauite Don Etheridge for 25 years, and he has been working to restore it up until it suddenly filled with water and sank.


  1. A Juneau rite of passage. Sinking tugs.

    Wonder who’s turn is up next? It’s not CBJ without an errant sinking tug in the channel.

  2. Is it at all possible that the owner of the Tagish isn’t going to be billed for all/any of the costs of this project?
    Asking for a friend…..

  3. I wonder what the final bill is. Why are they so worried about the pollution from that little old wooden tug? In two months the downtown business association will be standing on the dock with Travel Juneau to welcome the fleet of cruise ships that they set their clocks to. Juneau worried about pollution? I think not.


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