Sweep: Bernie Sanders loses Florida, Illinois, Arizona


Bernie Sanders lost the primary in three big states tonight: Florida and Illinois. And he lost bigly.

Joe Biden has 1,147 delegates to Sanders’ 861 delegates.

Ohio on Monday delayed its primary election, which had been scheduled for today. The state’s health director ordered the polls closed, and after a tense court battle, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the decision. The new date is June 2.

Across today’s three primary states, turnout appeared light.

The online betting site, Predictit.org is now showing Biden far in the lead for Alaska, which has historically been Sanders country.

The betting map on March 17, 2020
The Predictibetting map on Feb. 14, 2020


  1. Capitalism good. Communism bad. I’m glad people are starting to figure that much out. Next they need to figure out that Joe Biden’s time is up. It is sad to watch. He can’t even formulate a sentence anymore.

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