Suzanne Downing: We’ve come to expect so little of the Alaska Democratic Party, but this week they slapped the faces of our fallen heroes



The Alaska Democratic Party is whistling past the graveyard of the 13 Americans who died in Afghanistan, pretending that it’s not their problem or the problem of the president they ushered into office.

The official organ of the Alaska Democratic Party is an e-newsletter that goes out regularly. It’s called “Tall Tales from Juneau.” It’s full of snark and vinegar, always saving its best attack lines for the Republican governor, and now the Republican mayor of Anchorage.

Partisan to the core, Tall Tales is their official propaganda written by their official propagandist, and we have come to expect very little of substance, because it’s generally a divisive and mean-spirited screed.

But this week? The Alaska Democratic Party newsletter was twice its usual toxic self, while making no mention of the horrific collapse of Kabul, and no acknowledgement of the women and children being raped under President Joe Biden’s failed attempt to rush U.S. forces out of Afghanistan before Sept. 11, his arbitrary deadline.

What’s worse, the Alaska Democratic Party newsletter was stone-cold silent on the 13 U.S. servicemen who lost their lives trying to save people from the Taliban. The party pretends that nothing just happened.

Instead, the Alaska Democratic Party harped on about Gov. Dunleavy, Mayor Bronson, and even Lance Roberts, who is an assemblyman running for reelection in Fairbanks, jeering at his faith and his interpretation of Holy Scripture, something about which the Alaska Democratic Party now has an opinion. Who knew?

The Democrats sneered at the Mat-Su residents for having an outbreak of Covid-19, and blamed it on the people’s choices to not wear enough layers over their noses and mouths. (For the Democrats, the only layers enough for the Mat-Su Alaskans are whatever layers it would take to smother them out of existence). No mention was made of Covid running rampant in Juneau, where 78 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against it, and 83 percent of the population over 12 has had at least one shot, yet the city is still is in the red zone.

Must Read Alaska got a cameo in the newsletter, as this conservative publication and the companion MRAK newsletter irks the Democrats to no end on a regular basis. They huffed and puffed over a “balls of steel” MRAK headline about the Mayor Dave Bronson’s hiring of a new chief of staff.

Meanwhile, the official organ of the Alaska Democratic Party makes no mention about the Democrat Biden-Harris Administration leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in weaponry for the Taliban to use against the Afghan people, including over a hundred Blackhawk helicopters, hundreds of Humvees, tanks, U.S. military uniforms, body armor, Howitzers, drones, night vision goggles and the biometric information for every member of the Afghan Army, whose remaining members will be hunted down and executed by the Taliban, while their wives are forced into sexual slavery, their children are raped, and their homes ransacked.

The Alaska Democrats signed off on a newsletter to its membership that ignores that the Biden Administration gave the Taliban a list of names of U.S. citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies, supposedly because the Taliban would ensure safe passage for those individuals, who are now sitting ducks.

Instead, Democrats attacked Alaska Republicans in Juneau for refusing to rush through a bill that was fundamentally flawed – H.B. 3003. They lectured about, of all things, empty chairs.

There are a lot of empty chairs in homes across America today — chairs at the tables, held in reserve for the sons we sent to protect our people from terrorism. Not to mention that it was their own legislative membership of Democrats and turncoat Republicans who could not muster a quorum because they don’t actually have a real majority.

While the worst humanitarian crisis of many generations is taking place under Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, and while the entire world sees that the emperor has no clothes, Alaska Democratic Party officials are so fixated on petty attacks against Republicans that they forgot to take off their hats and bow their heads for even a moment, to mourn the loss of the Marines, the Army soldiers, and the Navy medic who will never come home.

“Tall Tales” this week was a shameful disgrace to the Alaska Democratic Party. Normally, I wouldn’t waste ink on it here at Must Read Alaska, but with a nation in shock and mourning, with flags lowered and prayers being whispered in homes across America, and with many of us expecting more terrorist attacks to come due to the actions of this weak and feckless president, someone needs to call out the Democrats for losing their moral compass.

The Alaska Democrats can do better, and for the sake of our country, now is surely the time for all Democrats to reassess who they are and what they stand for, and to decide if the Tall Tales Party is still right for them.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. Democrats are the absolute most disrespectful and ugly people in our country. No sense of patriotism, nor a unified moral compass. They are greedy, self-centered, and robotic in their political legerdemain. Their rhetoric is full of twisted, psychological stagecraft, meant to scare people into a sort of frenzied mass compliance. Their tactics are a combination of Taliban, Goebbels and 13th century witchcraft. Truly ugly people.

    • You forgot Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Trotsky, Castro, and the Khmer Rouge. 65 million murdered unborn babies is a greater slaughter than Hitler and Stalin combined. Democrats = Evil. Thank you Suzanne for keeping half an eye on them – I have neither the time nor the stomach to pay attention to their fantasy.

    • Yours is a great description. The media has indoctrinated them to the point that debate is futile. I can’t compete with your framing so I’ll just say they are lower than whale doo and that won’t even grow grass.

      • Not to mention that …… about 80% of my psychiatric patients are Democrats. Typically, they have little sense of right and wrong, or of true human feelings…… which is enigmatic in my profession because Democrats are the first to pronounce their world beliefs and political decisions based on their so-called humanitarian outpouring. Surprisingly, no…. amazingly, Democrats show little humanitarianism in practice, compared to the Republicans I have counseled. It seems to be an engrained culture within their party to speak a particular line of belief, without true empathetical action. Most of the psychotropic drugs that I prescribe, and most ongoing treatment is provided to my Democrat patients.

        • Dr. Dan will be the driving force behind DSM-6 including Democratism as a mental disorder, yes?
          One wonders whether speaking a line of belief, without true empathetical action is symptomatic of a deficit lying between extremes of poorly developed self awareness and psychopathy.
          Might be interesting to conduct a formal study of behavioral similarities between persons identifying as Democrat and persons rescued from cults…

  2. I bet the lead contributors of the Alaska Democrat e-newsletters are females and feminized men, it represents how many Democrat women became like the mean-spirited biblical character Jezebel and approved by Ahab men.
    Today’s Democrats, you know who they remind me of? The Bible’s descriptions who were Israel’s heathen neighbors: Canaanites, Moabites, the Philistines, the assyrians, Persia, and the babylonians. Just as Isreal intermarried and mingled with the foreigners, so does GOP leaders and their families, when the two groups should be kept separate.

  3. Afghanistan was a planned botched distraction and serves as the first stage of removing Biden as POTUS. The media is doing what its been instructed to do and turn on Biden. They are planting the seed now, and after November they’ll lay it on thick. After the impeachment/25th, February/March you will have more “First Black Woman as POTUS” bla-bla-bla than you can handle. –“Let the hunger games begin!”—

  4. I don’t see championing of God-given masculine culture in the democrat groups. It doesn’t please them to see men not sniveling, wallowing in emasculating drug use etc. Tough tinkerbells, lads. We should take the lead in showing respect here in Alaska for the guys who do not grovel for gender bending. THANKS!

  5. Well said. Thank you for what you do and for remembering those who didn’t have to die but who went willingly to serve an ungrateful nation while our military leaders work on the tough things, like increasing the bulk of a hair bun by 1/2 an inch and approving scalp tattoos.

  6. I was informed yesterday that over YWAM missionaries ( YWAM is a christian missions organization that is worldwide but was started in 1961 by Loren and Darlene Cunningham , an AG Pastor from California now based in Kona Hi USA) I was informed that they had waited for 5 days at the B……… gate, while standing in raw sewage until told by the HS to move shortly before the blast occurred. Approx 200 additional other missionaries from various countries also remain trapped in Afghanistan.

  7. Good article but I’m forced to disagree on one point…the Democrats cannot do better. If they could they wouldn’t be Democrats.

  8. They failed to mention the deliberate runaway democrats in Texas, who misappropriated state money for a private flight to neglect their jobs.

  9. Many thanks SD, for telling it like it is. Sure there’ll be some kind of attack on you for reporting the truth, but that would be expected from the likes of the Democratic Leftist idiots. Keep up the great work!

  10. The Dems hate America, its always been America last. They do not value life unless there is a benefit or financial opportunity for them. You watch Biden and this is clearly elderly abuse, they yank him out of bed or his easy chair and make him try to read some word-soup prepared speech. Then Jen Psaki gets to go on with more word soup/salads, what a mess.

  11. I have to blame the low-IQ voters and the lying republicans. The assembly is the result of the low IQ voter. Our state problems are the result of the lying Rino republicans joining the democrats to create the joke we call the legislature.

  12. So should the Democrats have followed the example set by President Donald Trump, who during a official state visit to France didn’t want to visit a cemetery where American military service members were buried? He said the cemetery was “filled with losers,” and that the nearly 2,000 Marines buried there were “suckers” for getting killed in a storied World War I battle. That’s how Republicans honor the heroes who died in the service of their country — calling them “losers” and “suckers.”

    • Twisting what actually happened. Not a seeker of Truth or absolutes. Calling lies the truth and truth a lie. I think the Bible foretold of the likes. We should not be surprised.

    • Repeat lies until some believe them. The Nazis and Commies played this strategy to perfection. You should be proud to be in such reviled company.

  13. Where have you been, slipstream? The lies you spew about President Trump were debunked eons ago by people who were actually with him at that time. Plus, I know few people who love and revere the US military more than Donald Trump.

  14. Nothing pleases conservatives more than hit pieces on President Biden distracting from the most inept Governor in Alaska’s brief history

  15. Democrats, the party of hate.
    Today’s rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party reminds me of the rhetoric of the early 20th century coming out of Europe.

  16. Did Swampy Dan ever issue a statement? It was 10+ of his brothers who were killed.

    Has Don Young said a damn thing about anything?

    The Cowardly Lion of Alaska?

    Upon reflection the GOP is far worse than the Democrats because they are supposed to know better

    • Yes, they both had statements, although Sullivan’s was a bit late because he was at Marine reserve training, is our understanding. See our earlier story on this. – sd

  17. The sad thing, is to have watched, reasonable, pro America, democrats, the kind that voted Reagan in, or if they didn’t vote for him, didn’t HATE their neighbor for doing so—be drug along with their hard left leaders and not put up any fight or resist. There’s something so utterly pathetic about that. It’s easy for one to have more respect for the communists that truly want to destroy America, than these sorts of folks. They have just gone along for the ride, and now support totally unjustifiable positions they would have been 180 degrees away from 10 years ago. They didn’t even try to fight it.

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