Suspect in custody in case of murders, arson, weapons, misconduct with corpses



Anchorage police have taken Tylan Fely, age 34, into custody. He faces charges of Murder 1, Murder 1, Murder 2, Arson 3, Misconduct Involving a Weapon 3, Misconduct Involving a Corpse, Tampering with Evidence, Criminal Negligent Burning 2 and Criminal Mischief 3.
The victims, found in a burning car on Saturday in East Anchorage, are believed to be an adult female and juvenile female, according to police. The cause of death and identities of the two victims are still being investigated and haven’t been determined at this time, police said.
Detectives said they believe this is an isolated incident and family related.

Fely is listed as a North Slope worker on his Facebook page.


  1. Fely received a eight year sentence ( not sure how much time he actually served) for walking up to guy in his vehicle with a gun and murdered him. It was because of a road rage incident. Eight Years. This occurred in 2006. When Fely was 21.
    So now Fely murders his child and the mother of his child?
    A walking time bomb. Once he found out that the people he suppose to love did want anything to do with his crazy behavior, he allegedly killed them.
    Sad story in Alaska, repeat offenders, repeating their horrible acts on innocent Alaskans.
    Question that remains to be answered is why does a murderer have to kill a second time in Alaska to gain the status that they are a menace to society before we lock them up for a period of time that corespondents to the magnitude of the crime they committed?

  2. Joshua Wade had to kill Mindy Schloss, a white, professional psychiatric nurse before he got some of what he deserved. Della Brown was just a native woman, murdered and dumped in a shed for Joshua to parade his “friends” to see as he bragged about it.
    Sounds sick, doesn’t it? Well, it was/is sick. He walks on the first one, gets nailed on the next one. The FBI is convinced he has murdered at least 5 people.
    I guess you get a few freebies before you pay up. I think I taste vomit in my mouth.

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