Surprise: Joe Miller endorses Rep. Chris Kurka for governor


Former senatorial candidate Joe Miller pulled a good one on Monday: Instead of announcing his own campaign for governor, as many expected, he endorsed Chris Kurka for governor. Yes, the same Rep. Chris Kurka who has served for 11 months in the Legislature for Wasilla.

Miller said he was disappointed in Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Nothing had been addressed to remedy vote integrity, which is an issue he takes personally after losing to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and he blamed Dunleavy for violating the U.S. Constitution in his early response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Kurka, he said, will be the real deal for conservative Alaskans.

Miller mentioned oligarchs and seemed to hold a grudge against Dunleavy, who he said had sent “underlings” to meet with him and “pat me on the head.”

Campaign observers say that Kurka could pull 5 percent of the zealot vote away from the sitting Republican governor. And another said that Miller just gave candidate Bill Walker a huge gift, because conservative voters, in a ranked choice election scenario as Alaska is about to hold, have a 50 percent drop off after they make their first choice. And so Kurka’s voters will not necessarily choose Dunleavy as their second choice. This could give Walker a 5 percent advantage he never dreamed of.

Kurka, who is the former state director for Alaska Right to Life, is set to make remarks about his campaign at 3 pm on Monday.


  1. Alaska needs a True Conservative, any True Conservative. No more phony RINOs. The Dunleavy/Zink administration is as RINO as it gets. So, if its Kurka then he has my support and Stand Small is NOT a True Conservative. We need someone who can walk the talk!

  2. These are the kinds of tricks that got Walker elected in 2014. Watch him team up with a Democrat Native again as his Lt. Governor.

  3. > And another said that Miller just gave candidate Bill Walker a huge gift, because conservative voters, in a ranked choice election scenario as Alaska is about to hold, have a 50 percent drop off after they make their first choice.

    Are we sure this trend would hold if there are two Rs on the ballot?

    • Lol, are you regretting all the fear mongering you did about ranked choice voting now that Rs are giving up their 2nd and 3rd round votes??? Ranked choice is how you break the spoiler effect, should have convinced the Rs to embrace it instead of giving it up.

  4. Awesome
    I was afraid I was going to have to run with my 125$campaign war chest! I know I would have won against the spineless wonder Dunleavy but now I don’t have to
    Kurka for governor
    Where do I get a yard sign, I can’t wait

  5. Thank you for NOT running, Joe. If you did run, and Bill Walker was elected again as governor, your “anything” career in Alaska would be over. You have made a good move today, for yourself, as well as for your fellow Conservative Alaskans.

  6. I know nothing about Mr. Kurka. I look forward to hearing his views. The next Governor will have the good fortune of a massive uptick in the Permanent Fund value and oil prices. “Please God, don’t let them crap it away again”. We need to settle the issue of the constitutional purpose of the CBR and stop using the PFER as our “emergency savings account”. We also should take this good fortune and pay off the oil cash tax credits.

    • Chris, let’s not waste time talking about that tired old horse that hovers over the public trough and eats up the oats saved for the people. You know what I mean here, the Establishment. The public employee unions and every other pig that along with the horse eats the people’s substance.
      You know Chris, there is a thing called ” original intent”, being a part of the parasitic establishment you may be unfamiliar with the concept. I will attempt to instruct you. The fund was created as a way to insure that Government was LIMITED. It turns out that taking $ from the political parasites limits their ( the goverment) ability to harass the people. Oral Freeman thought it was a good idea and so did the majority of Alaskans. I know you are familiar with my argument Sir. Let’s agree to this. Pay the people their share enshrined in Statue or at least have the cajones to change the Statue. Absent that stop with the shaming and self righteous preach.
      Got it? Good.

    • Chris, you’re on dope. The stock market is about to plunge into oblivion and OUR dividend account will disappear where all the crooked stolen Wall Street money disappears to.

  7. This better not lead to Walker getting elected! He’s a proven incompetent and we know the Dems will buy this election if they possibly can by running him as a phony “independent.” Kurka is a great guy but he can’t win statewide. So I don’t see how this helps conservatives in Alaska.

    • Can Kurka accomplish anything that Dunleavy can’t anyway? He’d still have an uncooperative legislature that’ll shut down anything he tries to do. It’d be a pointless change from any practical standpoint.

      • Exactly. If half the people crying Dunleavy hasn’t done enough, got out and campaigned to change a turncoat legislative seat to an actual conservative, we would be off to the races on reform and getting the PFD back. As it is, it’s much easier to just complain than to write a check, host a fundraiser or run for office. Dunleavy is at 57. He’s got some room, but there’s a long road to hoe yet. If Kurka or Joe hands the Governors chair to Walker THEN we will ALL have something to complain about: the END of the PFD and the end of what fiscal restraint we have now..

  8. I know Chris, and he’s a great guy,but woefully inexperienced and unknown for such a position. Wether we like it or not,it takes a certain amount of ‘ connections and support’ to run-a successful campaign. I regret Joe’s decision as he would have had my support and vote.

  9. Thanks tall Mike, this is on you. You just haven’t lead out strong enough. Now we obviously have to entertain thoughts of who might be courageous. This could lead to a Walker type getting into office. At this time and place, I personally do not believe that would bode well for our state.
    Still some time left Mike, act like your political life is hanging by a thread.

  10. Suzanne, your article on Chris Kurka & Miller is very disappointing. Your biased reporting was something I would expect to see on KTUU or ADN, not from a conservative reporter.
    Comparing your reporting to the Alaska Watchman clearly shows who is actually reporting unbiased articles.

  11. This article on Kurka & Miller is very disappointing. Your biased reporting was something I would expect to see on KTUU or ADN, not from a conservative reporter.
    Comparing your reporting to the Alaska Watchman clearly shows who is actually reporting unbiased articles.

  12. The most wide spread description used for Governor Dunleavy that I have heard is “disappointing”. It’s generally conceded that Dunleavy is ‘a good guy’ but has not shown the strength of leadership we all hoped for. Many are looking for alternatives. ‘China Bill’ Walker turned out to be a disaster as Governor. Many perceived him getting into bed with democrats throughout his tenure. He was rejected by voters in favor of a new hope in Dunleavy. Well, that gum has lost its flavor, for sure.

    So, let’s take a look at Mr. Kurka and see what there is to be seen. Does he have leadership skills to deal with the dysfunctional legislature? First, let’s look at his voting record. Next, let’s see how he handles himself in a statewide campaign. Can he gather financial support and voter enthusiasm? Next, what does he perceive are Alaska’s most pressing issues and their solutions ? And how will he make it actually happen? Welcome to the arena, Mr. Kurka! Alaska needs people to step forward and offer their services.

  13. So, here we go again; self-annointed “true conservatives” are going to elect a false flag Democrat by supporting a rock-ribbed “right to life” candidate. There is absolutely nothing that anybody who doesn’t wear a black robe can do about the legal status of abortion in Alaska, and there is very little that somebody who wears a black robe in an Alaska court can do.

    If the right to life movement realizes its fondest hope and the USSC reverses or weakens Roe v. Wade this session, it will make absolutely no difference in Alaska abortion law. Unlike the Constitutionally fragile “penumbras and emanations” of other rights that support the federal right to privacy that is the predicate of Roe v. Wade, the Alaska Constitution has a very strong express right to privacy that forms the predicate of abortion law here. The only way you will make consequential change in abortion law in Alaska is a Constitutional Amendment removing the express right to privacy from the Alaska Constitution. I suspect the right to life people will find a lot of opposition from people who might otherwise be their allies on doing that, I among them.

    Maybe the communists, excuse me, Democrats should re-think backing their fake independent, Walker. Now they have an opportunity to elect a real Democrat, Gara. Ya’ll “true conservatives” want that, right?

    • The ghost of Byron Mallott will bring Democrats to the call of their Communist leader, Bill Walker….the fake Republican, turned fake Independent, turned Communist Chinese loving, turned greedy PFD robber baron, turned corrupt union goon pal, turned former disgraced governor, turned angry cast-off lawyer, who is looking to screw Alaskans one more time. Great creds for a Democrat candidate.

  14. This is excellent news. I will be voting Kurka for my first, second, third, and fourth choices. He’s one of the only true patriot conservatives in Alaska government

  15. Kurka and Walker were cozy in 2010 when Walker was trying to get Right to Life’s endorsement. Kurka opted to endorse Parnell only because he was the incumbent. Kurka knows that Walker is very pro-life, and Walker doesn’t want to admit publicly that he is pro-life.

    • Walker frequently says he is pro-life. Basically Walker is a Republican in every way except for his tendency to steal PFDs. That alone disqualifies him for me

      • Walker was a total communist when it came to union support and a far leftist when it camerto taxes. He tried to estate a statewide income tax along with him stealing the PFD. Walker may have at one time been a conservative but was certainly anything but during his years as governor. He also wanted to allow Syrian refugees to come in Alaska. Walker was awful in almost every perspective.

  16. I’m not terribly happy with Dunleavy but, I would dare not give an opportunity for a Walker comeback nor have a democrat take his place. I left California because I was tired of having Sacramento dictate my way of life. Now I fear the same thing is happening here only it’s being done by Anchorage.

  17. Gara and Walker just popped a cork on a bottle of champagne. Why is it that people claiming to be conservative are always doing everything they can to elect democrats?

  18. My experience with Chris Kurka at AKRtL was that he did very little besides beg for money. I believe he is a good conservative, but he just doesn’t have the experience to get anything past the Legislature. The perceived problems with Governor Mike Dunleavy are solely due to being stymied by the dysfunctional Legislature, not with Mike’s principles and goals. I don’t think we’re going to get better than Mike, and the prospect of Kurka handing the governorship back to Walker frightens me. Bad move, representative – you should be spending your efforts helping Mike Dunleavy, not splitting the Republican vote.

  19. Susan, are you saying those who vote for Miller or Kurka by proxy (aka true conservatives) are “zealots” when you call it the ‘zealot vote’?

    • She didn’t call it the “zealot vote;” she was quoting a source, but I will. There is a group of voters that want Republican candidates that could only win in a handful of districts around Wasilla and North Pole; you can’t win a Statewide race with that candidate. Even if the opponent committed electoral suicide in some manner and such a candidate got elected, s/he wouldn’t be able to govern.

  20. Remember that our problems are very specific to the enemy within. The republicans are corrupt and infiltrated with what has been given the name rinos . We need to be a party with discernment to identify by their fruit what people are. Dunleavy is now known by what he has done. He can’t remove or ignore that.
    Kurka is a little less known but not entirely. I’ve observed him since before he was a representative, and his character has been consistent. Staunchly pro life, no nonsense approach to achieving solutions, not afraid to stand up and speak on behalf of his convictions.
    The republican elites probably won’t like him due to the fact that he in fact does have convictions . Tough luck to the elites . The people are speaking this time

  21. Congratulations, “true conservatives.” Instead of jumping on the Kurka bandwagon, you should be doing due diligence, by finding out what kind of executive skills he has, who his associates are, who he might put in as commissioners, etc. As a Business Administration bachelor’s degree holder, I can tell you that studying what a person might be able to do and what his abilities are, makes a lot of difference. I also see that “true conservatives” also are unaware of how democratic government really works. It is a give and take procedure. What you people seem to want is someone who hollers and fights all the time, and who will totally alienate everyone else. Anything else seems to be “caving in” or “surrendering.” Politics is not a fight to the finish. It is finding some way to get some of your stuff through a recalcitrant legislature that does not want to do anything for you or for Alaska. In short, there are too many people in it for themselves. So start taking note of the votes and start taking action where it will count. Replace the people, including the powerful, who do not vote the way you want. Quit wringing your hands and blaming one man, whom you would not even support when he called for phone calls to the legislators to support his agenda and PFD items. No, it is so easy to call him spinless or other names instead of getting off your couch and doing what it takes to support him. Electing someone and then saying “sick’em, you are on your own” does not get it done. Dunleavy called 4 extra sessions this year in an attempt to get the PFD constitutional proposition on the ballot, along with a 5 percent cap on the budget increase, and also to get a fiscal plan done yet, there was no public support for it, according to ADN. Why? Because you people did not support the person you elected. So the real failures are the voters who just sit on their hands. If you want to get something done be active! Or sit back and rejoice at the fracture in the ranks that will elect either Walker or Gara. When that happens, it will have been you who did not answer the bell, not Mike Dunleavy.

    • “Compromise” and “civility” are the calling cards of a squishy RINO. We have had enough. The Alaska GOP needs to be taught a lesson and I’m willing to take that risk

  22. Not even worth talking about elections without a full forensic audit of Alaska. Sign the National Petition at ‘’ and get your elected Representative to sign it at ‘[email protected]’.
    Alaska has very corrupt elections and that is how the communists in our legislature are getting in. We must force whoever is running to support election integrity in a real way. They need to be public about it with a plan in place. No machines, no mail-in ballots, one person one vote! If Kurka is a true conservative and will govern under the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution, I will support him. But, he needs to come out strong on Election Integrity and vowing to root out any fraud in Alaska’s elections.

    • Thanks Michael, also a election look is being prepared for the supreme court.
      Find a petition to sign at
      The petition at the site is simple. Just pick your state and it goes to our Attorney General

  23. Alaska, like America, has given its sovereignty to the left far too long to get it back in one simple election. Might as well sit back and enjoy the slide down to absolute oblivion, for that is where we all are headed at breakneck speed. World war or world depression is the only thing that can slow the destruction. As someone mentioned above, watch the markets and prepare for the worst…it’s gonna get ugly. With a doddering, senile old fool and the cackling harlot running America (ostensibly) for the next three years, where do YOU think we’re heading?

  24. Kurka is the right-wing version of the lefty Libby Bakalar: loud, self-righteous, attention-seeking, indignant, and shallow.

    Please, in this ranked choice soup pot, give us an intelligent, clear-thinking, effective conservative leader.

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