Supreme Court agrees that Democrat map must prevail for 2022 Senate, House election in Anchorage


Alaska Democrats and their surrogate activists have won at the Alaska Supreme Court, which ruled today in favor of using a map the Democrats designed for a Senate district in Anchorage.

Republicans will lose at least one Senate seat, which will lead to a coalition government in the Senate, as a result.

Last week Superior Court Judge Thomas Matthews ruled against the map that paired Eagle River with parts of the hillside of Anchorage and Eagle River, and ordered the Alaska Redistricting Board to use the Democrat map for the upcoming election.

Every 10 years, the political boundaries are redrawn in Alaska to make up for population shifts. The exercise is a political one and is always subject to lawsuits.

The Supreme Court, in its agreement with the judge, said there is no need for oral arguments. The full opinion is at this link:


  1. Of course they did.
    Too bad this will lead to more insanity like we have witnessed in the last decade in the legislature.

  2. Alaska needs a constitutional convention to correct these activist judge’s far left opinions. Time to clean up their BS once and for all; also fix the PFD while we are at it, so politicians can’t steal it anymore.

  3. But of course the Democrat led court will rule for the Democrats no need to check if it is right or wrong…..just do it and stick it to the voters again!!!!

      • The question to have one will appear on the ballot in the November General election. Art. XIII, sec. 3 of the Alaska State Constitution lays out how the process by which delegates are elected and the convention is to be conducted. Any changes to the constitution by such a convention must be approved by Alaska voters (Art. XIII, sec. 4).

        • Agreed. Thank you LeeRoy for your reply here. We must understand, that even if we prevail to hold the Convention, changing the redistricting can’t happen through the Convention. The best we will be able to do is change the way we appoint judges – I suggest the Governor nominates and the Senate ratifies like the feds do it. This will eliminate the unelected and unaccountable Judicial Council as a 4th branch of govt. And absolutely, the PFD Statutory Formula must be enshrined in the State Constitution.

          • Rich, redistricting is addressed in Art. VI, so there is much that a ConCon could do vis-a-vis legislative redistricting. Your point(s) is/are well taken.

  4. Constitutional Convention is the ONLY answer. Let the people elect qualified judges. The liberal Alaska Bar Association and the Chief Justice dominate which two or more judicial Applicants are submitted to the Governor for appointment. It is rare that a conservative lawyer is recommended by them.

  5. Time to move out of Anchorage, before the Dems turn the city into the dumpster that Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, and many other liberal run cities have become. What’s sad is that Anchorage used to be such a great city.

  6. Regarding Rich Thorne’s assertion: “even if we prevail to hold the Convention, changing the redistricting can’t happen through the Convention.” That’s only partially correct. Many conventions were called in the late 1960s and early 1970s to implement the U.S. Supreme Court’s one-person, one-vote requirement for state legislative districting (the Baker v. Carr line of cases). Some of those conventions implemented an independent redistricting process either indirectly or via an initiative process they recreated. For diverse information on Alaska’s upcoming constitutional constitutional convention referendum, see my website,

    • Apologies for my typo. The second to last sentence should have read: “Some of those conventions implemented an independent redistricting process either directly or indirectly via an initiative process they recreated.”

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