Sullivan votes to acquit, says framers of Constitution warned of partisan dangers


Alaska Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski both voted on Wednesday to acquit the president for the charges brought by the House Democrats.

Sullivan released a video to explain his vote. In it, he says that the one thing that all seem to acknowledge is that it was a partisan exercise from the outset.

“Nearly everyone—both in the House and in the Senate, and when you look at the sweep of American history—agree on one thing: that purely partisan impeachments are not in our nation’s best interest.

“The Framers of our Constitution, like Alexander Hamilton, actually highlighted this as a specific danger to the Republic. They feared, as do I, the weaponization of impeachment as a regular tool of partisan warfare.

“If that were to happen — partisan impeachment every few years – it would incapacitate our government, undermine the legitimacy of our institutions, and tear our country apart for decades to come,” Sullivan said.

“Nevertheless, the House still took the dramatic and consequential step last fall of launching the first purely partisan impeachment in U.S. history. That’s a precedent we should not endorse,” he said. His entire remarks are in a short video released on Wednesday:


  1. Yes they did and kudos to you Dan for having the courage to vote for the Constitution rather than using your religious pulpit as a crutch for a personal vendetta.

  2. Yes they did and kudos to you Dan for having the courage to use your loyalty to The Party
    as a crutch rather than voting for the Constitution.
    Due to the fact that one Republican Senator voted his conscience rather than his loyalty to a profoundly subservient party, this is not bipartisan.
    Thanks, Mitt. There may still be hope.
    And yes, Dan, you can be assured of another six years.

    • Does your post mean that one Republican senator can think for himself since he was the only Republican to vote for one of the articles of impeachment or does it mean that none of the Democrat senators can think for themselves since they all voted the party line? What about the House vote, since the Republican vote was unanimous while only 2 Democrats were able to vote against the first article and 3 against the second, does that mean that on 2 or 3 Democrats in the House are able to think for themselves? Party loyalty and subservience goes both ways.
      It’s too bad more of our elected officials haven’t read or understand our Constitution, if they had this whole impeachment show wouldn’t have been something they’ve wasted years chasing.

  3. Wow. Is it Greg or Gregory? Romney laid up in the election plain and simple. Politics isn’t for the soft at heart.all these people who are butthurt because Trump called Romney out need to get over it. He knew it was coming. He had a grudge with Trump so he did the pup thing. Can’t run with the big dogs so he hides under the porch.

  4. Romney may have been blackmailed into voting against Trump. One of his staffers has been found out to have worked with Hunter Biden in that corrupt Ukraine company that Joe was trying to protect.

  5. Thank you, Senator Sullivan for your right thinking…..this was about the US Constitution and what matters under the umbrella of the Constitution…at least one of the two Senators from Alaska could “think” through the process and bring closure to the process in the “right” judgment.

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