Sullivan campaign releases video of Al Gross going all 'spin doctor' on Alaskans - Must Read Alaska
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Friday, September 24, 2021
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Sullivan campaign releases video of Al Gross going all ‘spin doctor’ on Alaskans

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Alaskans for Dan Sullivan released its newest ad, titled “Fool You.” The ad features Al Gross admitting in his own words that his “values are to the left” and that his “independent” label is nothing more than an effort to deceive Alaskans.

“Al Gross has proven time and time again that he’s willing to do or say anything to get elected,” said Sullivan Campaign Manager Matt Shuckerow. 

“Clearly his strategy is to deceive Alaskans by saying he’s an independent, while privately admitting to national donors that he’s all in to empower the left and their radical proposals like the Green New Deal, a government takeover of healthcare and efforts to slash funding for our military. Alaskans shouldn’t be fooled by this spin doctor.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Biggest giant windbag in the 49th State. This guy Gross is just so nauseating. Didn’t his mother nurse him up to about 8 years? He seems delusional and so full of lies. It’s hard to believe someone could con his way through four years of medical school. Bet the school was relieved to see him go.

  • But But Al has researched and found out that Canada is right next door to Alaska..!!!

    • Al was born and raised in Alaska. Sullivan married in to Alaska 20 years ago.

      • True. To a Native family, with ties to hundreds of years of living on the Yukon River and fishing in simple, wooden boats for food. Far cry from Al Gross’s privileged, luxury life……including his million$$$ yacht, safe from an attacking grizzly bear.
        BIG difference!

      • Not at all clear what the difference means. Because one is born in Alaska says says nothing about one’s values.

      • Sue………
        and John Kerry married into ketchup…….
        (years after being awarded several purple hearts for taking a few grains of rice in the a$$).

        • Dan Sullivan = a humble Alaskan with strong credentials and a reliable, proven track record in defense of Alaskan issues.
          Al Gross = a braggard of monstrous proportions, with a huge appetite for self-aggrandization and a proven backtracker from previous statements made about his political beliefs. IE: A LIAR.

          • You nailed it.

  • But wait! Don’t forget. He does have the “cojones”.

    • So does Biden. But he can’t remember where they’re located.

      • …….not to worry, Joker. One sniff of a young girl’s hair will remind him for a few minutes. Democrat handlers keep plenty of fresh, young girls near Joe. A clever campaign strategy.

  • I’m puzzled by one of the key themes of Dr. Gross’ campaign: “Dan Sullivan voted with his party 90+ part of the time”. OK…and the alternative would be? Vote with the Democrats 50% of the time? 40%? 30%?

    Dr. Gross, like Ms. Galvin, wants to use the “Independent” label as a means to fool the voters into thinking that they won’t support the Democrat ideals.

    ….and being born in Alaska and being a gun owner does not by default make one a good supporter of what’s important to Alaska nor a defender of the 2nd Amendment.

    • The cojones doc, with a cacophony of nauseating tall tales and BS to the extreme. His ads make me want to puke! Money coming your way Senator Sullivan.

  • The very sound of this great grandpa’s giant gas-bag voice is a real turn-off. He sounds like he’s pouring all of his remaining energy into spinning tall tales about his not-so-intetesting life.
    He wants to lecture Alaskans about his rugged life while he sits safe and secure in his million dollar yacht, tied-up to a safe-harbor at low-tide. Another low-energy liberal Democrat trying to fool the public. Someone please poke a pin into Big Al’s bellowing hot air balloon, and watch it fall back to earth, so Alaskans can have a good laugh in November.

  • Personally, I would like to see Sullivan issue a statement defending Trump and categorically denying that he has seen any such behavior from the man, defaming the military, because he hasn’t. This president has been the best president for the Military, since Reagan at least, and the best President for Alaska, more than likely in its history. Now is the time to stand up for the people who stand up for Alaska. The president is one. Dan should stand solidly and publicly with him. Al Gross is a non issue. He’s a rich guy from SE who thinks he can buy a senate seat and has already been outed as a fraud.

  • You may be right. He certainly is a politician. In today’s climate usually if you hang it out there it gets chopped off. Ted Stevens was one of those guys and they chopped his off at the knees. But what good is he if he doesn’t stand for what is right and is just going all wishy-washy? I think it’s kind of a big game to them and in some ways I think the players on both sides play their roles well in public and then go get on a fishing boat and catch a salmon or two or go down to the pub for a brew. I know that’s how the politics works in Dillingham.

  • Even Vic Vickers was more engaging.

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