Sullivan calls on Biden to withdraw eco-terrorist from BLM nomination


U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan has called on President Joe Biden to withdraw his nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to serve as the next director of the Bureau of Land Management. The president doesn’t seem to be inclined, just yet, to agree.

But the pressure is mounting: Every Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee signed a letter today demanding that Biden withdraw the nomination of Manning. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was one of the signers.

Sen. Sullivan has argued that Stone-Manning is unfit to serve due to her troubling history with Earth First!, a radical environmental group involved in eco-terrorist activities, like tree spiking, intended to do bodily harm to loggers. 

“The reason I have never done this before is because we have not yet confronted someone with Tracy Stone-Manning’s past, which involves being a member, part of an extreme group that performed violent acts as part of their platform for getting attention in America–violence, a group engaging in overt ecoterrorism,” Sullivan said on the floor of the Senate.

“That this administration is full of people with far-left agendas certainly isn’t surprising. We all know that the national Democratic Party is much further to the left than they were even 4 years ago with the Obama-Biden administration. But what is shocking beyond surprising is that the President of the United States would put forward someone for this incredibly important position in BLM who is not only far left but a member of a group that was an ecoterrorist organization, a group that was undertaking violence against their fellow Americans so they could make a point on environmental issues in America,” he said. “This is not an exaggeration. Tracy Stone-Manning was a member of Earth First!, a radical, far-left group that has engaged repeatedly in what is defined as ecoterrorism.”

Bob Abbey, the former BLM director during the Obama administration, has joined the call for Stone-Manning to withdraw her nomination. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the nomination a major “vetting failure” of the Biden Administration.

Must Read Alaska has learned that the Biden Administration is not interested in withdrawing Stone-Manning, in spite of the fact that even the mainstream media has identified her clearly as a radical extremist:

According to The Washington Post, “One spring day in 1989, Tracy Stone rented a typewriter from the University of Montana library and began to retype a letter. The typewriter was to avoid using her personal computer. The letter was an anonymous warning to the U.S. Forest Service that someone had hammered hundreds of metal spikes into trees in an Idaho forest that was slated to be cut down for timber. An acquaintance in her circle of young environmentalists had asked her to send it. After fixing a few spelling mistakes and removing some profanity, Stone dropped it in the mail. … The four-paragraph letter she mailed put it more bluntly. Signed ‘George Hayduke’ — the fictional hero of Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel, ‘The Monkey Wrench Gang,’ about a group plotting to blow up a dam — it said that 500 pounds of eight- to 10-inch spikes had been pounded into the trees because ‘this piece of land is very special to the earth. It is home to the Elk, Deer, Mountain Lions, Birds, and especially the Trees.’ The postscript warned: ‘You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt.’ … Stone-Manning described in testimony that she had no formal or financial role in Earth First but participated in meetings and activities.”


  1. She could do some serious damage… Democrats are fools to even nominate someone with that background – but that’s just living up to their character. More fuel for the next political campaign, but for now… Impeach!

  2. Spiking trees is a done by those that have never run a chainsaw. Dulling a chain is more of an inconvenience and less a violent act.

    I ran into something quite a bit bigger than a 16d in a tree last weekend and need a new chain but that’s about it.

    • Think about the big chain saws that commercial crews use. Not a home chainsaw and then think about several nails in a tree. If you hit a few just right that chain saw can kick back and seriously hurt or kill someone. That is what they were counting on.

    • Progressives hate those who produce. In society today there are those who produce, those working on farms, or in the oil fields, or in the forests, or any of the many other jobs required for modern society to function, and there are the parasites living off the fruits of others’ labor. Progressives hate producers to the point that they would intentionally try to harm them for just doing a job. It is the logger working to drive a 20 year old truck and put sufficient food on his table that is blinded by one of these spikes hitting his eye or severing into his arm, not the fat cat sitting in his Wall Street office shuffling corporate money to the latest heart rendering useless ‘woke’ cause. Just remember, if you are one of the people putting in a full day of work to provide a better life for your family, progressives, this administration, despises you and encourages those who would physically harm you to prevent you from earning an honest livelihood.

  3. Has he called on Biden to remove David “Waco” Chipman? Haven’t heard a peep on this one, Sullivan is just another D.C. swamp donkey who loves the power and is afraid of the people.

    • “Chipman was “case agent in [the] Branch Davidian trial” while stationed in Waco, Texas, from 1993 to 1998. Chipman reportedly claimed Branch Davidians downed two helicopters with .50-caliber rounds during the 51-day siege. A U.S House of Representatives report indicated that no helicopters were downed or any crew hurt.”

  4. Biden Administrations just keeps picking as extreme or evil people as they possibly can.
    I have complained about people in administrations before but everyone is looking like a saint compare to this administration.

  5. Wow, Sullivan actually criticized the Biden administration?

    Where were you on the rest of the circus he has confirmed with your vote?

    Have you spoken out about his corrupt FBI & DOJ who are openly persecuting Americans who went to D.C.? Have you asked why they are being held in jail under deplorable conditions with no bail or charges? Your a phony Sullivan, just like Murkowski.

    I wish I hadn’t voted for you because you are just like the rest of the swamp, as you pretend to care and vote with the rest of the swamp vermin in D.C. You travelled to the border for what? What have you done to stop the invasion happening on our southern border?

    Have you said anything about the fact a leaked e-mail shows our military is helping transport illegals all over the country?

  6. He’s got quite some mental issues, mainly dementia. it is a very difficult situation to deal with. I’m going with the notion that the democrats are trying to write history. having him step down as obviously he can’t lead this country, then Kamala Harris will step up as the first woman president who also is a minority. But you can’t say that in this world, that would make me a racist male chauvinist pig.

  7. Biden is not doing the choosing. He is a puppet with handlers. We don’t really know who is running the country but they are of evil intent, they hate Americans. Usually Sen. Sullivan is relatively quiet so it’s good to seem him out and about making some much needed waves.

  8. This RINO and CCP Loyalist who voted to confirm a Stolen Election, is just trying to pretend he is a Conservative and Patriot.

  9. If Stone-Manning was born Native American and active within parents culture, then she’d get Alaska’s congressional confirmation yes votes out of their fear being called a racist.

  10. “The four-paragraph letter she mailed put it more bluntly. Signed “George Hayduke” — the fictional hero of Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel, “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” about a group plotting to blow up a dam — it said that 500 pounds of eight- to 10-inch spikes had been pounded into the trees because “this piece of land is very special to the earth. It is home to the Elk, Deer, Mountain Lions, Birds, and especially the Trees.”
    The postscript warned: “You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt.”

    The postscript is a strong indicator that she approved of the spiking, and her anonymous letter establishes conspiracy. Her “warning” was just a “shot across the bow”.

  11. “All enemies foreign and domestic”.

    That was part of Biden’s Oath of Office. If he can’t uphold his oath, impeach him.

    Simple as that.

  12. Sullivan and Murkowski are in the Democrats’ pockets along with Dunleavy. And Murkowski is calling the shots in Alaska. Sullivan is a cop out that was clear with his stance on the voter fraud and 2020 election scam!!!

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