Sullivan backs amendments to ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ that protect religious liberties


Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, one of 12 senators who voted for moving the “Respect for Marriage Act” to the Senate floor for a final vote, supports two amendments to the act that have been filed by Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford. The amendments would strengthen religious liberty protections in the act, which creates a federal designation for same-sex marriage and does not provide strong protections as it repeals the Defense of Marriage Act.

The Respect for Marriage Act states: No person acting under color of State law may deny–‘‘(1) full faith and credit to any public act, record, or judicial proceeding of any other State pertaining to a marriage between 2 individuals, on the basis of the sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin of those individuals; or a right or claim arising from such a marriage on the basis that such marriage would not be recognized under the law of that State on the basis of the sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin of those individuals.”

“Make no mistake, there’s no stopping this bill from final passage,” said Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, earlier this month on the Senate floor.

Color of law may be interpreted to mean that any person, such as judge, legislator, notary public, or minister, who is performing wedding ceremonies, may not withhold their services from same-sex couples, even if by doing so the ceremony would violate the officiant’s religious or moral beliefs. The bill may also be interpreted to mean that the government can strip a business, such as a restaurant, lodge, or wedding venue, photographer, or cake baker, of its business or other licenses if it chooses to not provide services to same-sex weddings.

The law further states, “For the purposes of any Federal law, rule, or regulation in which marital status is a factor, an individual shall be considered married if that individual’s marriage is valid in the State where the marriage was entered into or, in the case of a marriage entered into outside any State, if the marriage is valid in the place where entered into and the marriage could have been entered into in a State.”

This part of the bill strips away states’ rights from the matters of marriage and makes it entirely a federally regulated contract, which would have consequences for family businesses all over America.

Sen. Lee has called on the 12 Republican senators who voted to advance the Respect for Marriage Act to adopt protections for Americans who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

“The undersigned ask that you oppose cloture [closing or ending debate] on the Respect for Marriage Act unless the Lee amendment is added to the bill,” Lee and 20 other Republican lawmakers, wrote to the 12 Republicans, including both Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who voted to move the Democrats’ act forward. “The free exercise of religion is absolutely essential to the health of our Republic. We must have the courage to protect it.”

The proposed Lee amendment would prevent the federal government from discriminating against anyone who holds a religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is a union between one man and one woman, or is a union between two individuals.

Sullivan told religious leaders in Alaska last week that he would support the Lee and Lankforc amendments, and a source said he also told others in Alaska during meetings that he would support the amendments.

In a letter sent to the 12 Republicans who voted for the legislation, Lee wrote that his amendment would “ensure that federal bureaucrats do not take discriminatory actions against individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and other entities based on their sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions about marriage by prohibiting the denial or revocation of tax exempt status, licenses, contracts, benefits, etc.”

The Lee amendment ensures Americans have the right to their faith and deepest convictions.

The 12 Republican lawmakers who voted for advancing the Respect for Marriage Act are Sens. Sullivan, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Shelley Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Rob Portman of Ohio, Mitt Romney of Utah, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Todd Young of Indiana. 

Read more about this development at The Daily Signal, which first reported this story.


  1. After all, he voted for it before he sorta tried to vote against it.

    Does this man have any core principles? What, no. He’s an Alaska Republican. Their principles are for sale to the middle of the road bidder.

  2. It’s unfortunate that this country has come to this, and that we have so many mentally ill people confused about their sexuality, but Sullivan is right, even the handicapped have rights.

    • But why are we promoting and aiding and abetting mental illness with legislation like this?!? These people need mental help, not help digging them deeper into their deviant thinking!

    • Do you think this might pave the way for attacks on our long established – constitutionally protected Religous Liberties based on the rights of a few people that believe there are 100 or more genders ? Come On Man !

  3. Did anyone read this??? This law is against the Constitutional right to free speech. The law would force people of faith (ministers, judges etc.) to conduct wedding ceremonies. It would force bakers and photographers to provide their services over their religious values! What our weak-kneed senator is “trying” to do is to add a provision in to protect people of faith. The Constitution gives us religious liberty. This ACT takes it away!

    • It is an act of worship of Satan. It’s one of the things he has always coveted since the garden. AN ACT OF WORSHIP. Don’t do it. He doesn’t deserve it.

    • Yes I did read it and no you are wrong. The Supreme Court is already decided that if you have a religious believe that keeps you from baking a wedding cake to a couple of gay folks, then you have the right not to bake the cake. They can go down the road to Walmart or they can find a gay Baker or somebody with no anti gayness at all to make them a cake. The Supreme Court is real that you have that right. I know you’re concerned, but don’t read anything into this that isn’t already there.

  4. America is at a place only the deep leftists of the past would have desired. They, and Americans apathy, have brought us to this place. BUT God has a plan for America. Conservatives must get into the public sphere greater than before, Christians need to get out of the pew and their puritanical holier-than-thou posture and take back the culture that made and will make America great again!

    • What makes you think that God has a plan for America? That isn’t written in the Bible anywhere. During Armageddon America is of zero consequence. The only thing that they need to worry about over there in Armageddon country is the fact that the Bible States the enemy comes from the north. So look and see what’s north of Armageddon. America doesn’t even come into play.

    • Are you referring to those who SAY they are Christians or the ones who are LIVING out the Great Commandment and NOT judging, but DOING what Jesus commanded and did?? As a person of faith, when someone leads with “I’m a Christian”, it very often deteriorates into judgement, not “seeking justice, loving kindness and walking humbly” with God.

  5. This came from the Schumer/Pelosi bunch. What part of ‘red flag’ doesn’t ol’ dan understand? Forget any amendments, just vote ‘NO!’

    • He is taking a cue from the voters, who just turned the state legislature into a “RINO Dominion” and elected two Democrats to Congress.

  6. No spine. No gonads. Neutered. What does Sullivan care? He’s from Ohio. Son of a billionaire family. Alaskan by marriage with a Native wife. The male version of Lisa Murkowski.
    Silver spooned since birth. Both Republicans. RINOs.

  7. Where does it end?
    The moral equivocation and ethical normalization of what we considered mentally ill, perverted, and deviant – is now held up as equal to traditional marriage.
    And now we are ritualistically mutilating confused children’s genitals.
    How can we prevent polygamy?
    How can we prevent child brides?
    How can we prevent beastiality?
    It’s all coming – ain’t progressiveism grand?….

      • A little psychological projection? It is you and your fellow very confused leftists obsessed with sex – a very dark and twisted version of sex that you desire to force upon people that do not agree with you. My husband and I have enjoyed a very excellent sex life for almost 40 years now and I do not need to give you the details to feed your obsession. The fact we are still very happily married, have produced children (took some great sex to do that), whom we then raised into mature and mentally healthy adults, now carrying the torch for decency and normality. And guess what, we are Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ. Whom I highly recommend getting to know.

      • Actually, Terry, you’ve been asleep for awhile. Think Bill Clinton. Epstein. Hunter Biden sleeping with his dead brother’s wife. Joe Biden taking showers with his teenage daughter. Harvey Weinstein. All documented. Terry, you are obsessed with sex and Christians. Go and make an appointment with Dr. Dan on Monday morning. Go early, so you can say hi to all the Democrats.

      • Terry,keep your stupid question to yourself. Although you probably as dumb as your question. You should had kept your hand down. The teachers are wrong. There are stupid questions that shouldn’t waste another’s time when we can find out the answer our selves. Go to the bible-the . Word- and spend real time reading its books as well listen to the local christian radio as katb 89.3fm for teaching and preaching.

      • That is a laugh riot, Terry. Christians are not the ones cramming how-to lessons on sodomy to kids in the 6th grade. Yes, it is going on in public schools. Christians are not the ones promoting the mutilation of children and lifelong dependency on pharmaceuticals. Yes, it is going on in hospitals and clinics.

      • I’m curious what acts you don’t consider deviant.

        Myself, I really don’t care (doesn’t mean I approve) what consenting adults do at home. I just don’t want it in public. And I don’t want to be forced to pay for it.

        As long as it’s adults, consenting adults, everyone able to give consent, no kids, no animals, it’s not my business. So long as it’s not done in public.

        Im really not sure why your side has such a hard time with this concept.

        Hard as you try, you can’t force people like me to approve of your personality defects. You may be able to fire me, force me to pay for it, even force me to watch it.

        But you’ll never get the validation you seem to desperately want.

    • Where does it end? The dark ages. Happens every time a society gets too permissive.

      Civilization collapses and what follows in beyond ugly.

    • Read. Read. Read. You are not so bright are you?
      In world history, you will find out that this has been argued since the dawn of time. When you realize that no one cares, you will be alright.

  8. I’m glad Senator Dan came around at least this far. My letter to him was one of those ministers who protested his ignorant vote to move the bill forward. I think Dan is counting votes, not morality – which is very unfortunate. We have a giant sales job to do for the rest of the Republican Senators – and I don’t expect Lisa to favor our petition… Mike Lee’s amendment will most likely fail – but our full force lobbying must be done anyway. Lee’s amendment looks like the last hope for freedom.
    Suzanne – did I miss something? What is Lankford’s amendment?
    Thank you for expressing our frustration so well, all of the above commenters.

  9. I believe both Dan and Lisa, and now Mary Peltola, need to go. We first have to get rid of ranked choice voting asap and clean up our voter rolls – on an annual basis. We have a few state legislators, as well as others serving the public well, that could handle the DC craziness and stay the course.

  10. Whatever happened to the ‘we reserve the right refuse service to anyone.’ businesses are accepted to deny giving service to a homeless person who has no money, dirty with lice, half clothed, and loitering; as well as customers flying trump and make america great car stickers have been denied services. C’mon! Homosexuals and rainbow friends, Quit being a big elementary kid crying johnny isn’t being nice to ME he’s leaving ME out! make him include ME! The kid need to understand not everyone will like or love him, kid will have learn to accept rejection and find a new friend. Go to another business owner or another church that doesn’t follow God’s Word.

    • Running from the fight will not help you. Hiding in religious enclaves will not help you.

      This is a cultural battle that must be fought head on. And it may well have to be fought with allies your faith doesn’t care for.

    • Careful there Jen. homeless dirty vagrants with lice and stench might just be Jesus. Go back and read your Bible and relearn how he will test you and whether or not you are truly Worthy.

  11. Only meaningful vote has already taken place and that was the vote to bring it to the floor, which required 60 vote majority. Now it only requires a simple majority to pass it. Even IF Lee was able to get all republicans on board with the amendments, the democrats will defeat it.
    The bill is already law, it’s just a matter of procedure. Sullivan KNEW that when he voted to bring it to floor. He decided with satan over God.

  12. I’ll bet the amendments don’t make it into the final bill (unless they are significantly watered down), which will pass anyway – likely with Sullivan’s vote.

  13. Apparently the entire state of Alaska has only three elected Republicans. All of them are in the minority of the state senate.

  14. Honorable Senator Sullivan, I don’t understand why one would support moving a bill out of committee and then support adding amendments to the bill. It’s just doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t marriages in one state already recognized in others? Why is the state even involved in marriage?

  15. Equal footing: any marriages anywhere in the US between a man and a woman are considered recognized equally in any state accepting and swearing to obey the laid-down, declared US Constitution. The states don’t give life. God has that subject matter jurisdiction. The mere fact that disobedient others want to attempt, foolishly, to seize what is not theirs, jurisdiction over marriages of their neighbors proves their ignorance. The gift of marriage will eventually be revoked. Why not treasure it now in your life as defined by the Creator and receive blessings of family? GOD’S way is the best way.

  16. I’ve said it before. In all my years here I’ve cast two votes I came to regret. Dunleavy and Sullivan.

    Ones a political coward and the other is for sale to the first bidder.

  17. He is trying to make up for the SERIOUS MISTAKE he made. He’s the same as Murkowski. Still will not get my vote the next time around. He’s too wish washy!

  18. I guess Dan forgot that he represents his ‘constituents’ and votes as he pleases. Instead of those that he supposedly ‘represents’ who are now in the minority.

    I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised in this now Purple state. It’s hard to see it as a red state anymore.

  19. If this bill passes without the amendment, everyone is in trouble. The mentally ill will go out of their way to demand services from people who they know disagree with their take on things, then sue them into bankruptcy. A business will be expected to cancel his reservations to accommodate these people or be sued. And it will be extended to a church, as well. A small example is already in play with the people who claim their pets have special privileges, and take their smelly animals into food establishments and expect special accommodations, then go bonkers if someone doesn’t like it.

  20. Senator Lankford speaks eloquently on the matter.
    Should it come to pass that religious protections are intentionally evaporated and inequality is legislatively mandated, let us resolve to go on the attack against the satanists, and myriad sorts of devil worshippers in the manner that they have intended to attack us via this specific legislation. Bolshevists included.
    There is no sitting around intending to defend our position. Only attack, attack, and then ATTACK some more.

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