Sullivan Arena is nearly ready for hockey, entertainment, facility manager says


There may be more things to do in Anchorage this winter to keep the winter blues at bay. O’Malley Ice and Sports is nearly ready to reopen the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, restoring its historic use hosting recreational play, hockey games, entertainment and exhibitions, the management company said.

But first, it has to get through an approval at the Anchorage Assembly, which on Tuesday, Nov. 7, will consider the resumption of events at a venue that had been commandeered for homeless mass shelter in 2020 by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

The Sullivan has taken a lot of work to get restored from that period, in which facilities were damaged heavily by the vagrants and criminals that were the overwhelming clients of the mass shelter, established during the Covid pandemic. The clients that were housed there were typically people who were unable to fit in at any other shelter, due to their behavioral issues.

“Having restored productive use of the Ben Boeke and the Dempsey Anderson Ice Arenas, O’Malley is now collaborating with Municipal Maintenance and is in the final stage of repairs restoring the ‘Sully,’ allowing it to resume its iconic use and presence in Anchorage,” the company said. O’Malley Ice and Sports says no additional funding will be required from the Municipality and the taxpayers to return to normal operations.

O’Malley manages the Boeke and the Dempsey arenas, and has the operating agreement to restore the Sullivan.

The company said it would appreciate support from the public in moving the arena back to the uses taxpayers paid for: “Please write or phone your Assembly Representative voicing your support for O’Malley and thank them for entrusting O’Malley to bring the Sully back online serving the Anchorage community!”

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  1. Huh. I would have thought that it would have taken the muni even longer to remove and replace all the post-homeless urine-soaked concrete in the Sullivan Arena, and to do a thorough fumigation for bed bugs and lice.

  2. So the hotels we have the homeless in will require millions to repair after the winter. As a taxpayer I do not want to pay for stupidity of the assembly and their lack of care about our money.

  3. While I do appreciate O’Malley restoring the Sully, at the same time I would like to know what the price tag is. The degenerate miscreants on the assembly are responsible for this expenditure and should be held accountable for their recklessness. If the Sully was used to house criminals and adults with behavioral problems, there is already a facility for that, located at 1300 East 4th Avenue.

  4. I quote, “The Sullivan has taken a lot of work to get restored from that period, in which facilities were damaged heavily by the vagrants and criminals that were overwhelming clients of the mass shelter…”

    I commend the diplomatic implication the so-called “clients” themselves were not responsible for the damage. Hmmm, let’s consider. So, the clients entered the arena to be comforted by generous taxpayers. Later, a group of criminals entered and “heavily damaged” the facility. It seems, upon finding the clients had no money, the criminals decided to teach taxpayers a lesson. That lesson: next time, give your clients $1000 each for us to steal; then we won’t damage your public property; and, in future, don’t forget who controls this town.

  5. I guess it’s ok though for vagrants to burn and destroy facilities that have been provided to them for free!!! They are harmless!
    No wonder the city gets so much pushback by the public! We are sick of footing the bill!

  6. I DEMAND that photos of all the filth and damage done to the Sullivan Arena by these vagrants be posted on social media. That way the public can see what they are paying for with their tax dollars!!!

  7. Kill two birds with one stone- BUMFIGHTS! And with bears, wolves,, and musk ox. Who wouldn’t pay to see that!

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