Stunning reversal: CDC panel admits clotting issue serious, says J&J shot is risky


In an announcement that is stunning in its health ramifications, a panel for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that most Americans should get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for Covid-19, rather than the Johnson & Johnson shot, which can cause serious blood clots. Press release here.

Although considered rare, the clotting has led to the death of nine people, while the CDC says Moderna and Pfizer doesn’t appear to have that risk, and also appears to be more effective in preventing serious cases of Covid.

Johnson and Johnson issued a statement defending its vaccine.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has the final say on whether to accept the panel’s recommendation. She has accepted all of the panel’s recommendation since she became head of America’s leading health agency.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a one-shot treatment, while Pfizer and Moderna require two shots for what is considered full effectiveness, although it’s now widely known that the virus is mutating and breaking through the vaccine’s protective device. Boosters are needed for all three of the vaccines, and to date, it’s unclear how long Americans will have to get a booster shot every six months to be partially protected from the effects of Covid.

Until Thursday, the government had maintained all three Covid vaccines are equal, although concerns about J&J have been rampant. Some people chose the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it requires just one shot, while others took it because it was what was available. The homeless and transients have disproportionately received the J&J shot because it’s hard to track them down to give them a second shot.

In April, CDC had been cautionary about the Johnson & Johnson shot, but even though reports suggested the vaccine increased the risk of of a rare adverse reaction called “thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome,” which involves blood clots with low platelets, particularly in adult women younger than 50 years old, the government recommended use of the vaccine.

Read the April 23 statement by CDC supporting Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

After pausing its use in October, in November, the CDC said the benefits of J&J outweighed the risks, and recommended people continue to receive the shot.

Read the November update on J&J at this link.

The CDC still has the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on its recommended list, but only for those 18 and older.

View the CDC vaccine recommendation list at this link.

More than seven million Americans have been given Johnson & Johnson shots so far, and another 10 million doses have been shipped, as of October.


    • Update: A Federal Judge has already told Pfizer that they have to produce documentation of vaccine data. The first 500 pages supposedly have already been released. Within those first pages, the vaccine killed over 1200 people in the first 90 days of being administered to the public. All the vaccines should be removed from the shelves! The public bought a lie about these dangerous experimental vaccines and we are the guinea pigs! Shame on every doctor that got in front of a microphone and said it was safe and effective! They should be sued for malpractice and not giving informed consent prior to injecting this crap into people. Protect your children and do not allow them to inject this poison into their bodies or you will be harming their developing hearts. The spike protein is harmful to your organs, especially the heart and lungs.

    • Apparently there’s a reason for that delay. And it appears to be tied to overall government incompetence rather than evil intent (Hanlon’s Razor version of Murphy’s Law). Here’s what is going on (as best I understand it). Note that I am not excusing it:

      – FDA is inundated with FOIA requests
      – There is a review / redaction process to remove personal information from everything requested
      – That function takes some level of manpower, time and funding
      – And that function is minimally funded
      – Demand for instant release of vax info buries and agency in requests
      – Staff tells supervisory chain “Great. We’ll do it. At the current funding / manpower levels it’ll take 75 (now 55) years.”

      Appears the choice is a massive instantaneous doc release with attendant doxing of everyone – patient, doc, staff, scientist, etc – who participated, or a long wait, or additional funding and manpower. Note that IBM proved half a century ago that a massive money / manpower dump into a project will not do anything other than slow it down even more.

      Your choice. Cheers –

  1. Trusting the Government with your health decisions is absolutely ludicrous!

    23 years of service, and the one takeaway is that the government is incompetent beyond comprehension.

    Wake up, America!

  2. J&J is losing the marketing/bribing battle. All three have clotting issues. Pfizer is just way more aggressive with their tactics and can’t throw Moderna under the bus too much because they need Moderna’s patents.

    “CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has the final say on whether to accept the panel’s recommendation. She has accepted all of the panel’s recommendation since she became head of America’s leading health agency.”
    Don’t believe this is true. She went against the panel when she recommended boosters and many on the panel have decided to leave shortly after that.

  3. This announcement is “stunning” only to those who insist on listening to and reading nothing but the echo-chamber propaganda of the medical and political establishment as expressed by their handmaidens in the corporate media.

  4. Ive seen a massive uptick in vaccine “information” in social media and YouTube being allowed all the sudden that previously would have been Censored due to “wrong speak”.
    Videos of Doctors, Virologists and other professional opinions who warn of the vaccines dangers are now mysteriously NOT banned due to “misinformation” like they were before whilst saying the same thing.
    A shift in the MATRIX?
    Just the beginning of a continuation of very bad news and information concerning the so called “vaccines” and those who have chosen to be injected with a irreversible gene therapy experiment.
    And let us not forget that all of these “vaccine” makers have complete immunity from any and all responsibility.

  5. Pfizer and Moderna pays the CDC more money, that is why they not recommend J&J. Follow the money and you will see who is on the rolls.

  6. It’s not a vaccine. It doesn’t work. It has not killed nine people, it has killed thousands and permanently damaged and maimed thousands more. Don’t take it!!

  7. How many medical people and drug company staffers have LIED about this issue. Now they want to reverse themselves again?!?! Prosecute them all for Crimea’s against humanity!!!

  8. But…but…you said it was fully FDA approved!? The commercials and radio adds said so!!!
    No, we said the vaccines we were working on but not released yet were going to be “fully FDA approved” once we put them into production and released them in the next year or so…
    The vaccines YOU took were only FDA approved for emergency use authorization. (EUA) ONLY
    and therefore we are completely free and clear of any legal ramification or responsibilities. Sorry about your blood clots and life long immunodeficiency (AIDS)

  9. This is stunning and unbelievable. The next thing you know, someone is going to say that Saint Anthony Fauci does not walk on water and is obfuscating the origins of the coronavirus.

    I call on Congressman Adam Schiff to investigate.

  10. Seems like the CDC the NIH and the entire administration have a lot of blood on their hands over this whole mess….there is still not an approved drug being given to any American regardless of who’s brand it is….and our involvement in the creation of this bio weapon becomes more clear with each passing day elements of our government were not only funding the creation of this Bio Weapon but the cover up is plain as day and the level of damage it has already done might be nothing compared to what is yet to result from giving the poke to our kids….

    • So, Let’s See, Covid=maybe 350,000, all Covid Vax (related but not reported) = 4,500,000. I’d say they are meeting their objective all on a virus that is 99.4% survivable.

      • 4.5 million Americans have died from the covid vaccine? Where are all the bodies stacked? Why do I not know of, or even have heard of a single person dying from the vaccine?

        • …not reported. And they don’t list people dying of the vaccine, they are listed as died with covid. So technically you will never hear of one. Doesn’t mean the statement is without merit.

          • Last year the US recorded just over 3 million deaths, which was the largest increase since the last great pandemic in 1918. If 4.5 million Americans died from the vaccine there would literally be bodies in the streets. When covid first hit, and before the vaccine, in New York they stored bodies in refrigerated trailers and buried people in mass graves. If 4.5 million Americans died from the vaccine this scene would have been taking place in every town across the nation for the last year.
            It’s completely absurd to claim 4.5 million Americans have died from the vaccines and is patently without merit.

        • Ridiculous straw man. The point is that with all of the billions in power that big pharma has, it is starting to leak out just how dangerous this clot shot really is.
          But anyone with even a little grasp knows that the devastating numbers won’t come out for years.

      • Yep, I have yet to hear of a single “Covid” death that the person didn’t have comorbidities. This mild flu we call Covid may have helped take out the weak and feeble, but the regular ol flu would have done the same.
        On the same note, my high school friends daughter overdosed last Friday. Her death certificate reads as a “Covid” death and officially counted as one. The family is furious but at this point its the last thing on there minds.

    • Homo, VAERS reports through November 26, 2021. 19,500 DEATHS caused by Big Pharma clot shots.
      Sounds to me like the J&J is being removed because it isn’t an m-RNA treatment like the others and not because of side effects…
      BTW, your 800,000 number, unsupported isn’t it? I mean died from or with?

    • That’s like going with the cheapest bidder. You get what you pay for. You can have blood clots and die now or pay more and die slowly over time due to compromised immune system.

      • 9 out of 17,000,000 or maybe 50,000,000 died. Let’s take your randomly selected number of 350,000 out of 51,500,000 cases. Is 9 a bigger or smaller number than 350,000 or even 800,000?

          • Glad to be of service.
            Math is scary to some people just like how there are so many frightened of covid and these vaccines. I understand your need to lash out in these scary and frightful times attacking that which you do not understand. It’s ok though because covid is just like the flu, maybe 10 times worse or so but no big deal.
            And these scary vaccines really aren’t that bad especially when compared to that bad flu like covid.
            Don’t worry any longer, information and knowledge don’t have to be scary.

  11. They want to push EVERYONE into the mRNA shots. How DARE you not take the ones that require multiple injections, peasant???

  12. I bet that those highly paid experts like Ann Zink will not contribute their much desired statements on this poison forced into peoples bodies.
    Hey Dunleavy you own this crap, what say you? People have died being persuaded by your “experts. “

  13. Most sources I’ve read say that over 17 million Americans have received the J&J vaccine, not 7 million. There have also been somewhere around 50 million doses administered worldwide. Were the 9 people who died only in the US or is that worldwide? The death rate would be somewhere around 0.00005294%, roughly 1 death per 2 million or 0.000018% roughly 1 death per 5 million, depending on if it’s based on deaths just in the US or worldwide. Whereas in the US there have been 51.5 million covid cases and 800,000+ deaths so a 1.6% death rate or 1 death per every 64 cases, or one death per 420 Americans.
    Less than 1 in a million or 1 in 5 million or one out of 64 to 420…I’m not good at math but that’s a pretty striking difference.
    The announcement I read simply said that the CDC recommends the mRNA vaccine over the J&J, which was also already known. They’ve confirmed 50 something cases of blood clotting and nine deaths, most affecting a specific group of women of a certain age, also which was previously known. This isn’t a stunning reversal, if anything it is pushing Pfizer and Moderna for not having the ‘horrible’ death rate of 0.00005294% to 0.000018%.
    If anyone bases their decisions on every word that the CDC or FDA says they should be committed. You should make your own decisions about your health with the input of a trained medical practitioner, farming out your healthcare to government or internet is a sure way to end up on the wrong side of a coffin.

    • I agree with the last paragraph most certainly. And I don’t think anyone should blindly believe a white coat either. Everyone should do their own research, scrutinize their own theories and be allowed to come to different conclusions because there is certainly a large spectrum of possible conclusions and decrement of what’s truthful and I personally think the cdc is one of the least reliable sources. Actually, I more than “think” and believe they should be investigated thoroughly to see why they are having obvious motives to be less than objective and side with big pharma, Pfizer particularly, and then be dissolved so a completely reconceptualized organization can be formed after we are able to see the major mistakes that were made and how we can avoid them and corruption in the future and invest more thoughtfulness from many angles to develop much stronger philosophies that allow societies to handle such things with much more ease and freedom.

      Based on how rosy the cdc has been about maintaining their stance that the vaccines are “perfectly safe”, it normally would be a little stunning, but in this saga, nothing is too shocking anymore. What would be completely shocking and stunning is the cdc showing some humility and wise leadership that allows all of the diverse people of the world to not claw at each other and allow innovation and free thought to come from anywhere while battling the disease together with many different acceptable ways, like we typically do when it comes to pursuing personal health and medicine. The battlefront is the disease, not each other. The cyborg in Star Trek is truly the ideal society for many in the medical establishment. Shoot, there are theories that there is nano tech in the vaccines and that’s why there are videos of people finding that magnets stick to their injection spot. 🙂 You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

      I kid, but curious Steve-o, have you tried the magnet test? I really don’t give it much merit but it isn’t a hard theory to test if asking someone that isn’t your spouse who you don’t care if they get triggered and think you have fallen off into the “flat-earther 5g bitchute deep end”. Some people swear it’s true though. And if you ask most vaccinated people to try it, they’ll get quickly triggered and annoyed and won’t even try it. So it just keeps being this thing that floats around. I think it would fun for the vaccinated readers of mrak to try it and report back, even if it’s just for the comedy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and want to be entertained, you can search bitchute for “magnet vaccine” or something like that.

      • Justin,
        I liked the nurse in Ohio who was testifying that she was magnetic but everything kept falling off of her while she was asking for an explanation on why these metal objects kept sticking to her.
        Turns out I’m not magnetic, unless the piece of metal is sitting on top of me and gravity is holding it down…wait maybe the vaccine is inducing a microgravity around me causing these objects to sit on top of me?

        • Yes, many commentators would agree you’re not magnetic. That’s a joke. The videos I have seen can’t be explained by people using an inclined angle causing their sweat or whatever for the magnet to stay. Which makes me really baffled at what motivates these people to use sticky stuff or whatever they are doing to make an interesting video. Maybe it’s just that, to make an interesting video. Or maybe they just want to laugh at the people that will believe them. It’s sort of like celebrities loving to toy with people that get caught up in illuminati conspiracies. Both sides of that game are mentally unhinged and the ones toying with the public are immoral people. And then there’s the whole lot of viles that got rejected in Japan because it was contaminated with metal, giving more pieces for people to put together. I know medically train professionals that believe there is graphene in the viles, but can never prove it except with videos or someone’s testimony.

          That nurse in Ohio sounds like a mess. She’s not trying to play a trick. She’s actually sincerely freaked out or she would have executed that a lot better. Fear is a real mind killer.

          • No doubt fear is a mind killer, it’s also a great motivator. If you ever watch the news on the TV it’s all about fear, reading it on the internets it’s all about fear, hearing it on the radio it’s all about fear. Fear motivates people to look longer, listen longer, and click more often. This article and many of the comments demonstrate that. The CDC is recommending the mRNA vaccines over the J&J vaccine using previously known information does nothing but further spread the contagion of fear.
            Here are a few things that have a higher death rate than the 0.5 per million that the J&J shot has: Attempting to climb Mt. Everest 37,932 per million attempts you won’t get another chance, just getting out of bed at age 90 you have a 463 per million chance of dying,
            giving birth there is a likelihood of death 170 out of a million births, just getting out of bed at 75 you could die 105 out of a million, using heroin 30 out of a million times it will be your last, skydiving 10 deaths per million jumps, emergency operation general anesthesia 10 out of a million don’t wake up, running a marathon 7 out of a million people drop dead, if you are 45 just getting out of bed you have a 6 out of a million chance of falling dead, living just 2 days in New York or Boston 1 in a million of not making it through the day alive, spending just 1 hour in a coal mine gives you 1 in a million chance of never seeing daylight again, walking for 20 miles 1 in a million people will never take another step, for every day skiing there is a 1 in a million chance it will be your last day going down the slopes. There are things worth being scared of in life, and some things worth enjoying. At this point for the average American that is in decent shape and not obese or old, or having any other comorbidities being scared of covid is silly, sure there is a reason for concern and things we should do to protect ourselves and others, but being scared of a vaccine that protects you from covid with a death rate somewhere between 0.2 and 0.5 per million is beyond silly.

          • Steve-O: you consider yourself a skeptic and somebody that really scrutinizes things, but you take their data that only 8 people have died from the J&J at face value. And it’s not only that, you look at their data on ivermectin and studies where they purposefully didn’t administer it until after 7 days after showing symptoms and peers have called them out on that and they did nothing but keep it on JAMA and profess that it is a useless and even dangerous drug. And spread more fear about it. Sure, people aren’t dropping like flies that are getting the shots, but I prefer honesty about the risks of covid and honesty about the risks of the shots, not the crap that the FDA and CDC and yourself keep pedaling incessantly while there are people that obviously had adverse reactions during the trials that were swept under the rug. There are support groups for those people because there many of them and they couldn’t get medical support. And those people were the opposite of skeptics.

            George Washington was killed by the arrogance of medical doctors. HIV patients were as well. That’s the short list. If I’m under 50 without comorbidities, there isn’t a lot of reasons to get the shots and it should be flippin choice.

          • Justin,
            The majority of ivermectin studies had nothing to do with the CDC or FDA.
            The numbers that the FDA and CDC put out might not be right, but somehow they line up with the numbers from other countries, maybe they are all in it together and there is a grand conspiracy…it’s certainly possible, not probable but possible. If the choice is using numbers from the CDC and FDA or some guy on some comment section claiming that 4.5 million Americans have died from the vaccine, reason dictates that the realistic number be used. Is it possible that more than 9 people died from the J&J shot, sure but where’s the proof? The CDC and FDA actually have a confirmed number, that has been thoroughly reviewed by multiple people and agencies…that’s more than anyone who simply picks a number out of the air and pretends it means something.

          • Of course they line up with other countries. It’s the same pharmaceutical companies doing the leg work to make sure they get the outcomes that help with their common goal, that isn’t much different than yours who just doesn’t want to accept anything other than mass vaccination is the best solution because because because, “because other people agree with me and it’s just common sense that vaccinations work… and the entire medical establish agrees with me” because the entire medical establishment has to agree with the entire medical establishment. Doctors were creating a national crisis of oxy addictions until some lawyers sacrificed their quality of life for over a decade to face the fda and the drug companies, and it’s still going on and doctors are still oblivious even though Purdue and the FDA looked horrible in that case. Johnson and Johnson just had to shell out 25 billion dollars because they lost a case. You are not hearing about it because they have an empire established and have been working over a century to figure out how to create levers and how to pull them carefully. And you have a blackhole when it comes to ivermectin. You are having some symptoms of cognitive dissonance as you misinterpreted my meaning when I brought up the JAMA published study that Merck and the FDA used to stand behind to squash ivermectin. You ignore that Merck got a sweet deal from the government worth 1.7billion dollars for their treatment drug that now has done a belly flop because their study was making things too rosy. I have respect for you Steve-o because you are strong willed and you are really in no mans land and not afraid to be there, but your will power is being used against you I think, respectfully. The profession of medicine has a long history of having these major blunders over and over again. But whatever, that’s just how I see it. I’ll let you be. But just so you know, you aren’t moving the needle for me. This is a major debacle and even if these vaccines were safe and effective, there still should never be pushing false information to scare people into taking the shots and definitely shouldn’t be taking away people’s livelihood to force them to take the shots. If everyone’s bs meters weren’t going off, people would all be lining up for the shots voluntarily and we would all be taking on this virus with our shoulders and moving on with courage and strength and the magic of the human spirit. Instead we have this madness.

          • I completely agree with this statement “there still should never be pushing false information to scare people into taking the shots and definitely shouldn’t be taking away people’s livelihood to force them to take the shots.” The problem with the people in charge is they think they know more than everyone else, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Were I king for a day, I would have those who handle such things disseminate all the information without their opinion or political bias, but I’m not king and by and large those disseminating information are flawed humans and they allow their opinions and political bias to influence them. There’s so much false information on both sides it’s impossible to get the real story, add to that stuff changes in the real world. Maybe ivermectin works to treat covid, I have yet to see a well done study that shows that. I think it was Josephdj who said ivermectin treats the cykotine storm, and if that’s the case there should be studies that show that…also not everyone who gets covid has a cykotine storm so taking ivermectin to treat covid or as a prophylactic would show what the majority of studies have shown, that it isn’t effective at treating covid.

          • Majority of what studies? Not the majority of studies I’ve seen. Japan and India have decided to use it and both had very easy to spot dramatic declines and India is suing WHO for discouraging their doctors from using it prior to their explosion of cases. I’ve seen enough long ago and have heard enough convincing testimonies from doctors that I didn’t need to see anymore to be a believer. I also learned that I can’t trust any study that doesn’t go into the study already hoping for good results. I know that sounds like I’m requiring bias, but shouldn’t we all be hopeful for good results? I have just seen too much bs from the medical establishment fooling people into thinking they are going to do an objective study to only do a study to backup their hexes on ivermectin and hcq. Often times, they botch the study and say “there is no conclusive evidence that it works.” It’s nonsense. There is no harm in using ivermectin even if it doesn’t work, so when I hear of a study that stopped because it was futile, I call bs. They don’t do that usually unless they are trialing multiple treatments and find one to be much more effective or a treatment being dangerous. And by the way, remdisivir was found to be dangerous during an ebola study prior to Fauci plucking it off the shelf and saying “this is the most promising treatment.” These guys are con artists to the highest level and have an unbelievable amount of obscured influence over the entire international industry.

            You should check out Dope Sick on Hulu and see how much we should be trusting anything that the FDA supposedly peer reviews by “independent panels” before approving.

            Anyway, curious what studies you are referring to. I, for the record, think it is perfectly fine that you have faith in the vaccines and want to profess about it. Many don’t and it isn’t from unfound reasons, and the real silly thing for me is that they are undoubtedly the riskiest vaccines that have ever been released and required of the mass population and they are one of the least effective at stopping the spread, flu shots being the only ones that are less effective, which I can go on about as well. Where there is a risk, there should be a choice, always, and there is always a risk. So I never think any vaccine should ever be mandated. I think it is cool to tell nurses that they should all get the flu shot, but if they want to refuse it, for whatever reason, that should be their on choice. Enough of this totalitarian shaming bull crap. It is the opposite of convincing anyway. It’s like shoving a spoon of food in your kids mouth and expecting them to like it all of sudden. If you have kids, you will know that never ever works.

          • Justin,
            If you are basing your opinion of ivermectin on the old studies, hopefully you are aware that a couple of the key studies were completely fraudulent studies, as in they falsified them to make ivermectin look good. Add in the fact that some of the more promising studies were done in countries that are not exactly friendly with the western world, like Iran…who obviously has no interest in spreading incorrect information to the western world. You should continually search for new and better information, basing your beliefs on known fraudulent, highly suspect, or less than basic standardized data isn’t a really good starting point. There have only been a few real worthwhile studies on ivermectin, they’ve all found the same thing.

          • Geez Steve, there are more than a couple of studies. Yes, I’m aware some have been dismissed. Did you only find 3 old studies or something? I’ve seen over 60 of them. Most of them scrutinized and peer reviewed. You seem bound and determined to believe what you believe. I have shared data with you before, and it didn’t change your opinion about it at all. That’s ok for you. Not convincing me of anything, but I wouldn’t mind knowing about the studies that make you so against believing there is any value in ivermectin. Just curious what you are seeing. If they are the ones the FDA was waiting for, I’m already skeptical. There is very little risk in ivermectin and many many many doctors have better than average track records using it. And entire countries have proven success. HCQ is more than useless as well with very very low risk. But anyway, what are the newer studies that you trust much more that just so happen to confirm your previous beliefs?

          • Justin,
            By the way, it’s refreshing to have someone capable of having an intelligent discussion with someone they may not necessarily agree with…although I think you and I agree on more than we disagree on.

          • Justin,
            As I’ve acknowledged previously, there are many ivermectin studies out there, over a hundred at this point. The majority of those studies, especially the early ones, are not considered to be studies of high, or even moderate quality and the majority with various issues as to their veracity for one reason or another. Oddly, the studies that have shown the best results are the studies with the most problems. The early studies pointed towards the need for larger and better done studies that conform to the rigors of scientific scrutiny. Some of the newer studies have concluded and show there is either no improvement, limited improvement, or a small negative to the use of ivermectin in the treatment of covid.
            There are numerous “studies of studies” or meta-analysis that for some reason are still using the completely discredited and fraudulent studies that have been withdrawn. Using the flawed early studies and disregarding the more recent and quality studies to form or support a belief that ivermectin works in the treatment of covid isn’t a great way to convince anyone.
            The use of peer reviewing is almost meaningless at this point, here is an article about one of my favorite peer reviewed and published articles ‘’

          • Vox? I’m already skeptical. Do they even have the guts to publish something that would be at all positive about Ivermectin? They would lose their entire reader base. But ok, I’ll look at it. Still isn’t going to change me mind. It isn’t harmful. Saying that it worsened outcomes is very suspect, unless they were getting crazy with the doses, which is exactly that, suspect. And sorry man, there is just too much evidence that it helps. And too many doctors that understand how it helps and have evidence that it helps for me to back track at this point. I heard one theory is that the reason why it has helped in Africa is because it got rid of people’s worms and so therefore it allowed them to fight covid better. They look for anything to justify why doctors aren’t using it in the US while ignoring that hospitals have strictly forbidden any doctor from ever using it and even practice practices have been targets. I respectfully think you are buying way too much of different angles they are trying to kill it. I sincerely can’t be positive about how helpful it is, but I know it’s harmless and there is no reason why you shouldn’t hedge your bets. And the best way to show that it isn’t effective is to not do early treatment, which is precisely what the first JAMA study did, so I actually trust studies outside of the US more than the ones inside of the US where it’s being framed as horse dewormer. Anyway, I look over the article. Thanks.

      • You said,
        “Actually, I more than “think” and believe they should be investigated thoroughly to see why they are having obvious motives to be less than objective and side with big pharma, Pfizer particularly.”

        Answer: More than half of their managers are prior Big Pharma employees. There is a complete conflict of interest here. They have a vested interest in saying yes to Big Pharma because it means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

        • Well, yes. I wholeheartedly agree and it doesn’t require an investigation to be launched to see this. And yet, here we are with MD’s asking for other MD’s licenses if they don’t walk lock step with the FDA, CDC, NIH, and Fauci. It’s baffling and I don’t know what needs to be done. My hope is that the republicans can gain majority and form a congressional committee that is hopefully somehow bipartisan, to put people on trial and force those that don’t want to pay attention to have to pay attention. Thomas Jefferson saw these dangers of the medical establishment. People forget that highest level doctors literally killed George Washington with blood letting and mercury poison. There needs to be a complete paradigm shift.

        • And they aren’t just motivated by dollars, but by their egos that are corrupt with power and influence that really don’t want to be humbled because it’s too far to fall.

    • Steve-O
      I’ve noticed that in the past you have been a big supporter of the Medical Industrial Fascist Complex in these comment sections. Therefore I was a bit surprised to learn from your comment above that you now advocate caution in following certain members of this organization and advocate that the individual consult their favorite Medical Practitioner prior to making a decision. All well and good my friend, but be not deceived, since, most of the Medical Establishment gets their Marching Orders from the Alphabet Agencies and Big Pharma on all things concerning the Chi-Com Bio-Weapon.
      And can we just agree that one is free to get jabbed or not? I mean the Jab has proven to be woefully ineffective across the Globe, especially compared to natural immunity and some of us just do not like needles.
      Thanks Steve_O

      • OA,
        I think what you’ve noticed in the past is an implicit bias confirmation on your part, you read something that I wrote that you disagreed with and assumed that you and I must disagree on everything. I am not a big supporter of the Medical Industrial Fascist Complex, or even a supporter of the Medical Industrial Fascist Complex by any means. I am a supporter of people informing themselves, of people researching, questioning, and deciding for themselves. I do not support the unconstitutional federal vaccine mandates that Biden has put forth, as I’ve said numerous times. This is nothing new for anyone who has read what I’ve written here over the years. Far too many in this country have taken covid and vaccines and decided this is yet another issue to divide us, covid and vaccines aren’t as politicized in other countries as they are here.
        All the data I’ve seen shows that the vaccines, there are about 25 different approved vaccines worldwide, are in fact effective at preventing hospitalization and death. Please feel free to share any information that shows otherwise. Did you know that out of those 25 different vaccines only Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA based vaccines and that the vast majority of vaccines are viral vector or inactivated virus vaccines?

  14. It’s about time someone reported this. Our family, who has genetic clotting disorders to begin with, has been saying this since last year.

    I’m devastated so many people – young people at that- have lost their lives to a vaccine advertised as safe. Thank you Suzanne for providing our community with quality reporting on REAL and valid news.

  15. Gosh, the posters on this blog are so smart. But let’s not stop with vaccine conspiracy theories. Can you also share your enlightened views on whether we really landed on the moon, whether the earth is really flat, whether the government is keeping aliens in a secure facility in Area 51, or whether Trump really won the last election? Oh, and please let us know how those QAnon predictions are panning out!

    • The posters here are not necessarily smarter than others or people in general, Rick, but most of them ARE more discerning, rightfully skeptical, and certainly more critically thinking than the herd of sheep out there, like you, who gullibly and blindly trust and believe in corrupt, lying and self-serving authority figures.

  16. How ironic that the word “immunity” is used to protect companies that do not provide a product that provides immunity from a virus.

  17. With all of the flip-flopping going on at the CDC, FDA, WHO & NIH over the last two years why in the world are “health officials” baffled about vaccine hesitancy? The official government response to Covid 19 has not been scientific, of that we can now be assured. We don’t have a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it is just the opposite!

  18. Our illustrious president Biden says we’re in for the “winter of death.” He claims those not vaccinated will die, how about those who are? They seem to be getting sick, spreading viruses, and many are dying from the virus and vaccines’ side effects. Very well could be the winter of death as predicted.

  19. Once again, the difference between tin-foil hat conspiracy theory and reality is about six months.
    Is there anything we have been told about COVID that is accurate?

  20. Now they say if you’ve had your two or three shots and you got a break through infection, you have a super immunity meaning you’re pretty much a superhuman against covid.

    • I once watched a super-human guy jump of a roof, he thought he could fly after a life-long addiction to PCP. One thing for sure, he was so out of it he probably didn’t feel his skull explode as it it the concrete.
      In all seriousness, I get this same vibe listening to people who talk about booster shots as they go about their business stuffing their faces with crap, waddling around the Twinky isle >100Lbs overweight.

      • I’m with you. I feel the same way about gullible Faucciites.
        Anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge can foresee that the true devastating numbers from this useless clot shot won’t really start to crawl out from under the propaganda for years.

  21. With the clot shot it’s not unusual to have several clots to manage 24 seven by disinterested sell-out medicalists. A need for war crime tribunals is urgently needed asap. Let’s stop communism right now and the international agenda to medically harm Americans.

  22. The first casualty of war is truth. In this case, the first casualty of this culture war has been truth from “science”.

    We had a great country. We couldn’t be bothered to keep it

  23. This is a stunning indictment of the American education system.
    9 people have had clots out of 17+ million cases. That number is so small it disappears in the “noise” of the statistics. It is mathematically impossible to say those clots are related in any way to the vaccine.
    New York City has 18 million people. Pick any 9 people that died over the last year. I can find a correlation between those 9 people faster than you can say Rumplestiltskin. And it will have nothing to do with Covid or vaccines or medicine.

  24. “This is a stunning indictment of the American education system.”

    It truly is!

    “9 people have had clots out of 17+ million cases.”

    Fake Statistic, you’ll never hear real numbers from the news.

  25. I remember a time where we could say the word “vaccine” without having to point to our arm or use code words while talking about the shots on YouTube….I remember when MIT and Standford videos weren’t banned due to “medical misinformation”. Hard to believe people still cant wake up to what is happening.

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