Stunning result: How Mary Peltola flipped Alaska’s congressional seat blue and toppled the Palin political juggernaut


With Alaska voters turning out in historic numbers for a mid-August election, the 49th state has just elected a Native grandmother from rural Alaska as its temporary congressional representative. 

Mary Peltola, a Democrat, is someone with low name recognition from a town of 6,500, far away from the hustle of the political world. Before June, hardly any Alaskans even knew her name. 

How did this happen in a state where President Donald Trump won just two years ago by a 10-point margin?

Chalk it up to the new “ranked choice voting” method voted into law by Alaskans in 2020 and tried for the first time on Aug. 16, when Alaska held both a regular primary and a special general election.

In the special general election part of the ballot, Peltola beat the most famous person in Alaska history, Sarah Palin, to fill the remainder of the term of the late Congressman Don Young. 

Weeks ago, Dittman Research had accurately predicted Peltola’s strong chance of winning the special election. He and other pollsters who work in Alaska say that Palin’s 63% negative rating with voters, and Peltola’s lack of negatives make it unlikely that Palin could win in a head-to-head with Peltola.

Dittman Research poll vs. actual results of the Aug. 16 special primary election for Alaska’s one congressional seat.

In the second round of tabulating, half of Republican candidate Nick Begich’s voters heeded Begich’s call to “rank the red.” They picked Republican Palin second on their ballots.

But nearly 50% of Begich voters were not of the same “rank the red” mindset. About 29% of Begich voters picked Peltola second. Several conservative, lifelong Republicans told Must Read Alaska they voted for Peltola second to block Palin from office. They find her too polarizing.

Another 20% of voters didn’t vote for anyone else after they picked Begich. Thus, 11,222 ballots were declared “exhausted.”

This is a stunning defeat for Palin. She is a former governor, a former vice-presidential nominee, is endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, who won in 2016 and 2020. Trump went to the extraordinary length of traveling to Alaska to appear at a rally for Palin this summer.

Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, Nikki Haley, and a host of other luminaries endorsed the glamorous political star.

Palin also outspent Peltola by a factor of four in this race. She had super PACs from the Lower 48 dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting her.

Yet Palin was beat by a smiling Yup’ik who last held elected office under a different surname — Mary Sattler, a state legislator from 1999-2009. Peltola has no college degree. She is a Bernie Sanders-style Democrat who has been married three times.

Peltola is yet to be fully defined. Her negatives are mainly that she will align with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden – both are kryptonite to Alaska conservatives and to the state’s economic stability.

Alaska voters have an opportunity to reconsider this stunning upset in the regular general election on Nov. 8, when they will choose, in ranked choice voting, which of four candidates will be the two-year congressional representative starting in January: Peltola, Palin, Begich or Libertarian Chris Bye.

Some say Palin has cost Alaska a Republican in Congress because of her hubris and lack of self-awareness about how she stands with average Alaskans. In the meantime, after 49 years, the Alaska seat in Congress has flipped to blue, taking the political world by surprise, defying conventional wisdom. Why? Not enough conservative Alaskans view Sarah Palin as credible. Too few feel she has the intellectual prowess for the job. The election just demonstrated those views. 

The fight isn’t over: Now, Alaska conservatives are trying to figure out how to flip that seat back to the red column in November, knowing that Palin cannot break 50% in Alaska. And everyone from Biden to the local Democratic Party will pour everything they have into keeping that seat blue.

After 49 years, the Alaska seat in Congress has flipped to blue, taking the political world by surprise. On Thursday morning, Cook Political Report changed Alaska’s ranking from Likely Republican to Likely Toss-Up for the first time in history.


    • If you’re racist enough to believe that people vote based on skin color or ethnicity, then I guess you’re not smart enough to look up the census to see what the composition of the state is and then question why your theory seems to be wrong. Wake up and realize that we’re being divided on this racism crap and we’re losing the country as a result. We need people who are committed to following our constitution and will defend our freedom. I am not saying that is Palin or even a republican but I don’t think any of us know if Peltola is that person.

      From 2020 census: White alone 61.6%; Black alone 12.4%; Hispanic 18.7%; Asian alone 6%; American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1.1%; Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 0.2%; Some Other Race alone 8.4%; Two or More Races 10.2%).

      • As a native American, you’re not doing yourself any favors by saying a native is racist. We have very few reasons not to be racist. Like the numbers in the election show, many of your so-called majority refuse to vote. If the native vote is so insignificant as you say, why did murkowski go around village to village making sure everybody knew how to spell her name on the write in ballot? Republicans haven’t done themselves any favor with the likes of the state House of Representative Republicans splitting off and siding with the Democrats. Even the state senators do that. Yes being a Republican Alaska is a thing of the past. Remember this seat was owned by a Democrat before Young took over, but maybe you haven’t been around that long.

        • You say – you’re not doing yourself any favors by saying a native is racist.
          then you say – We have very few reasons not to be racist.
          So like most progressives, you claim you are not racist then justify why you are.

      • I think it’s true that native Alaskans will vote for native Alaskans BECAUSE they are native Alaskans. If it wasn’t then why would Peltola spend so much on ad buys promoting how native she is? In elections you appeal to people’s most base nature. I could run as a pro life Catholic mom of two kids and I’d have most of the people who match my demographic right off the bat.

      • “If you’re racist enough to believe that people vote based on skin color or ethnicity, then I guess you’re not smart……..”
        If you think that some people don’t vote purely on racial terms, then I suggest that you might not be as smart as you think you are. Racists exist, of every complexion and ethnicity there are.

        • My point is that only 1.1% of the population is Native so the statement that Alaska would vote for a Native because we are a Native state is stupid. I have no doubt that people are stupid enough to vote for someone who they think look like them but anyone that extrapolates 1.1% of the population being the reason a Native got elected is truly stupid.

          • “My point is that only 1.1% of the population is Native……”
            Wrong again. The native population is over 15% of Alaska’s total population. They are a significant percentage of the electorate.

      • Agree race should absolutely not matter. Should be whom would do the best job for our state. Agree also Peltola will likely align with Pelosi and her cronies which will not bode well for our state.

      • Even Sarah Palin’s kids are Native Alaskan.
        She said so at the Trump Rally.
        If you look at the mass amount of people getting services (from Indian Health Service) at the “Native Hospital” it is easy to see how “Native’ this state is.
        Don Young’s kids are Native
        Gov Dunleavy’s kids are Native
        Sen Sullivan’s kids are Native
        Governor Hammond’s kids are Native
        Alaska has approx 200 villages …each a Federally recognized tribe (thank u Bill Clinton)
        Since President Clinton’s Admin almost half the Native Tribes in America are here in AK
        People vote for their people ….. it’s human nature.
        Think JFK (our 1st Catholic) would have made it w/out Irish Americans?

    • It has nothing to do with race. Palin didn’t show up to win, that would have been just a benefit.

      Palin showed up to get her name in the news again and to satisfy her own narcissism. She had/has zero interest in serving any Alaskan not named Sarah Palin.

      I generally vote solid Republican, but even if it were a two-way race, I would have had a hard time deciding to vote for her and most likely wouldn’t have.

      Unfortunately, this idiotic ranked choice voting system put a racist Democrat into office.

    • Greg, please clearly define the term “native state.” And, while you’re at it, please clearly describe a state which would not fit that definition.

    • Sarah Palin is an Alaska Charlatan. Even those who voted for her know it. It’s time to put an end to the Palin madness.

      • Chrissy, your comment would be equally powerful if you deleted the adjective “Alaska.” The word “charlatan” stands on its own.

    • Going into November the line up of the same candidates with Libertarian Bye on the ballot may cause a triple split because Libertarian is more aligned with Republican making it even more possible that Peltola will score a win of a wider margin.

  1. A increasing number of people have no morals. From how many partners they had to how they win elections, just as long they are a “winner” in their eyes. In one way I am glad Nicholas Begich didn’t “win” this way. RCV belittles the “winning” candidate. Their
    victory was taking what never belonged to them.

    • As a voter when the
      ballot comes the r-c-v part i am not going to continue playing your narcisstic silly games casting a vote for anyone. And just wait it when progressives, democrats, and athesitic patriots get tired of their games when their own losers say they can’t win and say the
      nation need another revolution because
      of the current leaders are
      I guess all i can
      do is pray r-c-v is overturned before the sinful and
      immoral takes
      that generation to a revolution. Cause even the sinful grow discontent of
      one another and the
      bad choices made.

  2. Suzanne: If you have any sway with Dunleavy, tell him to immediately do a forensic audit of the 2020 proposition 2 ballot. I know the Lt. Governor owns elections but Dunleavy can make a public statement instead of hiding and hoping which seems to be his legacy. We are going to end up all blue because of proposition 2 and our GOP “leaders” are responsible for not fighting harder.

      • Uh no, you’ve got it backwards, Murkowski and her team wanted RCV, not the Republican party, they knew what would happen if RCV was the system we would use to vote. And now it’s happening.

      • Evidence? I’m not aware of any Republicans ever in favor of it. Murkowski is the only “Republican” I knew in favor of it.

      • Incorrect Mosey, RCV was brought in by the Murkowski team IN HOPES to keep her in office. They knew she would never win another primary, In fact, she has never won an Alaskan election with 50% or more of the votes.

      • 1.) RCV was not desired by the GOP. And…
        2.) No one thought RCV would work against Murkowski. In fact, one of the reasons the GOP was telling people to vote against it was because of Murkowski.

    • In a little over a year Ranked Choice voting can be overturned. My guess is that it will be.
      But the goal of this method of electing our officials will have already been achieved. The main reason ( could be the only reason) for ranked choice voting becoming the law was to make sure that Senator Murkowski gets re-elected. And that will undoubtedly occur. The Dems know that their candidate cannot win. Period. But probably a large majority of Dems will either rank Murkowski as their first or second choice. And they will NOT rank Kelly T. That number will overwhelm the number of those Voters who vote for Murkowski and rank Kelly as 2d or third choice.
      If we had the tried and true policy of having a normal primary, Murkowski would not have a chance. Kelly would win and all GOP voters would have no problem voting for her.
      Frankly, I have to hand it to her. This was a clever smart move by Murkowski. Good for her and bad for Alaska
      It is a done deal. Turn out the lights, the parties over!

    • If you are talking about Palin, she is on the October ballot with Peltola and Begich. The only way Peltola wins again is if the anti Palin people care more about NOT electing Palin than NOT electing a Democrat. A poor decision in my view.

      • I’m a diehard Republican, but even I won’t vote for Sarah.

        Sarah has never been and never will be a public servant; her concept of public service is:

        How can the public serve me?

        She needs to go find a nice double-wide in a “good” Wasilla neighborhood.

      • “……..The only way Peltola wins again is if the anti Palin people care more about NOT electing Palin than NOT electing a Democrat………”
        They do. November will be a repeat. Hatred is an impossible force to reform. That’s why God invented Hell.

        • Sooooo, vote for Palin, or we’re going to hell…. How christian of you. I ranked red, btw, and will do so again. But Palin can’t break 50% so it will be on her for the November loss.

      • I will never vote for Palin. Plain and simple. Whatever happens, happens. Principles above outcomes. Try it sometime. It often hurts in the short run but pays dividends over time. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do.

        Lack of integrity (a narcissist jumping in for personal attention and gain) is what got us here in the first place. If we insist on putting her out as the the Republican’s choice then let’s get used to being represented by the Democratic Party because that’s where this is headed.

    • More like infamous, and from the look of things, no longer electable. But if we don’t get the Republicans to unite in the next couple of months, them we’re in for 6 years of the Congressional Blues and Alaska will pay a very high price.

    • You’re jumping the shark a bit, she’s hasn’t shown she will do anything for Alaska and I doubt she can in 4 months so no, it’s not exciting for Alaska.

    • “…….Peltola will be good for Alaska……..”
      All evidence suggests that she will be just another Demonrat vote pressured by the Democrat leadership to toe their corrupt criminal line. What great things did Mark Begich do for Alaska in six years?

    • She only won, because of her stance on abortion.. Even though she is a Republican, she didn’t stand for Rpublican values.. She is for abortion and killing of innocent lives. The Demon-crates voted for her because of this stance and other liberal Republicans. A child (People don’t seem to understand, once a sperm is fertilized, it IS A BABY, regardless of the stage of growth.) isn’t worth a life to them.. just a burden.

  3. One should consider, very carefully, the damage the Democrats have been doing to our country.

    1. Open borders. 4.9 million illegal immigrants have flooded in so far under Biden- Harris. Millions and millions more are coming and they will be voting despite the fact they are not Americans. They will be allowed to register to vote in liberal cities across America. They will vote Democrat, and we are looking at the possibility that no Republican will ever have enough electoral votes to win the presidency again. That means no more judicial appointments of judges that will affirm what the Constitution actually says.

    When 50 million additional illegals have invaded our country- and demand their ‘rights’, the USA will no longer be a constitutional republic. One can not let the Third World in and not expect the USA to not look like the Third World.

    2. Massive, deficit spending that will continue to devalue the US Dollar, making Americans poorer.

    3. Gun bans of semi automatic rifles, and soon, handguns.

    4. More legalization of dangerous drugs that do incredible harm to the health of Americans, our kids, and American productivity. Look at the shithole that Oregon has become. Filthy, crime ridden drug- using ‘homeless’ have infested that state. Same too with Seattle, and many parts of California.

    5. More anti- police nonsense, whether its through de-funding schemes, or letting criminals back on the streets (no bail) after they’ve been busted.

    The difference between Palin and Peltola is clear. Palin is a conservative that rejects the dangerous, and moronic Democrat policies that are destroying our country. Peltola will embrace it. Soon, she will be embracing Biden at the White House.

    It is clear that Alaska Republicans need to rally behind ONE Republican. Begich is not the guy. He garnered the fewest votes, and despite all the warnings he continued on, ensuring a socialist will (temporarily) represent Alaska. Its time for him to drop out.

    • All contrived arguments, and exaggerations, ‘M’. The difference between Ms Palin and the others seems quite clear, but how different Ms Peltola is from anyone else remains to be seen.

      Alaskans, it seems, are quite ‘fed up’ with the nonsense Ms Palin has been feeding the electorate like poisoned pabulum for the past few decades.

      Alaskans for the most part are straight-shooters, and perhaps they grew tired of someone ‘shooting off’ her mouth from every which way and every posh corner she inhabits today or tomorrow or the next day. In case ‘M’ is unaware, Alaska doesn’t have a lot of residents. Each vote makes a difference, and when this is the case, free and unfettered thinking prevails, and not by those seeking endorsement by criminals and celebs who’ve no interest in Alaskans FOR Alaska.

      Alaska has ALWAYS been home to immigrants whether from the Siberian land bridge connection over the last ice age or from more recent travelers. I recall when Alaska was open and welcoming to the Vietnamese ‘boat people’ as well as others fleeing persecution. Anyone willing and able to contribute to dreams of self-disciplined freedoms WHILE WORKING WITH OTHERS to achieve their own seems tolerable to the milieu in the State of Alaska.

      I may be reading the ambience of the Great Land incorrectly, but don’t think that Alaska, in general, supports the wealthy one-percent at the expense of the ninety-nine percent. Alaskans are reasonable folks and if it takes some social safety nets to ensure their neighbors recover from worldwide pandemics, then they will grin and bear it, all the while making sure that their gardens are in for the winter and there’s moose in the freezer. Moreover, it’s absurd to think that Ms Peltola will support disenfranchising the AK State Troopers. At least they’ve been the backbone of a peace-keeping force all over Alaska.

      A lot of American folks cheered the stick-to-itiveness during WWII, and Alaskan has a wide military basis. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think that Alaskans support American and USA idealism, and ensuring that the cost of postage in the USA isn’t jacked up by Seattle hub profiteers just because they’re so far from the headquarters of the postal service in Washington D.C.

      As for bringing up illegal drugs … ha, ha … bringing that up is like blowing smoke through the top of the ol’ porkpie! Perhaps, ‘M’ has not lived in Alaska long enough to recall the fragrant ‘aroma’ of maryjane near the high school hockey rinks in the 70s? It’s been ‘legal’ for personal use at least as long ago when I studied for pharmacist board exams in the 80s and as for other drugs that are ‘illegal’ they should remain illegal until assessed for societal considerations by those who have some idea of what they’re considering. This business of receiving highly toxic ingestibles through the US Mail has got to be controlled some way, but it’s not an argument for how Ms Peltola represents Alaskans versus how what is ‘allowed’ in OR, CA, or Washington state.

      Suggesting that Republicans rally around one candidate seems like a really republican way to do things in support of the idea of ‘republicanism’ to ensure the voice of the minority is represented, but it would be nice if their representative listens, understands, and supports the minority that promotes justice for all.

      • Minority? The MAJORITY voted republican, and yet a Democrat won. “Suggesting that Republicans rally around one candidate seems like a really republican way to do things” Did you not see how Al Gross was pushed out when he had a major lead over Mary? Did you not witness how Joe Biden and Hillary got selected during the primaries? Or how the Anchorage liberal assembly operates? Or how Pelosi will intimidate all Democrats to comply and walk lockstep.
        Who is contriving? I don’t agree with all of M’s points either, but mostly because I see even bigger issues coming out of the Democrat party, like how they keep each other in an ignorant and arrogant flattering bubble full of bad information and double standards as they call everyone else out of touch and poorly informed, and anyone that fights to oppose them is a domestic threat.

        Alaskans support immigration, not illegal immigration. Alaskans especially prefer immigrants that come here cherishing the opportunity and values of working hard, being independent and free and resilient and don’t want the shackles of being coddled like lost puppies by bleeding hearts that give them insulting condescending pity.

        Correct, Alaskans don’t support the 1% at the expense of the 99% and that’s why we all thought it was ridiculous that small businesses got all shutdown while the box stores were considered “essential” by…. DEMOCRATS.

        I could go on. Sorry but you are really deluded and in the flattering bubble and I have no idea what you mean by “justice for all”. I’m afraid of what it might mean. I have a feeling it has nothing to do with investigating the leads in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

      • Well, “Mrs. N.” Clearly you support illegal drug use, unlimited immigration and your candidate will be a Democrat. Good for you. For the rest of us the choice is clear. Alaska is a conservative state and the majority of Alaskans want no part of the Biden, woke, liberal agenda that is destroying our economy and country. If the voters have a simple choice of voting for a woke, socialist liberal, or a proven conservative, they will vote for the conservative. In this case we should have only one Republican- not two- if we want to reject Biden and his nasty agenda. Sarah is our best bet- she’s a proven conservative.

      • “……Alaskans for the most part are straight-shooters……”
        My observation is that they mostly shoot wildly and often, enjoying the loud noise, but not caring much where their lead ends up. Passing ranked choice voting is a classic case in point.

      • So you think it is justice to give place to people who break the law to get here and then suck the state dry? Do you really think the 1% will pay for your silly give-away programs and fix the educational rot that is being taught? It is the rest of us who pay, and not happily. It is exactly that sort of nonsense use of language that makes conservatives disgusted with “progressives.” You may be progressing, but to what?

    • M
      Begich is the Guy, get it. good. we can still win in November IF your drama queen drops out. Hell, she will quit half way through a term anyway, it’s hard and all, you know.

      Wise up and step back from the Palin Love Pal.

      • November, One suspects that people who make comments like yours are really Democrats who are very, very afraid of Sarah Palin. You know she has international name recognition. She has millions of people who follow her. She alone has an endorsement of a president who can fill arenas with tens of thousands of patriotic, voting, Americans. She held state-wide office and was the most popular governor in the country.

        That worries the leftists. You want the guy who finished dead last, behind by tens of thousands of votes to replace Sarah. Of course you do. You want the weakest candidate. The guy who supported Ethan Berkowitz.

        • M, I hardly call the person who pushed and signed the ACES tax that drove the oil companies out – and brought us Bill Walker and destroyed the Alaskan economy “conservative”. I call nothing that comes out of hollywood “conservative”. I am astounded with the changes that have happened to the small town mayor who became governor. She has become merely a cheap tramp.

          • Rich,

            Your comment would be more credible if you didn’t go for the ad hominem nonsense.

            The very best conservatives are the ones who actually read, and follow, the constitution. Article VIII of the Alaska Constitution requires our public servants to garner the maximum benefit for the sale of our natural resources. Its your oil, your gas, your gold. Alaska owns the largest oil field in North America. Prudhoe Bay. That’s Alaskan oil, and the multi- national corporations only hold a leasehold interest. ACES got Alaskans a reasonable share- as the Alaska Constitution requires. Its worth pointing out that Alaskans have subsidized the industry to the tune of billions and billions of dollars to develop the infrastructure. Anywhere else in the world the owner of the resource would hold an ownership interest in the pipelines, treatment facilities and the rest for the money we provided.

            Worse, under the current rules we were literally paying to give away our oil (save for our royalty share- at lower prices) which is NOT what the Alaska Constitution requires, and certainly not what you do with the largest, and most valuable oil field in North America.

            That valuable resource was provided to Alaska (105 million acres) at statehood so we could be self reliant and not a welfare colony as some who argued against Alaska statehood feared we’d become.

            We have one chance with the sale of our finite resources. When the resource is gone, its gone, along with the revenue.

    • How about a counter argument “M”. With Sarah Palin’s unfavorable rating approaching 70%, maybe she should drop out and let NIck Begich have a shot at it.

      Ms. Pelota won the race. I have no data on this, but I would surmise, based on Palin’s unfavorable rating, it was less about people liking Ms. Pelota’s positions, as it was a referendum on not wanting Palin in office. In simpler terms, Pelota didn’t win, Palin lost.

      • “……..With Sarah Palin’s unfavorable rating approaching 70%, maybe she should drop out and let NIck Begich have a shot at it……..”
        How does somebody with a 70% unfavorable rating beat all 47 other candidates in the primary, and still beat Begich in the ranked voting general? Do you really think you’re fooling anybody (other than those already fooled…….like you)?

        • Reggie, I’ve spoken with both Nick and Sarah within the last year – NB3 is the person for the job. Nick got beat because of all the money flowing to the diva.

      • Dan. As a liberal I’ve usually voted for the lesser, like Hillary, but not Peltola. She has intelligence, kindness and integrity. I trust her.

    • M, your fascination with the diva needs to be attitude-adjusted. Palin needs to drop out for the good of Alaska and America – she can’t beat Mary P. NB3 can and will, if the dark money stops enriching Sarah and gets serious about electing a Republican. Sarah has few principles; and compared to Nick, little intellect. I ranked the red, but it appears enough people didn’t want hollywood representing us to vote Peltola second. This will repeat in November if Palin doesn’t drop out – NOW.

  4. For all of the hand wringing, it seems MRAK just diagnosed the problem:

    “Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, Nikki Haley, and a host of other luminaries endorsed the political star.

    “Palin also outspent Peltola by a factor of four in this race. She had super PACs from Outside dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting her.”

    Alaskans just don’t like Palin—and no amount of Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, or “other luminaries” is going to change that for her. No amount of money is going to change that. But it is hilarious to read the same old tropes about Dominion, election fraud, conspiracies…come for the commentary, stay for the comments.

    • Sorry, I may have missed it, but there were a lot of tropes about Dominion, fraud, conspiracies? Where?
      The only comment that even mentions those three things is your comment.
      What MRAK article are you reading?

    • “…….Alaskans just don’t like Palin……”
      Obviously, 48.53% of those who voted in this election do. That is proven. The primary and special general elections also proved that she is more preferred over Begich. So it isn’t “Alaskans” who “just don’t like” her. It’s you and people like you.

      • No Reggie. I’m in that 48.53% because I put her second. I had to hold my nose. Many couldn’t hold it hard enough to put her second. Nick is more conservative but the name is killing him. When half of the people who vote for the most conservative person refuse to vote for Palin second, that says something about how they view her….. whether or not it’s true, that is how she is viewed by Alaskans and she will not win in November either. I’m not sure Nick can win either because her cult followers probably will not put him second. If the status quo stays the same, Mary wins in November. If Palin drops out, Nick possibly has a chance. If Nick drops out, Mary still wins in November.

  5. Looks like those Begich voters (we voted for him first and Palin 2nd) that marked Peltola 2nd is what got her elected but I would really to see those number of Palin voters that put her 2nd as well. I wonder why those numbers haven’t been released?

    • Because Palin didn’t come in third, so there was no point in tabulating them. I wonder if those Begich voters who picked Peltola second, thought Begich was a liberal.

      • Correct.
        The only time RCV looks at second choice votes is when that candidate’s first choice votes are tossed out.

      • Dan Baldwin, you’re completely wrong. Those numbers are digitized into the Dominion software; they were already “tabulated” on elections day. There is absolutely no reason not to have released them (with all 2nd-rank numbers) on election day (then updated as absentees, etc dribbled in). The voters’ own the data. The voters provided the data. The voters own the voting machines and software. The voters are the employers of the servants working in Division of Elections are their employees. If the law prevents the voters from seeing all the data on election day then it is a rotten law. It is tyranny that must be rectified.

      • Dan Baldwin, you’re completely wrong. Those numbers were digitized into the Dominion software already “tabulated” on election day. There is absolutely no reason not to have released them (with all 2nd-rank numbers) on election day (then updated as absentees, etc dribbled in). Voters’ own the data. Voters provided the data. Voters own the machines and software. Voters are the employers of the employees working in Division of Elections. If the law prevents the data being released on election day then it is a rotten law. It is tyranny that must be rectified.

      • “……..I wonder if those Begich voters who picked Peltola second, thought Begich was a liberal.”
        Maybe it was the name?

      • Still not sure if we know he isn’t a liberal. What has he done to prove his stance on anything, except talk? Most Begiches have been very good at lining their pockets at the taxpayers expense.

  6. This is how Democrats win. Split the vote and pin republicans against each other. Instead of attacking Palin for her train wreck life, we should be ensuring a republican gets into office. Give Palin a second chance, because she is all we got -not because she is likable. And for the love of anything good, don’t try get republicans to vote for a kid that comes from a life long family of Democrats as a Republican. Alaskan’s deserve a democrat because we are terrible at playing this game of politics.

    • So wrong! So very very wrong! If you take all Begich’s 1st choice votes and all of Begich’s 2nd choice votes, he is the clear winner by a huge margin. There were enough “never Palin” voters to ensure Peltola’s win. If Palin campaigns for the permanent seat, she is ensuring Peltola will stay. If she drops out and endorses Begich, we get a conservative in that seat with EASE. Peltola is EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAYS SHE IS. Begich “might” be what you say he is, but he is the ONLY Republican on the ticket that is capable of winning. Drop Palin NOW if you want to see Peltola loose in November.

      • Dee Cee: You explained that well. I didn’t see it that way until now. It is not obvious when seeing Nick in 3rd place, but I think you are right. The only thing is that I’m not sure what’s worse, a meek Democrat or a RINO. I don’t know that Nick is a RINO and my best bet is that he is not, but I believe I prefer Mary Peltola over Lisa Murkowski or Liz Chaney. In other words, I prefer an honest enemy vs a deceitful and spiteful trader. I don’t think Nick is the latter, so I think you are right, but unfortunately it isn’t something most people will see and definitely not something Sarah will see.

      • “…….Drop Palin NOW…….”
        No. I vote how I decide, you do likewise, and we all live or die with the results.

      • “…….If she drops out and endorses Begich, we get a conservative in that seat with EASE……..”
        How do you know that Palin voters won’t return the insult and vote for Peltola?

    • I point the finger directly at the open primaries.
      Letting more than one candidate from a party show up on the ballot is always going to split the vote.
      Look at what is happening for the November election. Sweeny dropped out, meaning we are looking at a three way between Palin, Petola, and Begich. Yes… there will be a fourth candidate, but no one has any idea who they are and they are going to get a tiny fraction of the vote.
      I say we get rid of the open primary. If you are not a registered member of the party, you have no say in deciding who represents that party in the general election.

      • “……I say we get rid of the open primary…….”
        I’ll bet you were a RCV proponent, too, weren’t you?

        • Reggie:
          What did I write that makes you think I am a RCV proponent? or did autocorrect change opponent on you?
          But… If the open primary disappeared, RCV would not be as easy for the political parties to manipulate. On the other hand, if you leave the open primary in place, but get rid of RCV, the opposition party will have a say in who represents your party in the general election.
          That is why my comment does not talk about RCV.
          And, what gave you that impression anyway?

      • The win by Peltola through the RCV debacle was only possible due to the jungle primary system also foisted on us with RCV. A straight up primary with Palin and Begich, likely in a runoff, would have resulted in a Republican win in the final. We need to get rid of both the jungle “open” primary and RCV. The parties should decide who will be their candidate and we need to fix it soon.

        • Correct.
          However, if we HAD to choose between RCV or open primary, I say we ditch the open primary. Close them down, and you will not have two or more representatives from a single party competing on the general ballot. There is no scenario where that will not result in a split vote, ensuring a win for the party with only a single candidate.

    • The Democrats ONLY won, because of M. Peltola’s stance on abortion. Since the SC WON the abortion argument, saving lives, the Democrats had to come to revoke that law, by electing people that will fight for their murdering children.

    • You realize it’s not “the Begich family” that’s running for office, right? It’s Nick Begich who is not like his uncle, father or paternal grandparents. Do the work and figure out who he is. Not voting for him because of his last name is … intellectually lazy. That is the most polite thing I can say about that level of “thinking”.

      • “……It’s Nick Begich who is not like his uncle, father or paternal grandparents…….”
        Yeah, Ted Kennedy wasn’t like his brothers John, Bobby, Pat, or Daddy, either. Right? Maybe that’s why he wasn’t murdered.

      • Mr. Rogers, have you just stumbled off of the tundra? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that “NB3” is a family man who’d carry on the family legacy. Young Nick’s dad was all smiles on election night–wide-eyed like a kid in a candy store. And why not, eh? You can only imagine what kinds of sugarplums were dancing through the old man’s head! The “prospect” of young Nickie becoming Congressman Begich definitely piqued Nicholas’s imagination.

        As reported, “NB3” has been financing his own campaign; so you know he’s operating on the assumption that there is more than a casual give and take of lollipops and gumdrops in being a congressman. Who is so ignorant to not know that the national elections are about winning the coveted gobstoppers–ideology and political promises be damned!

        • Edits:

          “Lollipops, Gumdrops, and Gobstoppers”

          “Young Nick’s dad was all smiles on election night–-wide-eyed like a kid in a candy store. And why not, eh? You can only imagine what kinds of sugarplums were dancing through the old man’s head!”

        • Edit (“national elections” to “congressional elections”): “Who is so ignorant to not know that the congressional elections are about winning the coveted gobstoppers–ideology and political promises be damned!”

  7. Congrats to Peltola — a ‘nice’ woman who will be aligned in the U.S. Congress with a despicable political party. Please, can we Alaskans settle on one Republican U.S. House candidate for the November election? If not, then let’s be willing to rank the two red candidates. I’m still unwilling, however, to rank Murkowski in November. What a lousy business.

    • YES, perfect.
      Either Begich then Palin
      or Palin then Begich for congress

      Then Tshibaka, Second R (Kelley?), Chesbro, Arnold Ziffel in that order for senate.

  8. One thing here that I see as fairly certain: the Democrats that would have given it little thought before, will now defend to the death their new prize, the Rank Communist Voting scheme.

      • I am going to have to ask you to substantiate that claim. Not saying you are wrong, but for the life of me I do not recall any Republican pushing for RCV.
        Can you provide a quote, or anything other than your statement?

        • ‘

          • Reggie, I am not sure if this reply is to me asking for a demonstration that Republicans supported RCV.
            The AK Supreme Court has to rule based on the law, and the presentation the case. Sometimes, they will have to issue a ruling they personally disagree with.
            The ruling says RCV does not violate the AK Constitution or existing AK law. It does not convey Republican support of it.

  9. There is no surprise. The holier than thou “Republicans” refuse to learn about ‘sticking together’, from democrats. I voted Begich, with Palin as my 2nd, as every Republican should have (or vice-versa). The anti-Palin, self-righteous, arrogance of a minority of republicans, incited by the likes of Dan Fagan and Suzanne Downing,(whom I have donated lots of money to as Must Read Alaska), refused to place Palin as their 2nd. This ignorance will have severe consequences for our state, as Peltola has promised to support everything that we Alaskans are opposed to. Hello oil production moratorium, firearms bans, increased bureaucracy from the EPA for resource development, etc.

    • Dan Fagan even said on his radio show this morning that he pushed for conservative voters to pick the 2 red candidates and no others so you are incorrect on that matter.

    • Sorry, can’t agree with you there. Sarah is the perfect example of what is wrong with the two-party system that we’ve effectively adopted. I generally vote Republican, but I have to be a responsible citizen so I cannot and never will vote for Sarah Palin.

      If elected, Sarah will no doubt do nothing more than maneuver her positions to whatever will further her career.

      She is a creature of lusts, lust for attention and a lust for power. Her world begins with “S” and ends with “h.”

    • Funny. I’ve been an Alaskan for 46 years. “WE” Alaskans made a choice against Palin. Some of us “WE” Alaskans still support Murkowski. Some of us “WE” Alaskans do not like the hard right on your face so called patriotic side of the GOP. I think the majority of “wE” Alaskans are tired of the GOP in its current state and will show it again in Nov. I a republican and I crossed the line for Peltola.

      • “…….I think the majority of “we” Alaskans are tired of the GOP in its current state……”
        And liking the Democrat cabal in Washington who will whip Peltola into their ranks?

  10. So, it’s an interesting avenue that people will run on the “rank me 2nd” ploy. It’s a gamble that it will go into round two. But they’ll say, I don’t care who you rank 1, but rank me 2. That seems to have worked quite well, for her, in this case.

  11. Even if there had been a regular primary election followed by a normal (non RCV) general election, the final result would probably have been the same. Palin would have won the republican primary and Peltola the general. Too many republicans just cannot bring themselves to vote for Palin under any scheme. On the other hand, if Palin had not run, Begich probably would have won these elections by a fair margin.

    Remember how Ross Perot split the republican vote in 1992, allowing Bill Clinton to be elected over George HW Bush? I learned to never underestimate the power of the republican party to shoot itself in the foot.

    Expect a similar result if Trump runs in 2024. Even as the democratic party has been co-opted by the far left progressives, they somehow seem to have been able to persuade their voters to come to the left with them. Unfortunately, the republican party, instead, is splitting apart. Their only chance is for Trump to retire from the scene as early as possible – but we all know he simply will not do that.

    • “……Remember how Ross Perot split the republican vote in 1992, allowing Bill Clinton to be elected over George HW Bush?……..”
      Like it was yesterday. It seems to be a basic tenet of conservatism to shoot feet. Watch it happen again just two months from now.

  12. The change from one person one vote to ranking changes the voting from may the person the majority want as their rep to a strategy game. And the democrats strategists are better because they don’t value the individual but value government as the goal. Alaska had more conservative leaning voters that think independently and are not aligned to the “goal” so personalities make a difference. We could see this coming when palin entered the race late to split the conservative vote. Then the strategy of gross backing out to solidify the left. And with negatives on palin it veered to democrat who less than 50 percent want and nobody knows. If Alaskan conservatives don’t want partisanship then the should change to a system like a few states where the top two go head to head. Others stated adopted that because in those states it will work best for the democrats. They did their homework and strategy is winning over principles.

  13. MRAK seems pretty happy that Pelotla beat Palin. I voted Palin 1st, Nick 2nd. I know many others who did the same. Even if Nick ranked her 2nd, he continued to put out negative ads against Sarah and I’m sure that kept votes away. I don’t understand why conservatives need to tear eachother apart. Mary Peltola just had to sit and wait for the Republican side to self destruct. Nick lost too, but a bigger margin. I don’t see how any conservative would rather vote for a progressive Democrat.

    • Lumping all Begich voters into one box isn’t very smart because many of us chose Palin as their number 2 pick. You Palin voters are nothing more than a bunch of crybabies that whined about Begich saying mean things about Palin, kinda like Democrats whined about Trump.

    • It’s comments like this that show that plain ignorance in our own party is a greater threat than any Democrat.

      You fail to grasp how RCV works and it’s implications.

      Yes, it appears Sarah can beat Nick head to head when looking at just the conservative vote. That’s proven. It also appears Sarah can’t beat Mary head to head when accounting for all the votes. Also proven.

      If you truly want a conservative in office then all you Palinbots should realize that the only path to victory is through someone other than her in a statewide vote.

      Instead of insulting Begich and his supporters you should be joining us.

      • “…….Instead of insulting Begich and his supporters you should be joining us.”
        Sixty years of RINOs and establishment elites has never worked for me, thanks. No way am I actually climbing aboard that wagon. I just don’t fit. The more people who hate Palin makes her all the more attractive to me.
        I knew Don Young. I liked him. My daughter didn’t. He pulled the “do you know who I am?” stunt on her one night. It didn’t go over well. IOW, nobody is loved by all. I voted for him in every campaign he had primarily because he was aggressively pro-life, and he was aggressively pro Second Amendment. Today’s Republicans will kill babies for votes, and (as Murkowski is proving) will play ball with Demonrats in gun bans.
        I don’t trust a Begich. Been there. Done that. Not doing it again.

  14. Sarah can expect it to be even worse in November. The most hated woman in Alaska.
    Trump will reverse himself after this sinks in.

  15. I say let her show how poorly she will lead ….
    Meanwhile the Republicans better get their humble pie baked and served so we can UNIFY under a SINGLE CANDIDATE next time. … let me show you how it’s done Mr. Beigich. Time to flood the Vazquez campaign with donations and support as we are fighting against a wokester war mongering cheater.

  16. Peltola didn’t “win”. Sarah sank Alaskans, and fully half of Begich voters sandbagged all of us.

    Sarah is so disliked that unbelievably 29% ranked Peltola second? Inconceivable!

    And then 21% pissed away their #2 vote.

    Good job, assholes.

    • Gotta vote honestly. I vote almost strictly Republican, and am very conservative.

      So, being a responsible citizen I have to cast honest votes, and I have to honestly say that Sarah is not qualified for elected office nor is she interested in serving any Alaskan not named Sarah Palin.

  17. Rank NB III #1 and Palin as #2 or in November you will have Deja Vu. Palin is the sole reason that Don Young’s seat went from Red to Blue.
    Despite the wishes and whines to the contrary, Palin is unelectable in Alaska. Those are the facts and this election proves it. Alaska Voters spoke, they clearly do not want Palin representing them. She cannot win in November. If her or her supporters cared for Alaska, they would demand that she do what is best for Alaska and drop out. Quit giving her your money, your support, or your votes.

    Like or hate RCV, it is the law of the land in Alaska and one must play poker and politics with the “house rules.” Palin has proven to be a bluff and worthless hand. Next time vote Nick #1 and you will have a more positive outcome.

    • “…….If her or her supporters cared for Alaska, they would demand that she do what is best for Alaska and drop out……..”
      I’m not sure how you believe that you and yours are the ones to make demands and ultimatums on others and their votes. Like the 15K plus Begich supporters who chose Peltola second, perhaps Palin supporters would prefer her to Begich? What are you going to do then? Bark and babble some more like Biden attempting to utter a public address?
      Destiny can be cruel. Feel it. Embrace it. It’s real. Your new Congresswoman is a Democrat! Long live Mary Peltola!

  18. The Democrats persevered,stuck together and with their unity they won.Republicans need to study the liberals tactics.Oh one more thing The Rank destroyed our voting system.

    • Al Gross handed Mary Peltola the win, before a vote was ever cast. In a 3 way race the democrat always comes out ahead. Mary sat back, said nothing and let Nick and Sarah snipe at each other. If there is ANY lesson to learn, it is for candidates to turn their attention on Mary, encourage their voters to rank the red and see the democrat as the person to beat not the the other republican (if we could get one of them to drop out that would even the playing field too)

  19. I look at this as a blessing.
    It woke Alaska up?
    Unless Begich or Palin drops out the permanent Congressional race. Alaska will have a Democrat in Washington.
    RCV elimination of the Political party primary has not sunk in the Alaskan mindset.
    Please Nick or Sarah have the courage to do the right thing for Alaska. One of you Drop out of Race and fully endorse the remaining candidate. In fact campaign arm in arm with them.
    Turn your resources toward exposing the Democrat for what she is, a Uber Radicle Leftest.
    As side Bar MRA start throwing Darts at the Democrats.
    You have totally forgotten the 11th commandment. Enough!

  20. There is only one reason Peltola won that is within Alaskans’ control: Begich suicide voters. No matter how much one dislikes Sarah Palin, there is no excuse for any Republican to vote for a left-wing Democrat. Voting is not a compulsory exercise. Begich voters chose to give Mary Peltola the 2nd place votes that put her over the top. Just like their “fearless leader” suicide voted for Ethan Berkowitz in 2015 to put the most left-wing politician the State has ever seen over the top, and don’t forget his vote for Uncle Mark Begich. This is Nick Begich’s legacy. He owns it Peltola.

    • Matt J. Well said. The Begich losers blame Sarah because they don’t like her. Like the Old Southern Democrats— they would rather burn their Confederacy to the ground, than free the slaves. Hate Kills, and it’s killing the Republican Party. Sarah won the Primary, and beat Nick in the General. And the Begich Democrats want Sarah to leave the field of battle.

    • No actually it’s Sarah Palin’s legacy. She would have lost in a head to head also, her unfavorable rating is 63%. Many of the Nick Begich voters who voter for Peltola were moderate who will not vote for a nut like Sarah. This is Sarah Palin’s Legacy.

    • Agree.
      A Begich 1st, Peltola 2nd vote is more of a statement of disdain for Palin, than a vote for Peltola.
      In fact, if only a handful of Begich voters put Petola as their 2nd, and only ranked Begich, I would accept that. But, to knowingly and deliberately put in a second vote for a leftists/socialist/anti-resource development, Biden policy rubber stamper, is unacceptable. No one who ranked Petola at any level can call themselves conservative in any way.
      Look, people. RCV does not require you to rank anyone past your 1st. If you abhor the other Republican candidate, leave it blank. It would be no different than if Palin had won a conventional primary, and was the only Republican on the November ballot. If we did not have the jungle primary, you would have had to live with that outcome. So, do it next time.

  21. Taking nothing from Mary, but she really didn’t do anything. She got out of the way while the GOP did what it does best. Self sabotage.

    There is zero reason to believe she won’t win in November. The Palinheads still think she can do no wrong. The Begich supporters detest Palin and the Palinheads. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

    The ONLY way the GOP has a chance in hell is for them to do to Begich what the dems did to Gross. Force him out.

    • The real problem, why can’t we get any real conservatives to run for office here in Alaska? Begich is an obvious Dem plant, and Palin is Palin.

    • Why not force out the person who lost in a head to head? Do you really think the Begich voters who didn’t vote for Palin the first time around will vote for Palin the second time around? You should apply that definition of insanity to yourself.

  22. Ha,ha, it is very entertaining to see the blowhards on here doing mental backflips over the fact that a lot of Begich supporters were really Democrats! Mission accomplished!

    • I’m gonna be curious to see if that plays out. On the service it appears at least 10% may have been.

      The details will come out, eventually.

    • Yup.
      Begich was a plant all along.
      Look at his family, background, and voting record.
      Oh, but he shoots a gun in his political ad – so he must be conservative?
      RINO much, Begich voters?

      • DoneWithit – We know that a lot of Begich voters ranked Peltola second. What I want to know is how many Peltola voters ranked Begich second! That would be a real eye opener. I smell a Trojan Horse.

  23. In Nevada, they are going to vote on RCV in November. The Republican business establishment is generally in favor, and it is opposed by the Nevada Democratic party. Figure that one out.

    • “……Figure that one out…….”
      Classic Nevada corruption, which is as unique as classic Alaskan corruption, but more out in the open and recognized by all for what it is. Alaskans think that their dung is sweet, and they always will. They believe all the BS they feed the tourists about how special they are.

  24. Palin is a low quality candidate. Trump’s responsible for peltola winning the seat. Wake up republicans. Trump is killing the party

    • I’m watching with curiosity what happens to Trump’s chosen. Many have made it through primaries. Can they win general elections?

      So far team Trump has lost its only high profile race. Kemp in Georgia beat the Trump challenger. It’s too early to call us since we’re stupidly holding the exact same election in three months.

      Hershel Walker (also in Georgia) has a good chance to win, but mostly due to being a football God in a football crazy state.

      Dr Oz is a dumpster fire. He’s losing to a man who wants legal heroin and empty jails. And he still can’t talk.

      Whoever is advising Trump needs to do a better job.

      • As usual, Trump is terrible at knowing who to hire, but good at knowing who to fire.

        Jim Sweeney: you have to remember, it’s ok to have a nuanced opinion of Trump. Some picks have been good, some have been bad. If he fails at all of his picks and the majority of the Republican party goes with him, which it doesn’t always, then it will pivot and so will Trump because he hates to lose.

  25. We can blame Palin all we want but more Alaskans voted for Palin than for Begich! What does that tell you?

    I put Palin in first place, Begich in second place. Begich is OK but I very much disliked his organization, and I know at least ten voters who arrived at the same conclusion. Palin is much stronger on the Second Amendment, and Begich looked lame shooting a Rem 870 while wearing a single-action revolver. Everyone I know was unconvinced that anyone named Begich could be a real Republican; we have to acknowledge that we live in a time when politicians are not trusted, and the more they say trust me the less we trust them.

    I have to acknowledge that Peltola was honest. She was clearly pro-Biden in the debates yet she won. She also made it clear she was running entirely to protect Native Alaska. She as much as said that in one debate. Her perspective of the Alaska economy is one of how to support rural Alaska, and how to support state government. She has a limited interest in commercial fishing and a huge interest in subsistence fishing. But Pebble and Ambler, and Kinross and the Palmer project, are of no interest; don’t expect her to explain them to the Biden White House. She knows far less about world affairs than does the average high school teacher, and that is not much. In debates Peltola made it clear she believes federal government spending had nothing to do with inflation, and she believes the federal government should have spent even more. Peltola has support of the urban liberals (school teachers and environmentalists) and the bush, but that is enough to keep her in office if we continue to run two Republicans against her.

    Peltola and Lisa will easily meet somewhere in the middle. Even if Republicans take the White House in two years Alaska will be left out of everything but the pork. Resource development jobs will go anywhere but Alaska. The Governor could deal with Palin and Begich to fix this, but exactly what has he fixed in the past 4 years that convinces you he will?

      • Nevermind. You just like to troll. You don’t care to explain yourself at all. You just want to kick sand in people’s face because, indeed, you are full of spite and arrogance. You are so arrogant that you think your empty comments with insults will somehow help the world. Maybe not. I suppose you’re just blowing steam. Good for you. Hope you feel better now because that’s all that matters.

  26. Palin via incompetence and unpopularity lost this race. She only campaigned against Nick Begich, calling him a rino, which is far from the truth. She turned on him and said she’d vote for Peltola over Begich. Begich is strong, articulate, conservative, young, smart and already a success in his own right.

    We can still flip these results in the general as many more will be voting. I trust and hope that Begich can reach out to more R’s and independents with his no-nonsense gutsy take back America message in the next two months. He campaigned hard. Palin was invisible, except for the snide jabs at Begich.

    So in peace, just vote red, one and two. Everyone gets to vote for both Republicans. Geez. This is a no-brainer. Red VS Pelosi-tola.

  27. Peltola did not flip the seat. RCV and stubborn spiteful conservatives did.

    I only know enough about Peltola to see that she thinks LGBTQ+ rights need to be protected even further, which means at this point special rights and schools interfering with our kids and keeping secrets from parents, and that she supports “Build Back Better” initiatives that will put inefficient windmills and solar panels everywhere and increase counter productive “green” spending by a ton during our record high inflation and make it harder for farmers and ranchers. Oh, and she is all about the government encouraging families to not raise their own children by providing them “free” daycare. Last but not least, she’s pro-choice and will be working for the federal government and not the state government, so she will be another vote towards making the heinous act of abortion a guaranteed “constitutional right”, when our constitution shouldn’t be getting into the weeds like that. Lovely.

    That all sounds like terrible ideas to me and someone that will just be another Nancy Pelosi minion. I really don’t understand how somebody that would vote for Nick Begich would vote for a Nancy Pelosi minion who is at best ignorant to what the Democrat party is doing to hurt everyone’s bottom line and tear the country apart while replacing the best American principles with the ill conceived totalitarian visions of the progressive globalist elites.

      • Lucinda: Hi kettle. Care to elaborate or do you just want to call groups of people names with broad strokes with no explanations as to why? Can you see how some people might see that as just spiteful because you have no interest in explaining yourself?

        • Justin, I’ll explain my self by just referring to the list of concerns in your comment. To me, you have to have some spite on board to oppose helping parents with daycare. And the rest of it.

          • I am a parent and pay for daycare because my wife works. So I have disdain for myself? No. I actually think it is wrong to incentivize putting kids in daycare. This isn’t hard to understand. I think your disdain for anything conservative is making you fail to see my logic, even if you don’t agree with it. It’s ok to disagree right? We should talk about these things, no? I’m being completely sincere. I’m ok with public assistance funding, to some degree without bad political strings attached, for preschools. My mom ran one. But my mom and I both don’t believe parents should be getting free daycare, making it so moms and dads are even more motivated by the government to put kids in other people’s hands that don’t have the same level of love for their child. My wife and I put our kids in daycare because my wife really wanted to work and had a career and I did too and we found a daycare we really liked. But if we can help it, we don’t leave them in daycare. Can’t say that’s true of other parents. Just ask anyone working in a daycare how some parents just drop their kids off even when they aren’t working, routinely.

            We knew it was a sacrifice to put our kids in daycare, and not just a financial one. And I don’t doubt that if the government started to pay for daycare, that many parents would believe they are entitled to free daycare. Then I also believe the government’s hand in the whole thing would start to make it more and more bureaucratic and more out of the reach of parents having any direct influence, while making things inefficient when nothing is “free”. It’s my money that I give to the government to only have them give it back after taking a cut for the bureaucracy. Sorry if you find my perspective spiteful and insulting. It’s not my intention.

            I have conversed with Russians that have nostalgia for the Soviet era because everything was free and things like after school activities were much more plentiful and easy to do. It was like being in an all inclusive resort. But they were all poor and couldn’t see that none of those things were free and that’s why they were all poor and lacked other freedoms. When I go to an all inclusive resort I enjoy it. I get it. But it’s not the way I always want to live nor do I want to pay for others to always live that way. I think it is unhealthy for people to rely on the government to make the right decision for them, especially when the government is incentivizing a decision that should be looked at as a sacrifice for the child and family.

            I’m sure you are rolling your eyes at all of this, but does it sound like spite or just my perspective?

          • I’ll say one more thing to put it much more simply. Making daycare free would make it even more costly to keep kids at home. That’s the opposite direction we should be going in.

  28. Don Young’s liberty score was an F. And Murkowski is right there with him. Alaska isn’t conservative. Alaskans are soft socialists – always looking for a federal or state handout. Sorry, not sorry if that upsets some.

    America is in the fight for its life. Instead of focusing on what one six month nobody freshman congresswoman will do for Alaska, look at the bigger picture.

    Palin is a fighter and she’s “loud”. We need more MTGs and Boeberts to shake up the old guard. How many waves do you think the “grandmother” can make? None. She’s just a vote for the Democrat agenda.

    The excuse that Palin is a celebrity, a quitter and doesn’t spend enough time in Alaska is tiresome. How many Alaskans are snowbirds yet call Alaska home and vote? You can thank the Democrats for putting the whole Palin family front and center and then vilifying and destroying them.

    Put aside the hatred for Palin and look down the road. We’re trying to save America and individual states don’t matter so much right now. We Conservatives and Republicans from all states need to be focused as one in this fight for our country.

    Go MAGA!!!

  29. This is nothing. Wait until Mrs. Peltola speaks at AFN in October.
    The place is gonna be rocking & she is gonna get a big bump going into the Nov election.
    Remember Tony Knowles was elected to high office here 4 times.

    As a conservative I like her, she worked for Dolin, has 7 kids, took her trophy hunting husbands name.
    She will be Joe Manchin or another Lisa Murkowski (who I have never & will never vote for)
    Perhaps Begich will take her out in 2024, but AK is getting bluer everyday as jobs leave & deadbeats stay.

  30. Regardless of the RCV debacle, I totally agree with The Masked Avenger in his “self sabotage” assessment. All the repubs/conservatives had to do was rank Palin or Begich #1 or #2. Period. That proved to be too much. Now let’s see who has the larger ego, Palin or Begich. Oh, and as for Ranked Choice Voting… i just found that Andrew Yang and his “Forward Party” cited our very own Lisa Murk in a March ’22 article: “Yang uses Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) as an example of why the Forward Party is pushing for open primaries and ranked-choice voting.” This is how unknowns like Peltola and dinosaurs like Murk get elected and re-elected with “self sabotage” sprinkled on top.

  31. I take exception to Biden/Pelosi and Peltola as a negative. The infrastructure bill will bring more to Alaska than anything Trump did. Alaska oil development is proceeding

    • Wait, you want Biden/Pelosi to take credit for Alaska oil development proceeding? You want Democrats to take credit for wanting to develop new infrastructure (while we have much bigger supply chain and inflation problems) in “America’s last untouched wilderness”? That’s like having an argument with someone who says your idea is stupid, then squashes your idea to only later proceed with your idea at a bad time. Then claim it was their idea all along and when you complain about the details of the plan and the timing, they say you should be happy about it because you agreed it was a good idea before. That’s obnoxious, especially when you act all offended and clutch your responsibly harvested pearls when people get frustrated and upset at your flakey smugness.

      But I will give credit to Biden and Pelosi for printing much more money on things that won’t help us now during a time of severe inflation. Price of beef is going through the roof, but hey, we’ll eventually have many more charging stations for the morally elite that have EV’s and eat bugs. So glad too that Biden wants to print more money for more social programs that will allow people to continue to stay at home and not work. Decreasing production and the amount of goods while supply chains continue to have choke points because of green initiatives doesn’t cause more inflation, nah. Just ask Sri Lanka.

  32. Oh, yes, Suzzane! Sarah, can bust the 50% mark and take the House! Don’t confuse “conservatism” with being a rubber stamp for the Alaska Republican Party puppeteers! Begich’s loss, despite having all party endorsements, should tell you that Alaskans by and large have had with “thought control!” As for myself, I can’t take anymore of the party pleasantries: In November I’ll be voting for Palin without voting for any “preferred” seconds! Sarah’s a scrapper and a real “tom cat!” She can go the distance. Maybe goody-goody Begich can swallow his pride, drop out, and endorse his better!

    There is another election coming up, and I’ll be voting for Palin again regardless of who the Republican women may endorse. I want a representative who isn’t afraid to get into an all-out street brawl in such a “nice” neighborhood like Washington, D.C.! These establishment Republican women remind me of choir girls of years past. Begich might know how to play “footsies” with them and get them swooning and feeling all pretty again! I can’t blame the guy there, that’s what the pretty girls are for; however, we’re in an ugly fight for the spirit of the land and have no time for church music or parish teas!

    I’ll go for Sarah again! She speaks English plain and spiked! So let’s get with it: I’m ready for a brawl. If in doing so I take a thumping and get thrown out of a “reputable” bar or two, it won’t be without getting cuts and bruises; but I can tell you that I’ll get back up, have at it again, and leave no fine points left “un-clarified!”

    • Edits:

      “Alaskans, by and large, have had it with ‘thought control!’ As for myself, I can’t take any more of the party pleasantries….”

      “I’ll go for Sarah again! She speaks English, plain and spiked!”

    • Edit (Spelling error, sorry Suzanne!):

      “Oh, yes, Suzanne! Sarah, can bust the 50% mark and take the House!”

    • “I’ll go for Sarah again”: I don’t take issue with you voting for Sarah first even though I don’t like her character and personality much. I like how she speaks plainly with piss and vinegar though. I’m with you on that. But for her to run an ad campaign saying that she’s not interested in climbing the ladder “like some people”, when SHE indeed did that, really rubs me the wrong way and she’ll be treated like a conservative AOC if she does dumb things like that. I too worry about Nick being too soft, but Mary, regardless of how “nice” she is, will just be a Pelosi minion. When there are two republicans and they split the vote, there’s potential for 65% not wanting a democrat and the sole Democrat still winning if we don’t make a second choice. Fight with us! When we fight each other, the enemy wins.

      Justin Trudeau in Canada keeps winning the bid for their Prime Minister despite being considered an embarrassment and an elitist arrogant prick by most Canadians because Canadian conservatives can’t unite behind one person like the liberals. Ultimately Canada has a very flawed system for voting for the prime minister and that’s how that happens, and now we have one too with ranked choice, but we have to do what we can with the system in place until we can get rid of it or we’ll be stuck here forever. Believe me, Suzanne and Nick are much more on our side than Mary Peltola will ever be…. unless Mary decides to be like Tulsi Gabbard, but I don’t see that potential in her.

      I have no issue with us having arguments about who should be one and two. We should be having those discussions. But we can’t lose track of who the real enemy is and must not part ways to allow the Democrat to win by default again. So if Nick does not bow out, I beg of you, please put him second. We must take a step forward and advance and not risk two steps backwards out of spite.

      • Dictator Justin Trudeau won his last election through fraud and corruption pure and simple. Best find another example.

        • Sounds like a perfect example to me. But even without fraud, Canada has many times seen overwhelmingly that the majority didn’t vote for the winner, and even if one were to assume there was no fraud, much less than half of the people and electors still didn’t vote for the drama teacher that is a paid actor for the WEF. That is what I’m referring to. I think it’s a flawed system. I think the majority of the voters should have a hand in who wins so the majority of the people aren’t saying “that’s not who I picked”. Until the system gets better, I think we have to unite on much more basic principles and not be spiteful. Actually we should always be that way.

  33. Matt J. Well said. The Begich losers blame Sarah because they don’t like her. Like the Old Southern Democrats— they would rather burn their Confederacy to the ground, than free the slaves. Hate Kills, and it’s killing the Republican Party. Sarah won the Primary, and beat Nick in the General. And the Begich Democrats want Sarah to leave the field of battle.

  34. Yup I’m done. Burning my worthless Alaska voter card. There is zero point in playing a game that is rigged by the left.
    Iam done after 30+ years. If you still think you have a voice in this good luck with that fantasy.
    Alaska lost a voter. The USA lost a voter over this.
    When voting becomes a tool to use against the people, it’s over.

    • “Yup I’m done………”
      The Edward Gibbon theory on the Fall of Rome. After conversion to Christianity, the populace gives up on the corruption of Rome for the promise of Heaven. Rome falls to the barbarians, but the Eastern Empire lasts for another thousand years surrounded by a hostile Islam.
      I’m looking forward to the fall of the modern world, but I’ll continue my civic virtues. Who knows? At this point, Odoacer is looking good right now. I’d prefer him to Murkowski.

  35. is this a preview of the red wave that’s supposed to happen in November? LuLz
    Maybe by red wave they meant socialists

  36. “……..Several conservative, lifelong Republicans told Must Read Alaska they voted for Peltola second to block Palin from office……..”
    This is how Peltola won. Had these RINOs/conliberatives simply not chosen a second place candidate, and Peltola not gotten another 15K+ votes, she would not have won. This is Palin Derangement Syndrome, pure and simple. And that’s fine with me. Conservative suicide is just a repetitive fact of life, because they’re still dumber than rocks. My November ballot will look almost exactly the same: Palin 1st, Begich 2nd, but this time if other Republicans or a Libertarian appear on my ballot, I will rank them 3rd and 4th.

  37. It’s funny watching you palin/begich bots fight amongst each other. Blaming each for the loss.
    This is how democrats win. They are in lock step with the cause.
    As usual the republicans are their own worst enemy.

  38. Wow, control a seat in congress for 49.5 yrs and lose it for 4 months and get in a circular firing squad and blame each other. You do realize most Alaskans are registered (NP) non partisan, not beholding to either R’s or D’s. My only suggestion to NB3, take down the ad with the shotgun and a pistol…we get it already you want the NRA vote, as a gun owner I find it comical.

    • I agree.
      However, the issue that is really lighting the fire here is not the Congressional seat. It is the outcome if Ballot Measure 2, which put the open primary and RCV in place.
      That is what I am upset about, cannot speak for anyone else. I do not understand why people who are not registered Republicans should be allowed to decide who represents the Republican party on the general election ballot. Then there is the “only the top four primary vote getters…” farce.
      Placing the blame on the candidates, or their actions, is not the correct place. Blame the laughable elections system that was put in place.

  39. Dear Sarah, Alaskan elections are decided on Alaska issues. Pull your clothes up while you pull yourself out of the Race.


  40. Beto has my (Alaska) phone # somehow mixed up with the phone # for “Solange”. I’ve been getting fundraising texts from Beto for about 18 months now. This morning, I got the first one from Mary: “Solange. We’ve turned Alaska. Help me keep Alaska aligned with President Biden and Beto O’Rourke and continue the work for the people. I need XXXXX in funding. Please contribute what you can.” <<<< a clear indication of where Ms. Peltola will put her vote.

    Hopefully the self destructive "No Palin at any cost" crowd will think this through before November.

    • Not likely.
      The anyone but Palin crowd is the equivalent of your average leftist. Childlike in their reasoning. Toddler level in their behavior. Better to destroy the whole thing than allow something I do not like to happen. Taking my ball and going home behavior.
      Palin may not be ideal, but neither is Begich, and to be honest, neither was Young. Deal with it. Adults realize the politicians will not always vote the way they want. Children will vote for their opponent for the exact same reason.

    • I am sure you do not understand this, because you are a leftist, thus a child, but it is possible to be unhappy with that outcome and not throw a tantrum over it.
      There will be no “day of rage” or “screaming at the sky” because a Democrat won. We conservatives will get on with our lives, and look to the next election for an outcome we like better.
      And, before you come back with a toddler level response about “not accepting the outcome of the 2020 election.” realize there is a difference between asking questions about abnormal/odd things, and going into a depression, or throwing a hissy fit. One is asking for further investigation, the other is rejecting the outcome and thinking a tantrum will change it.
      Oh… one more point.
      Gloating is childish, infantile really. It suits you.

        • First of all, I never claimed such a thing. I believe I responded to one of your replies by stating I was just listing observations, but I would never claim I don’t insult people.
          And, I think letting Whidbey the Dog know that he looks good when he acts like a child is a compliment. I said is suits him.

  41. PEOPLE…WAKE UP!!. She didn’t win because of race, politics or whatever else, you are all saying. She won because she was for the Women’s rights for Abortion. Since our Supreme Court over ruled the Rowe verses Wade Decision and outlawed abortion, the Democratic/liberal Republicans have been going gung ho in trying to overturn the SC ruling and since M. Peltola is for abortion, that is WHY she won out.. It’s not because of the the mistakes on the Rank choice voting…many women of all political persuasions voted for Mary for her stance on Abortion Rights.

    • Really?
      When about 49% of women oppose abortion, which is double the number of men, why do candidates still run on abortion rights as a platform. They automatically lose half of their potential votes.
      Oh… and the Supreme Court ruling did not outlaw abortion. If you really think that, it is proof positive that yo do not read past the headline. What the Supreme Court ruling did was push legislation and limits on abortion back to the States and Localities. Where it really belongs.
      Nothing more than that.

      • “…….why do candidates still run on abortion rights as a platform…….”
        This is especially troubling for supposed Republican candidates, since the party platform is clearly pro-life. Both Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski were pro-abirtion, and they both got away with it…….less so Lisa. These are candidates using party money and power while violating the party ideology because they can’t maintain their individual power without the large party power. Non-partisans like me who oppose abortion and support the Second Amendment like the rest of the Constitution have no party to represent them, so vote the individual, which means holding ones nose and voting for the Republican. Eventually, I feel like a shower. I’d have no problem voting for Peltola against Murkowski, especially as a second or third choice in a ranked voting scheme. But Palin or Begich? And with no RINO incumbent? And end up with the Demonrat?
        Oh, well. At least this isn’t a six year office. And if Washington DC falls soon, a new day will dawn, anyway………

        • Reggie, I like what you have to say.
          At a bare minimum, you recognize that politics is dirty. Very ugly.
          There is a reason why pigs never enter politics, too dirty for them.
          Abortion, for whatever reason, has become a divisive issue in the USA. I have no idea why people are willing to ignore all other factors because of abortion. My opinion, it is between the mother, the father, and the Creator. I will not tell a woman she made a mistake getting an abortion, but I will NEVER celebrate an abortion. And, I cannot support, in any way, Federal or State funding of abortions.
          If you are running for office as a Republican, I will NEVER ask you position on abortion. It is a moral decision for the mother and father, not a legislative one.

  42. The groups of people that are far-right and far-left are shrinking. Most people are somewhere in between those two camps and RCV will finally allow moderates to be elected by moderates. This whole thing where everybody must be partisan and vote against everything that the opponent wants is wrecking this country. Examples: almost everyone thinks that abortion should have some restrictions short of an absolute ban. But everyone is also afraid of the opponent getting a foot in the door.
    Almost everyone thinks that there should be some restrictions of the purchasing of some types of guns. But everyone is also afraid of the opponent getting a foot in the door.

    • I actually see it the opposite way.
      The far left is going more left, and the right is going more right.
      That is why we have such political rancor these days. Because people are making a stand. They are standing up for what they believe in.
      A moderate does not stand for anything. They start from a position of compromise, instead of declaring what they believe in up front. Using your examples, I would rather see/participate in a debate between adamant abortion rights advocates and abortion banners, or gun banners and who cares what you own as long as you use it in a law abiding manner gun rights people, than entertain a bunch of moderates talking about compromise.
      Give me a politician that will unabashedly stand by their convictions any day. Beats this work across the aisle crap any day.

    • There are already lots of restrictions on firearms purchases: must be 21 to buy a handgun, felons can’t buy any, domestic abuse violators are also banned, so are people on restraining orders, waiting periods, FBI telephone approval/denial, mental deficiency bans, pot smokers are banned, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
      Tell me about abortion restrictions. And tell me about the program where government buys guns for qualified young men over the age of 21 who can’t afford them.

  43. RCV is not the problem – Conservatives in NV are pushing for it while Progressives oppose. It does weed out outliers as advertised though – no matter the party. Unless Palin drops out, this will repeat – guaranteed. Even though she blames Nick Begich and RCV, she is the problem. It must seem rigged though – how could anyone lose with endorsements from the likes of Kid Rock, Donald Trump, and Ted Nugent?

    • You are correct.
      RCV is not the problem. Open primaries are. There is no reason why a political party should allow people who are not registered members of that party select the candidate representing that party. Why should the Democrats allow registered Republicans to vote on who represent the Democrats on the November ballot?
      Makes zero sense.
      Each party should only have on candidate on the general election ballot. One to represent the Republicans, one to represent the Democrats. One for the Alaska Independence Party, one for the Green Party.
      Get rid of this “top four from the jungle/general primary get to the November ballot” crap.

    • “…….Even though she blames Nick Begich and RCV, she is the problem……..”
      She got more votes than Begich in both the primary and the ranked voting special election. She isn’t the problem. Begich isn’t the problem. Ranked voting isn’t the problem.
      The people with Palin Derangement Syndrome (otherwise known as hatred) are the problem.

  44. I can’t believe Alaska is tearing itself apart over Sarah Palin.

    Truly, we are getting the government we deserve.

    • It’s the hatred. No single entity, ideology, or social issue is the cause. It’s everything. Anything. “I’m right, and you’re wrong.”
      This is how societies die by suicide.

  45. It’s clear Begich is not ready for prime time. Too many people just can’t look past his name.

    If Nick really wants to do the conservative thing, win some lower offices first. Build a record he can run on.

    I respect shoot for the moon, but it sets one up for a hell of a fall.

    • “……..Too many people just can’t look past his name……..”
      I wonder why Ted Kennedy never got the nomination for the presidency? Maybe somebody ran out of bullets?
      Or maybe they decided to simply take control of the media and the electorates minds.

    • Many folks trip over small hurdles. Many never attempt anything. Some however, would rather fail trying than merely complain from the sideline. You have another option.

  46. Suzanne nailed it:

    “…after 49 years, the Alaska seat in Congress has flipped to blue, taking the political world by surprise, defying conventional wisdom. Why? Not enough conservative Alaskans view Sarah Palin as credible.”

    I was one of the 15,455 people who sincerely believe that Mary Peltola, whose political choices often veer far away from mine, is still a better choice – that is, she cares about Alaska – than the do-nothing, screeching, self-serving, mile-wide-but-inch-deep ex-governor from Wasilla.

    • And you do you. Some people just love moderates.
      We just need to stop with this myth that Begich was the ‘conservative’ candidate in this race.
      The voting distribution doesn’t lie – like Murkowski, a very large portion of his support base are Democrats or left-leaning Independents. Quite a few of them seem to make a full time job out of concern trolling here.

      Which makes him far more likely to vote like a moderate that will horse-trade away our rights at the earliest opportunity. This isn’t theory – we just saw it happen with the recent federal gun control bill. It was dead in the water without ‘moderate’ Republican support.

      Like it or not, Palin largely had the support of the unabashed, red-hat wearing MAGA crowd, and from what I’ve seen those people are highly unlikely to vote Democrat, or willing to abide her cutting deals with Pelosi across the aisle.

      • Well;
        Palin recognized that supporting Trump was to here benefit.
        And, she was an early and very vocal backer of Trump.
        Good call on her part.
        Trump reciprocated.
        It doesn’t matter if it was genuine, or calculated.
        It is.

  47. There are already lots of restrictions on firearms purchases: must be 21 to buy a handgun, felons can’t buy any, domestic abuse violators are also banned, so are people on restraining orders, waiting periods, FBI telephone approval/denial, mental deficiency bans, pot smokers are banned, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
    Tell me about abortion restrictions. And tell me about the program where government buys guns for qualified young men over the age of 21 who can’t afford them.

  48. Lt Gov keeps voter tabulation computers… ? shown to be designed for manipulation. When activated, they are manipulated to not bring notice to the increase in numbers. Did this happen.? Not sure, but the capability was there and the Lt Governor apparently ignored the evidence…or has not advised otherwise. Our voter system lacks voter confidence and this doesn’t help. Watch Real America’s Voice and Frank Speech else you fall to propaganda. Don’t let Cheating possibilities exist. Educate yourself.

  49. Folks- clearly this banter and hand wringing means one thing: neither repub candidate were tolerable. You have another option.
    Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils.

  50. Yup.
    Begich was a plant all along.
    Look at his family, background, and voting record.
    Oh, but he shoots a gun in his political ad – so he must be conservative?
    RINO much, Begich voters?

  51. Sadly conservatives are not unified. The real question. To ask ones self in the voters box is this, “Who will serve Alaskas interest and who aligns best with my own heart? There is not a person in the ballot that you will entirely agree with, and several you may dislike altogether. But folks we are voting for the individual that will get the job done and done right. This is not a Beauty Pageant, and we not looking for the most popular person, but the one that will not put Alaska into the hands of those that would pillage our resources, and over ride Alaskans to serve the agenda of those that are full of greed. We must quit with the High School drama and behaviors. Alaska is far more important than our personality differences. Time to vote for what’s right, truthful, and good for Alaska and our people.

  52. It isn’t stunning at all.
    I predicted it.
    In a conventional Primary, you vote your heart.
    And in the General, you toe the Party line.
    With Ranked Choice, that doesn’t happen.
    1/3 of Republican votes were flushed down the toilet.

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