Straw poll in Valley: Begich wins over Palin, Coghill


At the School of Government, an ongoing seminar run by Mat-Su Borough Mayor Edna DeVries and her husband Noel, a straw poll on Monday night showed a surprising result for the Wasilla area: Nick Begich prevailed over the former mayor of Wasilla Sarah Palin.

The straw poll question was: If the special election to fill Congressman Young’s seat was held today, which candidate would you have voted for?

The options were Nick Begich, Chris Bye, Santa Claus, John Coghill, Al Gross, Andrew Haldrow, John Wayne How, Sarah Palin, Joshua Revak, Jesse Sumner, Tara Sweeney, and “other.”

School of Government straw poll results:

  • Nick Begich, R – 29
  • Sarah Palin, R – 19
  • John Coghill, R – 9

School of Government participants are largely from the Valley, which is a conservative stronghold. They chose all Republicans in the straw poll, but only voted for three of the 16 Republicans that will be on the June 11 special election for the temporary placeholder for Alaska’s one congressional seat.

There are 48 people remaining on the ballot for June 11’s special primary. Of the original 51 who signed up to run, three had dropped out by noon on Monday, which was the deadline for withdrawing.

The School of Government is open to the public and teaches people how to become more informed and involved in the public process.


  1. That’s way more votes for Coghill than I expected. I guess there is still a significant RINO block of Republican voters

  2. Still shaking my head over Palin’s entry..seems we are very good at shooting ourselves in the foot, dividing the vote..I don’t hate her but she’s dragging in too much tarnish on her brand..seems obvious that she needs to stand down and let Begich lead the charge on this one

    • While I know liberals have different standards for their own than they do for conservatives, Constant’s on-tape pejorative language referring to women on the Assembly and in the Mayor’s administration in terms that cannot be repeated here ought to be enough to disqualify him. Or are liberals no longer feminists?

  3. And Trump is backing the Palin who quit being Mayor , Quit the Governor’s office , lost the election with
    McCain and we want her why?? Go Nick Begich111.

  4. Coghill is an old man. A “has been.” Palin is a wanna be. She can’t get enough attention for herself. Begich is young, has the creds, a real Conservative, not a phony like Coghill, not a whiner like Palin, and is quite pleasant. NB3 all the way!

  5. Begich has my vote. He’s an actual conservative, he’s put actual effort into earning my vote, and he’s not just trying to cash in on former fame/notoriety at the last second. Palin’s not even a fiscal conservative. We have enough big tax/big spend politician in DC.

    • Dee, can you please tell me what Nick Begich supports and how he will stand up to the swamp in Washington. His website says absolutely nothing, which is why I’m very confused how Alaskans are jumping on his bandwagon. Sarah Palin isn’t perfect, none of us are. But she has been very busy speaking out against the establishment and I believe will represent Alaska well in Washington. She was also a big part of the Tea Party movement. Nick is an unknown commodity and his families background is not good. He had a fellowship with the Club for Growth which is an open borders-cheap labor organization. I will contact Nick myself but am interested in why Alaskans are placing their trust in Nick.

  6. Once again Trump, who I support!, did not do his research on Alaska political views.
    Begich also has my vote. I supported Palin, and if you look at her record, she did more damage than
    Good while governor,,, O yea,,, she supports walker…

  7. If Trump is getting behind Palin instead of Begich, he must have a good reason for it. He is not a dumb man. I’m going to ask him on his website at

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