Stranger danger: Woman assaulted after coming to aid of woman standing in street


The strange case of a woman-on-woman kidnapping and sexual assault had a new twist on Monday evening in Anchorage. As the alleged perpetrator was being taken in for questioning, she had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital.

Nellie Serradell

Nellie Serradell, from the Cup’ik village of Nunapitchuk, is being accused of kidnapping, sexual assault, and four other serious charges. She turned herself in at a Spenard hotel on Monday afternooon after being on the lam since early Sunday morning. Her boyfriend, 55-year-old Lincoln F. Courville and an associate, 52-year-old Bryant K. Brown, were detained at the Anchorage Jail on charges of hindering.

Serradell was in the middle of the road on Dimond Blvd, between Arctic and C Street, actively attempting to stop vehicles in the early morning of Nov. 17, police said.

Finally, a young woman stopped to give Serradell aid at about 5:45 am. At that point, Serradell was standing in the intersection at C Street and Dimond Blvd. That’s when things got weird. Serradell allegedly told the driver she had a gun, and ordered her to drive, and then sexually assaulted her. Between 6:30 and 7 am, they pulled into the Shell gas station at 901 East 15th Ave., and the driver ran inside and called 911.

Serradell, who was dressed in a black jacket, cheetah-pattern pants, and red shoes, then got into the driver’s seat and drove off in the 2009 Saturn VUE.

It wasn’t until 4 pm on Monday that police received a call from a man who was with Serradell, who stated she wanted to turn herself in. Officers took Serradell into custody at Americas Best Suites at 4360 Spenard Road.

As for Courville and Brown, police indicate they’d been in touch with the men several times, as they were known associates of Serradell, and police believe the men were with Serradell for hours during the investigation, and knew Serradell was wanted on felony charges. Courville shows up continuously on Serradell’s Facebook page.

Detectives are still looking for a witness who had contact with Serradell at Dimond and Arctic. The blue Saturn, meanwhile, was located at the Checkmate Plaza apartments in East Anchorage early Tuesday.

There was no indication that the victim and Serradell knew each other. Charges against Serradell include: Kidnapping 1, Sexual Assault 1, Sexual Assault 2, Assault 3, Robbery 1, and Vehicle Theft 1.

A witness who was driving a light-colored SUV type of vehicle with snow on its roof, photographed by a security camera, may have had contact with Serradell at the intersection of Dimond and Arctic, and police are hoping to speak with this person.


  1. Where’s Senator Murkoski on a day like this? My guess is she (. Not a bad looking woman) was being pimped by the men and did something illegal to make a break from them via law enforcement. Nothing else makes sense to me!!

  2. Now see if the victim had a firearm and the knowledge to use it this would have never happened can instead we’d be reading about how a woman defended herself against the sexual predator. Do yourself a favor people and arm yourself this kind of crap comes to a quick halt.

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